The Keurig, the Chemex, and Dietary Gnosticism, Alchemy of food

Everything is interconnected. I read this blog and loved the authoress’s take on it. Food is always a psychological, emotional and alchemical process literally as well as  physical necessity.

On the subject of coffee which we down quite a lot of in my household. We do not use Keurigs or any other pre-fab food. Keurigs make mountains of eco-waste and instant convenience usually means environmental and psychological dystopia.  We use French press coffee. Only organic coffee.

We cook everything from scratch in my household. We threw out the toxic microwave years ago. They have been banded in Japan and Sweden for over ten years. It is slower yes. My daughter complains there is never anything to eat quickly which is true. It is so much more wholesome healthier and satisfying to cook everything from scratch. Ok we are just starting to get into making bread. My husband makes incredible pizzas from scratch.. it is slower yes. but much more rewarding. I like the alchemy of cooking