What’s going on? Galactic healing

 Post ARIES FULL MOON channeling.

This is a time of great feelings of vulnerability and woundedness. Many people are feeling outraged angry revolted and revolting against old tyrannies.

It’s a time when the veils between the worlds are lifting. We are all intuitively sensing that we are all part of one another when all of these great tragedies happen in our own country or in other countries in the world. There is a spiritual awakening of epic Galactic proportions going on.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is passing over the last few degrees of the last and most spiritual sign of Pisces now and for most of 2018. Pisces is the sign of SOURCE our spiritual origins; karma; dreams; forgiveness; compassion and oneness.

Ancient karmic spiritual baggage and their wounds are gaping raw and open. The ancient pus and karmic shadows are oozing out everywhere which is all too visible. It can be a time of super sensitivity emotionally and a time of great cleansing of many ancient karmic debts as well. 

PISCES is a sign of addictions illusions delusions false gurus denial glamour worship and wishful thinking. We can see that many are still in sleepwalker mode many run further away from their original pain into sex consumer the latest spiritual trend or painkiller addictions. 

comet paintings Napoleon Brousseau

Painting on paper by Napoleon Brousseau 1997 

Chiron’s square to the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius during this time with Saturn the cosmic cop also passing over the Galactic Center amps up the spiritual emergency nature of these powerful transits.  We need to use this extraordinarily powerful time to embrace our wounds all of them and open deeply to the ancient buried unconscious memories of sexual abuse which has been rampant over the centuries and lifetimes; the mistrust or vengeance; denial martyrdom self-denial or the abuse of power. 

ONLY by entering fully into those wounded parts of ourselves which we all have and we all share is the only way to heal the immense weight of this baggage. We can see the evidence everywhere in the world and can feel it in our personal lives and in our night dreams and our meditations. 

Being vulnerable to our karmic wounds and connecting through the Galactic Center is the only way to heal these ancient obligations.
Vulnerability is the greatest strength. Be vulnerable to your own soul, to your heart, to your fellow humans.
Know that we all incarnated now here for a specific reason. 

We are ending a very long cycle of illusions and delusions about who we are, where we originate and what the essence of our souls is.
We are beyond human and we are very human. We are stars of the earth. We are terrestrial stars. We are humanstars. We are celestial embodiments. We are stars who fell to earth.
Pay attention to the present moment. Remember your mission. We all fell to earth from the cosmic yoni, the Galactic Center to assist all the beings to remember their cosmic origins and to Restore this planet to the heaven world it is.

ARIES moon configures Cardinal Crosses with URANUS by conjunction and an opposition to Jupiter.

MERCURY in LIBRA inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES today

this may make it difficult to feel heard in relationships. Best to keep those dreams percolating to yourself. 


It’s a holiday weekend in both the U.S. It’ts Columbus or Native American Indian outrage day. It’s also Canadian Thanksgiving on MONDAY. 

It’s totally Taurus until Sunday evening in both PDT and EDT. 

Big aspect is the SUN MERCURY conjunction in LIBRA on the 8th.  A good 

A good day for bright ideas; feeling positive in relationships; socializing; and all creative endeavors. 

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Art by Napoleon Brousseau at http://www.napob.com


Channeling Full Moon Interdimensional energies

I’ve been feeling quite dizzy and exhausted all week. Usually, this is a result of a CME and coronal holes where solar winds hit the earth’s magnetosphere altering our earth’s and our bodies EMF’s.  When walking around I was feeling quite disoriented, with strong shifts in my hearing, and high-pitched frequencies coming in and out very loudly. I have always heard these high pitched frequencies my whole life, but these feel “closer.”

Downtown there was a young man who seemed alien, he had a beautiful smile but his whole face appeared to be a holographic mask. I have also seen pieces of reality shifting in and out like digital pixels. That is the nature of reality, I fist saw this in 1979 long before there were digital cameras. 

So stay on your toes, under this very intense CANCERIAN-CAPRICORN FULL THUNDER MOON frequency with MOON-PLUTO opposed to SUN MARS. I-N-T-E-N-S-E and OBSESSIVE. Beware of big blow-ups and blow outs. 

Saturday’s Capricorn Moon sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES in the afternoon PDT/ dinner time EDT and later in GMT. Which may make you feel extra ESPperceiving. Be careful doing any drugs, alcohol or medication under these very volatile strong emotional undertow currents. 

The Full MOON is on the 8th in PDT @ 9:07 pm.

The OMEGA/ CHANDRA symbol for 18 degrees Capricorn

” A forgotten painting stored in a vault. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

Spiritual Cleansing, Endings, and Rebirth” – How PLUTO/ SCORPIO like

“This degree is inherently patient and knows that it may take a long time before its gifts are appreciated. It’s also aware that when people are exposed to something again and again over a long period they can begin to take that thing for granted, and so sometimes its best to hold back what one has to offer until the time is right to bring it forth. 

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black leopard with green eyes.” The painting is stored in the dark, the leopard is a creature of the dark. Green is the color of emeralds, the gem of Mercury, the planet of communication. The artist’s painting was painted to communicate something, but it is not doing that – it dwells in the dark. Until it can communicate once again – open its eyes to the light, and reaffirm its power, which is like that of the leopard’s. “

symbols, witches, incantations, tara Greene

 art: François Miville-Deschênes

NOTE: I had found this pic on INSTAGRAM posted by Nuit Moore alluding to witchcraft earlier. I responded that it was the perfect image to go with the Thunder Moon and how black panther’s seemed so SCORPIO like. Then the Omega/Chandra symbol described it perfectly. Synchronicity. One of my totem animals is a black leopard, I’ve known this since I was a child and saw a movie about one which totally fascinated me. I have black hair and green eyes too. 

My friend the shamaness told me that Black Jaguars are the most powerful spirit animals in South America. She said they barely exist in this dimension. I believe her. 

“Sometimes when something is hidden it is a good thing – later, when it is re-revealed we may see it with fresh eyes. This degree knows the power of waiting for the right time to act, the right time to bring forth its ideas. It uses the power of darkness and silence to enhance what is eventually and finally communicated.” I like that last sentence. 

Pleiadian Symbol: A glorious dragon of many colors embroidered onto a flag.

Azoth Symbol: A speaker intuiting what her audience needs to hear.

Seed degree: 4 Scorpio 4. An albino woman unaffected by the rays of the sun. (Omega Symbol). When we cease to allow the obvious to overpower our consciousness we become aware of hidden treasures everywhere.

A loud roar as a tornado approaches. (Chandra Symbol). The intensity and power of overpowering thought forms give rise to potent desires and a deep, burning desire to communicate and connect.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 24.An empty perfume bottle, the scent completely gone. (Omega Symbol). What has been lost is come to be seen as something that may be translated into the present via the imagination, or completely let go of to make way for whatever new is to come.” – John Sandbach. 

Check out where 18 degrees of CAPRICORN/CANCER falls in your astrology chart to get your personal intuitive message about what this Thunder Moon of change augurs for you. For me the MOON/PLUTO is in my  2nd house of resources, and SUN/MARS in my 8th house of power, other people’s money, transformation. The SUN/MOON square my NEPTUNE/VENUS conjunction in my 11th house indicating my need to work with groups and expand my influence through the Internet.

Meditate on the symbols, and sit at the Full Moon and examine deeply your own unconscious. Pay attention to what you see out of the corner of your eyes. If deep unresolved fears and sorrow come up do let yourself cry. This powerful moon can move mountains.  The Moon symbolizes the moods of the people, and PLUTO the collective unconscious. We can shape the collective from out own conscious choices.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless in quotes and indicated. 

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Trump, name destiny, Fool or President/King?

I haven’t really looked at Donald Trump ‘s chart in-depth so here we go. The Donald is full of HOT AIR in his chart with a predominance of AIR elements-GEMINI, LIBRA and FIRE ,SAGITTARIUS and LEO. 

BIRTH CHART of DONALD TRUMP June 14 1946 @ 10:54 a.m. Jamaica, New York

Donald Trump astrology, Tara Greene

Donald Trump’s Personality and Soul numbers are pretty funny and perfect.

How could I not use the Tarot TRUMP Arcana with Donald Trump? Its name destiny. 

Donald Trump’s birthdate reduces to a #22 Personality Number,a Master Number indicating someone who is already enlightened. An Old Soul. Yes some of you are laughing out there. Other’s are going “Right Man.” 

my interpretation of THE KING/EMPEROR/PRESIDENT #4 TRUMP

Original Artwork of Collage Assemblage Artist Andrea Matus deMeng

Original Artwork of Collage Assemblage Artist Andrea Matus deMeng

The #22 TRUMP in the Tarot is the zero and 22 and is symbolized by THE FOOL – Now if Donald Trump doesn’t look like the Fool I don’t know who embodies that more.  The Fool is the soul itself, who is ready to walk off a cliff, in a perfect state of trust and innocence. The Fool is fearless, innocent and open to everything in the Tarot.

I can totally see Trump embodying the Fool/Jester. 

Trump’s SOUL TRUMP is #4 THE EMPEROR and this is even easier to see Donald being THE KING.

In the old European Fairy Tales the KING always had a Jester or Fool by his side because they are two sides of the same coin. The Fool is considered to be the one with the real power as the KING is the ego who craves power. POwer can come and go very easily. “The Fool” must run the show.

The problem is is Trump gets elected do we want a Royal Fool running the most powerful country on earth?

DONALD Trump is a GEMINI and just like Ben Carson said in his endorsement of Trump “There are two sides to Donald Trump.” Truer words were never spoken. His SUN is up in his 10th house of worldly fame and power. Gemini’s love to talk and can sell anything. Donald craves attention and loves to get tongues wagging.  He loves P.R. and knows how to create it. 

Trump has his NORTH NODE in GEMINI very close to his SUN. He was born on the day of a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE @ 23 degrees 05 minutes of Sagittarius. People born on eclipses have strong character and destinies. His emotions are unharnessed, wild. His Moon in Sagittarius is the centaur, he is uncivilized. He has “hoof in mouth” disease. Perhaps The Donald thinks his crazy ass hair is his mane? He is honest but duplicitous. Who knows what he is really thinking? Sagittarius rules International trade, legal matters and foreigners.

All of Trumps talk about deporting Muslims and Mexicans is a blocked form of his natal Moon in Sagittarius which was eclipsed at his birth by the Earth’s shadow falling onto the Moon. The Moon is the Feminine in a man’s chart and he talks and brags about women and rides roughshod over them while marrying immigrant woman. Sounds like Gemini/Sagittarius two-facedness to me. 

Trump also has ORCUS conjunct his SUN and NORTH NODE. The recently discovered {2004} planetoid which is like a twin to PLUTO, they  are both names for the same Lord of the Underworld. Orcus is a Gemini-like  “evil twin to Pluto” if you can imagine that. Pluto symbolizes the collective Unconscious and in The Donald’s chart he carries that unconscious shadowy Plutonic projection. All the dirt that no one has dared to say in public, well that’s the The Donald’s job karmically. He is the mouthpiece for the people’s shadows, fears of death, control issues, sex, money, taxes, garbage. Someone has to do it.

Trump also has URANUS the planet of the radical, free-spirited, “do my own thing and to hell with everyone else,” strong individuality in Gemini very close to his SUN and N.N. He is radical.

Trump also has asteroid PRIAPUS, which is the God of fertility and protection against jealousy conjunct his URANUS. Now it sounds like strange sex. Priapus is depicted as having a huge erection. The Donald was going on about the size of his penis. 

Priapus, penis, phallus,

from Pompeii, fresco. Priapus’s big shlong is weighing the fruits.

One of the most interesting things about Donald’s chart is he was born with MERCURY OUT OF BOUNDS, this only happens 13% of the time. An O.O.B. planet acts like a rebel, cannot be contained, and it is obvious that Donald is exactly that rebel cannon. His Natal Mercury is in CANCER in the11th house He speaks very emotionally and his Mother had a very strong influence on his thinking. 

Trump’s MOON is in SAGITTARIUS  in his 4th house which is the most natural place for the Moon to be. He is very much expressing his Unconscious feelings from childhood. He is moody in a very fiery way. His mother must have had a very domineering effect on her son. Deep down Donald is extremely emotionally needy but needs space in his relationships. His Moon is conjunct his SOUTH NODE IN SAGITTARIUS and he feels safe with foreign “exotic” women. I believe he has past life karma to work out with all of his wives, with Moon conjunct South Node. 

He has VENUS {money, beauty, women,luxury} conjunct SATURN {the father, authority} in his 11th house in CANCER. The Donald inherited a lot of money from his father. He is extremely sentimental and craves that Patriarchal sense of power and protecting what is his family. Building walls and so forth.

DONALD has MARS IN LEO and PLUTO in his 12th house of the unconscious, of self-undoing, of karma. Donald feels he ought to be King and his unconscious is driving his desire to Lord it over everyone. This is dangerous and narcissistic. He is largely unconscious with Pluto in the 12th and projecting the collective’s shadow. The Donald is a very angry man, and he can be quite dangerous. He talks about killing and punching people. But is most likely a blow-hard talker and wouldn’t do it. He is passionately driven and could be prone to heart attacks. 

DONALD was born to be KING of course with his ASCENDANT at 29 LEO conjunct FIXED STAR REGULUS. 

Donald has JUPITER planet of expansion in his 2nd HOUSE of resources in LIBRA, sign of balance moving RETROGRADE. Jupiter is higher law, justice, faith, travel and optimism. He does seem to have limitless abundance in his life even though he has lost many deals.

CHIRON the wounded healer is conjunct his JUPITER in LIBRA and square his North Node and URANUS in GEMINI and the SUN. Jupiter in LIBRA loves beautiful things, but he craves them to cover his innate wounds and vulnerability. Chiron is also conjunct to JUNO, in the Roman myth she is HERA the long-suffering wife, of the philandering husband Zeus, who keeps the marriage together for the sake of looks. Juno is the Feminine form of Genius whose symbol is a peacock. A male peacock is a very showy bird.  DONALD is deeply insecure.

Donald has NEPTUNE in LIBRA square his MERCURY in CANCER. Most of what he says is fantasy and illusion and his deep need to be loved. Look at his home, an overly obnoxious fantasy gilded cage. He is a chameleon, a shape-shifter a projectionist. 

Donald’s MC or career position is TAURUS the sign of real estate and money and good taste. Venus rules his Mid-Heaven, MC. with Saturn he has old world taste. 

on SUPER TUESDAY March 15 what does it look like?

Mercury is opposite JUPITER at 17 PISCES /Virgo. These degrees also align with the Solar Eclipse of March 8. This is exactly square to Donald’s URANUS in GEMINI. Jupiter expands, the element of surprise, upsetting the status quo.. Chaos reigns. We already saw the chaos from the protestors at his attempted talk on Chicago. 

 The SUN AT 24 PISCES is exactly squaring his Gemini SUN

This can bring his ability to project the fantasy and delusions of others onto the world.

THE NORTH NODE AT 21+ VIRGO is exactly SQUARING DONALD’s NORTH AND SOUTH NODES and his SUN AND MOON and the eclipse degree he was born under. THIS IS extremely KARMIC. It is destiny.It is challenging. 

SATURN at 16+ degrees is opposite Donald’s natal URANUS. this is should I stay or should I go territory. He is also pushing the establishment{ Saturn} into wild territory.

On the 15th, the Moon is in GEMINI and goes VOID @ 10:03 am PDT/ 1:03 pm EDT/ this also throws an anything can happen energy into the mix. The Moon enters Cancer @ 5:57 pm PDT/ 8:57 pm EDT. At 11:57 pm PDT the Moon is at 3 degrees CANCER squaring Donald’s natal NEPTUNE in LIBRA.  The Moon always symbolizes the mood of the people. The U.S. Sun is in CANCER making people feel more sentimental, conservative, moody and protective as the day goes on. 

The U.S. Sibley chart has VENUS And JUPITER at 3 and 5 degrees of CANCER respectively. This makes the people relate emotionally to a candidate who they feel uplifts or promises some ideal for them which makes them feel safe at home. 

CHIRON the wounded healer is at 21+ PISCES exactly in square to The Donald’s SUN NORTH and SOUTH NODES and his NATAL MOON. He may be symbolizing the unconscious wounds of the people. Chiron in Pisces is fantasy illusion, addictions, martyrdom, scapegoating. Donald is showing the very deep wounds in the collective psyche.

The U.S. Natal chart has its MARS its martial energies which are very strong at 21 degrees GEMINI. Yes smack dab on Donald’s you know whats. 

Of course URANUS at 19 degrees ARIES is  opposing D’s Natal Jupiter in Libra making him a surprise radical in his own way. PLUTO also at 17 degrees CAPRICORN is as well. Pluto symbolizes the Collective Unconscious which Donald is embodying. This makes Donald seem like he is the balancing act somehow or the best of the worst. 

Neptune at 10 degrees PISCES is inconjunct D.’s natal PLUTO in LEO. He is the grand protectionist of everyone’s own denial. 

Donald is currently experiencing a #1 Year in his numerology. The energy of THE MAGICIAN. He is the Mercurial instigator.

OK I stop here. It is DST and I have lost an hour of sleep.

I believe Donald will pull ahead. He may have some challenges from the other candidates still. 

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Neptune in Pisces,Te’o lies, hoaxes,delusion is the new normal,Astrology

Lance Armstrong- “nah I didnt think I did anything wrong.”

Manti Te’o’s  non existent girlfriend is dead -hoax- what?

America will recover financially” ….

“I never had sex with him/her” …..

“I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God

Lies lies, delusion, illusions, smoke and mirrors, Wizard of Oz, what’s real and what isn’t?

gonna be harder and harder to tell.  

NEPTUNE – God of the Ocean  is in his own realm now  and powerful

Get used to it

The TRIDENT GUY will slowly take us on an underwater tour of the Collective Unconscious till 2025.

 WILD and  crazy lies, deceit and ego-arrogance are spilling out all over already, Neptune just moved to 1 degrees PISCES.

 It’ll get better and better, weirder and weirder. FANTASY?  ILLUSION? SANITY?

CHIRON the Wounded Healer in Pisces as well till 2015 is accelerating the healing potential. 

This is  Neptune we are talking about ephemera, chimeras, hocus-pocus, mirages, delusions, deceptions, fool’s paradise, phantasm, phantom, the shadow,

illusion, daydream, snake oil salesman, make-believe, illusions, reverie, anything unreal, hallucinations, drug trip etc. 

“NOTHING IS REAL” sang John Lennon “and nothing to get hung about” 


so welcome to the re-run on a higher level of the tripped out ’60’s. 

tune in , turn on , drop out  there’s plenty of PSYCHO DRUGS being fed to millions now.

might as well get  your hookah out and mellow out for the next 12 years dudes… 

things are getting mighty unveiled here…  

EVERYONE’S  BOUNDARIES are breaking down and everyone’s ESP is expanding rapidly 

Don’t be alarmed  if you hear strange voices in your head,or feel overwhelmed with emotion from out of nowhere

it’s the silent sound of psychic walls dissolving, the false illusions of our separation is melting  faster than a chocolate bar on a sunny July windowsill.

it’s all GOOD! If your psychic legs are wobbly I offer assistance to help guide you to walk on water so to speak

I was born this way.

life  is but a dream….    


But don’t expect things to be easy to hold on to, we are moving into BIG WATER this summer at end of JULY there will be a big GRAND WATER TRINE Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces.


I have had some very intense dreams lately… One in which I was in a foreign country, with many brown-skinned people, they were hiding in very tall grasses near a body of water. Suddenly military helicopters descend from the left in the sky and start firing machine guns, people are screaming, running and dropping like flies. I am shocked and terrified and can’t believe I am witnessing the mowing down of innocent people.

in such a crass, inhuman, detached way. The green grass is stained ruby pomegranate red with blood. 

Then a beautiful young woman appears and she walks down to the beach and starts to sing. She has a very powerful angelic voice and she is calling in higher spirits. After a few minutes orbs of flashing light, whiz in from all direction like fireflies. The entire scene is filled with sparks and balls of light, flashing, illuminating, iridescent and they felt beautiful. I began singing too.

I felt uplifted, in the midst of the carnage, help is on the way! ANGELS ASCEND FROM EVERY DIRECTION

I believe… DO YOU BELIEVE?   

angels Tara Greene

Speaking of ANGELS – NEPTUNE is approaching a  conjunction with FIXED STAR- Fomalhaut which is the ARCHANGEL GABRIEL


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STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER The Beatles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7uBrx5aJ20