Trump and Trudeau, the two Mr. T’s, Astrology

Justin Trudeau, the ” I am a Feminist” Prime Minister since 2015 is a Liberal.  He meets The Donald today, Feb 13th for the first time in Washington D.C. scheduled for 2:00 pm EST.

Trump and Trudeau astrology Tara Greene

Most of us Canuck’s are pretty proud of our P.M. for having an equal balanced house of men and women. Trudeau welcomes Syrian refugees and said he would take all of those Trump turned away immediately when Trump’s ban went into place.

Trudeau is young, 45, handsome, the son of a former Prime Minster who governed for three terms and was brought up in wealth and privilege. Trudeau has always backed big oil, as Canada’s established economy depends on the dirty Alberta Tar Sands and other natural resources.

Canada and the U.S. have the largest border in the world. Canada is currently their 2nd largest trading partner after China, with $575 billion in total (two-way) goods trade during 2015. Goods exports totaled $280 billion; goods imports totaled $295 billion. The U.S. goods trade deficit with Canada was $15 billion in 2015. There are only 36,286,378 Canadians as of 2016 compared to the U.S. which has 322,762,018 people. We have the 2nd largest land mass in the world and 1/9th the population.  The U.S. violent crime murder rate is 23 times higher than Canada’s. The U.S  rape rate/ violent crime is 147 times higher than Canada’s!  see more stats below”

Here is what Trump and Trudeau’s birth charts together look like. I’ll decipher this so that you can see how they will get along. 

Interestingly the two T’s charts almost align perfectly. Trump’s Ascendant is in late Leo and Trudeau’s is in early Virgo. 

Donald TRUMP is a GEMINI, a dual-natured and very unique individual, with URANUS, the sign of rebellion, inventiveness and pioneering, and his NORTH NODE in GEMINI conjunct to his Sun. Trump has the majority of his planets in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius. 

Trudeau is an earthy Capricorn, with lots of fire and air elements in his chart. Venus and his North Node are in the sign of freedom, Aquarius, he has to champion Feminism. LOL. Trudeau has his MOON in spontaneous ARIES, with Chiron. Pluto and Uranus in airy LIBRA, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter in “tell it like it is”, SAGITTARIUS. Trudeau has his MARS at the very last degree of the Zodiac PISCES! The most compassionate degree there is. Of course, he will always take in refugees and root for the underdog. See my analysis of Trudeau’s natal chart here:

When we see the two charts combined, Trump is on the Inner wheel in Blue and Trudeau on the outer wheel in Red.

Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau astrology chart Tara Greene


















Trump’s NEPTUNE in LIBRA, in his 2nd house of money and resources, and Trump’s MERCURY in CANCER, form a T-square with Trudeau’s SUN in CAPRICORN. This means difficulty negotiating what’s best for Trump’s home- the U.S. with oil. Neptune governs oil, debt, delusion and secrets. That doesn’t look good.

They are largely opposites, but they have a very strong PAST LIFE CONNECTION. Trump’s SUN- URANUS -N.N. Gemini SUN opposes Justin’s JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS, the sign of politics, International relations, truth, justice, and honesty. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, humor, and it governs Sagittarius. Justin’s Jupiter is really strong and is exactly conjunct to Trump’s Moon, which symbolizes his moods, his unconscious, emotional side, and Trump’s South Node. This is a really strong Past Life karmic indicator. This can indicate that Trump was either Justin’s mother in a past life, or that Justin was his teacher and educated him. Justin can teach Trump a thing or two about fairness and justice and respecting women now that’s for sure. They are opposites but could be incredibly strongly tied. Will Trump hug Trudeau? They may both even start to cry when they touch. The Moon governs sentimentality. There could be a strong passive-aggressive, chaotic energy between the two of them. They may be totally repulsed by each other. Trudeau needs to humor Trump, to say the least. 

Trudeau’s Moon in Aries, which trines the Moon-Jupiter, South Node conjunction and opposes Trumps, Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in LIBRA where Trump is the most vulnerable in that he cannot negotiate. Where Trump is most vulnerable conjuncts Trudeau’s URANUS, Juno and Lilith where he is an innovator in respecting women and all rejected peoples. 

This is a two-way Jupiter- Sun- Moon-Uranus configuration. Connected but repelling. These oppositions also have nice aspects from Fire and Air trines. That spells CHAOS, but potentially creative and inventive at the highest level. 

Trudeau practices Yoga, his lovely wife Sophie, is a yoga instructor, he was an actor, and he is an extremely compassionate Spiritual Warrior because of MARS at the 29th degree of PISCES.  This is Trudeau’s passive- aggressive tool which he can use, as it trines Trump’s VENUS-SATURN’s “tough love”  conjunction in late degrees of CANCER. Trump loves his family, and if they can confer about the whole world being family as Trudeau sees it, they may be able to broker a deal. 

Interesting the two men both have JUNO, the symbol of FEMININE GENIUS conjunct in LIBRA. Yes, there are Juno Awards in Canada, and a famous Film too. They could put their heads together and if they listen to their feminine intuition logically they could work out many new deals and be very ambassadorial with each other. New NAFTA deal which is a WIN-WIN situation? 


Most importantly Trudeau’s SATURN at Zero degrees GEMINI Retrograde sits on his own M.C. and TRUMP’s M.C. the highest place of worldly power in any chart. Trump’s is in sensual, stubborn TAURUS.  This indicates that Trudeau is the more mature, wiser, communicator and negotiator. They both have their MC’s conjunct to the Fixed Star with the worst reputation ALGOL or Medusa. Trudeau will have to fix TRUMP with “that stare” that can turn men to stone, so it says in the myths in order to handle him.

Trudeau’s has a natal Saturn in GEMINI, Neptune in SAGITTARIUS opposition, this is where he may also flip-flop. Trudeau can promise one thing because he is acting from two polarities, just like Trump does. Then Neptune, the Idealist steps up. This is a drive with the breaks on issue. Trump’s LILITH, where he fears, despises and wants to control and suppress women is tightly involved in this. This is where they will disagree the most. They are supposed to be talking about women on the 13th too. 

Trudeau’s CHIRON in ARIES, where he is the most wounded and vulnerable is in his Natal 8th house of “other people’s money, taxes and transformation.” This is opposite to Trump’s NEPTUNE in LIBRA, in both their 2nd houses of resources, very fittingly. NEPTUNE rules OIL, delusion, illusion, debt, and relationships and also conjuncts to TRUDEAU’S Natal PLUTO. This is a fight between who has the most power of course. 


There is a hypothetical body called Transpluto-ISIS. Interestingly enough, Trudeau’s South Node, his karmic past life is in LEO, sign of KINGS, exactly conjunct to Trump’s symbol of ISIS conjunct his PLUTO, opposite Justin’s VENUS-NORTH NODE conjunction in AQUARIUS. Trudeau will be open minded about refugees, ISIS, and unity for all. On that they will disagree totally. TRUMP wants to annihilate ISIS because it is his own PLUTO shadow, his own unconsciousness, which want to have total control and power. Not that ISIS isn’t dangerous or destructive. 

Trump is a very dangerous person with both Mars and PLUTO, both rulers of SCORPIO, sign of control, power, secrets, nuclear energy, anger, criminality, delusion, addictions, self-sabotage, religion, confinement, institutions, glamor in his natal 12th house of spirituality. 

That’s a lot going on there. Canada depends on the U.S for trade, many border states do as well. NAFTA could be rewritten to better benefit both countries. Canada can  not defend itself against its more powerful neighbor. Trudeau has to play this very shrewdly. Canadians want him to stand up to Trudeau. 

Interestingly for Trudeau, the North Node which symbolizes the collective mode of the times is exactly on Trudeau’s Ascendant at 3 degrees of VIRGO. This means the liberal, caring, humble, health care providing society of Canada, the Karma we reap as the results of our actions is what the world needs now, plus LOVE.

I am hoping that Trudeau can sway Trump. MaybeTrump needs to learn to meditate. do yoga and chant OM. I hope this is a WIN-WIN for both countries. 

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