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There is something happening here.  For most of November the Great Attractor the most powerful unknown colossal space’time bending pheno known, a point in space @ 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS is being activated by FATHER TIME- Chronos/ SATURN.  The Super Galactic Center @ 2 degrees Libra is also being activated by planets as well as our much more up close and personal Galactic Center- a mere 23,000 Light Years away at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS. 

black Hole Astrology Tara Greene

If you have planets close to these three fabulous points in space it is easier for you to tune into them naturally. I have my Moon at 12 degrees Sagittarius, my Mars at 2+ degrees Libra and my Mercury smack dab on the Galactic Center.  I was born tuned into this Galactic resonance. It is all so vast and so huge that we all need to be tuned in like those vast arrays of sattelite dishes in New Mexico so we can download more info. and share. 

The Great Attractor is a source which shape-shifts time and space giving you a simultaneous view of the past, present and future. This is HEKATE’s realm the Goddess who sees in all the times and directions, who sees consequences and causes. Be a shapeshifter and step into this INFINITE space. This is the key to understanding all that is.  We are all at cause, we have free will, Saturn teaches us this. 

In the Tarot this symbol of Galactic sourcing and interconnectivity is THE WORLD  #21 Notice Saturn ruling this card.

The world Thoth Trump Tara Greene

From October 3rd to Dec. 5th  Saturn is on the Great Attractor @ 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS. This is the 9th sign- politics, foreigners, Justice, honesty, higher education. We need to weigh out our potential choices very carefully. 

On November 4th Mercury crosses the Great Attractor. 

This activates our antenna’s to truly tune in and receive those E.T. messages. Possible sightings of Niburu? 

Nov 8 Venus conjunct Pholus on the Galactic Centre 27° Sag

Pholus, a dwarf planet discovered in 1992, was, in mythology, a centaur, a wise and gentle one like Chiron who has just had his 39th discovery birthday on Nov. 1st. Pholus’s orbit actually crosses the orbits of three other planets, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune. According to Zain Stein and Nicholas Campion speaking about Pholus mythology.”Pholus intensifies very strongly, brings you to your limits, raises a strong urge for growing (but often very spontaneously and unconscious), when at the same time you feel a lack of inner possibilities to grow in that specific area. Therefore you live in a very unstable ‘borderline’ situation, where you tend to do things impulsive (to cross the border) or you don’t do anything at all because you feel an inner blockade.”

Around the time of Pholus discovery fractal images got popularized, integrating science and art. “Pholus has the ability to maintain alive the illusion (Neptune) and achive the necesary discipline (Saturn) to make a dream come true, like in the movies “Far and Away” (1992) or Nike’s (Michael Jordan -Dream Team-) slogan “Just do it” (1992).
“Like in the movie “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” (1991), where the T-1000 can adopt the form of the people he touches, Pholus can identify with another person by empathy (Neptune) and cystallize (Saturn) in its own personality or in other individual, like John Connor teaching the T-800 to be more human in the movie “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” (1991).
“Pholus awakes the need to impose limits (Saturn) while investigating the paranormal energies (Neptune), like in the TV Serie “X-Files” (1992). Also, between reality and fiction, like in the movie “Basic Instinct” (1992).”

To have VENUS conjunct Pholus on this powerful point of Galactic integration gives us a huge connection to Galactic empathy and a more optimistic, higher view of things.

Nov 15 Venus square Makemake on Super Galactic Centre 2° Libra 

super magician comics Tara Greene Tarot

Makemake another new dwarf planet orbiting way out there, (pronounced MAH-keh MAH-keh – “e” is pronounced “ay” in Polynesian), was discovered on March 31, 2005 by Mike Brown. She is the Polynesian earth goddess of fertility and childbirth. Her many children sprang from different parts of her body. She takes many different forms and has experienced many different rebirths. As the goddess of the earth, she represents the element of stone.” which is Saturn’s domain. Venus in Capricorn is helping us to support Mother Earth, and protect her, the #NODAP is part of this energy we also need to support women and children. 

Nov 16 Jupiter sextiles the Great Attractor 14° Sag. 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and PISCES. From LIBRA Jupiter brings balance, negotiations, and karmic justice. 

Nov. 30 Mercury on the Galactic Centre QUINTILE NEPTUNE @ 9 degrees PISCES

A Quintile is a 72-degree aspect a very spiritual one it is 1/5th of a circle. This is s a super galactic tuning fork of energy.  It will be very easy to tune into source and understand your mission. The Galactic Centre is the cosmic Vagina of this Galaxy. It connects to the Mayan 2012 story. It is a wormhole and conduit into other dimensions. You can connect to your own ancestral cosmic sources be they Pleiadian, Syrian, Lyrian, Arcturian,etc.  It is one day after a very powerful SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON with the SUN Also squaring NEPTUNE in PISCES this day. 

Such portents of cosmic Bliss and learning, accelerated opportunities to understand who we really are. Cosmic influx manifesting. To be on high alert for synchronicities of the super kind. 

November 11 is always a gateway to higher consciousness.

Do you see 11:11 on the clocks? these are times to stop and wake up to where you are that you are conscious and to remember your cosmic self. You are the co-creator of the Great Attractor, it attracts you to see yourself through it. 

The main event is also Nov 17 when NEPTUNE conjuncts the SOUTH NODE at 9+ degrees PISCES which will be a huge cosmic cleansing flush of old illusions and delusions, addictions, false projections, eye popping open reality shocks.  The place to evolve to is the NORTH NODE in VIRGO, which is also square to the SUPER GALACTIC CENTRE.

How could you miss all the sign symbols and actual plug-ins? Are you ready for warp speed? Are you ready to go home to your SELF? Your INFINITE SELF Stuart Wilde used to call it. We can boldly go where no person has gone before. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.  Thanks to fellow CIA AGENT Lorna Bevan for her inspiration on the basis of my interpretations here. 

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Dec 21 2012 cosmic sex,galactic orgasm time astrology,Tara Greene

I am thinking about THAT DATE -Dec 21 2012 have re-read John Major Jenkins Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

cosmic vagina

innermost 3 light years of the Galactic Center

Jenkins, a Mayan scholar says it is the intersection of the Sun aligning with the Galactic Centre and the Galactic Equator which only happens once every Galactic Year

which is only ONCE every 26,000 years.

What to expect

New consciousness, a new birth, -rapture? Ascension to the 5th Dimension,  the golden age is coming according to some, pole shifts, E.T.s landing, disaster, 3 days of darkness -You Choose

Reality is like YOUTUBE these days, quantum physics and all

Spiritual writer,teacher and lecturer Stuart Wilde  teaching  since 1985 , wrote about all this in early 90’s in Whispering Winds of Change,says the old patriarchal system will fall first, the Morph – the dark entities controlling everything, will be destroyed by Inter Dimensional Higher beings, Goddessess from the ALUNA.

Then Golden HINDU Gods descend. Stuart says KALKI is returning and Jesus too  but in a non- Catholic traditional form.

 Jesus Returning painting by Napoleon Brousseau

Jesus Returning-Your Prophet painting by Napoleon Brousseau

Stuart  deplores the Mayans saying they were demonic because they sacrificed humans by ripping their hearts out, which they did.  Montazuma was warned that the Mayans would pay for their blood thirst for 500 years after the Spanish arrived- he knew they were coming and the Mayans/Mexico  has done its penance which ended in 1992. Interestingly enough the Mayan calendar counts works in 20’s and it is 20 years since then. The Mayan calender also worked in 260 day counts -equal to a human pregnancy.

Multiply 260 days into 26,000 years -its the same only on a vaster scale.

This is a cosmic Genesis, a new consciousness is being born, th caves in Lascaux France are around 30,000 years old.

The Winter Solstice

the SUN- called the first father is centered in the Dark Rift, the Nuclear Bulge in the Galactic Center.

This is the Great Cosmic VAGINA- the black hole in the center of the Galaxy. Also called the Great Mother’s Heart.

Dec 21 2012 is a very long awaited wedding, the Heiros Gamos- the Sacred Marriage, tantric sex

This is COSMIC SEX folks, the Great Mother’s Vagina is Vast, within her birth passageway is the VOID-where all souls pass through and return at death.

We can see the Goddesses great womb overhead every night-like on the Sahara desert or any clear night sky place we would know where we were birthed from and that OUR MOTHER is not far away, well only 27,000 Light Years away but in terms of cosmic consciousness- all time is NOW>

The ancient Maya used magic mushrooms, toad poison, datura and other hallucinogenic to go into higher states of awareness. Their Kings were Shamans, like Yogi’s, with phenomenal psychic abilities, they could actually go walking the galaxy. They knew of whereof they spoke.

So it’s a GALACTIC ORGASM is what’s coming- think about that!

They knew that the Galactic Centre was the cosmic womb of the Great Mother,that alone impresses me the most ,they calculated the Precession of the Equinoxes, they were amazing mathematicians. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek they  were from Atlantis and brought their stone carved round calendar with them to the Yucatan from the Caribbean when Atlantic sunk.

So Dec 9 begins the 12 days before THE DAY

before then feels like a psychic limbo shake out, lots of exhaustion, shadow gunk coming up- stay grounded,

PRAY visualize ultra-violet light when you close your eyes, when you see that Light everything clears

what are you planning for DEC. 21 2012?

It is important to join into the cosmic tribal oneness beyond duality mind.

Many Blessings Tara

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