Doubly blessed, Grand fire trine positive energy

Very positive energy today a doubly Grand Fire Trine, it’s Palm Sunday under a Passionate dramatic fun fiery Leo Moon 

Aries SUN trines Jupiter in Sagittarius one of the most optimistic of aspects.

Jupiter is stationary Retrograde and very powerful plan or replan travel, educational and other break out adventures. The energy is very optimistic and fun. Humor and truth rule the day. A passionate dramatic LEO Moon underlines this when it trines Jupiter and the Sun.

Doubly blessed

Venus and Pluto sextile each other that’s a supportive aspect for love spirituality creativity and soul connected power.

There are many quincunx’s too so the energy may feel off as well. Inconjuncts or quincunx’s are like our blind spots.

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Get your panties in a knot

October 7th Moon is Void of course until 6:10 pm PDT/ 9:10 pm EDT

more mayhem in the U.S. as the gender wars double down. The divisiveness is insane and Democrats and feminists are going crazy. The good news is Ford’s testimony has broken the shame game wide open irregardless of anything else. Whoever is behind this not divine plan is laughing all the way to the devil’s playground. 

SUN inconjuncts NEPTUNE today and yep the confusion inability to hear what the other is saying and feeling invisible is exactly what this energy is all about.  

You’re trying to stay focused on your relationships, and finding some balance but nothing is clear. If you are feeling lost know that it will pass.

The last lunar aspect today from Virgo Moon is an opposition to Chiron in Pisces at the 29th degree making it all feel more painful. You will be feeling the wounds of the world. Compassion is important.

Moon enters Libra in the evening.  Try to find some balance as Moon inconjuncts URANUS- good luck with that. Breathe pace walk run, punch pillows. Breathe.

Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn in late evening PDT

heavy. “Hello darkness my old friend. “

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Annual ZAP Sun conjunct Uranus

The SUN in ARIES and URANUS at the last critical 29th degree of ARIES that radical revolutionary quick-change artist planet of weirdos ruler of AQUARIUS and higher-consciousness mad scientists and Burning Man tribal thinking-ruler of robots think tanks women’s liberation LGBQ liberation equal rights explosions volcanoes and lightning strikes can create quite a chaotic “lightbulb” epiphany. 

Saturn newly Retrograde traditionally Rules AQUARIUS along with CAPRICORN.

This influence may help us see clearly something we missed but really need to get.

AQUARIUS and CAPRICORN will feel this energy more than other signs

The Moon’s in GEMINI and URANUS is the Higher octave of MERCURY planet of communications. Everything is very harmonious. The moon will sextile Mercury too.

Moon inconjuncts Saturn newly Retrograde which may make for some uneasy reality rechecks late at night. 

see the bigger higher consciousness overview picture today with supreme detachment! 

The SUN brings enlightenment and clear light vision. Tune in 

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Source your highest wildest dreams

What’s a Mercury Re-active Mutable Dreamtime?

With Moon in Virgo and Mercury and Venus making aspects these are all mutable signs.

astrology dreamtime by Tara Greene

                                      Medicine Woman by Caroline Maniere


It’s a very complex day today. Under the vibes of a straight-laced VIRGO MOON. Mercury the signs governer and Gemini’s as well being very REACTIVE today. We are reviewing resting resetting rebooting our computer minds. Out with the old programming in with the new.






That latest hottest new idea-{ Bitcoin for the masses for example} may react and derail?  This can be an inspired day for tech it’s true as Uranus rules inventions and hi tech. But Mercury’s Retro influence is more like back to the drawing board.


Salt may be thrown onto some old wounds. You may be licking them. If you have to revisit it then it’s not yet thoroughly cleansed. Take it as a good sign to go deeper into a wound that you may have thought you cleared out a long time ago.

In the early morning rain to quote a great old Gordon Lightfoot song… 


The SPACE Cowgirl; the lover of freedom adventure gypsies mysticism animal rights truth and hanging loose and casual squares dreamy meditative enlightenment and soul mate seeking NEPTUNE in PISCES. 

Neptune is the higher octave of VENUS. SO HIGH! 

Dream about and seek that soul mate; An excellent time for meditating or creating in any medium. You will be floating on a cloud. Use this Sunday to rest and daydream listen to music light candles be as gauzy and cosmic as you wish. Your immune system will be hypersensitive to any drugs flu bugs or alcohol under this starry influence so make sure you take tonics.

Moon squares Mercury opposes Chiron and inconjuncts Uranus then squares Saturn. Kind of like a re-re-repeat of the planetary connections with the last kicker from Saturn. We feel it internally with the moon.

Call upon the Spirit of Medicine Woman to help you heal.

This is an intense Mercury Retrograde as Saturn is sitting with it and Chiron is squaring it. Its all about healing our pasts cleansing the karmic slate. Remember that your wounds are what enable you to become a healer for others.  Bless your wounds and your humanness.

Put your thinking caps on backward and go with the flow. 

Moon enters LIBRA at 9:01 pm PST/ Dec 11 @ 12:01 am EST/ 5:01 am GMT

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