Coinbase Astrology

I thought I’d check out COINBASE Astrology Chart and the transits April 14, 2021 as it has its IPO on the stock market. Note that Bitcoin just reached its highest valuation ever as has Ethereum the day before. I swear Corporations use Astrology because this is a great day to launch a Bull MArket run with Venus the planet of Money entering her home sign of Taurus-the Bull Market today at 2:22 pm EDT.

COINBASE, a secure trading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, ethereum etc. was born June 20, 2012 just after the historic VENUS transit in front of the SUN on June 5/6th in GEMINI as you can see VENUS is RETROGRADE here. Venus crossing in front of the Sun which was what the whole 2012 MAYAN “End of the calendar” was all about, the ancient Mayans watched and worshipped VENUS. Venus won’t cross in front of the SUN again until December 10–11, 2117 and the Coinbase operation carries this SPECIAL GOLDEN MONEY energy.

To read about how astrology and the NY stock Exchange go together read this article about the founding of the NYSE in 1792 synchronizing with the Constellations o fthe Great Bear and Taurus The Bull. which is where the phrase Bull or Bear market originate.


Watch the video I made explaining what the company means and what will happen

Don’t buy stocks or crypto if you can’t afford to lose.

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February Aquarius Revolutionary times

February Astrology

There will be A SUPER STELLIUM of AQUARIUS PLANETS for most of the month. AQUARIANS this is your time to shine in the sun.

SUN, Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all in AQUARIUS for the early part of the Month until SUN enters PISCES on the 18th.

Bring the revolutionary ch-ch-ch-changes into the world.  Major political disruptions, and fast changes from old power structures. Look to all Cryptocurrencies, those Redditors changing up the Stock Market. POWER to the PEOPLE.

Remember Jupiter is in Aquarius for most of 2021 and SATURN continues to bring real Aquarius major tech and political revolutions into our everyday lives until 2023.

Things are very winds of change and AIRY, in our heads. Remember that all the signs except for the Moon are all in 1/2 of the Zodiac a very rare condition. The planets are imbalanced and the need to stay grounded is paramount.

The 1st of 2021’s Major Astrology aspects of SATURN in AQUARIUS squares URANUS in TAURUS occurs February 17.  Both planets rule AQUARIUS in Traditional and Modern Astrology so they are working together in the battle between the Old Saturn structure and the New innovative Aquarian energies.

ALL FIXED sign energies are featured this month. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

LOVE in the month of VALENTINE’S

VENUS In AQUARIUS and MARS in TAURUS are in a type of Mutual Reception until February 25. Mars is in Venus’ home daytime sign of Taurus and Venus in Aquarius now is governed by modern planet Uranus in Taurus so they, are in each other’s signs. Which means they get each other, they are very sympathetic, understanding and supporting each other. This is good energy for all relationships. But especially for Aquarius and Taurus and benefits Leo and Scorpio Too.


          Venus enters AQUARIUS- give those Aqua’s the love.

Feb 5/6 VENUS conjunct SATURN in AQUARIUS – serious Aquarius Love & limits

             VENUS in AQUARIUS sextile CHIRON in ARIES-someone’s hurting.

             VENUS square URANUS in TAURUS-love and $ disruptions

Feb. 8 SUN conjunct MERCURY RETROGRADE in AQUARIUS -resurrect old ideas.

Feb. 9 SATURN sextile CHIRON in ARIES-easy

Feb. 10 MERCURY RETRO square MARS in TAURUS -old lovers return?


Feb. 11 VENUS conjunct JUPITER in AQUARIUS

And CHINESE NEW YEAR of OX VENUS JUPITER expand Aquarian Revolutionary fervor this is not what China wants. Millions of Chinese are leaving Hong Kong to go to the U.K.


Feb. 13 Mars in TAURUS sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES- dreamy


Feb. 17 SATURN square URANUS in TAURUS -tension this is the 1st of three major aspects this year.

Feb. 18 SUN enters PISCES Its dreamy compassionate spiritual psychic time.

Feb. 19 VENUS in AQUARIUS square MARS in TAURUS- sexual tension

February 20: Ceres into Aries a new cycle

Feb. 20/21 MERCURY turns direct at 11+ AQUARIUS-it will take time for Mercury communications to get fully functional again.


Feb.25 VENUS enters PISCES – romance for Pisces dreaming big, love addictions beware.

             SUN sextile URANUS in TAURUS- say you want a revolution?

Feb. 27 FULL MOON in VIRGO at 8 degrees gets us grounded.

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Aquarius Season 2021

The Women’s March on Versailles, 1789 SteveStrummer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

January 19 AQUARIUS TIME 12:39 pm PST/ 3:39 pm EST/8:39 pm GMT its AQUARIUS SEASON 2021.

Aquarius season with Jupiter and Saturn emphasizing the season this year. And Mercury in Aquarius also. Aquarius times are rebellion time, freedom, invention, protests, changing of the old guard, its revolutionary, electric!

Think REVOLUTION, Liberation, invention, freedom, pioneering, collective thinking, higher-minded, Higher consciousness, detached, hi-tech, group minded.Out with the old in with the new.

URANUS as the modern ruler of Aquarius is considered to be a higher octave of Mercury, the Trickster. Think about that for a minute. What is a Higher Mind trickster energy all about?

the Information age, this is the 2nd post-industrial revolutionary age. It’s detachment from all the heavy emotions,and whatever your personal and collective break out may be. It’s cryptocurrencies and the blockchain,Tesla, inventions which haven’t yet been born to change the world. It can have a big dark side, A1, G5 mind control.

URANUS the planet that orbits at a 90-degree angle is definitely the weirdo of the Planets. Be your own individual, be weird, proud – It’s the opposite sign of Leo remember. No more hierarchies, the royalty age is over,

Time to be free.

AQUARIUS, yes you can hear the song from the musical Hair start on cue. The Age of Aquarius popularly decreed to be starting December 21 2020 with Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius.

Many astrologers argue about when the Actual Age of Aquarius begins or has begun and some say it won’t begin for another 400 years. An AGE is properly defined by the sun’s passage against a Constellation broken down into 30 degrees. It takes the sun 2,160 years to transit a Sign which is what an AGE is defined by. The Age of PISCES which is what Christianity is all about actually, Christ’s fishes symbol, began approx. 2,160 years ago. It will take around 400 years before the Sun enters the Sidereal sign of Aquarius at the Spring Equinox.  Because of the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Spring equinox Vernal point has slipped backwards, 23 degrees from Zero degrees of the  ARIES Constellation in the last 2,160 years, to 6 + degrees Pisces. I use Tropical Western Astrology not VEDIC Sidereal Astrology which is what Astronomy is aligned with.


Question your relationships. Take space. Be rebellious and free. 

It’s an AIR SIGN, NOT A WATER SIGN as many people think because of its’ symbol in the constellations. The Astrology glyph can also be conceived as two parallel waves of quantum matter or parallel horizontal electric currents moving through the AIR. it can also be interpreted as The symbol of the God or Goddess pouring water- is a symbol of consciousness, or Divine love.

AQUARIUS is the symbol of THE STAR in the TAROT #17.

The 11th SIGN is traditionally ruled by SATURN, which seems weird to most moderns. Each planet originally ruled over two signs, a masculine and a feminine one- very balanced. The Sun and the Moon are NOT planets, Sun rules LEO and the Moon rules CANCER.

Planet Uranus was discovered by Herschel in 1781, although it had been observed before by the naked eye. Astrologers didn’t want to disturb the original 7 planetary designation, so they places Uranus as the HIGHER OCTAVE of Mercury.  It was originally called the Georgian Planet after King George the 3rd.

URANUS rules the 11th sign and house of wishes, hopes and dreams. Higher consciousness, revolutions and radical thinking, objectivity, big picture thinking, management, organizations,  engineers, radical new inventions,  IT,robots, A1, the Internet, computers,etc. open-minded, group think, lightning, aeronautics, ambulances, clubs, debating, earthquakes, chaos, dangerous  fire powered weapons, telepathy, guerillas, and eccentrics and LGBTQ people.

HEY ALL YOU AQUARIANS -YOU need to bring IT. The revolutions which honor each individuals right to be free. You were born for these times.

What planets or angles do you have in Aquarius. These will be activated and expanded by Jupiter’s presence all of 2021 and Saturn in Aquarius until 2023.

To thine own self be true.


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Bullish Mars in Taurus

Everything will be Bullish with Mars in Taurus from January 6 to May 3rd. The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market is taking off, real estate, gold, silver, art all these things may get the Midas Touch or the hard raging bull aspects. We will feel much more passionately embodied as Mars, in Venus’ sign where he is considered weak traditionally is slowing down to be a couch potato for a while.

Mars in Taurus heats up all things under Taurean rule and is great for all TAURUS people, with Moon Rising Venus Mars Jupiter in the 2nd sign. Stubborn and sensuous chocolate covered jewels and money time.

BULL LEAPING MOSAIC at KNOSSOS, CRETE ChrisO at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
U.S. Public Domain tag
U.S. Public Domain tag

There was a Great Age of Taurus, which began approximately 7500 years ago, 5500 BCE. In VEDIC Astrology It is the second Age in the Dwapara Yuga known as the Bronze Age by Ancient Greeks. This was the time when when the Goddess was worshipped in equal Matriarchal peaceful societies around the world and beautiful gold jewellery and palaces were crafted in Crete where the naked breasted women athletes practiced Bull Jumping. Bulls were worshipped. and Cows were and still are sacred in India. Our current entry into the Age of Aquarius squares that old taurus Bronze age.

It’s craftsy Love beauty and Pampering time while on lockdown. Clay work, macrame, rug hooking, painting, fashion design, redecorating, and slow living while watching the financial markets go crazy. Integrate our Venusian side of love of the body and beauty with Mars in Taurus.

And of course the classic stubbornness of the Bull will be out in full force. Remember not to wave that red flag around too much. Or just wave it for the right causes and at the right bulls, relevant to how you see it.

Did you buy Bitcoin in 2015 when it was $315? or in 2018 when it was at $4,000 or even in 2020 when it was down to $5,000 or in September at $11,000 only 3 months ago or even in December at $22K? Investing in Etherum and other cryptos will be mad passion for the next couple of months as they have been approved by US banks.

January 6th entry into Taurus squares JUPITER and SATURN at early degrees Aquarius. There is a MILLION MAN MARCH in WASHINGTON today apparently to protest what Republicans feel was a hoax election with stolen ballots and votes. The Georgia election was yesterday and results will come today. This is an activation of revolution,rage, freedom and violence. It also activates Uranus/Pluto midpoints in URANIAN astrology which equates to “Fanaticism, an act of violence, the stage of bending/breaking/destruction, injury, accident” from Astrologer Olga Morales tweet.

Do be careful in your own home too.

If you have Mars or Venus in Taurus or other planets MARS will activate and excite them. Yes anger impatience and protests are likely to get stronger over the next couple of months. Taurus is a grassroots energy.

Mars conjunct URANUS

mid-January to the 24th and also squares JUPITER until February 14th. This further enhances wild volatility in the BULL Stock markets and in our own energy fields.

Uranus in Taurus Napoleon Broussuea art, tara Greene astrology

                Art by Napoleon Brousseau India sketchbook watercolor

Mars, the male action planet fires into feminine earthbound VENUS’s territory now. Mars sexy’s up All Taurus people and things. But Mars is weakened in Venus’s feminine abode and also when he’s in the opposite sign he rules, Scorpio. But the warrior needs to take off his armor and rest his body and recoup from the wars.

MARS in Taurus is like the Tarot card of the Prince of Disks

In ancient times it was recognized that warriors had PTSD. When they returned from battles, they first had to go to the sacred temples of the Goddess to be cleansed and renewed from their sin of bloodshed. There they were healed of their traumas by ritually being made love to by menstruating Tantric priestesses who embodied the Goddess. These women possessed magical healing powers because of their sacred menstrual blood and their dedication to the Goddess. The men would have been eternally grateful to the priestesses and to the Goddess for blessings and healing them in this way.  After a period of time, these men could return to normal life in their communities with their families, wives, and children, whole and renewed. 

Mars in Taurus is full on sensuality. It’s a slow hand. Time for all signs to get massaged, smothered in chocolate syrup. As a lazy sign, we can really use this position to SLOW DOWN, smell the roses, and give your couch lots of attention. Taurus has great taste so do buy beautiful perfumes, wines, and clothes. Mars in Taurus is sooo stubborn. So don’t expect much negotiating, in fact, expect NIL and you won’t be frustrated and start to stomp those hoofs of yours. 

DON’T WEAR RED unless you want to stir up an angry bull who will charge at you.

Will the markets pick up? No, Mars in Taurus is not in good shape. Venus will leave also Taurus on April 11.  Mars in Taurus is good for the real estate market though. Taurus rules all hands-on, blue-chip earthy investments. 

Mars in Taurus invites you to get back to nature. Walk in the woods, start your gardening. Plant your seeds, hoe your garden. Make love on the earth. Fix up your house. Take pride in your possessions. 

According to Rex Bills rulership book Taurus governs, 

April, Australia, copper, architecture, Dublin Ireland, Cypress, Georgia, Holland, money, Persia, Poland, tonsils.

Mars in Taurus peeps are often great singers. This aspect loves art and music,go to concerts, sing, buy art to beautify your abode. 


Michael Jackson, Madonna, Celine Dion. Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Mick Jagger, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Kesha, Sade, Debbie Harry, Queen Latifah, Lou Reed, 


Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Charlie Chaplin, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Keira Knightley, Courtney Cox, Rachel Weisz, Bette  Davis, Jamie Lee Curtis,


President Kennedy, Sir Isaac Newton, Hitler, Salvador Dali, Muhammed Ali, Andy Warhol, Franz Kafka, Tim Burton, Fidel Castro,  Rudolph Steiner, Stanley Kubrick, Samuel Beckett, Galileo Galilei

enjoy Mars in Taurus time, do slow down and smell those roses. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Art by Napoleon Brousseau

Uranus in Taurus reality Shocks

Taurus season Tara Greene

Francesco_del_Cossacopyrightfree (2)

Rogue Planet Uranus

off-kilter perpendicular rotating uranus










The revolution starts now. Unless you are 84 plus years old you have not experienced Uranus in Taurus. The planet of radicalism; higher consciousness- as the Higher octave of Mercury; planet of High-tech inventions; individuals who march to their own drummers; collective hive mind organizers; freedom in earthy sensuous Taurus.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census over 12 % of the population was over 84 years old.

For the next seven+ years we are entering a new mini-Age. URANUS the planet that orbits at a 90-degree angle enters stable stubborn Taurus on May 15th. From 2018-2026 a new earth revolution will occur. Uranus is the modern ruling planet of Aquarius the “We Too” generation. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is like cosmic Shock therapy and allows the collective to gain a higher consciousness. The ordinary person will get prodded and wake up to their power as part of the collective. Using the internet the grassroots stubborn will of the collective will radically change the old prevailing hierarchical values. Taurus is a feminine earth sign. We will radically change our values and the way we resource energy on the earth. We will want to preserve Mother Earth and not exploit her in the same old ways.

New technologies will become part of our everyday life and our bodies through microchipping. Virtual reality will alter entertainment and the arts 3D printing and stem cell research will change the way we age and our concepts of beauty fashion and the arts will also be radically different. Robots take over many mundane jobs. A1 will rule- many men and women too may live with sex robots instead of real flesh and blood humans; “Sophia” the first A1 robot and already made or successive robots will reach the singularity and all robots will be connected. Cryptocurrencies/blockchains will alter the old banking systems and the way we use money and our old familiar landscape. We must make sure that the internet stays in the hands of the people. 

The Word Tau which is the first three letters of Taurus means the way or the route in China and is an ancient Earth honoring philosophy. Taurus was in ancient times the first sign marking the first sign of the Spring Equinox in the Age of Taurus approximately 4320-2160 years B.C. when the Cretan Age and Ancient Egypt were flourishing. They all worshipped Bulls. 

I predict the stock market Indicator will be called the TAU jONES.

Uranus governs Hi-tech; revolutions; freedom; equal rights for all; Higher consciousness and chaos. Uranus is like being hit by lightning -the double waves are actually electricity not water -which can be destructive or can bring enlightenment. In Greek myths, Uranus was castrated by Saturn Father Time.T he Patriarchy as we have known it will be toast by 2026.

Taurus is a Fixed earth sign which is stable sure and resists change. So when an irresistible force meets an immovable object like a bull “something’s gotta give” as the old song went.  Taurus rules the throat chakra # 5 indigo blue in color. Taurus is governed by VENUS which also rules women, money, all things Feminine, beauty, luxury, romance, music, and singers and all the arts. Taurus governs the stock market. We call a positive growth market a Bull market and gold and silver are also named after Taurus-Bullion. A cow used to be currency. In India, they worship cows as Holy and sacred. My prediction being VEGAN will be the norm not a fringy or religious thing. Thyroid issues and iodine usage may be very important. 

The Sign of Taurus is the symbol of the Hierophant or Pope in the Tarot

The Pope will be replaced by another Sacred cow or cyborg Pope? This card #5 represents Venus and the physical world and the sensuality of Heaven on earth. This will be the new values =no more suppressing or control of women’s bodies or sexuality. 

Uranus is not strong in Taurus he is “in his fall.” Past cycles of Uranus in Taurus from 1850 to 1859 saw tumultuous political changes. The rise of communism; Napoleon proclaimed the second empire in France. The Singer sewing machine was invented. The gold rush in the West was in full swing and large-scale oil exploitation started. 

The last time Uranus was in Taurus from  1934 to 1942 was during Hitler’s and Fascism’s rise to power. The depression and the Dust Bowl in the U.S. created very hard economic times. The New Deal and socialist make-work projects were started. King Edward of Britain abdicated the Throne to marry American divorcee Wallace Simpson. The first IBM computers were in use.

Uranus in Taurus also brings huge earth changes upheavals through volcanic eruptions as we are already seeing in Hawaii again recently. Two Uranus in Taurus cycles ago in 1855, the volcanos in Hawaii erupted for 300 days.  

In Yoga Uranus’s energies are called Kundalini. This is the actual electrical spiritual energy coiled in the base of the spine which brings enlightenment. I like to think that people will have Taurgasms-TM. Orgasmic connections from the earth Herself. Many people will have spontaneous enlightenment.

RESISTANCE to change for all Taurus’s will be challenging. All Earth signs-VIRGO and CAPRICORN will be affected by positive aspects. SCORPIO will be challenged as URANUS will oppose it. LEO and AQUARIUS will also be affected by 90-degree angle squares.

COUNTRIES and CITIES ruled by Taurus

Israel-May 14 Cypress Tasmania Ireland Capri Switzerland Rhodes the Greek islands Cuba East Timor Serbia Tanzania and Caucasus Poland New York City Yemen. 

Taurus Cities

Dublin Ireland Lucerne Switzerland Palermo Italy Leipzig Germany; St Louis Miss.

All of these places will experience upheavals and major change over the next 7 years. 

Get ready to boldly go to places unthought of before.

Horoscopes for each sign will be posted shortly.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Bitcoin 1st future trade Dec. 10

The birth chart for Bitcoin’s first futures trading on a Stock exchange on December 10 2017 @ 5:00 pm CT. is a way of being able to see what its future will be.

This is the first big financial product linked to cryptocurrency. The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) will launch its Bitcoin futures contract, which allows investors to bet on whether its price will rise or fall.

It’s a key moment because it will allow a new wave of professional money to go into Bitcoin, and provide an easy way to short it. Many financial advisers see Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in recent weeks as a classic bubble, a few might be tempted to bet against it. Or the leaps in its price last week mean it might not be a risk worth taking.

On Sunday, Bitcoin was trading at $15,557U.S. compared to last week’s highs of just over $17,000. On Saturday it was down to $13,000.

Cryptocurrencies are ruled in Astrology by the planet URANUS. URANUS is the GOD of Chaos. Anything can happen. It is revolutionary freedom-oriented and tears down old Saturnian structures.  

Remember that one huge CME from the SUN would wipe out the Internet and all the cryptocurrencies would be defunct.

The Chart has the ‘ World Point” Zero degrees CAPRICORN on the Descendant indicating what this trade means to the world. It is big it is serious but it can be a karmic test as well. SATURN traditionally rules both CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS. Uranus is used in modern rulership.

Bitcoin CBOE trade astrology Tara Greene

                                                   CBOE BITCOIN First Futures trade

Launching under a MERCURY RETROGRADE is not a good idea for anything. MERCURY is the planet of Merchants and merchandise. Mercantile is defined as “relating to trade or commerce; commercial.” 

Mercury is also the God of THIEVES and tricksters. The key here is does anyone really know who started Bitcoin? Bitcoin was used for drug and underworld trading as the owners are always in secret even though every trade is accounted for. Bitcoin could be run by the CIA or the Mafia or the Federal Reserve or some other secret organization. Some big brains thought this up. It’s not necessarily a left-leaning revolutionary power to the people- break the federal bank’s anarchists as they promote. 

With Mercury Retro. in Sagittarius tightly up against SATURN the COSMIC TAX MAN on the descendant the planet of structure reality and history; restrictions and legislation, it makes sense that Bitcoin goes legit and is taken seriously as these trades will be taxed. But it can also be a test run. It can be a very hard reality crash for many people who have brought in high during the last couple of weeks F.O.B. L. O. Fear Of Being Left Out mania. 

Mercury will Retrograde back and conjunct the SUN on December 12th which gives it strength and power. This can also be seen as a transfer of power. But Mercury is also “CAZIMI” -meaning burned out from being too close to the SUN which is symbolized by gold. Is Bitcoin the new gold standard?  Remember it is backed up by nothing material or substantial.

It doesn’t matter if Bitcoin goes up or down on this market because Money will be made either way. The market can also be easily manipulated by big Financial traders to go the way they want. This is not a game for little investors although some will make money. It reminds me of the boom in the late 90’s to early 2000. Then you remember where that went.  

December 15 Retro. Mercury conjuncts Venus in SAGITTARIUS 

Venus rules Money and Values this can be a big re-evaluation or price correction day.  You want to watch Venus’ transits as well. Venus in SAGITTARIUS is foreign investments politics and the law. 

SATURN enters CAPRICORN on December 19th and hits the D.C.

This is the next big 2.5-year shift in the world to a more realistic hands-on traditional mode of working. Saturn always pulls back limits tests and is mature for staying the course.  Saturn crossing the Descendant indicates a merging or marrying with others. This is a karmic event. All planets crossing the 4 quadrant cusps carry big weight. Saturn literally carries the most.

In the most literal sense, Saturn is lead. It can give Bitcoin weight or it can sink it as being intangible. Traditional money may see Bitcoin as the long-distance future being born now.

Saturn and Pluto Lord of Plutocracy are headed for a huge merge on January 12, 2020, @ 22 degrees CAPRICORN.  This may be the birth of that. Note Jupiter catching up to conjoin Pluto in April 2020. That means super wealth. But Jupiter conjunct Pluto is also BIG DEATH and REBIRTH in the world, in business.

The BIG event for cryptocurrencies and the world:

JUPITER-SATURN conjunction DECEMBER 21 2020 at ZERO degrees AQUARIUS.

JUPITER expands and Saturn contracts. Here they balance each other out.

This is a once in 20-year conjunction. This is again the most important conjunction. As 20 years is an archetypal generation.  This is a HUGE event. I’ll write more about it separately. 

Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st 2017. This is the reality check. Venus enters Capricorn on Dec. 24. She joins SATURN on the 25th Christmas Day.

Venus is traditional in Capricorn she likes old-fashioned material reality, not Uranus ruled Cryptocurrencies. On the flip side. This can make bitcoin cryptocurrencies a legitimate value. 

We know the world is going cryptocurrency anyways as Uranus enters TAURUS on May 15th, 2018. 

TAKING THE BULL BY THE HORNS. Bull markets will be revolutionized.

URANUS rules the people’s freedom and independence from SATURNIAN structures. Salt was once a measure of wealth by the Romans. Tulips were for the Dutch. Columbus set out to find India for valuable spices. All that glitters may not be gold in the future. I have seen many young people who got into bitcoin early on thinking that they will all become super millionaires and create a new earth ship based on ecological concerns taking care of your tribe collaborations decentralized power and freedom. It is a UTOPIAN vision. 

 In Greek Mythology, Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, Uranus was conceived by Gaia alone, a parthenogenic VIRGIN BIRTH but other sources cite Aetheras his father. Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans, and the ancestors of most of the Greek gods, but no cult to Uranus survived into Classical times. CHRONOS or SATURN the youngest son of Uranus castrated him and threw his testicles into the sea on earth. From Uranus’s spilled blood Giants wer born and the Erinyes -The Furies-and other beings. From the sperm, or sea foam Aphrodite or Venus was born. Many myths and symbols to deal with here. 

KEYWORDS- revolution invention freedom chaos tricksters in the marketplace. Unreal. 

Let me know what you think? Have you bought Bitcoin or Ethereum or some of the others?

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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