Wish upon the Stars-Tonight, Orionids Meteor showers, adviceTara Greene

Get ready to stay up to the wee hours Saturday Oct 20 and be ready to wish upon lots of falling stars, as

The annual Orionid’s meteor showers fly by at the rate of 25- 60 an hour tonight in North America

Appearing to come from Constellation Orion- the 3 very visible large stars in the Belt of the Hunter Constellation. Just above the belt is the bright orange star Betelgeuse, pronounced BEETLEJUICE ,  the meteorites are actually debris from Haley’s comet and they will appear to arise from there.

Orion, Egypt Pyramids,meteors

The Great Pyramids in Egypt were built to align with the 3 stars providing the pharaoh a straight pathway to these stars. Which was written about in the Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval which has been documented on BBC. see link below

Several planets will also be visible. Planets DO NOT SPARKLE or twinkle unfortunately they are not vampires.  Jupiter and Venus, the brightest objects in the night sky, will be arranged in a triangular configuration with Sirius, the Dog Star, during the pre-dawn moments of Oct. 21. Mars should also be visible as a red object in the southwest shortly after sunset.

see more at this great site which shows many world locations for viewing: http://spacedex.com/orionids/

A  first-quarter moon is setting around midnight, leaving the night sky very dark, the best conditions to watch the stars fall. Best viewing is away from city lights. You can expect around 25 meteors to shoot overhead per hour during the shower.Patience is necessary  but well worth the spectacular show. Make the skies clear with your mind’s intent for tonight.

Make lots of wishes on every falling meteorite you see. And always make wishes for others. I will be up watching the skies. 

My Grail Lady name and spiritual name is TARA, Lady of the STARS.

ORION MYSTERY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKyEGNZ5bEA