Mars Saturn Opposition, war of words, rare Flower of Life

The BIG aspect right now is MARS in GEMINI conjunct to the North Star opposite Saturn at the Galactic Center in SAGITTARIUS.  The aspect is exact May 28th in PDT @ 11:55 pm. May 29 @ 2:55 am EDT/ 6:55 am GMT/ 2:55 pm Beijing time. Remember they are both still squaring CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER in PISCES. 

This is a literal war of words and ideologies, religions,shuffling your conversations to suit the desired outcome so that one doesn’t have to commit. Don’t most politicians speak this? This is a divide and conquer mentality. Mars in GEMINI is the what Jungian psychology called the Peur Eternis or  Peter Pan syndrome. These are men who are children inside, egotistic, competitive, unsympathetic, afraid to commit, play the dice game all the time. Women also have an internal Peur Eternis preventing them from commitments too.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is the wise elder SAGE teacher. Saturn alone symbolizes the father, the great patriarch who is the solid rock behind all else. He is time, history, physical reality, aging, and he insists on the truth because he has attained wisdom status and he knows the truth will set you free. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, it’s associated with religion, teaching, the law, inspiration, optimism, expansion, foreigners, and humor. We must learn from history and not try to bend truths and split people’s opinions to bring on a war agenda.  Learning from past experience is a mature thing to do. 

This is a Crusade’s reboot. I’ve written about this before. The mosque which the Manchester bomber attended was preaching hate and killing to all non-Muslims. This is a federal crime and should be punished. The Iman should be jailed and the mosque closed. Strict laws must be put into place to monitor and regulate all mosques and other religious organization which preaches hate. Many mosques will be closed and its imams’ jailed. I believe this is necessary for filtering out certain Muslim religious radicals do to protect the public at large from more Terrorist bombings. 

As in all oppositions, the key is in holding the tension between the two sides. Diplomacy is needed. Jupiter is in LIBRA now retrograde is the perfect Ambassador.

We are always supposed to follow the North Star as it symbolizes True North, the place of wisdom. But the Galactic Center is the even more cosmic True North. In mythology, it symbolizes the place where all souls are born and to where they return. It’s the cosmic portal or Cosmic Vagina/ YONI in this Galaxy.

Mars in Gemini is about choices, the warrior God has to be strategic in his battle plans and his words. ATHENA, the Feminine version of Mars, the warrior Goddess is in ARIES @ 20+ degrees, in Mars’ home turf, definitely in battle mode, but she is conjunct to VENUS the Love Goddess @ 22+ degrees who is rubbing shoulders with ERIS, the Goddess of Discord who started the ancient Trojan War @ 23+ degrees, and they are all conjunct to URANUS @ 26 degrees ARIES.

Do we choose war or do we choose a radical new for of LOVE? Venus is sextile to MARS.

This opposition is very much the energy of THE TOWER in the TAROT # 16 which is related to MARS

Tower Tarot Tara Greene

The TOWER archetype was already lived in the U.S. at 911. In The Tarot, the Card preceding The Tower is #15 The DEVIL card, which is Capricorn and ruled by SATURN/ Satan. This represents Corporate structure, the government and the Patriarchy itself. It is the choice to blame the other, make them the scapegoat, and to split from source. These are the Tarot archetypes of this MARS-SATURN opposition.

the Devil Tarot Tara Greene

The Archetypal Card after the Tower is THE STAR #17 the beautiful blessing of cosmic consciousness from AQUARIUS, which URANUS rules.

Star Tarot Tara Greene tarot reading


If we want to go to a higher place in this we must literally follow the STARS> 

This aspect can be seen as very, very tough. Mars and Saturn are the great malefic’s. SATURN specifically is the great karmic TESTER the Cosmic COP. And we can see the oppositions in politics, ideologies, the rich and the poor in every facet of life.  A friend of mine always used to say SATURN ALWAYS WINS. All of those planets in ARIES are in Trine to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS which creates a GRAND FIRE TRINE with the NORTH NODE IN LEO.  All of that FIRE is a blasting inferno of transformation. This is a very powerful inspiration for change, for new choices, for disrupting the old systems, mental patterns, internal dialogues, and also through hi-tech, communications, and through higher consciousness breakthroughs!

All of that FIRE is a blasting inferno of transformation. This is a very powerful inspiration for change, for new choices, for disrupting the old systems, mental patterns, internal dialogues, and also through hi-tech, communications, and through higher consciousness breakthroughs!

PLUTO in CAPRICORN is squaring Venus, Athena, ERIS, URANUS and JUPITER in LIBRA. There are huge power players in these negotiations. 


This is the classic Mother/whore split of illusions come to light. Women are not all perfect “immaculate conception” Mother Mary’s or sluts. They have both sides to them which are not to be double standardized by the Patriarchy anymore. This brings up sex addictions issues and pornography which manipulates men and women. I believe that all of the biggest wounds are because of splitting from the Great mother’s or source and unconditional love. Back to the Devil.

MERCURY the ruler of MARS in GEMINI at 15 degrees Taurus is firmly grounded and forming a YOD in a sextile to NEPTUNE in PISCES and both inconjunct to JUPITER. JUPITER is the head mediation planet. 

I am looking at the chart and there is a 5 pointed star between the major player planets and points which turns into a rare 6 pointed STAR Merkabah by including the Great FIXED STAR SPICA at 24+ degrees LIBRA. The potentially difficult Mars-Saturn Opposition has a stellar helper as SPICA holds the key to the FLOWER of LIFE. 

May 28/29 Mars- Saturn opposition also contains a rare 6 pointed star formation

The Great Star SPICA is the ear of corn that the Goddess in the Virgo constellation holds. This star is reputed to have very healing, positive properties.  SPICA holds the key to unfolding and balancing difficult oppositions. By refusing to be split and caught in the scapegoat game, SPICA brings the truth that all is whole.  

I would call upon The GODDESS and her fixed STAR SPICA to creat a Merkaba which is the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine. This will help with any exhaustion you may be feeling from the stress of these alignments

SPICA is of the nature of VENUS and MARS. Its image is a bird, or a man laden with merchandise. It gives riches, overcomes difficulties, removes scarcity and mischief. minerals and herbs are emerald, sage, trefoil, periwinkle, mugwort and Mandrake. 

SPICA is associated with spiritual and religious qualities.  “Psychic awareness is also above average in such people, especially if the more sensitive planets, Moon, Venus, Neptune or Lilith are conjunct Spica.” Quoting from this book I have, The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse,1988, p.67. Check out planets, asteroids, and other major factors SPICA conjuncts in your natal chart.

JUPITER turned RETROGRADE in January @ 23 degrees LIBRA conjunct to SPICA. Jupiter is regressing through some imbalanced karmic relationship issues and will conjunct SPICA on SEPTEMBER 12 turning direct. Results of this Merkaba may take until then to see fruitions. 

SPICA is associated with Tarot Major #3 THE EMPRESS the GREAT MOTHER, VENUS. Empress Tarot cards Tara Greene

Spica rules the Navel, 3rd SOLAR chakra, MANIPURA, Hara or ORRENDE in Indigenous American shamanic teachings. 

In a meditation, focus on your 3rd chakra. This is the SUN/SOL/SOUL center. Imagine Spica in the skies at 23 LIBRA Tropical Astrology. See how beautiful she is and connect with her as the GREAT MOTHER, the Goddess, and bring her starlight, down into your crown chakra at the top of your head and down your 6th or 3rd eye centers, drawing Her Starlight down into your throat, heart chakra and down your spine into your naval this is where your will connects to the UNIVERSE. 

Breathe SPICAS’ cosmic light into your 3rd chakra which is also a STAR, your navel. This star to star contact unfolds a great MERKABAH which can contain all of the apparent dichotomies in play right now in the world and in our personal lives. 

Ask SPICA what part you can play in holding this stellar energy for the good of all. Wait and listen during meditation. Vow to take your part in helping the worlds division and your own inner splits to balance and become whole.


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