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Sedona is so intense. My energy gets so high here.  I am working on my book. Now I am realising that what I write in this blog can also be in the book. It is  spontaneous I don’t know what I am going to write until I am in it.

Sept 14 Moon enters GEMINI @ 2:36 am EDT 

Moon opposes Mars in Sagittarius in the wee hours

Dreaming about E.T’s rocket ships, star beings, great adventures, past lives.  night mares! and swashbuckling.

Tell me if you find the treasure. 


 5 degrees plus or Minus is good for a TRINE. Ya got planets and stuff at 6- 16 degrees EARTH? YOU WIN!

Taurus bulls also win at these degrees, 5 + or – so you reap the rewards as well.

LOVE=VENUS.  In VIRGO it is love the earth, your body, the practical and real, order, simplicity, analyzing, intelligence, your health and diet, service to others,  pets.

in TRINE to PLUTO Lord of the Underworld. Pluto rules Scorpio, the soul. This is deepest sex.  SOUL SEX.

What does that Mean?

Loving another’s soul/ loving your own soul is the richest.

Pluto raped Persephone, Demeter’s daughter in the ancient Greek myth and took her to the Underworld, the Land of the Dead. Pluto tricked Persephone into eating three pomegranate seeds which meant she had to live in the Underworld. 

The meaning; the young maiden is forced to learn about sexuality, deeper life, separation from her mother, the ways of the Unconscious and the ancestors. Death is change and renewal, rebirth, new life.

Sita {ersephone rape astrology

from SITA SINGS THE BLUES By  Nina Paley 2008

Her Mother Demeter/ CERES was so grief stricken about her daughter disappearance she refused to let anything grow.

Long story short.  A deal was struck between Demeter and Pluto over Persephone’s fate so that she would spend six months in the Upper world with her mother growing and sustaining all life and six months in the Lower world with Pluto her husband which created winter. Venus in Virgo is harvesting and getting ready to go back to the Underworld at the Autumn equinox or thereabouts depending on where you live in the world. See link to Sita sings the bLues- another sort of mythic story about

Venus is another form of the Great Goddess in her many manifestations. She has a thousand names. 



Ponder on this.  

Love your shadow, Learn to love your own humanness, your frailty, your body, what is “real”

love the interplay of life and death which is constantly occurring. Off on off on.

Embrace death as part of the way of growth. PLUTO’s name means riches. 

The real wealth is DEEP, soul wealth, INNER beauty, never based on the shallow and superficial. Has nothing to do with money, the material world, fancy cars, status or any of that BS. 

So where are you in relationship to your inner riches within your own soul? To the feminine, the ANIMA. This is the stuff that actually counts.

It’s not about Kim Kardashian and all the other false idols.

Venus loves beauty, and in Virgo she embodies NATURAL beauty. Venus in Blue jeans. Uncorrupted, untampered with.

Not fake breasts, plastic surgery, botox etc.

Love the riches of your earthly beauty, stretch marks, wrinkles, imperfectly beautifully Human and Divine. 

You are not who you think you are at all. 

GEMINI is all about the illusion of DUALITY.  And there you go. Do you live on the surface or in the depths?

Moon squares Neptune – que the fog and dream machines. 

quincunx Pluto later, squares Venus and sextiles Jupiter.

So the mind will get in their and play it’s tricks.  MERCURY the trickster.

BUT you can outtrick your own mind.

Gemini moon continues its busyness on Monday too. 

Sept 16 Moon enters Cancer her Home.  You will need recoup time. 

Gotta get some red rock dreaming in.

Please share widely, Your comments are most welcomed.

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HAPPY PSYCHIC DAY six tips to activate your 6th sense

HAPPY PSYCHIC DAY Aug 4 everyone.

6th sense,psychic Tara Greene


Do you believe in psychic abilities? Ghosts? Telepathy? The unexplained? Woo-Woo? Other dimensions? UFO? Your dreams? It’s all real. TRY enhancing your own PSYCHIC abilities today.

I was born Psychic and aware of my past lives and multi-dimensional reality so to me everyday is Psychic day, all of it is real, I know that, it’s my experience. I also studied, Astrology, Tarot, pagan, meditation and have worked with spiritual teachers, shamans and my own guides and angels and have been a professional Psychic for twenty three years.

Psychics are one of the  most popular searches on the web. TV shows about mediums;  astrology and the Tarot for answers to divine the present and future, people are curious to expand their own awareness about everything metaphysical.

We are all naturally psychic. Weve been programmed by the church and mainstream culture to distrust that what we are naturally endowed with. If everyone listened to their own inner knowing experiencing and sensing, we wouldn’t  listen to outside authority. There is politics at work against being psychic. 


Activate your 3rd eye, your 6th sense by tuning into it. Like any other “muscle” you do have to work it. 


Meditating every day is huge. It’s  an ancient tool used to empty the logical ego mind and to connect with higher realms, spirit guides, and everything in physical and non-physical form. Beginning to meditate for only 10 minutes a day at the same time is beneficial but takes time. Join Oprah and Deepak Chopra  for a world-wide meditation on 8 8 14 for free.


Learn to trust your gut instincts, usually your first impulse is correct. Stop listening to your logical mind all the time which tries to explain everything. Your inner sensing is more accurate than your eyes can see. 

3. Become and active DREAMER

Dreams are the clearest forms of ESP but speak a symbolic archetypal language. Many people dream of those who have died, and of future things. Dreams are your souls way of connecting you to other realms. Everyone dreams but they don’t remember. We live in the supernatural realms and the physical realms at the same time.


Keep your aura cleansed.. Negative entities do exist everywhere, there are energy vampires, and imprints of negative events. If you are dragged down by an emotional event, situation or place, learn to trust that “icky”feeling and to cleanse yourself or your intuitive energies will be dragged down. Wash your hands or shower physically or visually bathe yourself in white pure angelic light. Use incense or Smudge to cleanse your personal aura and space.


Everyone does have a guardian angel. Speak with them telepathically daily. Ask them for help.That is their job to watch out and care for you. Trust it. Ask for them to give you signs. 


Watch for the signs that the Universe has your back and is directly connected to you and in  dialogue with you. Synchronicity is the interconnection of all things. Watch for repeat signs, symbols. You must be aware to see the signs and put pieces of the puzzle together. YOU do create your own reality.

I was just interviewed on CP 24 in Toronto by phone for TV for PSYCHIC DAY this morning for a few minutes.
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