May 14-20 Weekly Horoscope

Huge changes this week. URANUS enters TAURUS MAY 15

Mars enters AQUARIUS on the 16/17

Venus enters CANCER  on the 19th

SUN enters GEMINI on the 10th @ 10:15 pm EDT

Moon is in Taurus May 14-15th

Moon is in GEMINI May 15 @ 4:43 pm EDT

Moon is in CAncer May 17 @ 5:47 pm EDT

Moon is in Leo May 19 @ 7:11 pm EDT


Radically ask for what you really want as Mars enters Aquarius on 15/16th in your 11th Solar house of wishes hopes and dreams. Everything is set to change. You are in harmony with the Uranian revolution. Organization management and networking feature. Connect to your tribe. Uranus enters your solar 2nd house to radically change your finances resources and self-worth. Things can be chaotic so be ready to roll with the punches. Venus in your 4th house brings love home. Curb your enthusiasm by nurturing others. 


Ready or not here it comes. Radical change to everything you knew about yourself. Resistance is futile. URANUS the planet of chaos freedom and invention will affect every singleTaurus from May 15-2018-2026. A sweet sentimental homey family oriented energy arrives on the 19th as VENUS your ruling planet moves into Cancer. Love needs safety.This energy is fertile and useful for gardening cooking and home improvements Do Celebrate major new intentions on the  NEW MOON in your sign on 15th as you are up for major shifts in every way. 


URANUS delivers unexpected electro-shock therapy to your 12th house May 15-th. The 12th is home of your unconsciousness self-sabotage addictions dreams delusions spiritually and psychic energy. A good time to do alternative therapies. Be willing to look at your own shadows in the light of truth and make the physical adjustments necessary. Love planet Venus slides into your 2nd house of money and self-worth. Show your affection openly. Mars sparks up 9th house of adventure education travel and optimism. GEMINI time to shine on the 20th.


Love comes home to roost in our sign on the 19th with Venus in your sign. Focus on the family will be more loving nurturing and joyous. You need to learn to receive love as well as give and nurture others. Uranus planet of change activates your 11th house urging you to find freedom make big changes to your career and reinvent yourself. The action planet Mars is in your 8th house of deep emotional changes letting go and transformation. Good for getting material support from other people and sources.


Ding Ding. Change of career ahead as URANUS enters your 10th house of worldly fame. Be ready for change yourself and to change the world. Be flexible as this energy could blindside you too. Reinvent yourself or invent something and start your own business. The love planet Venus in your 12th house activates your dreams and psychic energy. You may feel a telepathic connection to a special someone or a lost love. Mars activates your 7th house of relationships. You are a lover a mover and shaker right now. Enjoy.


URANUS activates your 9th solar house of traveling publishing teaching higher education and adventure. Get out there on the edge and expand your horizons. A good time to go back to school or take a huge risk in your career. Mars enters your 6th house of work and health. You may feel anxious and restless so get active and get moving. Venus enters your 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams. Love may come through a work or networking connection. 


Your sex and love life is going to change radically as the revolutionary forces of freedom enter your Solar 8th house bringing a Scorpio like emphasis. This could feel like major chaos. You will want to be more independent. Open relationships can enter your life. VENUS your ruling planet in Cancer makes you sentimental and craving emotional security. It’s time for comfort food and affection. Your sex life improves with Mars in your 5th house. Things may get dramatic. Be careful where you put your passion.


Uranus in Taurus awakens you to pursue freedom and unchartered waters in everything. Long-standing relationship breakups are very likely with this planet in your solar 7th house. Your image may go through a drastic change. Your sensuality will surface. Mars your ruling planet in your solar 4th house makes you energized about your home. Watch your temper. Use the excess energy to improve your abode. Venus in Cancer makes you sentimental moody and changeable. You may find yourself snapping at everyone.


Career and work need a complete overhaul. Get tech savvy help to radically changed what you serve with Uranus in your solar 6th house. If you are in a rut this can be marvelous. Get down to redesigning a website social media and other necessities. Your Health regime changes too. Veganism raw and superfoods all become your thing. Mars in Aquarius in your solar 3rd expands and enriches your communications skills. Visualize a new plan. Venus in Cancer in your 8th house brings benefits from women nurturing and improving your home. 


Uranus in your 5th house of leadership drama self- expression children and creativity open brand new shiny doors. You will have to think outside the box. If you are on the cutting edge of a new product service or virtual anything you’ll be fine. Your taste in lovers changes. Children may act out. Mars in your 2nd house brings more competitiveness. You can close that deal. Venus in Cancer in your 7th house of committed relations brings the need for emotional safety and nurturing. 


Your home life is about to be ripped up and altered with Uranus in your 4th house. Better to do this with your intention than have it done to you. Do renovate your home move go further and change city or country. Family ties can radically alter. Mars in your 1st house gives you confidence and an added edge to push ahead. Venus in Cancer in your 6th house of health indicates a change in your diet and health routine. Listen to your tummy. Make your office homier. Women need your attention.


Uranus the awakener in your 3rd house of communications and siblings may bring some shocking conversations and revelations. Changing the way you think and communicate is radically important. Mars in your solar 12th house activates your already powerful dreams and enhances your 6th sense. Always trust your intuition. Be careful with addictions and paranoia. Venus in Cancer in your 5th house makes you moodier. Love can be more fulfilling. Best to stay close to home. Express your creative nature. Nurture those you love. 

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DNC chaos and revolt Astrology

OK so I am very happy that WIKILEAKS blew the whistle on the DNC fudging democracy blatantly by actively screwing up Bernie Sanders winning position. The Party clearly had him marked from the get go.  Yes Deborah Wasserman Schultz will resign as chairwoman at the end of the party’s convention! That is not enough. 

Hillary Clinton astrology Tara GreeneHillary Clinton has disputed birth times. 

A thousand Bernie Sanders supporters protested in Philadelphia sunday night before the DNC begins MOnday July 25.  The DNC obstructed democracy. They should be sued. This is a clear violation. While yes Hillary Clinton is technically the most qualified to be sitting in the oval office there is so much trickery as is clearly evident that I feel that overrules whatever competence she has. I hope that Hillary goes down and a miracle occurs and Bernie is somehow her replacement.   I hate to see him having to tow the party line because it is clear to me that he has a gun to his head. If real democracy exist in America then the revolution starts this week.

So what will the climate be like Monday?

ARIES MOON people will be angry and agitated reckless and fired up.

Moon trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS – the people want the truth and justice. 


those Cardinal Crosses in effect. Power and who has it is the name of the game. PLuto is secrets, control, conniving, power at any cost.

Moon Trines VENUS 

This is good for those that say you must vote with your vagina and support women. Many feminists say you must back Hillary no matter what she does and I think that is terrible.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a bad example 

MOON inconjuncts JUPITER in VIRGO in the evening

People will demand recounts, they want the actual facts and numbers. There will be chanting stomping crowds, demanding justice. JUPITER in VIRGO is the grassroots foundation.


HILLARY CLINTON was born with a MARS PLUTO SATURN CONJUNCTION in LEO depending on which birth time is used, these planets could be in different houses in her natal chart. This is an extremely heavy, manipulative karmic all about power and control person. Never mind the SUN VENUS MERCURY conjunction in SCORPIO In any house. That is all about being in charge, using whatever it takes to ruthlessly get to the top.  

Whatever birth time is used VENUS is still exactly on Hillary’s natal PLUTO at 14/15 degrees Leo  with Mercury at 20+ degrees LEO right on her Natal Saturn at21+ degrees.  This will give Hillary a very courageous roaring proud royal speech. The equivalent of the “Let them eat cake” speech of Marie Antoinette.  MARS in SCORPIO is exactly conjunct to Hillary’s NATAL JUPITER at Zero degrees SAGITTARIUS. This aspect indicates that Hillary has beginner’s colt legs about learning to tell the truth. This is good energy for Hillary but can also spell angry Mars mob mentality and demanding justice and honesty from her. They will want her blood. 

LAst BUT Certainly not least 

Aries Moon conjuncts URANUS in the late hours

This is How do you spell R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N? Yes there will be fights and battles into the night and the next day. The freedom fighters who want a fresh new young Democratic party may end up being arrested. 

URANUS turns RETROGRADE on JULY 29th so the planet of change, chaos, shock and awe is at its most powerful right now. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. EVERYTHING IS UP IN THE AIR. 

Someone may try to shoot Hillary. 

For the rest of us this will be a high-powered day. Avoid the caffeine. 

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Scorpio time of the month

Scorpio Moon, Tara Greene Astrology

Yes it’s Scorpio time of the month and its not just women’s periods. Our monthly Lunar voyage through Scorpio is always an intensely emotional, sexual and secretive time. The Scorpionic dark, stinging, power-hungry, vampirish, goth-y, obsessions arguments and control issues comes up from the unconscious Scorpio depths. Our instinctive impulses come out. We are prone to be more primal and raw emotionally.

As the most sexual sign we feel  our lust and our desire natures more instinctively. Our laser like ability to read others motivations is at its highest under the 8th signs moon. Detective work is strongest and easiest.

Scorpio rules finances, money, circulation highs and lows. Scorpio moon time is the time to reflect on death, dissolution, transformation. The best time to end, give away, cut those karmic attachments every month this month is July 12-15.

 July 13 Moon trines NEPTUNE in the afternoon and you may find yourself dreaming away.

Scorpio/ Pisces dreams are erotic, dark, Goth, sexual, intense.

Let your imagination run wild, iTs healthy. Beware of falling for dark sexy strangers.

MERCURY keeping step with VENUS enters LEO  July 13-30 @ 5:47 pm PDT /8:47 pm EDT

Mercury in LEO adds another planet in FIXED elements besides Venus and Mars. The SCORPIO moon is also fixed mode as is LEO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS and TAURUS. When the Sun enters LEO on the 22nd that adds evn more immovable stubborn energies to the mix at the end of this month..

Mercury in LEO brings our heads and hearts together.  The Buddhists see the heart as the centre of the body, the mind is the O.S.  While Mercury is in Leo, we have the power to rule from our hearts.  Draw down your mental focus and consciousness into your heart chakra.You can use rose quartz to help you focus into your heart. It is especially good for that.

Rose Quartz, heart chakra Tara Greene

Wearing it is good or just holding a piece in your hand. Breathe and feel and sense what is right according to what the heart says.  When someone asks you what do  you think? Point to your heart.


This may feel very uncomfortable, a power tripping backlash stubborn impulsive energy stand off. Butting heads gets one nowhere. Uranus wants fresh,new, forward looking solutions. Get innovative and pro-active.  


Now here a sexy couple of bedfellows.  Book that sexy date, plan to stay in. Do whatever turns you on. Plan a plot to get the goods. Read detective novels, Bury some long past overdue boy/girlfriend once and for all. 

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Virgin Post-Eclipse Sedona channeling

Here’s my post Virgo/ Chiron Solar eclipse channeling. As a professional Psychic I feel that I my experiences is a microcosm of the whole. I do this without ego and very humbly even more so because of this Virgo humility New Moon.

For me the lead up to the Solar eclipse felt like a huge P.MS. thing. Once the eclipse hit, i cried and a whole lot of wounds came floating up to the surface. I was also exhausted from being super busy the few days before leaving to come to Sedona.

“LIKE  A VIRGIN” is the song for this eclipse of course. Virgin pure, strong, belonging to no one but oneself.

POST-Solar eclipse for me was a total exhale and a great day of cleansing literally.  My friend Iala came to pick me up. I shifted her assemblage point with my smoky quartz large crystal which gave her energy. She brightened up right away. She took me to her friend’s home which is right on Oak Creek. We walked through the floodplain to find her sitting on this amazing rock. Yana is a beautiful very spiritual woman, who studied with Chris Griscom who was one of the first New Age teachers in Santa Fe. I had read her book Ecstacy Is A New Frequency years ago. 

So the three of us got into Oak {strength} Creek to be blessed and purified in the Sacred waters. It sources high up at 10,000 feet from the sacred Twin Peaks in Flagstaff. These mountains, breasts pointing up to the sky, are considered sacred to the Hopi and Navaho Indians. Iala calls the creek the Ganges of Sedona. A huge blue heron flew by. These birds are MERLIN the wizard. MAGIC.

I dunked my self in the cold swift flowing waters 3 times twice. That water shifted my consciousness totally. I wish there had been a before and after photo. It was like all the old gunk washed away. I made intentions in the water. There was a beautiful male duck who sat on a rock very close to us the entire time. All animals are messengers of spirit. 


animal totems spiritual growth Tara Greene

The duck acted a lot like a loon submerging himself for a few minutes then coming up. He also spread his wings widely and flapped them around proudly. He had beautiful coloring, some ochre gold coloring on his tail and a beautiful blue shade and a crest on his head. I have never seen a duck of this type before.

A very literal interpretation is DUCK!. A lot of people are worked up to a frenzy about a comet hitting the earth around Sept. 23, the next Blood Moon, Shemitah etc. Where are you going to duck?


The duck is a water bird, and water is the emotional element. Ducks help us to transcend. Ducks are related to empaths, people who are very sensitive. Duck signifies the need for emotional boundaries. Therapists often have duck medicine. The duck teaches how to dive deep for the pearls of wisdom. They migrate, going where the warm weather suits them indicating that you need to go where you feel the warmest.  In China ducks are associated with love and long-lasting marriages. Ducks bring happiness and joy, 

Echart Tolle says ducks teach us to live in the moment and not hold onto grudges from the past. Duck teaches us how to get into deepest emotions in order to get to a calmer state. 

The message I received from the Duck. Was choose happiness always. 

The rock we sat on… the rock was doused by a very experienced old -timer who said that rock had deeper and stronger vibrations than any vortex he had dowser in Sedona. This rock’s energy allowed one to go into DELTA waves. The very lowest and slowest, the most trance like energies. Yana had to leave to meditate with Bashar. Iala and I sat there for a while and began to meditate when it started to rain.  We sat in the rain meditating holding hands. I felt a spiritual umbilical cord grow out of my navel and grow into hers. For me it felt like we were two ancient grandmothers who had been meditating in this place since the beginning of time. 

In between ECLIPSES is a very powerful two-week gateway time. Virgo is the VIRGIN HERSELF, the Dark Mother, we are in between in liminal space. 

“Be humble like Christ.” was a channelled message my friend delivered to me. Know that you are the Christos consciousness the love of the world, and be ever so humble in service.

Happy Rosh Hashona, Jewish New Year for my family friends colleagues.May it be sweet like honey.

The Shemitah year is over. 

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Get down and dirty

There’s no place like home. Yes Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said it best. I like L.A. a lot, I love the gorgeous Bougainville’s and exotic succulents and palm trees everywhere. California people are laid back an open. California is new, Light, rich, creative and all about consumption, opulence and appearances. There are so many homeless people especially in Venice, but I was surprised at the numbers up at the W Hotel up at Hollywood and Vine, such a contrast of opulence and poverty.

My brand new Salvador Dali Universal Tarot got me hauled in at customs. The officer opened my bag, tried to get the new manual out and looked at the cards.  Interesting. suspicious Tarot cards. but it was all ok.

The synchronicity of #13 continued. My daughter and I were consigned seats by the airline which werent together. The plane was full and we overshot our seats as everyone was trying to get on. Two people offered to take seats which weren’t ours. We let a family of three sit together then someone moved to let us sit together in row 13.

OK I get it DEATH REBIRTH TRANSFORMATION Saturn and the Death card keep shouting at me. OK i want to change, I want to let go. I want to redo my website. I want to change the way I work. I want to be fully enlightened. I want to trust totally.  I sailed for the first time ever and on the ocean,and got to steer the boat. I went on a very scary Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios with an 80 foot drop which my husband can’t believe I did as I have never gone on rides like that and my daughter was terrified of; I laughed and also thought it was pretty pathetic. Got on the L.A. subway for the first time. New is rebirth. Death is stagnation. 

After the absolute smoothest flight I have ever been on, Air Canada by the way, and a perfect landing. It was a piece of cake to get home. 

Moon speeded through Sagittarius. Was also a nice touch to come home under a Saggy moon as I was born in Toronto under one. A bit itchy night as Moon is inconjunct to Mars in Cancer. Its like planets during a divorce.

CENTAUR Moon trines JUPITER its ruler in the morning

Get up early and giddy  up out of here. Home on the range. Crack lots of jokes. and take it easy. 

Moon goes Void of  course until 11:47 am PDT/

MOON enters Capricorn at that time which I keep wanting to call Crapricorn these days. 

Hopi kachina Astrology Tara Greene

Earthy Hopi Kachina Doll Mudhead

Moon trines VENUS an earthy muddy  get down and dirty at zero degrees Virgo plunge to earth. Zero degrees TAURUS completes the aspect for a Grand Earth Trine. This will feel like a welcome relief. I have been feeling really space for days. 

Moon and Sun just don’t agree in an inconjunct at day’s end Cali time./ next day EDT.

Hump Day is complicated with a Mercury in Leo inconjunct to PLUTO. 

the big blaring ego of say someone like Kanye West who is totally unconscious of his deeper shadowy power drives.

got to go

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