Astrology in the news “As above, so below.”

An article from sept. 13 came out which mirrors Mercury in Virgo opposes to Neptune in Pisces.

Scientists have discovered plants release flashes of light which are alarms which tell the plant its an adrenal like “fight of flight” even though plants don’t have brains -at least not like ours. Plants have emotions.  Mercury in Virgo is language of the earth. Neptune in Pisces is a supernatural energy.

The Great mystery

Oracle for Jan. 9 I picked a Sacred Path card from Jamie Sams for the Sun Venus Pluto conjunction.

The Great Mystery #37

The great mystery is creation itself. This the most accurate name for the universe or god because we cannot know it from this human perspective. Our perceptions are just too limited our technology just in the baby stages. We think we know- that is the ego talking. But we are really confronted with living in and being part of a great mystery.

If you like solving puzzles and detective novels, who done its and games then you’ll love seeing your whole life experience this way. Although it may infuriate you too.

The card signifies:

the Great Mystery is speaking to you. Let go of the limits on your consciousness.

Needing to connect with the Great Mystery the source all of life mysteries and All Love.

The inner and outer space the A’s above do below.

Embracing the divine plan without having to figure it out.

Honor your present path in creation.

This magnificent day offers you incredible riches power love and Light.

You come from the Great Mystery to that mystery you will return. It lives inside you. Just Tap into it.

The wisest thing you can say is “I know nothing.” This is one of my most prominent mantras. Try repeating it.

I gotta go, blessings to you.

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