How are horoscopes still a thing? Smithsonian Article

via How are horoscopes still a thing?.

ZOdiac clock Venice, Smothsonian

Famous Astrology Clock in St. Mark’s Square Venice Italy

the reporter did a bit of research I heard her interview on CBC Jan 29th. It’s true the daily horoscopes aren’t very indepth. but it does spread astrology. The net is great for making real astrology more widely known.


Venus sextiles Uranus, kinky sex astrology

in a pre Mercury Retrograde shadow. We got a new router put in and it didnt work right away So I have been offline for 24 hours. So here is yesterdays article.

A DEJA VU experience.

Jan 13  Venus sextiles Uranus today @ 12:12 pm PST

Uranus astrology Tara Greene

Yes like it sounds. Uranus the only planet that rotates at a 90 degree angle to a plane horizon. Yes the planet of UNIQUE invites us to be free.  It;s the day to experiment with anal sex i guess.

Another aspect of these 2 planets is that your love life may take a weird unexpected turn.

Venus sextiling Uranus. You get to have crazy quirky offbeat, rebellious Venus in Aquarius sex.

Be far out instead of your usual corporate self.Let your freak flag fly. 

Aquarius loves the Internet, modern appliances, detachment.  

You may suddenly be struck by cupids arrow and fall in love with some unexpected stranger. 

Uranus is chaos, change, freedom, rebellion,

so choose your protests wisely.

Experiment. Do things you never normally do. Let your crotch hair grow if you usually shave it. Be inventive, pioneering. daring.  The latest trend is to have Orgasm Meditation. 

Moon enters SCOPRIO Jan 13  it’s definitely very sexual energy

even though  VENUS is still in analytical – note the word anal in analytical?

liberated AQUARIUS. Love the one your with.

Definitely a deeply secret sexy day. Scorpio likes to be in control.

I am not a fan of BDSM. I hate that popularization of 50 shades of grey.

I find it a huge brainwashing technique to promote misogynistic female torture. 

SCORPIO MOON trines Mars its ruler. 

Good day to let off some anger and frustration in a productive way. 

Lots of Scorpio moon aspects Wed. including a Trine to Neptune which is super spiritual, loving, compassionate, empathetic, stare into each others eyes and practice tantric sex. 

Moon trines chiron later in on the 14th.

I’ll write later about that

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slave to love Bryan Ferry  




Earth Trines, Moon Harvest Horoscopes from Tara Greene

2/16 Moon’s in earthy pragmatic, analytical, perfectionist, nit picky, worrier sign of VIRGO since Feb 15 

Virgo by Jospeh Stella 1926 Art Astrology

THE VIRGIN by Joseph Stella 1926


till Monday President’s day around noon EST.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, fresh from his SUNBATH where he was conjunct the SUN

yesterday, is the planetary ruler of Virgo and Gemini.

DID you feel SPARKLY Twins and Virgins?

Twins and Virgins how messed up are you feeling by your planetary ruler backing up into Aquarius again? Especially you VIRGO’s.

IF YOU WERE born during a Mercury Retrograde this is your time get great results.

Grand Trines in Earth Astrology Tara Greene

Earth Trines

Mercury has Trined MARS in Libra which is s l o w i n g down as he preps for his RETROGRADE on March 1.

Use this time wisely to iron out any relationship issues, who said what, before we get into Retro action mode.

Mercury will square Saturn on the 18th for more serious discussions and repercussions..

NOTE anyone born March 1st – JUSTIN BIEBER comes to mind. BEWARE.

Your Machismo is about to go bottoms up.  I’ll write about him elsewhere.

VIRGO MOON harvests good energy today

as it TRINES PLUTO and VENUS in Capricorn. Solid earthy rich Love. Good for counting up your assets.

TRINES make living easy. They are 120 degree angles. Look like pyramids.

SO VIRGO TAURUS and CAPRICORN’s drink it up.

The down side of  trines is that you take stuff for granted, it can make you lazy.

Work those trines. You gotta get off the couch and move some muscle Taurus, bring home the bacon Capricorn, don’t sweat the numbers Virgo.

The Mood will support your efforts.

VIRGO’s stop worrying for at least today, OK.

Moon later sextiles Saturn before going VOID of Course  at night PST.

Feb 17  is all QUINCUNX’s till Moon enters Libra @ 10:23 am PST

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DOWN TO EARTH- Peter Gabriel from Wall-E




Sagittarius truther Moon, daily card,dream surfing from Tara Greene

The Moon’s in inspired truther all fired up Sagittarius my friends, since yesterday. 

Did you have a funny awkward crazy Willy Wonka kinda Sunday what with Sun square URANUS and Mercury too?

I find astrology makes sense to non- believers in Hindsight.

Monoday Dec 30 – Day one could be called MONOday

lets change it all up shall we? I’m sashaying with the Freudian slips. I love Freudian slips.

It’s my cousins David’s birthday. Happy birthday to my fave first cousin over the pond. You’re going to have one heck of a year.

EST’ers you have the SuN URANUS Square after midnight- jolting dreams? Brilliant insights?

a little bit of everything on the menu today.

Centaurish moon Trines Uranus- think way outside the box today, there is no box- remember? Except for that which you yourself construct.

Moon squares Chiron in Pisces – could iron out some misconceptions and projections with this one.

Moon sextiles Mars in Libra-give them the old Sagittarius benefit of the doubt.

MERCURY sextiles Chiron- yes, defiitely talk over what worked, who hurt who and forgive- the year’s almost over,

Sagey Moon then Qunincunx’s Jupiter, its own ruler in Cancer retro.

This aspect is akin to shooting oneself in the foot or thigh as it were- the part of the anatomy that Sagittarius rules, the flank.

Sagittarians, who are honest to a fault, make sure everyone else is honest, but do they lie to themselves?

GOOD QUESTION. Sagittarians hate to be hypocrites. 


the two nefarious planets means watch out for arguments, crafty undercover traps set when you’ve been lulled into a submissive position then- wham. Who’s got the power? The dark side alien lizards or the New World order or those who believe in karma, the Light?

I was dreaming about CROP CIRCLES last night, I saw them very clearly. I must go. I had been called to go there at the Grail Springs Spa in 2011. I couldn’t go then as I was under contract to teach a workshop during the Grail Lady Faire. But crop circles have been calling me for many years.

I actually have a wonderful set of crop circle cards created by my good old friend Joseph Cohen.

I consulted and pulled an Inspirational very Sagittarius card of the day from this deck.

#18 Etchilhampton Flower of Life  11:08:02

crop circle dreams Tara Greene psychic

A very beautiful crop circle image.  #18 is Life energy Weaving the web  Electromagnetic energies

# 18 = The HEBREW letter CHAI, pronounced HI with a gutteral huh in front.

It means LIFE – To life to life l’chaim! from Fiddler on the Roof.  Or an animal. Something wild.

It is a 6 fold design. “If you meditate on the crop circle you will find yourself travelling the “interconnected loops towards a central space that is more etheric than physical. As you journey the design of this adapted flower of Life- {Drunvalo Melchizedek’ s research}  you will be simultaneously exploring the electro-magnetic pathways of the bio-energetic body.

The oracle says: Take 6 deep breaths to energize your hara, {Yesod}- Seffirot on the Tree of Life 

6 to nourish your heart {Tipheret} 

6 to open your pineal gland {Keter, divine presence}.”

Quoting from Joseph Mark Cohen’s commentary on the cards. Photo by S. Alexander 


Life is an endless circle, the Circle of life/ game. Interestingly enough I was born two months premature and was given the Hebrew name Chaya at birth, so that I may live and here I am… Thank You.

So the message is – pay attention to your dreams.

The Vulcan salute from Star Trek- LIVE Long and prosper.

 Live Love Laugh and Be happy. L’chaim to Life. That’s the truth from this Double Sagittarius.


All writing is copyright Tara Greene

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Life is Wonderful Jason Mraz  

To Life Lechaim

Sexy passion, in the Lion’s den + a bit of fog. Astrology forecast

Rousseau sleeping gypsy Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

Sleeping Gypsy  by Henri Rousseau 1897

YEs the Moon’s in Leo so its SHOW OFF time on the world’s stage time 

Moon collides with MARS 11:36 pm PDT tonight/2:36 am EDT very intense passion

we’ll hear lots of roaring later tonight. Leo’s make very passionate lovers, they can be very giving although you always have to treat them like they are King or Queen. Two Leo’s together, alternate- King for a day, Queen for a day. They are vain and child like underneath the Royal Mane.

You may be dreaming about being eaten by lion’s.

We are in the Lion’s den. And the lion is pacing and hungry.

This is the WIll to win, big ego’s,  getting  a huge rocket boost. Tempers will flare. Will power is strong!

On the world’s stage we see this acting out as LEO president Obama gets ready to pull the trigger on SYRIA.

He may act out defiantly even without Congress’s approval. Even though there is a delay. The situation some say may start WW111 as predicted by Nostradamus.

Lilith enters the T-SQUARE RING

And in this corner wearing not much, glowering darkly and smolderingly is Lilith the Dark Goddess, the shadow Kali aspect of the Goddess. Lilith is at 9 degrees Cancer opposite Pluto now. By the end of September she is exactly squaring Uranus as well adding another very potent aspect to the on going T- squares.  This adds even more fuel to this Cardinal initiation.

Unconscious, repressed  hatred and fear of women, of women’s unstoppable sexual power is what’s coming into consciousness now.  Yes more world wide backlash for gang rapes but we’ve got a long long way to go. I see Miley Cyrus’s overtly sexual – we won’t stop -twerking  performance was part of that Lilith T- square energy being released.

WOMEN need to really step into the world’s stage now. Politically, emotionally, with initiative.

FIRE Signs may feel very impatient, but hold those Lions, Leo’s  those horses Sagittarians and Rams you Aries as this is pretty incendiary.

Don’t play with any matches, please.   Is the world about to go up in flames?

LABOUR DAY Sept  2- Four quincunx’s with some fog on the side

Moon creates quirky quincunx’s to Neptune to Pluto to Chiron – ouch ouch and double ouch

The peacekeepers- Neptune in Pisces and the Plutocracy are sure to be at odds over Syria.

Mars makes fingernails on chalk boards aspects on Monday.  MARS in LEO will be in quincunx = 150 degrees to NEPTUNE on Sept 2. at 3 degrees

What’s to believe in the SYRIA situation? Reuters carried a story saying the rebels claimed responsibility for accidentally releasing that chemical. All is illusion, delusion.

Early Leo’ s will feel all fogged up. All early fixed signs, TAurus, Scorpio Aquarius feel this.

LEo Moon also’s squares Saturn in Scorpio   –

Fear,death, fear, big ego’s, shadow governments, power,

Good thing Jupiter is in Cancer and Venus in LIBRA for now-they are supply positive energy. Thank you Zeus and Aphrodite.

Venus in Libra can be credited with being the ambassador, the go-between, trying to balance the scales here.

How are you feeling this?  yes let me know….


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Some Huge healing opps. on Tuesday I am writing September’s forecast



Daniel in the Lion’s Den by Bessie Jones 

Inspirational card of the day and Battle of the T squares

Inspirational Card of the day July 14


PRINCE OF CUPS the younger male energy of the court card of water

prince of cups

a nice version of the pRINCE OF cUPS, 

not an official Tarot card but I liked the energy

SCORPIO energy-

all about power, control, secrets, psyche, the unconscious, the shadow,

ruthless underhanded, users, psychopaths,  in the darkest part of the cups

the other side is watching the emotions not getting caught in the undertow.

Scorpio energy evolves from the SCORPION stage -the familiar STING

to rise above it all – Fly Like an EAGLE- the soul bird- see link below for song


rise above the current tumult of emotions, become a young master of the emotional planes


T- Square Astrology Tara Greene

Moon enters Libra, the AIR sign of the balance and RELATIONSHIPS, poise, grace.

Wherever the Moon is, is always the EMOTIONAL BAROMETER.

The Moon/moods change very quickly, advancing 1 degree every two hours.

the trick is HOW TO MAINTAIN the balance-It will be challenging to say the least TODAY

MARS just newly into GIRLY CAncer water territory since yesterday,

is drawn into a SQUARE DANCE with the Moon. So doh si doh, but this is shadow boxing

and tender feelings can be easily crushed.

Mars is considered weakened in Cancer but wherever Mars is,where the action is,

where the action is Tara Greene

Aggressive, war mongering, defenses, Duke Nuke Em kind of stuff. DEFENSES, hackles are high.

The diplomatic Libran Moon then squares off with reckless JUPITER 

KING of the Gods, so the ante is definitely upped and Jupiter loves to gamble.

That aspect alone is very good for family gatherings, great eats,etc.

BUT LILITH the SHe demoness, the Shadow Feminine,the ORIGINAL WOMAN is also conjunct Jupiter at 3 degrees Cancer

and the moon is squaring her too! Libra moon is loving all this socializing.

and you definitely have to be careful squaring Lilith because as the shadow aspect she can trigger

an adrenalin flight response and she plays by no ones rules but her own. 

Later in the day Moon then spices it up even more and squares PLUTO to at 7:12 pm PDT 

then the lid gets really ripped off, whatever repressed emotions, family skeletons etc have been swept under the carpet, the secrets will come out.

Emotional backlash, to say the least.

The Nice Libran moon who wants peace at any cost and to make sure everyone thinks they are NICE

feels mortified. GEts caught with her pants down. Gets hit with the crap.

Especially as Uranus gets drawn into this too, as The rebel planet is still in a T square with Pluto.

This is radioactive crap, some undercover secrets are sure to out, much to the chagrin of those in Top POwer Capricorn position corporations.

Expect to hear some rad news, about toxic spills, secrets, endings, plots, subterfuge, Monsanto.

It spells relationship squabbles to be sure on the personal front.

And all those luscious spiritual watery GRAND TRINES forming to be exact on Wednesday july 17 too.


the old Capricorn,guard is digging in its heals, the New World Order ‘s oppression is being strengthened with Hi Tech. I watched a Youtube Video the other night which scared the bejesus out of me. see link below

They are both ocuring at the same time. The Grand Trines of Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer are ushering in a fantastic new era for women, spirituality,compassion. It’s true but they are EASY aspects, lazy aspects, you cannot take them for granted. Yo gotta do the work. Not just bliss out but Saturn makes it real practical, Jupiter rules laws.

Also the stand-off with Pluto Uranus and Now JUPITER also ups the ante for change. Jupiter in Cancer is home, women, children, food, water, security. And yes that is becoming increasingly threatened and under hi tech surveillance. But PLUTO and URANUS also change up the old out worn structures. So take to the streets, wearing masks like in the occupy movement with V for Victory masks although they are now outlawed. Edward Snowden is our latest hero. Fight the good fight. Defend LILITH the original Goddess. She was the original WOman. She is nature herself. PLUTO AND URANUS AND NOW JUPITER king of the Higher law is here to help women re-atain their place as leaders. 

The energy continues into Monday

as Moon opposes URANUS in the wee hours

squares Mercury Still Retrograde and finally squares the Sun at the end of the day. 

Get used to it, it will happen every mont when the Moon is in Libra or Capricorn or Aries or Cancer now.

ANd if you are in your early 40’s you will begin to feel a very dramatic mid life crisis looming.

You definitely need a head’s up

I’ll write more about that soon.



FLY LIKE AN EAGLE- Steve Miller Band 

the lyrics mirror the  Grand Trines

you can watch it here