The Moon is made of goat cheese

The Moon is made of goat cheese. You know what sign it’s in right?

Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes, Astrology

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We should be feeling more grounded  since Tuesday no?

VENUS is quincunx JUPITER today @ 22+ degrees PISCES/ LIBRA

I know it sounds like some exotic tantric name for a weird sex position. All 150 degree aspects, also called inconjuncts are difficult. The elements don’t jibe. This is an awkward, difficult aspect between water and air. What happens when you mix em? The wind makes the water evaporate, which produces precipitation, which falls as rain and makes rivers, lakes and the oceans, We are back to PISCES again.  A wind made of water is a typhoon. 

VENUS in PISCES is connected through unconditional Love to everything, to every vibration, sensation, emanating unconditional Love. She is like Mary Magdalene in Christianity, the spiritual well, the Holy Grail, the fount of wisdom, the source of all life and love. Venus in PISCES is the unconditional love and nurturing we felt in the womb of our mother’s. We all know this experience.  Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces downside, is addictions, self-sabotage, loneliness, shyness, feeling disconnected, mental illness, insanity, solitary confinement.

JUPITER in LIBRA needs to be in that relationship, wants to connect socially, want to be liked, can be too superficial. Jupiter is striving for balance, connection, and harmony.

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Yet something is off, lost in translation. It’s like meeting your girl or boyfriend’s alcohol or dysfunctional family for the first time and things just don’t jibe and yet you want everything to go nice and smooth.

There’s just something lost in terms of what someone’s religious beliefs are, and they don’t fit in.  Or a social shooting oneself in the foot,  or getting caught in your own self-sabotage net. It could be trying to fit the SQUARE HOLE into the round peg syndrome.

The answer is to retreat for now. Retreat to Venus in Pisces, go back to the source, receive devine blessings from the Mother, do not space out or go into denial.

THE CARDINAL CROSS of the martyr also looms over the day

Moon conjuncts PLUTO squares URANUS and JUPITER. We know this cross by now.

Two sweet sextiles finish the day

Goat cheese kisses go to VENUS and MARS still dancing cheek to cheek in PISCES.

I am writing about the other really BIG important aspect of the day in another article

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Three sexy moves and an earth trine

I want to thank all of you who commented to my query yesterday.

Mercury is in Virgo and we are under a Scorpio Moon so what did I have to do today for hours and hours?  I was literally out of storage space on Google drive. I had to delete- DEATH- 10,000 e-mails a Virgo /Mercury thing of course. I gained 1 Gig of space. It felt good. I feel lighter. 

Virgo is the clean up sign. I admit I am messy and I keep papers and track of old emails obviously. I have thousands more e-mails to delete in fact.  I figure if I spent an hour a day at it eventually it would be all cleaned up. Along with my office which is being moved to another floor, and my website being finished its redesign. Also  starting a new habit of deleting that verbiage every day. 

August 10 Moon in Scorpio makes 3 SEXTiles- very nice and easy erotic ones.
1. to Mercury in VIRGO, earthy lover, it’s got to add up.
2. Pluto in Capricorn- power, corporate ideals and control issues,
3. Jupiter in VIRGO- why don’t we do it in the road? but neatly. 

Rich Powerful Earth Trine  @ the 15th degree

Mercury Pluto Astrology Tara Greene Toronto

Giuseppe Porta, aka Giuseppe Salviati .Arts, Mercury and Pluto, ca.1556-57 in Venice.


Mercury wears that groovy winged hat and sandals and Pluto has an invisibility cloak. An interesting image.  Mercury in Virgo is very smart and intellectual. Pluto brings wealth and power. He supplies riches for those who listen to their souls. This is a good aspect and beneficial for all TARURUS’s out there too. Check out where that middle 15th degree is in your natal chart,in the three earth signs.

TO DO: Think about what your greatest soul gifts are and how you can manifest them through  ideas, communications and business to benefit the world. 


Remember also that the Messenger is moving slower and slower everyday now getting ready to turn RETROGRADE and enters his shadow phase today August 10 at 14 degrees 50 minutes of VIRGO. So get ready for the BIG Mercury Retrograde August 30 until September 21st right before EQUINOX.

Eclipse season coming up: SEPTEMBER 1 SOLAR ECLIPSE a 9 degrees VIRGO will be very intense.  VERY.  The shift really hits the fan as SUN and MOON are opposite NEPTUNE and conjunct to the Nodes of course and squares by MARS and SATURN conjunct at the 9/11 degrees and their opposition point.  I will also prep a pre-eclipse breakdown teleconference too. 

I am preparing to do a teleconference. Who’s on board?

SEPTEMBER 16 Lunar ECLIPSE @ 24 PISCES is an entirely different kettle of fish. 


The difficult polarity will even out as Jupiter enters LIBRA. Somewhat. 

It will be quite a roller coaster in September.  Think back on where you were in September 1997. This was a very special time for me as I was pregnant with my second child and only daughter Leah. I am prepared to conceive and be pregnant and give birth again now.  I bless our daughter and love her so much, she makes me so happy. I love hanging out with her. 

Are you pregnant with possibilities too? What are they?

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Another bump in the road

That Aries moon, which you know is full of road rage, piss and vinegar will be acting up with Mars virtually still June 29 @ 4:36 pm PDT/ 7:36 pm EDT/ 11:36 pm GMT Things  had been difficult all day Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday. Its OK to be grumpy today.

where the wild things are

Tuesdays Cardinal Cross energy between Moon and Venus and Pluto in squares.

there’s a couple of quincunxes one early this a.m. one later tonight.

Moon to Jupiter in Virgo-done! Moon to MARS who hates to be tied down in evening.

Moon will conjunct URANUS  as the last aspect of the day. The evening may prove to be chaotic. Your dreams may be off the charts as well.


Expect the wild rumpus to begin.

June 29 


i’ll write a separate article about that.  Your mind’s source will appear to be hooked up to your feelings first, you will hings will get emotional, not detached and analytical, this can be worse. 

Moon sextiles SUN, and later NEPTUNE to make things dreamy, romantic and cue the fog machines. 

Moon inconjuncts SATURN in the evening in PDT/ June 30 early a.m. EDT and GMT

grumbling, political arguments, one upmanship, more wild rumpusing.

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Scorpio Moon, 50 shades of pain

Feb 10 The Moon is in the Scorpio sector. 50 shades of emotions, Sex, power.

In my chart that means that the Moon is travelling through my 12th and most private house. The 12th house is the sign of endings, spirit, the source, void, God, dreams, the emotional ocean of the Unconscious, the ephemeral, untouchable, nonphysical world of imagination, visions and creativity.

You would look to your own natal chart to see where Scorpio is, it could be in any one of the 12 houses. What sign is in the 12th house in your own chart. 

The energies have felt very intense. I have been really feeling that vulnerable Venus Chiron in Pisces energy.  This energy puts in touch with the deep, deep ancient wounding at the core of our souls. Somehow I am crying and typing this at the same time. 

Moon in Scorpio until the 12th makes this soul wounding felt even deeper, and  more powerful. Crying is very healthy. You need to get down to where it really hurts. I know it also triggers Scorpio type secretive defenses and huge anger resistance to cover up the fear of the truth of that pain.

Remember the FISHER KING? The key question to get the Holy Grail is “What ails you?”



Ask yourself that question. And keep asking it. Sit down and breathe and ask and listen to your body.


Acknowledge your pain. Let your pain guide you. Write out what the pain has to tell you. It has a positive intention. Do focussing. A method I was taught in my early psycho-therapeutic studies. 

What we resists persists. This message also came up in a phone reading I did. I said it is what you haven’t dealt with yet which is holding you back from;

a. finding a job. b. growing beyond past limitations and hurts which haven’t been felt.


Carlos Castaneda talked about a shamanic practice called Recapitulation, in his books. Shamans spend  a long time doing breathing and specific movements to release all old memories until they are clear and can be fully present. That;s a definition of Enlightenment.

 I was also watching  a very powerful Youtube video earlier suggested by my friend and spiritual songstress Pamela Gerrand. “A way out of pain” by Matt Kuhn who seems to be a very down to earth enlightened spiritual channel. Links below

“The healing is through the pain.” Accept it. Be with it. Allow it. Love it. That’s what heals. That is alchemy.

Resistance is futile. To your own and everyone else’s pain.

Inspirational Card of the day 


The Rosetta Tarot 

I like this modern but naive style interpretation of this card. The Astrology symbols on the card are Mercury in Taurus. Too stubborn, rigid, focused on practical, surfaces. The mind is focussed on an overly material, physical answer. Taurus is sensuous, erotic.

Mercury is also almost stopped in the sky in Aquarius, turning Direct on the 11th. Moon squares Mercury, so if you feel worried today. It is literal.

Also that Venus Jupiter inconjunct from Pisces to Leo happens today in the wee hours. Thanks God.

SCORPIO MOON does Trine Neptune later in the afternoon.

Neptune in Pisces is mystical ritual, the holy wine and the wafer, the blood and the body transfiguration. Pisces is Sacrifice. Something must be let go of in order to heal. Pisces is also fantasies, magic carpet rides, dreams of Heaven, escapism and of course with the Moon in Scorpio

Flights of erotic fantasies are featured


erotic fantasies 50 shades of grey

yes Scorpio always was attracted to S & M before 50 shades made it mainstream. 

It’s sex as a substitute for feeling the actual emotional pain. All the erotic porn won’t heal it. Sorry. But i feel that is why it is so popular these days. People really need a cure for their pain. Not to pile more objectification and literal torture onto women. Don’t inflict more pain.


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A way out of Pain Matt Kahn 

The cure for Pain- Morphine