August 12 Trine On you crazy diamond, astrology Tara Greene

August 12 – Luverly lunar aspects today!

Are you still adhering to the 10 day cleanse-a-thon? It is day 6. I have been meditating at different times of the day.

There is a lovely SUN in Leo MOON IN GEMINI SEXTILE today.

Moon will do a double TRINE to both MARS & SATURN, from 11:55 am – 2:49 pm PDT.TODAY ONLY and that’s the MAIN ATTRACTION,

USe this time as an imaginative delightful flight into seeing the Masculine lay down its arms, devote itself to the Feminine Moon.

Moon in Gemini is a Hermaphrodite, UNISEX,

Dali Hermpahrodite Lady gaga

 Sacred twin, Hermes + Aphrodite

The Moon in GEMini is BOTH Birth giver and  Death bringer, Mother and Crone in one.

Kind of a DEMETER/  KALI figure.

Mother Goddess

Model Heidi Klum as Dark Goddess KAli

Model Heidi Klum as Dark Goddess KALI

The Trine aspect to Saturn makes us see the lighter or alternative sides of what is heavy, burdensome, feels like duty,to an old maybe outworn allegiance.

moon in Gemini helps us to reach a sense of balance wholeness, union.

The Moon goes Void- of- course after 2:49 pm PDT till 1:27 am

ALways use the Void-of-course moon when the moon is in between signs, in a kind of TWILIGHT ZONE , a time out of time, timeless time. It;s best for relaxing, creativity,meditating, enjoying with no expectations of getting anything done. Like the song I’ve got plenty of nothin”.. yah do it..

see video link at end- GEorge Gershwin from Porgy and Bess.

Wow now that’s a fresh thought these days!

kick back and enjoy the big party at the end of the Olympics!

I had picked the U.S. to beat China.. can they hold their lead?

The Klezmer Orchestra and Porgy & Bess- I got plenty  O ‘nothin’