Coinbase Astrology

I thought I’d check out COINBASE Astrology Chart and the transits April 14, 2021 as it has its IPO on the stock market. Note that Bitcoin just reached its highest valuation ever as has Ethereum the day before. I swear Corporations use Astrology because this is a great day to launch a Bull MArket run with Venus the planet of Money entering her home sign of Taurus-the Bull Market today at 2:22 pm EDT.

COINBASE, a secure trading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, ethereum etc. was born June 20, 2012 just after the historic VENUS transit in front of the SUN on June 5/6th in GEMINI as you can see VENUS is RETROGRADE here. Venus crossing in front of the Sun which was what the whole 2012 MAYAN “End of the calendar” was all about, the ancient Mayans watched and worshipped VENUS. Venus won’t cross in front of the SUN again until December 10–11, 2117 and the Coinbase operation carries this SPECIAL GOLDEN MONEY energy.

To read about how astrology and the NY stock Exchange go together read this article about the founding of the NYSE in 1792 synchronizing with the Constellations o fthe Great Bear and Taurus The Bull. which is where the phrase Bull or Bear market originate.


Watch the video I made explaining what the company means and what will happen

Don’t buy stocks or crypto if you can’t afford to lose.

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