Stop In the Name of Love Astrology

03 03 2020 Numerology is interesting.

Under a GEMINI double-trouble Trickster MOON with Mercury Retrograde about to move back into Aquarius on the 4th

The BIG Aspect of the day is VENUS in ARIES square Saturn in Capricorn

This is a hard stop to a fiery angry spontaneously fired up energy. 

Love can hit the wall today from Saturn the maker of all boundaries.

Aries wants new beginnings Saturn wants to hold on.


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A true vacation day Astrology.

There are no major planetary aspects today on Presidents Day and Family Day here in Ontario. A true VACA. As above so below.

Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune in PISCES all-day

that’s a dreamy optimistic expansive educational adventurous energy. Pay attention to your dreams tonight. Be creative.

Enjoy your well-deserved break today.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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9 of Emotions The Muse Tarot

9 of Emotions The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

Tuesday is Mars day

Mardi in French Tuesday is the day to honor MARS now Out of bounds.

ARe you feeling the wild unexpected anger attack aggressive energy?

Leo MOON makes 2 awkward quincunx’s yeah to NEPTUNE in PISCES and PLUTO in CAPRICORN and we had two yesterday too.

feels like a pitchfork in the ass

inconjuncts are two planets at 150-degree angles to each other. They can’t see each other. Under a Leo Moon, this is literally being given shade.

LEO MOON trines Mercury

want a little sparkle sauce on that RETROGRADE?

LEO MOON squares off with JUPITER in SCORPIO in the cosmic boxing ring

they’re both fixed signs. Both stubborn. Jupiter is king of the Gods and Leo Moon feels like she is the QWEEN or King.  Who do you bet on?

the energy is getting whackier by the minutes as VENUS in ARIES conjuncts URANUS

March 28 that is a very major aspect.

You know about the Chines “heavenly Palace” set to fall to earth in the next few days?-see link below

Well that would be one manifestation of this.

Venus rules women money relationships arts the stock markets and values.

Uranus breaks up literally old traditions reinvents pioneers is new technology and freedom. Its also chaotic and you can rope chaos no matter how hard you try.

so ride that wave. 

Moon enters VIRGO tomorrow morning so we will be a bit more grounded.


Look into the mirror of time-space and light bending. What do you see?

You will always see your own projection. Try to still your soul and spirit to receive what you are inexorably being attracted back to. They don’t call it the Great Attractor for nothing. see link below

VESTA Goddess of focusis on the GALACTIC CENTER at 28 degrees Sagittarius square to Chiron in PISCES

this could feel like a re-do of those heavy Saturn transits last year. If you dedicate yourself to love yourself unconditionally you will find the sacred fire within lighting your way out of the darkness.

Please send me your prayers and blessings as I need them now. I will feel it. Thank you in advance

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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