Inspirational Tarot card, pre New Moon

The day before the New Moon in Taurus, April 25. Did that Aries Moon rattle things up yesterday?

ARIES MOON, Keeps on offering up surprises and another round of familiar CARDINAL LUNAR crosses; square Pluto in CAPRICORN, conjunct URANUS in ARIES and Mercury too. Add on another FIRE Trine to SATURN. 

Fire Trines Astrology Tara Greene

Don’t give up on speaking your truth yet. With Mercury still Retro, things are dragging out.

MERCURY turns DIRECT on May 3rd. 

Moon enters earthy TAURUS in the evening prepping for the New Taurus Moon

Inspirational card of the day 

King of Pentacles Tarot Tara Greene

Rohrig Tarot Knight of Pentacles/Disks or

Known as the King of PENTACLES in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, this card governs the 21st degree of LEO the last decan to the 20th degree of VIRGO, ruled by MARS, and the first decan ruled by MERCURY and second decan of Virgo ruled by SATURN.  In the calendar that would be August 12th to September 11/12

It is the fiery active part of the earth transitioning from Leo to Virgo. Putting inspired or fiery intelligence to practical use would be one very good translation of the meaning of this card. 

This card can indicate earthquakes and there was a large earthquake 6.9 in Chile yesterday but no reported injuries. The Recent powerful sunspot or CME’s on the 21st are always linked to earthquakes.  You may feel these more internally as physical ups and down, or deep emotions erupting within you.

The Card in the THOTH deck shows the Knight looking east. The “grass is greener somewhere else.” or he has already harvested what he needs for now standing in the tall grass and is looking into his future growth and what he will harvest next. This is a very practical card and not connected to “wool gathering” or idle fantasies as Virgo is all about hard work dedication, perfection, workaholism, and worry. 

Mercury rules VIRGO in general. With Mercury Retrograde in Aries we are definitely curbing our mental enthusiasm. 

huachuma, astrology Virgo Tara Greene

Huachuma comes from the San Pedro cactus, native to Peru and Bolivia.

Image Source: Flickr user Ed Ogle

This card also relates to using natural herbs and medicines. The ancients knew how to talk to the plant devas who instructed humans on how to use the properties of the plants. Terrence McKenna claims that mushroom spores from alien planets created human life on earth. Ingesting psychedelic mushrooms are what gave humans consciousness in the first place so he writes. That makes perfect sense to me and hence the flocking of people to South America to experience ayahuasca and San Pedro in South America and the peyote cactus used as a sacrament for spiritual and psychological healing.

Stay grounded, the New Moon in TAURUS will bring further embodied sensuality. 

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Daily Inspiration Tarot

Just a quick card of the day today.

The 5 of Wands from the Mythic Tarot by Liz Greene

5 of wands Mythic Tarot Tara Greene

The 5’s in all Tarot pips is a challenge number. It is half way from 1-10 and always indicates obstacles, tests, roadblocks, difficulties, struggles, feeling caught in a bind.

In the Thoth Tarot it has Saturn in Leo as the associated planet and Sign and it is the fist Decan of LEO from July 22-August 1st.


I have this Mythic Tarot deck: According to the book it shows the Greek Myth of Jason’s battle with the dragon which guards the golden fleece.  Jason fights the beast with two flaming wands and he is assisted by his lover and helper the sorceress Medea, daughter of the King of Colchis who has been in possession of the magical fleece. Three carries three flaming wands.

The five of wands shows the struggle against the lower reptilian Draconic instincts of the brain as well as in the culture and society. They are powerful and horde their treasure. They are like the Bildenbergs, the Federal Reserve, Putin or any powerful country corporation or head of state. Dragons refuse to change.  They horde the jewels which in natural law must be in circulation to encourage growth. The hero or heroine must use their instincts, and Leo like will power and courage as well as the powers of the High Priestess or Sourceress to assist in outwitting the dragons who refuse to grow.  Dragons symbolize fear.

The dragon represents the fear of change, the flat-earthers, the right wingers, the Tea-Partiers of the world, the Republicans, Donald Trump, the Patriarchy, the blind faithful religious followers, all religious groups who obey an outside authority of any type of  Church, based on antiquated ideas,  a Luddite, insular, racist, sexist, resistant to change person or group. We as the heroes and heroines must overcome these anti-life parts of ourselves and in the outside world.

We can all see how valid this particular card is in relationship to the world. Game of Thrones is partly so popular because of the magical appeal of dragons. If the dragon can be tamed rather than killed, its powers are really magnificent. Dragons lend us the ability to fly, breathe fire, they are the masters of many elements and worlds. They are ancient archetypes, dinosaurs, reptiles, they symbolize our own biological evolution of consciousness on the planet earth.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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