Turkey, its Astrology factors by Tara Greene

July 15 Turkey has had an attempted coup fail. Up to the moment news state that the Turkish people stormed the streets and bravely stopped the coup. Over 1,500 military were arrested and that democratically elected President Erdogan reasserted he was in control of the government. He has accused Fethullah Gulen for insighting the coup. The Turkish government just lost a trial in the U.S. to shut down Gulen who lives in Pennsylvania.

Turkey coup astrology


The traditional rivalry in Turkish society has been between secularists (including those in the army) who look to the modern state’s founder, Kemal Atatürk, who transformed Turkish society from perceiving itself as a Muslim part of a vast Empire into a modern, democratic, and secular nation-state.  Erdogan’s AKP party states it upholds democracy but is more Islamist leaning. It is very important to Europe and the West that Turkey remains Democratic as it is the gateway to the East/Asia as it has been since it was Constantinople thousands of years ago.

Lets look at whats going on  in Turkey’s astrology chart

Turkey, political Astrology Tara Greene

Turkey October 29 1923, 8:30 pm Ankara Turkey

What leaps out at me first is that SATURN at 10 degrees Sagittarius, still Retrograde, in the sign of the military, laws, foreigners, religion, philosophy, justice, honesty is squaring Turkey’s NORTH and South NODES. Saturn will turn DIRECT at 9+ degrees of SAGITTARIUS making an exact square on August 12/13. This is a karmic turning point in Turkey’s  evolution. These Nodes are evolutionary or regressive turning points.


Turkey is under a rare and powerful PLUTO opposition in its 7th house of “bedfellows” which has been going on intensely since 2012. Pluto is Retrograding back to 14+ degrees CAPRICORN on September 26 where it stations Direct opposite Turkey’s natal PLUTO at 12 degrees CANCER. 12 degrees Cancer is conjunct to the FIXED STAR SIRIUS, and the U.S. Natal Sun, and there is always a basic sense of connection to the West as was established by the countries founder ATATURK.This is a fight to live or die  for Turkey.  There is a natural Grand Water Trine in Turkeys natal chart between Pluto in the 1st house  in Cancer to VENUS in SCORPIO in the 5th to Uranus and South Node and the Mid Heaven in Pisces and the countries events are always highly emotional and based around religion, power, drugs,repression, rebellion and values.

PLUTO is also squaring natal Chiron at 18 degrees Aries in the 10th house of worldly position. This energy will continue to apply indicating feelings of vulnerability much wounding and unrest over the next year and all through 2017. I pray for this country which I visited years ago and felt so at home in. My grandfather who was Romanian spoke Turkish.

URANUS and ERIS the discordant planet who started the Trojan War are opposing Turkeys Mercury in LIBRA in its 5th house exactly at 24 degrees. This calls for revolutionary creative negotiations between the opposing sides. Good luck with that! URANUS and ERIS also inconjunct natal JUPITER in SCORPIO exactly now. Eris moves incredibly slow, Eris has been within a 5 degree inconjunct aspect to Jupiter since May of 1999.


The transiting NORTH NODE has just crossed TURKEY’s M.C. or world fame position since June. JUPITER has also just crossed the I.C., 4th house cusp and roots of Turkey, at 16+ degrees of VIRGO. This is its sense of home, security nourishment and safety. It is literally the land. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. In Virgo this is  a budget tightening time. There has been sanctions placed on Turkey from Russia since the beginning of 2016 over its controversial shooting down of a Russian Su-24 bomber on the Syria-Turkey border in November 2015.

SATURN by transit in SAGITTARIUS will square natal URANUS conjunct to Turkey’s MC. at 13+ degrees PISCES in mid-October, exact on October 27.

This is Turkey’s personal “catalytic upheaval. Revolution is definitely in the air. This is the “should I stay or should I go?” big transit. Saturn in Sagittarius is martial law and Uranus in Pisces indicates underground terrorists attacks, by gas attacks, viral warfare, bombing and inside jobs. It will not be easy and Saturn in Sagittarius represents International involvement.

SATURN will exactly square the M.C. World fame position/homeland security I.C. axis exactly November 18 @ 16+ degrees SAGITTARIUS.  These symbolize tough dates and clashes with destiny. Saturn limits freedom of religious, legal and educational matters also International Trade and travel. SATURN In SAGITTARIUS can also be positive as the courts want transparency honesty, truth and justice.

NEPTUNE the planet of spirituality, dissolutions, lies, gurus, religion, institutions, addictions, oil, tear gas and secret enemies is also Retrograde currently on the SOUTH NODE of Turkey in its natal 9th house close to its M.C. The 9th house position governs the affairs of  religion, philosophy, education, foreigners, travel, honesty and inspiration. The South Node  indicates its past, the countries history, its all inclusive, secular outlook.

Neptune will RETROGRADE back to exactly touch the Nodal Karmic Axis  on OCTOBER 10 2016. This indicates a confusion, a fog a dissolution, a coming apart, a  review of its past in religion and foreign relations. Neptune crossed this point moving Direct on March 6, 2016 and will cross it again moving Direct on December 30/31st.

MARS turned RETROGRADE and is still simmering away in SCORPIO,opposite to ALGOL, Medusa’s head, fixed star of death and destsurction bringing up all kinds of unconscious power-hungry movers and shakers as this is another birth, death, transformation, resurrection time. MARS is sitting right on Turkey’s Natal JUPITER at 24+ degrees and also squaring natal Neptune at 20 degrees Leo. There are various military factions vying for leadership against the Erdogan. Expansion of military might.

Up to the minute reporting on July 16 says that Umit Dundar, has been appointed acting chief of military staff. 104 coup plotters have been killed, according to Reuters plus 90 people dead including 47 civilians,a further 1154 people have been wounded.

TURKEY’s MOON is at 29 degrees GEMINI which indicates an intellectual, youthful, curious, open mindedness. Yet Turkey is split, it has a dual nature. It may always experience this opposition within itself or secular/Islam. The Moon is in the 12th house governed by the powers of deep unconscious emotions, spirituality, hidden enemies, psychic powers, the oil, dissolution, compassion, dreamers, martyrdom.  The famed poet Rumi was born in Anatolia Turkey in 1207, over 800 years ago.

Interesting that the Turkish men came out in thousands and stormed the military on the bridges and lay down in front of tanks and overran police stations to contain soldiers in the coup. The PEOPLE are energetic, active, make their voices known. This is good.

ECLIPSES activating Turkey’s chart

The Solar ECLIPSE of March 20 2015 @ 29 degrees PISCES was exactly square to TURKEY’S moon at 29 degrees PISCES. The Moon is always the people and they are awake. That eclipse also fell on Turkey’s natal ERIS at 29 PISCES in its 20th house. This also release the chaos, ego-driven delusions, and war tendencies.

The more recent SOLAR ECLIPSE March 8 2016 @ 18+ degrees Pisces fell on the MC/IC axis activating unrest.

The March 23 16 lunar eclipse @ 3  degrees LIBRA activated Turkey’s Natal MARS, its military, its anger and defenses in its 4th house its roots foundations.

The September 1st 2016 Solar Eclipse @ 9+ degrees VIRGO falls smack dab on Turkeys’ North Node in its 3rd house of communications and its neighbours. Their is trouble with Kurds and the Syrian border and Russia. . This highlights major changes and transformations in Turkeys highest goals and directions.

The Sept 16 Lunar eclipse falls at 24+ Pisces squaring the Moon, the people and stirring up the 12th house Unconscious, energies.

My Prayers go out to the Turkish people and for a democratic peace in Turkey.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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11:22 MAster Numbers, Sagittarius, Horse whisperers,

Aries Moon warrior energy  is active until Monday morning.

WARRIOR Moon trined Mercury in Sagittarius to make us tell the truth, opposed Mars in Libra,there are many arguments. Did Donald Trump really say that about making Muslims wear ID’s or was that falsely planted?

Cardinal Crosses continue

Moon opposes VENUS in LIBRA in the a.m. 

This ignites the Cardinal Cross energies of most of 2015. Relationship problems?

Time to rebalance.  Moon conjuncts Uranus and is in Quincunx to JUPITER in the evening. 

It may be a challenge to get grounded. But I urge you to get past the discomfort zone. A good fast walk in nature will clear your head. 

Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius late last night, an inspiring open easy going night with jokes too?.


MASTER NUMBER the is the 52nd year since President Kennedy’s Assassination. 


Here’s to you wise Sage’s. Those who must use their horse-sense. 

Happy Birthday to my cousin Rochelle. 

Sagittarius loves philosophy metaphysics history mythology religion, politics , sports, teaching. travelling and jumping on their soap boxes.

Saturn is making all of those issues heavily laden. We are bearing an iron cross from Saturn which  is History and as I wrote about in the Crusades article, 920 years ago we were fighting Muslims to take back the Holy Lands. We are deja vuing the same territory again. 

One cannot negotiate with madmen or psychopaths. There is no reasoning. There is a huge underlying root problem. Tthousands of young men who are disenfranchised muslims are easily lured into Extremist heroics. Most youth is disenfranchised and fed violent video games, they are easily deluded. The group born with Pluto in Sagittarius, 1995-2008 are, at the eldest 20 years old now. This entire generation would be most likely to be fighting and dying over religious beliefs. 

Saturn square Neptune in Pisces

Is literally religious fantasies and delusions.  These two are clashing and its all coming to a head in a long term transit.  Right wing Republicans hold pretty much the same views as Islamic State folks. They aren’t shooting people yet but their values are mainly the same. 

SAGES its our turn to shine. I must say I am really hot to trot with teaching, inspiring, yakking away in my hoof in mouth fashion these days. All this Sagittarius energy is invigorating. I must be carefull to hold my tongue, as I know most people are not ready to really question themselves or their beliefs and according to Evolutionary astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green- no relation- he stated that 75% of the human race is in the herd state. That is they are not evolved enough consciously to be self-aware or to be able to break away from their given cultural and religious beliefs.

That is the first step to real spiritual autonomy and enlightenment. Your enlightenment is entirely within you. No outside authority can give you that experience. 

SAGITTARIUS SOAPBOX  and saturn square Neptune in Pisces 2015-2016

  Bill Maher pointed out on his show, that right-wing GOP’s should not oppose taking in refugees as everyone came to the U.S. escaping religious persecution and seeking freedom.Maybe it was Stephen Colbert who pointed out that the new americans then stole the land away and destroyed and conquered the Indigenous Peoples.  This is the plan so of course they are scared that someone else would do the same back.  

He then pointed out that Islam is the root cause of Islamic State Terrorists, we cannot forget that. ISIL wants to impose SHARIA law which originates from Islam, even if it does not represent the original view of Mohammed. Not all Muslims are terrorists of course. According to a poll 6 million Turkish would agree with Islamic state values. Their religion and culture is much more tribal and repressive than the wests, in nature anyways. They can’t step out very easily. They never had a reformation in Islam. They really need that now. They all worship the same belief of Allah as God.

A Muslim man on FB last night pointed out that ISIL is a Muslim problem and that Muslims should deal with it.  ISIL has killed more Muslims than any other source, and he cautioned the West to not be so liberal as to separate the two. I went to comment and then lost his comment. I wanted to thank him for being so rational and taking responsibility.  

ISIL extremists cannot be separated from Islam because it expresses Islamic values. These are not the values of any free democratic western country. Islam’s main tenet is total control and repression of women, they are chattel, cattle and have no rights or freedoms whatsoever. I find that the most threatening. Christians used to believe this doctrine to then they’ve grown beyond this Neanderthal thinking.

Why can’t intelligent people see this? Why don’t women see Islam as a threat to all women? And all orthdox or fundamentalist beliefs? 

Western culture is also decadent, so this is a very complex issue. Women in the west are still treated as inferior and used as sexual objects for men. Muslims also see women as sexual objects but cover up their women for the same reason orthodox Jews do. It all stems from men’s fear of women’s sexuality and power. Women are stronger and will always outperform a man sexually. That is a biological fact. Men always feel inadequate sexually from a dominator role model. If they worship the feminine there is no need to repress women. 

Be compassionate yes, but all things must be considered in this day and age. Bring in thousands of refugees yes there are many women and children and elders. They will think more highly of Westerners more likely if you treat them with kindness. But they do need to abide by the Western liberal laws established in Canada.. It is pretty logical. We will not bow down to their god or ways of doing things and they should not expect us to. We will tolerate others co-existing with us with secular religious beliefs in public. You can go to your mosques and keep your religious values in your own home and you must respect others religious beliefs.  Your beliefs do not reflect on public school sex education.  The Lord’s prayer was taken out of public schools many years ago. No one should be marked by their religion. That isn’t so hard to do is it?

If you are compassionate out of white guilt, then you many be guilty and acting out of “idiotic” compassion.”  At some point compassion, a Pisces ideal, is really self-destructive co-dependent martyrdom. It is an addiction and it has been the cultural role-model for 2,000 years in Christianity  and is promoted as a romantic ideal, and is rampant.


The current Saturn square to Neptune in Pisces is to teach us that


Canada is set to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees. Canada is a generally tolerant country who has always been open to many immigrants, they need them. We have hardly any people. But there are boundaries that must be upheld in order to honor the values of freedom that we have chosen. They will not be devalued by future generations. Canadians need to do what the Dutch did. You want to come to this country and benefit? Sure we will help you but there is a cost. Majority Muslim refugees  have not lived in cultures with different belief systems. It is foreign to them. 

All Abrahamic religions believe that they are TOP DOG. TOP GOD.

How can that belief system ever respect and tolerate others? It is the very essence and root of the problem of Zionism, the Catholic inquisition and now these Terrorists.

All Muslim refugees and any refugees must agree to abide by our liberal CANADIAN laws which we voted for.
1. Equal rights for women, if your religious laws state otherwise -you will have to stop doing that and receive a cultural re-education.
2. Equal rights for gays. I know your bible considers this a sin, as do some Christians, well then those belief systems must be left at immigration if you want to pass through the gates.

3. Legal abortions.  If your bible says this is immoral. You will have to change your belief systems to integrate. 
3. You must tolerate other peoples religious views. None is superior to another. This is a secular society you can practice your own religion in your home but not in public, no public displays of any religious affiliations should be allowed.
4. children are also not your property to abuse.
5. No female genital mutilation. – sorry that is torture and manipulating women to be docile. 

6. No macho-honour killings. That is murder. 

7. No indoctrinating your children to hate anyone who is not Muslim. 

8. No jihad allowed. That is murder. 

If the majority of the country wants these freedoms for women, gays and secularism . Then every one who comes to that country must agree to live by those rules. Very simple. I don’t know why people think this is racist it isn’t. It is the rites that is always growing and expanding. 

Mocking Jay is a big current hit. Hollywood is always leading us. The woman heroine fights for freedom against totalitarianism. We are in the same state. 

What do you think?

Please share widely 

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V for Vendetta, Anonymous, Guy Fawkes day

November 5 is traditionally Guy Fawkes Day in Britain

Guy Fawkes day protestors

Guy Fawkes Day November 5 V for Vendetta Alan Moore JamesHarrison, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Participants in costume hold burning torches as they take part in one a series of processions during Bonfire night celebrations in Britain. The processions and bonfire mark the uncovering of Guy Fawkes’ “Gunpowder Plot” to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605, and commemorates the memory of its seventeen Protestant martyrs.

To honor Guy Fawkes revolutionary spirit the Anonymous group is planning a million V for VENDETTA mask protest against corrupt governments November 5 in 463 cities this year.

The V for VENDETTA  mask was made famous by writer Alan Moore’s and David Lloyd’s graphic  novel V for VICTORY {82-89} later made in to a popular film by the Wachowski brothers  who also made The MATRIX. 

Artist Lloyd is quoted saying: “The Guy Fawkes mask has now become a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny – and I’m happy with people using it, it seems quite unique, an icon of popular culture being used this way.”

 It is now illegal to wear masks at protests in Canada now. How 1984 is that for you? Big Brother Harper.


DO SOMETHING REVOLUTIONARY!  Use the URANUS PLUTO Square energy it’s all about FREEDOM from tyranny.

Mars is in Capricorn and will conjunct Pluto Nov 10- it’s already in effect.

Go  to war against tyranny. It is everywhere. There is no more democracy in the west. Show your support.

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WATCH V for Vendetta