Divine Love and Addiction,Venus in Pisces

visionary arts Napoleon Brousseau Toronto

“Venus in Pisces “art by Napoleon Brousseau Oil on Canvas, 36 x 32 in. 2015

Venus sails through the 12th sign and house March 26 -April 20 through the ocean of Bliss, illusions, spirituality and addictions.  Venus is the erotic Love Goddess. When imbibing Pisces magical hookah she becomes the Goddess of Agape, unconditional love or also totally lost and addicted to love. She is hidden behind a veil of illusion but as High Priestess of Tantra she reveals the secrets of Divine Love.

Ultimately we have to love ourselves unconditionally for the divine souls that we are enfleshed in the material world.

 Venus, born from Seafoam,  of Pisces oceanic Bliss as in Botticelli’s famous painting is considered to be exalted when in Pisces. 

Venus in Pisces would be the MOON card #18 in the Tarot

 This is a wonderful time for self-love without ego. So many of the New Age programs are all about loving yourself and self-congratulating, while people do need to build up confidence in shattered personalities and egos we also have to remember that the ego is real but an illusion, very much like Pisces energy. We can work with the ego and see it for the false self that it is. And let go of many false beliefs and assumptions about everything in the world for this next month. Disillusionment is also part of Venus in Pisces, many people are feeling that way during Trump’s inauguration.

PISCES the sign of self-sabotage:

 Venus allows us to love ourselves enough to let go of where we are sabotaging ourselves.This is also a great time to go to rehab, realize you have addictions to spending, fashion, yoga, gurus, relationships, avoidance in general and to let go of addictions.  


 PISCES is literally human heart and infinite soul combined. It’s a fantastic month for dreaming and meditating. A great time to explore your own unconscious, the realms of fantasy and illusion, for owning our own unconsciousness and praying for connection with Goddess.

This aspect can bring closure to many relationships as it symbolizes endings. We may either feel this energy as being more magically in love or becoming more deluded into a false projection of seeing the other as perfect as ideal. Venus in Pisces is not practical. 

Venus in Pisces is not practical. 

Do be careful when signing on the dotted line. Venus in Pisces makes us wear those rose-colored glasses. We see what we want to see and not necessarily what is really there. Best day for signing anything this month, when Venus squares Saturn, reality planet

Build an altar to the Goddess of love and beauty

So that you can connect to these aspects within yourself and to see BEAUTY in the world everywhere and for men to see their own inner Love nature, beauty and in all women. 

Pisces is the 12th house of the Unconscious, secrets, karma, Source, spirit, cosmic love, illusions, gurus, ashrams, self-undoing, martyrs, addictions, dreams, shamans, glamor. How many of us blindly fall in love with people who just use us? How many are addicted to love? How many of us have been martyrs in love, endlessly sacrificing ourselves in hopes that someone will love us unconditionally, finally.

VENUS, Goddess of all things Feminine, beauty, art, music, poetry, refinement, aesthetic pleasure, romance, money teaches us to find the love that we seek within our own hearts. Venus= love, she lives in every heart.

Venus in PISCES is the Tarot Trump # 3  THE EMPRESS 


The EMPRESS  in the Rumi Tarot

“Woman is a ray of the divine light.”

I love this RUMI deck and the quote is perfect for Venus in PISCES especially.

BE the EMPRESS, VENUS, BE the Goddess of Love. Be the change. Be the DIVINE GREEN LIGHT.

While Venus is in PISCES — Keywords

KNOW yourself as a vessel of Divine unconditional love, FEEL IT in your heart.


See BEAUTY everywhere. You may see orbs as you open to experience cosmic love and feel the angelic presences all around you. If you feel yourself being judgmental about yourself or someone else. STOP. Replace that script with forgiveness,love and acceptance. 


Go to art galleries, buy art, read poetry, keep fresh flowers in your home, garden, appreciate beautiful quality fabrics, fashion. I got my haircut and colored in Venus’s honor yesterday.  Make art, make love, write poetry, create songs or a new spiritual practice.

Create an altar to Venus,

You want to bring her into your life in reality.It can be simple, just a vase of flowers, some pink rose quartz, a poem, a beautiful arrangement of things you love. Every day stop and meditate with Venus and say a prayer to Venus the Goddess. You may see her as Kwan Yin, Mary, Tara, Isis, any manifestation. Allow Her divine presence to enter your emotional body and your unconscious. Spend 10 minutes a day at least praying at your altar, 20 minutes to half an hour is better. You may find that Venus had you enchanted under Her spell and you may find yourself sitting in reverie for much longer. Do this before bed and ask Venus to come into your dreams.  Ask to see your soul mate in your dreams.


These uplift your soul. Listen to Deva Premal and Miten 

Be charitable and selfless but Not a martyr. 

Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

Fall in LOVE WITH EVERYONE- really try this.

Tell people they are beautiful, they are a sacred mirror of your own inner beauty.

It will uplift your heart and soul. See loving positive movies -No violence, no video games, No porn. Pisces is film and photography.

Use this chant, its an adaptation of a Navaho prayer

In peace and beauty may I walk 

In peace and beauty wander the earth

In peace, in peace, may I wander

In Beauty, Beauty may I wander.

FEEl your connection to everything in the UNIVERSE, PISCES BLISSED OUT TIME. 

Venus in PISCES dissolves all hardness and all ego’s.

Do be careful about drinking and drugs during this time as you will be super susceptible and sensitive. Your usual grounded practicality is off. 

Try levitating and telepathically sending messages to your friend’s  hearts and see if they notice.

Find that SOUL MATE, that TWIN FLAME, that everyone wants so much, and remembers. The soul mate is your own inner other- half. 

The only way to do it is to let go of your {illusion/delusion -that’s PISCES } own ego.

You are not separate that is impossible.  YOUR BELOVED IS WITHIN YOU ALREADY.

Venus in PISCES  -adore the Feminine,

get down on your knees and worship the DIVINE YONI, the Delta of VENUS, like Leonard Cohen says.

Appreciate women. Know that all things are born of woman, it is obvious that all creation comes from the Feminine. See the world from a nurturing standpoint of unconditional love produces a very different world than the one we know today.

It’s a fantastic month for dreaming and meditating.

A good time for owning our own unconsciousness and praying for connection with Goddess.

Please share widely.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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How to have the best date to give birth with Astrology Amal Clooney

June 3  The SUN,the source, the LIGHT, our STAR which creates all life 

The GEMINI SUN trines {120 degree aspect}  JUPITER in LIBRA on the 3rd @ 9:12 am PDT/ 12:12 pm EDT/ 4:12 pm GMT @ this is one of the best days of the year.

Grand Air Trine Astrology Tara Greene

At 13+ degrees GEMINI/LIBRA it’s beneficial for relationships, Love, marriage, optimism, travel, higher education, bargaining, balance and really GOOD LUCK. Use it wisely. 

Check out where 13+ degrees GEMINI and LIBRA are in your Birth chart by house and the aspects they make. If you have planets @ 8-18 degrees  AQUARIUS, you                                                                                  get GRAND AIR TRINE benefits.

There is a Fixed Star at 13 degrees AQUARIUS called DORSUM. If you are born February  3 you have this star conjunct your SUN. “Constellation Capricornus has a great influence over human affairs portending major changes in such areas as climate and political customs. Along with the sign, the constellation is also noted as the “Mansion of Kings”-Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.51.

PLUS hours later VENUS in ARIES trines the NORTH NODE IN LEO @ 28 degrees, conjunct to Fixed Star REGULUS, the Heart of the LION, which was traditionally the Star of King’s and Queen’s. Regulus has since moved into zero degrees VIRGO now but it’s still in effect.  An excellent day for love, romance, partying and lots of drama. 

Astrologers traditionally consulted for King and Queen’s about all matters. These days finding the best date for a wedding, launching a project or the best day to give birth based on the mother’s astrology chart and transits are the thing to do. 

Amal Clooney, as your hypothetical Astrologer Birth Doula, I’d advise you to be induced or to have that Cesarean on June 3rd. It’s one of your best days of the year. Amal’s Natal SUN is at 14 degrees AQUARIUS conjunct VENUS is super positively affected by the SUN-Jupiter Trine. Also, this aspect favors invitro-fertilizations and hi-tech interventions, like surgery. She may elect to give birth by Cesarean June 3 or the 4th with these very positive aspects still in effect. 

Amal Clooney, George Clooney, birth of twins, astrology

Mars enters the Sign of MOTHERHOOD, CANCER on the 4th @ 9:16 am PDT/ 12:16 pm EDT/ 4:16 pm GMT.

Plus VENUS in ARIES trines Amal’s Natal SATURN Rx at 28 LEO. This makes the blessings and the birth doubly karmic. Amal’s Natal Saturn is on the Fixed Star which was traditionally the Star of King’s and Queen’s. 


Transitting SATURN, the planet traditionally associated with responsibility, maturity and everything on the material plane, like giving birth is opposite to Amal’s JUPITER in GEMINI- she was born to have twins!  A Saturn-Jupiter opposition is very good. Her Natal Jupiter is conjunct to the NORTH STAR. This is another super beneficial aspect for these twin babies ot be born under.  

CHIRON in PISCES is squaring Amal’s Natal JUPITER and SATURN.

Of course carrying twins is double the weight and Amal may be feeling additionally tired during this entire pregnancy. I am glad that she has been resting. Her children will be incredibly compassionate, charitable champions of the underdogs and great debaters like she is born under this aspect. 

Amal was born with Mars Retrograde and Out of Bounds, a relatively rare aspect. Mars is now Out of Bounds and conjunct to Amal’s Natal Retrograde JUPITER. Mothers and fathers and their children usually do replicate the same astrology aspects and pattern, it is literally the family lineage and is an unconscious manifestation. 

Transiting JUPITER is conjunct to her NATAL PLUTO in LIBRA

This is always a big positive super powered billionaire’s wealthy balanced transit. 

Transitting NEPTUNE is Squaring her MOON in SAGITTARIUS and her Natal NEPTUNE

Amal must feel like she is living in a dream. She must be very careful about getting anesthesia during the birth as her body is super sensitive anyways and especially so right now.

Amal’s natal MOON is conjunct to the Great Attractor which is at 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS. It is the most powerful space anomaly there is. She can attract and manifest anything in her career as a lawyer, political activist or leader as well as in her love life. You see that she has. 

The MOON, which governs a woman’s fertility and menstrual cycles and the mother is in LIBRA now and will cross Amal’s North Node @ 7 degrees LIBRA, on June 3rd, 10 hours from now it’s 1:01 am EDT as I write.  This would be an incredibly positive time for her to give birth as it symbolizes a karmic fulfillment of becoming a Mother, bringing balance and double the love into her life. 

I wish Amal and George Clooney all the best. It’s best to try to hold those twins in as long as she can so they can get bigger. June 3 or 4th is one of the best days for Amal to give birth. Otherwise, I have predicted the Full Moon on the 9th as another possible birth date for Amal as well as BEYONCE, as Jupiter turns DIRECT. The Moon will be in SAGITTARIUS and conjunct to AMAL’s Natal VENUS. This is another major blessing time for Amal to become a mother under. 

What do you think? Please feel free to ask questions and comment. 

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