Superstar Luck. Lilith and 6 pointed star

Sept 13 The universe knows we need more sweet messages from the stars and SHE delivers!

See my former article on this blog about this configuration.

We have MORE of this  RARE Six pointed star Sept. 13 formed with the MOON and FIXED STARS

Yes, we are still being beamed this amazing Super Star now even stronger. 


Sept 13th 6 pointed star features:

DWARF PLANET ERIS @ 23 degrees ARIES conjunct URANUS  @ 27

Innovate be a pioneering break away from the crowd.

The MOON @ 24 degrees GEMINI @ 8:43 am EDT.

See that all is duality in ONE.

sextile VENUS @ 22 degrees LEO conjunct the NORTH NODE @ 23 LEO

Be proud strong and loving. Be the Queenly the Queen of Hearts. The North Node is our highest spiritual direction.

sextile ASTEROID EROS conjunct JUPITER @ 23 & 24 degrees LIBRA

this is extremely erotic and special.

sextile SATURN @ 21 degrees & Black Moon LILITH @ 23 degrees SAGITTARIUS-Lilith must speak her truth now!

sextile the SOUTH NODE @ 23 AQUARIUS-

The SOUTH NODE is a release point of scientific detached thinking. We must let go of this world view where people are seen as automaton’s. We are not our cell phones.

this sextiles the Aries points again creating that beautiful Merkabah. 

To make it even more awesome these points are also conjunct to 6 MAJOR FORTUNATE Fixed STARS

ERIS the troublemaker conjunct to Fixed STAR ACAMAR a FORTUNATE STAR @ 23+ ARIES

The GEMINI MOON conjunct to the 3 stars in ORION’S BELT. Mintaka @ 22 Gemini Alnilam the central star @ 23 Gemini; Alnitak @ 24 GEMINI. ALL VERY FORTUNATE!

You know how to spot these three stars, don’t you? They are some of the most easily found in the night skies. The pyramids of Egypt are built to align with these stars.

VENUS and North Node in LEO conjunct to Tania Borealis @ 19 degrees-FORTUNATE

JUPITER and EROS conjunct SPICA @ 23 degrees LIBRA  the MOST FORTUNATE STARS and ARCTURUS @ 24 degrees another Behenian STAR. 

Many channelers connect with Spiritual advisers from Arcturus. I connected with them through a dream I had in 1992.



And CONJUNCT  to DENEB ALGEIDI a BEHENIAN STAR one of the 15 ancient most powerful Stars and also extremely FORTUNATE. 

It’s like a STAR OF FORTUNE. 

Focus on connecting with this as above so below energy. You are a star. Every man and woman is a star.  In the midst of devastating Hurricans threats of nuclear bombs terrorism and other violence around the world. This is a cosmic Message to bring heaven and earth together within yourself. 

The Number 6 in the Tarot is THE LOVERS 

Lovers dont finally meet somewhere… Rumi

Love yourself Love the world. The universe loves you and all of us.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Tune into the highest consciousness in the Yoniverse

Under a Scorpio Moon trine to Chiron in Pisces in the early hours, we feel compassionately inspired. We want to help those less fortunate. I send prayers to those in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and the Caribbean being hit with a powerful Hurricane Matthew now. These are amongst the poorest areas in the world. 

galactic consciousness Tara Greene

the Black Hole/Yoni  at the Galactic Center

LIBRA Sun sextiles SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 11 degrees

The Vice Presidential hopefuls have their debate tonight. The election is only 5 weeks away! The Sun will be on Donald Trumps Jupiter next week during the last debate. That is very good for him.

Ya got planets at 11 degrees LIBRA or SAGITTARIUS?

SATURN is close to the Great Attractor at 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS, which is 2 degrees away from the U.S. Ascendant BTW. That is why is attracted so many immigrants. That is why it has become the greatest country in the world  since WWII. But the U.S. fortunes are changing simply because it is 2016 and China, and Russia and other countries have enormous wealth too. 

On a personal level this is a great socializing energy. Do Saggy things, Work out at the gym and meet new people. Go to a lecture or a bookstore to learn something new. Go to a lecture, yoga class, metaphysical store or other way of learning and meeting new people. 

DIPLOMACY with foreign countries is the biggest message of the day.

If you have planets at 6-16 degrees TAURUS you are being quincunxed {150 degree angle} from Saturn and SUN. You will be feeling like a Beef kabob.

The Scorpio Moon brings up deep shadows.  It is inconjunct to URANUS in ARIES

There may be surprises lurking in your ad other people’s psyches, those unexplored 12th house,hot bed of projected, unowned parts of oneself. Donald Trump is the best example of projection. Muslims, Mexicans, Woman.  Be careful of the energy you emit as people seem to be a hairs breath triggering to anger patterns these days. We are still feeling the Neptune Saturn square polarizing energies very strongly.

Scorpio Moon sextiles Mercury in Virgo later in the day

You can tune your consciousness to any frequency. Tune into the highest cosmic messages in the YONIVERSE now as MERCURY is at 25-28 degrees Virgo now until October 6th and is squaring the GALACTIC CENTER. This is a great way to get the GALACTIC MESSAGE you need. I will be tuning in.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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P.S. If i am a bit late responding these days, I am fighting off being sick, everyone is sick in my household and I have a ton of deadlines. I need time to finish up an ebook this week.


Critical Aquarius New Black and Blue Moon Feb 18

February 18 is a very climactic day of with a very strange New Moon of endings. New Moons are always times of beginnings.

It is the 2nd New Moon in the same sign within a month. A rare phenomena. This is like a Blue Moon, which is two Full Moons in a month in the same sign. This is two Black Moon’s in one month in the sign of Aquarius.

I am calling it a Black and Blue moon. You can quote me on that.

THE SUN and MOON are at the 29th degree 59 minutes of Aquarius, the very last of the last chance saloon degrees.

Any planets at the 29th and “most critical” degrees  indicates the absolute fulfillment, absorption and end of  the sign’s energies. This New Moon is marking the closing of a cycle pertaining to Aquarius/11th sign issues.

Aquarius is a Fixed air sign concerned with WORLD SERVERS. This means detachment, freedom, revolution, individual rights, organizations, independence, new technology, inventions and Higher Consciousness. Legal Gay marriages, is one very obvious Aquarian sign that has become common. Planet Uranus governs Aquarius.

We must finish up and absorb our Aquarian lessons of universal ‘hoods before moving on. The 11th house was always referred to as the house of wishes, hopes and dreams and receiving love. Is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? 

Mars is also at another 29 degree, that of watery, emotionally sensitive intuitive Pisces. This is the very, very last degree in the entire zodiac. This is the super KARMIC degree. The Absolute end of the line before an entirely new cycle.

Mars enters its own home sign of ARIES Feb 19 which is also the Chinese New Year.

Spiritually this degree indicates we have learned all the spiritual lessons on the karmic wheel of existence and are finished. 

This degree symbolizes that of the BODHISATVA. A bodhisatva is a Buddhist term for someone who has achieved enlightenment. I envision that the enlightened being is conscious of leaving the planet, the wheel of time and karma. They look back at the earth, and see all the suffering there and they volunteer to give up their freedom to reincarnate on earth to help assist others to be free. This is totally Pisces energy of self sacrifice, compassion, endlessness. Do you feel that you have you learned all your spiritual and karmic lessons yet on any specific level? Are you ready to END the cycle of martial anger, separation and fear? Mars says yes. Mars will passionately push us all into the brave new cycle.

NEW MOON Activates Uranus Pluto Midpoint

The New Moon is also at the exact Mid-point of the ongoing Uranus Pluto square. The 7th exact square occurs March 16/17.. Midpoint activations are very potent because they synthesize the energies of the planets involved into a single release point. It’s a vortex of energy, a point of balance and resolution.

What is being resolved? and How?

The Sabian symbol for the 30th degree of Aquarius show what this is; “Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from their metamorphosis. ” The interpretation is: the ability for a person with an open mind and a deep feeling of self-transcendance to come in contact with higher forms of existence.”

The symbol for Aquarius in the Tarot is

Trump #17 THE STAR 

New Moon star Tarot astrology Tara Greene


The New Moon is at 3: 47 pm PST/6:47 pm EST  then moon is void of course.

We have to move super fast and do your new moon intention setting in that time. Set your alarms. 

Moon and Sun enter Pisces only three minutes later at 3:50 pm PST/ 6:50 pm EST

This is a powerful New Moon highlighting access to Higher states of consciousness, the completion of a cycle of learning and being ready for new initiations at lightning fast speeds.

Set your consciousness to FF. Your intentions are everything. Keep your mental and spiritual vibration high.

On the night of the New Moon do this ritual.

Even if you live in the city you can see some stars in the sky. Start with a breathing meditation breathing slowly naturally and consciously. Get centered. Send your breath and intention down your spine through the soles of your feet and down into the earth’s fiery core. Connect with the dense matter of mother earth. Then bring your intention and breath, through visualizing the earth’s energy coming up into the bottoms of your feet and up your spine,up and out the crown chakra at the top of your head. With your intention send your conscience breath out to a star that is twinkling and calling you. It will take moments to reach that star. When you feel connected to that star, close your eyes and magically become aware of being on the Star, no matter how many light years away. Merge with the light of the star, ask to receive the guidance and the Light consciousness of that star. Thank the star. Look back or sense where the earth is, that beautiful small blue marble in space. So small, so teeming with life, So tiny in the grandness of the cosmos. Let yourself be gently pulled back to earth. Open your eyes and look back up at the star in the sky. You and the Star’s consciousness have merged. Ask to stay open to receive cosmic messages from the star when you wish. The star can also be felt or known as your ancestors souls watching over you.  You can also get a sky map and figure out which star you have connected to and learn the mythology and stories about the constellation.

Ask to be able to contribute to the New earth consciousness. Be ready to trust your mission. We are all in this together. As a group consciousness we can shift the world into an enlightened state together. We have help from above. It is critical that we gather as One and not in the polarity energy that has been so prevalent lately.

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Bodhisattva by Steely Dan 1973 /live 2011 

Birth of the new male,Mercury in Scorpio Mars in Capricorn Astrologyn-TM Tara Greene

I just coined a new term, I believe. Correct me if I am wrong -Astrologyn- TM Feminine Based Astrology-

taking the stars back to their feminine roots, 

we live in the Mother’s Milk galaxy now -don’t we?

Mercury is Retrograde and will back into Feminine water Scorpio again on the New Moon TOTAL Scorpio Eclipse Nov. 13 PST/Nov 14 EST

A Total Scorpio Solar Eclipse is a guaranteed  soul transformer 

for the next 6 months to a year.  –see my previous article 

Retrograde Mercury takes us back to October to revisit the conversations communications & power struggles we did the first time 

so expect those old Scorpio, you know, power, control, obsessions,  sex ,messy revenge on the down side, issues to be back on the front/back burner 

It’s cryin’ time again and healing time 

as CHIRON goes DIRECT NOv 14 @ 4 degrees 49 minutes of PISCES

CHIRON went Retro back on JUNE 11 so @ 9 degrees 45 mins of PISCES

all those internal memory unconscious pain karmic bonds that have been simmering away in yours and the Collective’s 12th house, the Cosmic Consciousness house is ready NOW to be healed born, blissed out, totally rebirthed on the Scorpio Solar eclipse.

With a big karmic blessing from SATURN who is trining CHIRON.

this is huge folks,just open your minds your hearts and soul’s and let it happen.

SURRENDER like the Hanged Man in the Tarot

Napoleon Brousseau
Hanged Candy Man 2012


acting as spiritual guide and soul warrior 

the Warrior God is in the Great Mother’s cosmic Vagina now so I tuned into his energy. I actually am a channeler.

Mars/the male is being rebirthed going back into the cosmic void, Alcyone the Central Sun and beyond into the Black Rift itself, being reborned as 

 the NEW MALE, Blissful warrior who listens to the Great Mother as Sacred Source of All.

This is what the consciousness shift Dec 21 2012 is all about.

Men will be feeling whole, complete, ready to defend the mother, the Feminine within himself, to protect women when they need and to support and honor the Feminine, the EARTH and all Her children.

We have just seen the evidence of this in President Obama defeating the backwards caveman platform of the Republicans. 

Mars will enter Capricorn November 16 in the evening till Dec 25

Capricorn Goat fish

So a grounded, serious, responsible,sensible, patient time. But my sense is that Mars ruling Scorpio going into the Dark of the Year earth sign means earthquakes.

Capricorn is a FEMININE EARTH sign

the capitalist Plutocracy, modern-day materialist that we think of with Capricorn is not the traditional meaning. 

Original the symbol was the body of a  dolphin fish with the torso and head of a goat . The shows the Great Mother’s origins in this sign. The Goat horns are the Moons’ crescents. Capricorn was also associated with the sea. The Moon Goddess and the Sea are one, they symbolize the primal womb image, memory, smell of the ocean that we all carry in our cellular consciousness, in our blood. Capricorn is the physical beginning of all human lives in 3D. Ruled by Saturn.

Stella Maris, Mary, T’ai  Yuan, from very ancient China, The HOLY Woman,  Kwan Yin, to modern Buddhists, she is Triple Goddess in Celtic Mythology Danu,  Bridget.

Capricorn’s horns symbolized the Cornucopia, the horn of plenty.

So focus on abundance, on filling your horn with plenty. Trust that there is enough to go around, but also do the mature responsible hard-working structuring and work to ensure that it can be real. 

Mars will be sextiling Neptune November 17

So create the  physical groundwork for your dreams this night. Write them down, do a ritual, plight your troth to be the vision, to act the vision, to be the change.

Blessings TARA

people get ready by the Chambers Brothers

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To see more of artist Napoleon Brousseau’s works

all writing copyright TARA GREENE