Chance of arguing today 100%

If you are feeling on edge, short-tempered, feeling like the Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland yelling “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.” snapping at anything, and everything and especially in close relationships. I can testify to this energy already. Let me explain.


Because Mercury the planet of communication and Mars the planet of fighting are in hard aspects today in mutable changeable signs. At 11+ degrees look to where this is in your natal charts.

MERCURY is in PISCES now is making our heads feel foggy and confused, dilutes information and has our minds rooted in the unconscious and largely in denial. Mercury in Pisces is your shadow talking. Mercury governs two signs Gemini and Virgo.

MARS the planet of aggression, competition and energy is in GEMINI, wHere it loves to be the devil’s advocate and debate and tear worlds apart. Mars is also conjunct to the North Node Gemini Making the words you say and the thoughts you think very fated. Be careful what you say. Mars in Geminis words and ideas roll out non-stop.

MARS ON GEMINI rules the LUNGS remember to breathe before you shout and strike back. Mars on the Nodes indicates you may regret saying something mean divisive or unconsciously cruel.

Mercury moves into conjunction with Neptune March 29th at 21+ PISCES. These will be challenging days to not shoot off our mouths, and for having clear communications. These will be RED LETTER days for misinformation, denials and clouded conversations on social media, marketing and the internet itself. Mark this date on your calendar.

MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in PISCES is wonderful for dreaming, meditation, visualization, romance, poetry, art lectures, spiritual workshops and the like. Also good time for REHAB for working on relationships, substance and gurus worshipping addictions.

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October 23 Astrology and Tarot card Reading

watch the daily astrology vlog for October 23 and 24th and Tarot card guidance from the Muse Tarot

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October 8 Daily Tarot and astrology

Here it is just watch the video. The Tarot deck is The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

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Gemini moon and The Tower

Chatty GEMINI flirty Moon time todays aspect October 6

The tarot Card of the day is the TOWER #16 in THE MUSE TAROT

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Daily Tarot card reading

Saturday, September 19

the tarot Card of the day from the Muse tarot

#20 Awakening/ Judgement in the Traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck

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Daily Tarot Card reading

Daily Tarot reading July 27 

HI sorry, I  haven’t been posting these daily Tarot readings as having my dog pass away quite suddenly and very dramatically has left me feeling quite depressed as I miss him as we all do and am in mourning still.

I would use other Tarot decks in these readings except that most of them are all copyrighted and I have permission to use the Muse Tarot from the Creator Chris-Anne. 

I will start doing YOUTUBE videos and I need over 500 more subscribers on my channel to qualify for legit status. I want to thank the over 15,000 subscribers here but I never know if there are real people there or not. I feel like I am working in a vacuum. The whole thing about a blog, YouTube or other social media is to interconnect with your followers. While I do a have a handful of regular readers who do comment I rarely get any comments or audience feedback in a big way. I have no idea if those thousands of people who signed on read my blogs every day or what. I have been diligently writing daily since 2015. I am asking for more interactivity from you. Please let me know you are out there


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Wishing card, Master Number 22 Mood

June 22 NUMEROLOGY is 6 22 2020 a nice  two Master Number 22’s the Master Builder Number the Fool, plus the 6 which is the Flower of Life and The Lovers in the Tarot. Speaking of life’s origins.

The Cancer MOON is still making us super moody and emotionally sensitive, sentimental and overflowing with ALL the feels as we seek shelter from the storm and emotional safety wherever we can find it. Feed your tummy whatever it desires. 

The Tarot reading from The Muse Tarot is the Super benefic WISHING CARD the 9 of Cups.

The Big aspect today and tomorrow is NEPTUNE turns STATIONARY RETROGRADE

I’ll write separately about that

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Synchronicity and roses

Today’s tarot reading from The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

works supremely synchronistically with the Sun trine Jupiter energy

Think Pink and smell the roses.

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Good Friday uplifting Tarot Reading

GOOD FRIDAY April 10 tarot reading of the day from The beautiful Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne have a safe happy holiday, I am sending you blessings 

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Daily Tarot Reading

Daily Tarot Reading Meditation and affirmation from The Muse Tarot for April 6 

10 of Earth/matter/coins/pentacle explained

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