Sagittarius Moon, Goddess Diana Astrology


We are off to an optimistic start with the Moon in Sagittarius until the 3rd. The Moon in Sagittarius will boost everyone’s spirit, so get happy, think big, be vast.

Truth telling learning inspiring traveling and being easy to get along with are all Sagittarius traits. The 9th sign is ruled by the Big winded planet JUPITER aka  Zeus in Greek mythology/ JOVE in Roman and the root of the word jovial meaning good-humored. Sag. is the most mature of the three Fire signs and the root of the word SAGE.


To the Greeks, she was Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt. Diana is an Asteroid as well #73. There is also an Asteroid Artemis #105. Their myths are intermingled and show similar aspects. You can look up where either Diana or Artemis is in your natal chart at you can insert the numbers of the asteroids. Diana’s archetype is always that part of you which remains independent and roams free. Diana is also known as a virgin goddess she never married and she is also the protectress of babies at birth and of young children. She can be very fierce killing anyone who hurts one of her animals or who invades her privacy. She was always seen hunting in the woods with her dogs and she is also the archetype in Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. 

After that awkward Inconjunct with the Goddess of Love Venus in Cancer who wants JUPITER/Zeus to come home for dinner of course. If you know your Greek Mythology you know that Zeus is always off philandering. How does this aspect relate to your life?

Moon trines MARS and the SUN IN LEO in PDT/ Aug 2 EDT and GMT

A red-hot happy partying “go for it”energy. You may be tooo fired up to sleep so use that energy to pursue some educational goals or venture out on a big learning curve.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES in the a.m. on Wed.

This is very dreamy and spiritual. Fantasize about big adventures travels soul mates. Very creative. Make yourself a  dream mandala.

Moon sextiles JUPITER in LIBRA

The ruler of Sagittarius and the Moon are in harmony. A nice energy for later in the day. Good for fun socializing, cocktails and romance. Everyone will be in good spirits and be acting so nice.

URANUS turns RETROGRADE which I wrote about previously this is in PDT and on the 3rd in EDT and GMT.

The chaotic elements slow down. That’s good we need that. 

We are headed up for that AUGUST 7 LUNAR ECLIPSE at 15 degrees AQUARIUS. Everybody’s talking about the Great American Total Solar eclipse on the 21st but all eclipse have big impact. I’ll write about it soon. 

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Daily Horoscope, Lilith opposes Mars

May 4  Did you feel the impact of Mercury turning DIRECT?

LEO MOON inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES in the week hours already

You may feel wounded or haunted by a past vulnerability. Someone may one up you or you could be chased in your dreams. 

MOON ENTERS VIRGO to tone everything down to a humbler pace until Saturday afternoon in PDT and EDT.

VIRGO moon is a great time to clean up to get organized, to stay focused on the work at hand. Virgo Moon energy is great for budgeting, organizing, paying attention to details, things that have to be fixed repaired or straightened out.  Virgo Moon is ruled by MERCURY so you can think straighter about those details now.  

Pay attention to your diet as Virgo rules the upper intestines so digestion can be problematic with Moon in the 6th sign. Virgo MOON brings on the worries, Nothing is ever perfect enough, we can get exasperated very easily.

MOON inconjuncts VENUS in ARIES in the morning

That get-up and go, the bullish side of Venus in Aries wants to initiate stuff and the Virgo Moon is plodding along. Impatience will be an issue.

Moon squares MARS in GEMINI at night

It may be difficult to get to sleep what with your mind jumping around all over the place. 

MERCURY @ 24 ARIES  semi-squares MARS at 9 degrees GEMINI

This aspect is quite irritating Tempers will be short and tongues will lash out.

BIG ASPECT LILITH at 9 degrees SAGITTARIUS opposes MARS at 9 degrees GEMINI

The Goddess SEX and POWER

LILITH connects, Tara Greene.

This is also conjunct to FIXED STAR ANTARES- the rival of MARS!

LILITH is the original raw primal, sexual Goddess who ravages those who oppose her, who refuses to compromise, who desires her freedom rather than ever being subordinate. She is the Death Bringer aspect, the menstrual cycle, the opposite pole to the SHEKINAH, the mothering birth giving aspect of LIFE and the Goddess.

Her opposition to MARS will bring out her anger at being split in two. The good girl, always faithful, wife, trophy, doormat, docile , woman, baggage chattel that the PATRIARCHY has placed onto her versus her healthy fully expressed SEXUALITY as tantric priestess, dancer, healer, doula, a shamaness, reviled into the whore, slut, vampire, harpy, succubus, lady in red, prostitute. She is a full range of expressions.

If you have planets around 8-11 degrees of these signs plus VIRGO and PISCES, close to where NEPTUNE is and where the Moon will be on the 4th. LOOK OUT!

LILITH can use MARS to whiplash her fiery tongue of truth around to tempt anyone and to lash out and lambaste anyone who dares opposes her.  

 I have my SUN at 6 degrees SAGITTARIUS and my MOON at 12 and I felt LILITH speaking through me earlier today.  She will not be tamed. she refuses to back down, refuses to be held hostage. 

Let Lilith speak through you. The Virgo Moon brings her energy down into our bodies. Let her in, ground her, give her space to become embodied. She is not frightening to those that honor her. She is the archetype of the original Goddess, she is raw, untamed, and free. In SAGITTARIUS, she will reveal the truth to you. Do not try to fence her in in any way or fashion.  Listen to her speak her truth into your ear and in your heart and soul. Let her connection to MARS bring passion back into your life. Allow her to be both sides, all sides of herself through you. She has been split in two. Make her and yourself and your sexuality whole again. This is true for women and men. This culture has split off that Goddess for the last 5,000 years. We can’t even really know what the authentic Feminine is.  

Thousands of years of repression held back is a lot of anger. You may feel this flowing through you like lava bursting out of a volcano. Channel it wisely, be careful of lashing out at others. 

I did get a message from her earlier. She said, “The Goddess is fully embodied in everything she is doing. If she is mothering, she is completely mothering, on demand nursing, only her baby exists in her eyes and in her heart. She is not concerned with being in the world working or living a masculine out in the world existence for a time for a few years.” I understood this.  It’s not that she can’t split her mind and her strength and energy. She needs to be fully involved in whatever it is she is doing. When she needs to lead wars she can when she needs to organize the world she can. When she wants sex she is totally sexual. That is the essence of the Feminine, grounded, whole complete. Enlightened. 

Tell me what you think.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Solar Eclipse Sept 1 and rare Grand Goddess sextile

This North Nodal VIRGO SOLAR ECLIPSE SEPT 1st is so CHOCK full of power. Almost bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. But I didn’t see it all until now. 

The Annular- not total- Eclipse occurs at 2:03 am PDT/ 5:03 am EDT/ 9:03 am GMT it will only be visible over the Equator over Central Africa then cuts right through Madagascar. The places of visibility are the ones affected most by the Eclipse but it will affect all of us even if we don’t see it. 

Not only it is majorly KARMIC, with the Lord of Time SATURN @  10+ of Sagittarius conjunct to Fixed Star ANTARES, Angel Ariel/Oriel. But Mars the action planet is sitting right on the GREAT ATTRACTOR @ 14+ degrees which includes Saturn too.  The G.A. is a cosmic gigantic phenomena which bends time. They are both squaring the SUN and the MOON at 9+ degrees VIRGO and NEPTUNE at 10+ degrees PISCES Retrograde and the South Node at 12 degrees PISCES.  We can visualize what is up ahead before we get to what is just in front of us and adjust accordingly.

Eclipses occur every 19 years at the same degrees. Think back to where you were on this same date in 1997. I was pregnant with my daughter Leah. Comet Hale-Bopp had appeared as a major harbinger in the skies earlier that year. 

There is a GRAND GODDESS SEXTILE at the Solar Eclipse

goddess Grand Sextile Virgo Solar eclipse Tara Greene

JUNO, Goddess of Feminine Genius @ 9 degrees SCORPIO is conjunct LILITH, the original woman/Goddess @11 Scorpio, they are Trining NEPTUNE and the SOUTH NODE. This aspect is awakening ancient, long-buried cellular memories of being Whole, One with the Sacred Source and with the Goddess; in touch with the cosmos and all the dimensions. That alone is very powerful. 


JUNO, LILITH, NEPTUNE, the SOUTH NODE of the Moon is Trine {120 degrees} to VESTA, the KUNDALINI GODDESS of focus, Keeper of the Sacred Flame, @ 14 degrees CANCER conjunct to SIRIUS the brightest star in the skies. the U. S Sun, its identity is on Sirius. There some hot tamales boiling away there. 

PLUTO/Hades, Lord of Death and REBIRTH, Keeper of Souls, power and control, ruler of the Collective Unconscious, is @ 15 degrees Retrograde of CAPRICORN. The 15th is the most powerful degree. Pluto is in a wide trine to his mother-in- law, CERES the GREAT MOTHER now in solid sensuous earthy TAURUS at 5+ degrees. Persephone is Ceres daughter who is Pluto’s wife for half the year.  

Pluto and CERES are trining the SUN and MOON and the NORTH NODE at 12+ degrees VIRGO. This indicates a prime awakening, and movement towards protecting the Environment,the Food supply from GMO’s  and the Earth’s resources.  VIRGO is the Harvest. Native Americans are now protesting oil pipelines in Dakota. 

This MERKABA, 6 pointed Goddess Star of Heaven and Earth brings all of these super powerful feminine energies into the Eclipse itself. 

This eclipse will ignite worldwide mass protests against the Plutocracy, the power mongering TTP deal which can enslave all countries by corporate power. Mother Earth/ Ceres cannot sustain all her children when we rape and debase her through fracking, and raping her of her oil and her minerals, and pollute her lakes and oceans.

Wait, there’s still more:

There is a YOD or a Finger of Goddess

from ATHENA Goddess of wisdom, an AMAZON warrioress @ 24+ degrees AQUARIUS, seeking freedom and revolution. She is sextile ERIS, the forgotten Goddess who hexes those who ignore Her, and URANUS God of REVOLUTION and freedom.

Women will be standing up and leading this revolution. This doesnt necessarily mean Hillary Clinton. These three are inconjunct {150 degrees} to JUPITER and MERCURY Retrograde at 28 degrees VIRGO. This is a very powerful, Goddess finger, pointing to an expansive, ecological, grounded feminine warrioress energy of  nurturing by being in service to the Galactic Center, the Great Cosmic Vagina at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS a huge metaphysical portal.  

Note that CHIRON, the Shamanic wounded healer is at 23 degrees PISCES also Retrograde and is opposite to Jupiter and Mercury and also square to the Galactic Center. We need to remember our original karmic wounds in order to heal them and let them go.

This ECLIPSE is a huge turning point in healing our collective wounds.

Nine million people, mainly women, were tortured by the Catholic Church for being healers, midwives, herbalists and wise women in the Inquisition in Europe. All of us have returned collectively now to honor and remember who we are, to  honor the Goddess, the sacred feminine, the powers of the earth, our bodies, and nature as magic herself. 

MERCURY is the ruler of VIRGO and this eclipse.

Wherever Mercury is, that’s where our consciousness is. The hermaphrodite trickster is newly Retrograde, indicating that we may have to wait until October 6th when Mercury is Direct and crosses the 28+ degree Virgo point again. There will be a 5-week integration period, to this unleashing of FEMININE POWER.  

VENUS sits on the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER @ 2+ degrees of LIBRA

This is the most massive black hole there is. Its gravitation pulls in more than 30 GALAXIES, our Milky Way is but one. It is so huge that it warps Time and Space. VENUS on the SGC allows us to know that All time is now.   Let’s assume that we all have past life karma in relationships, Libra is THE sign of relationships. We keep coming back together again and again, draw by the karmic glue of emotions, and soul memories to try to heal, balance and complete these issues. No matter what happened in the past, in a future lifetime there will ultimately be a healed, whole, positive, completely devoid of bad karma relationship between the two. 

Imagine the qualities of spiritual, emotional, mental, and soul completion,  and unconditional love flowing between them.   Ahhh, just imagining it makes it so. Feel how good that feels? Yes, bring that energy into every cell of your being and consciousness. Fuse it. Now just go sandwich those healed reality feelings onto the past preceding lifetimes, before the two individuals really fucked it up together. Insert names here________.  With that completed the negative results of the difficult lifetime case to exist at all. From a quantum physics standpoint,that is true. That “imagined” and felt healing clears all pasts and futures and everyone is now free to move forwards without any more pain or addictive karmic patterns. Just that simple.  Karma is a linear cause and effect concept and it becomes obsolete by using the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER. My thanks to great depth analysis by Deep space astrologer Philip Sedgwick.

This Virgo eclipse takes us deep into HERMIT MODE: as the sign of VIRGO

Tarot ARCANA #9 

The Hermit Tarot tara Greene

The Hermit is VIRGO energy

With all this cosmic synchronicity. The HERMIT will initiate us into our own bodily wisdom and gut instincts. We need to carve out time and space to be alone and sit with ourselves. The Hermit is our inner wisdom, our common sense, Virgo is the sign of commoners or servants. Virgo is the sign of intellect, conservation, analysis, humility, simplicity, down to bare essentials. Not frilly or excessive, only what we need to sustain us. Virgo is the silence of the cave and the beauty of the golden fields of wheat at sundown. It is gratitude for the food we eat which came from the hard work that we put in connecting to the earth, the elements and the Great mother Herself who sustains us. VIRGO is health. pay attention to what you eat and be present in your body. Walk barefoot, be in nature.

 Listen to your Inner Hermit, go to silence, go to Nature on this eclipse. Lie on the earth, put your ear to the ground and ask for the Great Mother to speak with you. Ask what she needs you to do to be of service to Her. Be accountable. Cultivate humility. Serve your community.

Be still, draw down the Goddess, listen, and remember to stay grounded. There is a LUNAR ECLIPSE in PISCES in 2 weeks on September 16th which will be psychically and soulfully cleansing. 

I do really feel called to have a teleconference workshop to help guide you through this process. I have stated this previously and never followed up. I am very aware of this. My work needs to move to the next level where I can reach more individuals on a wider basis. I will look into setting up a teleconference workshop to work with many individuals to help them get through these intense times and the 5 week period until we integrate all of these energies. If you are interested please let me know. I will be doing ceremony on the Eclipse and if you would like me to add your name or prayers for healing for yourself or anyone else please email me

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Pope acknowledges the Goddess, Inspirational Daily

Lets have a card of the day for Valentine’s day 

Ace of wands Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

Ace of Wands by Kate Bedell

this is a new beginning, a new inspiration, a spark in the dark,

If you are feeling lonely, or left out on V-day

this is an opportunity to reach inside your  own heart deeper, 

into the fire within your own heart where the spark of love lives 

while you are alive there is a physical spark of fire/love which you are.

After you pass on from this dimension you are an eternal spark of consciousness/love

ever living. 

Have a great Valentine’s day and remember it is better to give than to receive so send some love out to someone else.

also the POPE crowned the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City a big nod to the GODDESS in public

Feb 15 is President’s Day in the U.S. on the 15th and it’s family day in Canada

It is also called Nirvana Day the day the Buddha reached enlightenment 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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OMG powerfull Spring Tonic reading

I was up and meditated at Solar Eclipse maximum at 5:36 am for an hour. I had a very intense meditation with the Goddess. I was told that the old is being left behind but not just poof all at once like that. The Feminine must be remembered as HOLY. That we must become aware from the inside out of our spiritual reality. We need time to stop and listen to our souls every moment of the day. Converse with our angels, listen to our higher selves.

The day was intense and as proper for a last degree of Pisces Solar Eclipse i spent some time crying, releasing, feeling vulnerable. I felt raw and in a total synchronicity. Its OK. How about your experience? 

I did a tarot reading in the afternoon about the next 9 months. Here’s a photo of the reading. Watch the video below. 

Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

I use the Crowley THOTH Tarot which I have always found to be incredibly positive and deep inspite of a lot of people projecting fear and negativity onto this deck. This is a brand new deck I broke out today. I use 11 cards in the reading with two future possibility cards.

The Ace of wands leads us into the reading. Yes the beginning of ARIES/fire/Light. There are 5 fire element cards including the EMPEROR as Aries, this is so appropriate for all the actual ARIES energy.  

The three court cards are; the significator, is the Princess of Cups with the Knight of Cups which is PISCES, -what we need to receive- and the Unconscious- The Knight of Wands/ Sagittarius is in the root/unconscious position..

The 8 of cups- called INDOLENCE is the major crossing or integration card.

This card has Saturn in Pisces. It is an emotional mess, a swamp of old stuck baggage which needs releasing, cleansing and to be renewed. Too much martyrdom, addictions, fear, attachments. Saturn in Pisces also rings true as Saturn is actually square to Neptune now. 


 The emperor #4 =ARIES, power, King, war, defenses, responsibility and the STAR #17 Aquarius are the two major Trumps. They are interchangable in Crowley’s methodology on the Tree of Life. 

Power and higher consciousness are the keynotes. ARIES= The Patriarchy literally. Aquarius/The STar= 8/17 infinity. NOW. the bigger picture. Draw down the higher frequencies to obtain true power not ego control, the lower side of the King.

So many synchonocities.  The 9 of disks is what we need to work with on the inner planes. The task of manifesting the spiritual energies.

Change is the hopes/fears  card. The 2 of disks/coins/earth. 

The 2 of wands is the future outcome along with the STAR.  The two’s are balance, dialogue, opposition, with the highest consciousness of the STAR. 

An auspicious reading. There is no air in it. A lack of mental distraction and over analysis is a good thing.  This is the beginning of the cycle and it will take until November for the energies to shift.

Sat. March 21

the Cardinal cross energy weekend effect again

VENUS in Taurus is making bad bedfellows with  Saturn in Sagittarius which is squaring Neptune

This will feel awkward, show me the goods, vs, all talk no action and dreaming the dream.

Moon conjuncts MARS in the evening so expect a red hot rip roaring Saturday night.

Moon enters TAURUS MArch 22

it will be sensuous, earthy and a but bumpy..


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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It might as well be spring State Fair