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My daily Astrology and Tarot for April 4/5 GMT The Muse Tarot deck by Chris-Anne

Nirvana Day

February 15 is Nirvana day

I had been told about this day many years ago and it had always stuck in my memory. It’s not to commemorate the band or Kurt Cobain. It’s the day that Buddhists celebrate the death of the Buddha and his attainment of Nirvana. Other Buddhists use February 8th. Read more about that here.

Why Buddhists Celebrate Nirvana Day

Astrology and tarot cards of the Day 

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Scorpio Moon vibes continue until later tonight

Moon trines Neptune in Pisces a very romantic idealistic energy. This energy exaggerates deep emotions, there may have been many tears for many on V day.

Moon sextiles Pluto then Saturn to help us ground our dreams and anchor our emotions.

Scorpio Moon squares Aquarius Sun 

we are a week until the next moon cycle a new Moon in Pisces at 4+ degrees.

that’s right on my North Node.

MOON is VOID OF COURSE from 2:20 pm PST/ 5:20 pm EST/10:20 pm GMT

use VoC times to chill. Remember that MERCURY turns RETROGRADE on the 16th so its standstill in the sky. Mars is at the last degree of SAGITTARIUS the Most critical one get all your Sagittarius optimism together now to get you through the long haul in Capricorn

Moon is in Upbeat Honest adventurous Sagittarius tonight which switches gears. 

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Daily Tarot reading is from The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

The winged horse is a vehicle to fly to Heaven like Pegasus in the Greek myths. I’ve always loved winged horse. This card related to AIR and the Mind or thoughts so imagine the winged horse coming to uplift you. Interesting synchronicity of this card. In Islam. Mohammed went to Heaven on a Winged Horse named Buraq with the Angel Gabriel which is the same mythology/symbolism as the Buddha attaining enlightenment/Nirvana. 

One of the best days of the Year Tarot Astro

June 3rd one of the best dates of the year. Moon in fair minded Libra. Venus conjuncts URANUS in Aries at night. That’s cupid’s bow shooting you unexpectedly.

Sun trine Jupiter Apollo Tara Greene

GEMINI Sun { Apollo} trines JUPITER [ Zeus, Thor} in LIBRA @ 13 degrees AIR

It’s one of the best most positive dates of the year.

Love and respect, Venus trine Saturn

Mars at 27 degrees Gemini is conjunct to the North Pole Star. This symbolizes True North. Follow both your desires and your highest good. What is your true north star?

Venus trine Saturn

Pietro da Cortona 1631











VENUS trine SATURN @ 25+ degrees ARIES/ SAGITTARIUS @ 8:23 am PDT/ 11:23 am EDT/ 3:23 pm GMT  and the NORTH NODE in LEO

VENUS is LOVE. SATURN is karma and hard work, your career.

The Cosmic Cop lets you get away without a ticket. It’s beneficial for older women, for love and exotic travels, honeymoons, higher learning, and adventure. Speak the truth of what’s in your heart. 

This is a very positive energy for all women and AMAZON WARRIORESSES boding well for the Wonder Woman film coming out soon. It’s the most expensive film {$150 million} ever to be directed by a woman and great karmic reverberation revolves around the success of this film for all future women film directors. I predict it will be a huge hit worldwide.

Venus in Aries will go get what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it. She will be pursuing love, travel, higher education, politics, mysticism, justice, teaching, publishing, and older men as she likes.

This is a maturing aspect for Aries which can be overly spontaneous.  SATURN rules elders, respect, history, conservative values, even in Sagittarius. The Cosmic Cop is letting you get off without writing you a ticket today.

All trines are positive so make good use of it because it is moving fast. VIRGO Moon squares the SUN indicating we are nearing a Full Moon, June 9th

VIRGO Moon squares the SUN early in the morn, indicating we’re near a Full Moon, June 9th when JUPITER turns DIRECT since Retrograding on Feb 5/6th.

Everything in relationships that’s been percolating behind the scenes will begin to move ahead soon. Legal issues, restrictions on immigrants, on International Policy will be moving ahead.

Moon opposes NEPTUNE in the afternoon EDT

Daydreaming of what your soul most longs for. This is a practical but romantic and creative energy. Use this energy to incubate dreams before you retire this evening.

Moon trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN tonight

This is another earth trine which occurs June 2 in EDT and GMT.

Pay attention to your soul as PLUTO disguised in a myriad of ways. Pluto can be the shadow, the boogieman, the feared invisible faced chaser, the demons, yet this all comes in service to help our soul become whole.

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Memorial Day Astrology Tarot Card Reading

Happy Safe Memorial Day today to my family, friends, clients and readers Stateside.

The MARS- SATURN opposition has already hit @ 2:55 am PDT. The Mars-Saturn opposition has happened. We may see violence erupt again in the world today. There may be shocking dreams and a restless night. It will impact you in your dreams. Chasing the truth or being chased by karmic enemies?  Let me know.

The CANCER MOON which has made me feel so wonderful, so peaceful, so happy to be in my home and safe with a roof over my head and good healthy food to eat. My daughter and I played cards tonight, something we haven’t done in years. We used to always play board games. It was fun. I love her and am so in awe of how she is growing up and her many, many talents. She is finally leaving High School in a month after doing an extra gap year. I started to sing “High School wasn’t meant to last forever.” from High School Musical which she loved for many years too. I’ve watched it maybe 20 times with her. She sang it. It was soo Cancer Moon. And I planted new seeds in our urban organic garden, it’s been enlarged a lot. I have to reconfigure where everything will go.

The Cancer Moon squares URANUS and ERIS in ARIES  that is while most people are asleep. So expect wild and crazy dreams and a restless night. 


Aclepios Dream Temple Astrology Tara Greene

This is dream healing time. The Ancients would incubate dreams in sacred healing temples to cure sickness. Take everything that comes in your dream tonight as a healing token. Treasure each symbol, figure, and everything you can’t understand about it. Don’t call it crazy. Nightmares and all dreams show up as your soul’s way of giving you feedback about many levels of your life. Dreams speak in symbols, this is an archetypal language.  Listen and learn and work with your symbols. I love to do dream work and led dream groups for many years. 

MOON FIRES INTO LEO @ 5:12 am PDT/ 8:12 a EDT/12:12 pm GMT  

we will be feeling the heat until the 31st. The mood is uplifting, passionate, wants to have fun and party. Very social, leadership skills rise to the fore. Let your heart open to everyone and everything you love. Have courage, It’s time to roar.  Leo Moon’s also bring out your inner child. Speak from your heart and use your will to focus on LOVE. 

Moon sextiles the GEMINI SUN

A little bromance? 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Inspirational Daily Tarot Card reading

January 30, Daily  Tarot, one card reading

Interesting Numerology. On 30, a #3 card appears.

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Inspirational Daily Card water trines

July 14, I am trying to give you a day before preview now. You like that?

July 14: That Mars Uranus inconjunct which happened late on the 13th in PDT occurs EDT at 1:13 am. You may find yourself tossin’ and turning all night. My husband and daughter did that last night. Did you?

The intense SCORPIO Moon makes two sextiles to PLUTO in CAPRICORN and JUPITER in VIRgO in the wee hours PDT and EDT. This can be a cornucopia of great dream wealth. Programme you dreams before sleep this night. 

SCORPIO Moon trines the CANCER SUN

This  a nice harmonious emotional birth/death sort of energy. Maybe very high and low alternatively. Can be very fertile as well in all senses. Create a dark dish-black? deep purple? to seduce and delight a Cancer with; squid ink pasta?  The way to their hearts is through their stomach’s.

Scorpio Moon inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES  and ERIS

This is more of that can’t integrate the brave new world energy yet stuff. The resistance to change, because of immigrants, “others”, LGBT or expanding beyond any old tribal ideology is strong. Resistance is futile. Life is always about change and adaptation.

MOON conjuncts MARS in SCORPIO this double emphasizes that Inconjunct energy.

Scorpio Moon trines Chiron in Pisces

In the evening, healing time comes by being open to our wounds and our failings. Vulnerability is the greatest strength. 


Eight of wands, Tarot Cards, Tara Greene

Eight of Wands/ Eight of Fire Vision Quest Tarot

The 8’s are always karmic by virtue of the number 8 itself.  There is a sense of destiny, a turning point. 

The eight of the element of Fire in the Vision Quest Tarot points to sparks of insight from many directions. 8 is the number of all the directions in indigenous Pagan ancient wisdom worldwide as in China, 8 is the symbol of Good Fortune and Success, 8x 8 = 64 symbols of the I Ching, and in Feng Shui.  There are 8 directions; 4 elements /Cardinal directions and four non-cardinal directions in the Medicine wheel or wheel of the year, or time. Eight is the symbol of Infinity, meaning  that all time is now. 

Remember that whatever is going down, breathing fully into the NOW, the only moment there is, is called NIRVANA, The point of bliss and choice. It is total freedom. 

Remember there is more than one point of view and that there are many vantage points to the whole picture. Walk a mile in the shoes of all the other’s on the circle for a great learning curve.

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Tossin’ and Turnin’ Bobby Lewis 1961 

Inspirational Daily Card June 8

The Moon is in Leo in the wee hours EDT. 

Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic Nomination. She seems to be holding a 20% lead on Bernie Sanders which I am very surprised at. She has a hugely powerful MARS PLUTO SATURN conjunction in Leo in her 9th house. You’re going to hear her ROAR. And  I am Woman by Helen Reddy will be her main playlist song. 

Mercury in Taurus is sextile Chiron in Pisces 

A lot of people are feeling disappointed in the system. There will much tears flowing. It’s post-democratic primary blues season.

LEO Moon inconjuncts Neptune in Pisces 

Apparently Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters are bitter, angry and won’t quit. Sanders is showing America how millions of young people feel about the Government. In some ways he could be seen as a temperature taking of the pulse and that’s why he was “allowed” to get  this far. Now what happens to those millions of young people who are the future of America? They are involved passionate and want change.

LEO Moon creates a FIRE trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

There will be foul play cries. Saturn in Sagittarius is about justice honesty and transparency. There will be recounts. The Universe wants us to evolve and progress, yet with Mars Retrograde it is about regressing into our shadows for now.

 Card of the Day

Knight of swords, Love and Mystery Tarot, Tara Greene

The Knight of Swords  from the Love and Mystery Tarot

The Knight of swords is the symbol for GEMINI, so right now with Venus and SUN in Gemini. Gemini is the AIR element and symbolizes the double-edged sword of discrimination.  Gemini can be too divisive, too talky, too youthful, to non-committal. The high side of Gemini is open-mindedness, curiosity, communication, and discernment. 

The big planetary event of Thursday is a MERCURY MARS Retrograde opposition

There will be stubborn Mercury in Taurus rants and enraged bullish defenders of the faith. The Traditional Bullish media may come down very hard and try to shame Bernie Sanders as a megalomaniac totally missing his point which is that he is creating a force for change of the people of which he is simply the figurehead or channel.


Mars Retrograde indicates  a need for anger management for some. There is also a take it back feeling. Get rid of that Judge in that horrible rape trial, recount votes, re-do, and re-do. Old lovers are returning and resurrecting themselves in your life. Be stubborn, speak your truth.


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I am woman hear me roar by Helen Reddy 1975 

Astrology Tarot card of the day

i had a very busy new moon, leading a ceremony and reading all day at the magical Grail Springs Spa. i called in everyone who wished to be in the ceremonial space.
Gemini moon makes 2 difficult inconjuncts to Pluto and Mars later today and squares Chiron in Pisces, this may be a day of squabbles.

i recommend you stay in a quiet place,centered and knowing that your inner core is always immovable and secure in the infinite light. The energy of all New Moons last for the three days when the Moon is invisible. 

Inspirational card of the day

The Wild Unknown Tarot, 6 of cups, Tara Greene

The Wild Unknown Tarot Card    6 of cups

 i’m writing on my cellphone.
 The 6 of cups is centered in Beauty at the center of the Tree of Life shown very literally here on the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.
  This is a symbol of gratitute and honoring the interplay of yin and yang, the 6 pointed Star of David, or Solomon’s Seal or Merkaba which the 6 of cups symbolizes. 
The Number  6 is related to the 6th sign and Gemini, so very appropriate on this New Moon in Gemini.
Blessings. Tara
please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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