Jupiter’s critical lessons Astrology by Tara Greene

I had a great day yesterday. Everything is finer under an Upbeat optimistic Sagittarius Moon. Don’t you agree?

It’s my monthly LUNAR RETURN. It may be yours if you were born with the Moon in Sagittarius. Yes boys get them too.  No need to be shy.

Each month the Moon travels through all 12 signs. Once each month YOU get to experience the Moon conjunct to where it was when you were born. That’s called your Lunar Return and it’s like a MOOD RING, a monthly chart from which you can calculate your personal emotional moods from.

It’s an emotional RESET button from birth. It brings up Unconscious emotional ties between you and your mother, positive or negative. That’s a very powerful point, one which holds many deep feelings which cannot been spoken about, which unconsciously may come up in your dreams,your fears, in reactions in your moods and others. It affects safety needs, security, cuddling, abandonment and intimacy.

You should know about this and can calculate when in each month your LUNAR return is. For women this may also unconsciously connect you to when you get your period. An interesting thing to track.

Jupiter is making his last hurrah through CANCER being at that 29th “critical degree” now- for another 7 days.  That degree of any sign is the pivotal point where the lessons must be learned and integrated before the next step can be taken. Empty the cache before moving on.

Jupiter as THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE was symbolically wearing Tarot Trump # 7 The CHARIOT all last year. The sign of CANCER, emotions, home, security, the Moon’s natural place, nurturing, nourishment, MOM.VERY FEMININE.  

In DIVINE TIMING, or synchronicity, 2014 reduces to a Number 7 year in Numerology as well.

Think back on what gifts and lessons JUPITER, the Master TEACHER,  bestowed upon your family, home, relationships, travelling, education, the Law, philosophy, over this past year.  Jupiter is considered to be the GREAT BENEFACTOR, bringing expansion, but sometimes Jupiter is too much of a good thing, over optimistic, a risk taker and can cause much losses, not to mention pile on the pounds.

What aspects did Jupiter bestow upon you? 

AS JUPITER moves in to LEO we are in these energies:


                                                 The WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the Tarot                                                    

Wheel of Fortune Tara Greene tarot Psychic Astrology


                   Strength Sirian Starseed Tara Greene             

                 SIRIAN STARSEED TAROT by Patricia Cori

JULY 16  Jupiter as THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE will be unbuckling the CHARIOT’S safety belt leaving the protective nurturing, security, home and emotional VICTORY behind him as he PROUDLY enters LEO and morphs the LION, symbol of the SPHYNX, the 5th sign, FIXED FIRE. Jupiter may riddle you with those famous questions.

Jupiter was exalted in Cancer but does well in Masculine Fire.


Way more energy, PIZAZZ, lots of PARTYING, loud showing off, excess, performances, BIG DRAMAS, more heart attacks, rising gold prices, FERTILE ROYALTY, big weddings, huge inflated EGO’s, childlike playfulness, heart centered kindness, VANITY, the color PURPLE, becoming one with the animals, protection for LIONS, especially rare white ones, courage, leadership, leading from the HEART, the creative inner child, Higher law, children’s rights protected, higher education expansion, family loyalty, generosity, lots of children focussed entertainment and will power.

Trump # 11 symbolizing STRENGTH is called LUST in the THOTH TAROT.

Moon’s in Sagittarius all day July 10 and enters Capricorn 8:24 pm 

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All writing is copyright of  Tara Greene

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SPACE COWBOY- Steve Miller Band 




Sagittarius weekend, Hi Yo Silver, Hot to Trot Astrology

All Sagittarian’s out there, hey, this is your personal monthly New Moon Weekend. Yee Haw! Celebrate!

If you are a Sagittarius Sun Sign, a centaur, a horse lover, each one of you has a New Moon personal cycle, now. It happens every month when the Moon conjuncts your natal sun.  Sun conjunct Moon=a New MOON, New beginning, new cycle. So Yuk it up.


Don’t feel left out. Every sign has their own monthly New Moon -UP NEXT- Capricorn on April 29

Where is the sign of Sag in your natal chart? That’s where you will emotionally be hot to trot this weekend.

I’m a proud Sagittarius, with the Moon in Sag in my 1st house, I totally identify as a Sagittarius.

My Mercury is at 27 degrees Sagittarius { in my 2nd house} exactly conjunct the Galactic Center as well. Yes I do run on and am a channeller for Galactic Wisdom, Astrology, the Metaphysical arts. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Sagittarius joke: What me tell a lie?

Moon enters Sagittarius April 27

MOOD is upbeat, optimistic, time to hit the road, plan International travels,

WEAR PURPLE, Jupiter’s color, never mind Justin Beiber

book a Vision Quest- see link below,

go to a comedy club, go horseback riding, a petting zoo, foster an animal,

Sagittarius Astrology Tara Greene

drive fast cars, go to a casino, sky dive,

go to an Astronomy, history, Metaphysical lecture, class or meet up,

learn about Indigenous shamanism and animal totems,

go camping, hiking biking,

get up on your soap box and support political free speech, freedom and democracy

Share what you know. Tell the truth, inspire someone to their highest potential.

Moon squares Neptune in Pisces

Inspiration for a new dream, and also a dream romance.

Then watch out for TAURUS’s and stubborn immovable energy as Moon quincunx Mars and Sun.

Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aires

so yes inspired to New freedoms, spontaneity and independence


Moon square Chiron in Pisces in wee hours.

Watch your dreams for Healing truths.



Stubborn as an ox vs. Lord of Karma

What stubborn bodily, money, physicality, THING is weighing you down?

Taurus energy is The HEIROPHANT in the TAROT #5 if you know the Tarot Archetypes

the secret message is Listening to your Higher Self NOT PONTIFICATING.

Saturn in the Tarot is #15 the Devil and Scorpio is DEATH

The Devil is material seduction, corporate structure, your ego which needs to DIE.


good to make firm commitment on. Rasolvnig to take responsibility.

Saggy Moon quincunx Venus in Taurus –

riding off into the sunset, or stay and get loved up physically? you choose.

Moon opposite JUPITER in GEMINI @ 8:08 am PDT

Expansive, upbeat optimism, enjoy life, do something really fun today. MUCHO CHATTY

MOON trine MERCURY at 9:37 pm PDT

write, inspired concepts, journal.

then moon goes v/c

do some Meditation, read about metaphysics, in the evening.

Moon enters Capricorn Mon at 5:21 am PDT

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Moon in Sagittarius “Happy Trails to you” honest Astrology musings by Tara Greene

Sagittarius sign Aiming for truth justice

The Moon in Sagittarius

Happy Trails to you         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D3ocdKmmfw&feature=related

The 9th sign of the Zodiac, the Mutable Fire sign of  Sagittarius is where the Center of our galaxy is, called the  Galactic Center.{G.C.}

The “cross hairs ” of the sun with the G.C. is what the Dec 21 2012 “end date” hoopla of the Mayan calendar is all about.

The G.C.  is now at around 27 degrees of Sagittarius in the Tropical Western Zodiac, 3 degrees of Sagittarius in Sidereal reckoning.   

The centaur with the bow and arrow aiming his bow Higher is the symbol of truth, justice, higher education, “foreigners, travel, adventure, metaphysics, mysticism, religion and more..

Copyright Tara Greene 2012-infinity

April 9-11

Being a Sagittarius, with 3 personal planets in Sagittarius, the two lights, the Sun and the Moon and Mercury {conjunct the Galactic Center} every month as beautiful Luna passes through the truth and thrill seeking centaur’s sign, I experience a personal New Moon and hours later, a lunar return.

If you to are born under the Archer’s sign Nov 22/23- Dec 21 {usually} then each month you also experience a personal New Moon as the moon crosses your Natal sun.

Oftentimes its good to look back at what you were feeling, doing, what was happening when the Moon was making different aspects, as a way of really understanding the moons effects on you and everyone around you. So in hindsight…

The first occurred early on April 9 as Moon made several squares to Neptune, then Mars, trined Uranus, opposed Venus then squared Chiron another centaur in the evening PDT and early am. April 10th Ouch.  Sagittarius Moon will quincunx its ruling planet Jupiter on the 10th early-noon, feelings will be off-kilter, your body will be feeling out of synch with your emotions.

This Moon in Sagittarius’ feeling and memory journey is very lyrical and poetic. I’ve simply followed the moon’s moods as she drew me through one synchronicity to another. The last line about being truthful and honest at all times is the essence of Sagittarius highest side.

Sagittarius is the Sacred Law of Justice. The higher law, not those man made corrupt ones.

Native American teachings

Sacred Instructions Given By the Creator to Native People At the Time of Creation:
Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.
Remain Close to the Great Spirit.
Show great respect for your fellow beings.
Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
Do what you know to be right.
Look after the well being of mind and body.
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
Take full responsibility for your actions.
Be truthful and honest at all times.

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you’ve come to the right person.

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