Massive X-class Solar Flare blacks out Australia and New Zealand as Sun and earth are closest

A BIG Solar flare hits AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND with a blackout as the earth is at perihelion on January 4 2023 Perihelion Day which occurs about two weeks after every December Solstice, and on this day, Earth’s center is approximately 91,402,500 miles from the sun’s center.

“NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a massive solar flare on Thursday (Jan 5) at 7:45 p.m. EST (0045 GMT on Jan. 6). The outburst blasted out a glowing-hot plasma dome that lingered above the sunspot AR3182 for over an hour, according to in new tab). Because of the sun‘s rotation, the lively sunspot will soon face Earth and could continue its explosive activity in the days ahead. “

Apparently a satellite was almost lost. Sending good vibes to those areas on a Full Cancer Moon. I know a lot of astrologers in Aus. Julia Simas of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Olga Morales, there are lots of famous OZ astrologers who I am acquainted with. If you feel dizzy, tired and headache, its the effects of the Solar flares affecting the electro-magnetic frequencies of the earth.

2022 ends with major solar storm

A major solar storm and winds from the sun unleashed an M Class solar flare and winds which should hit earth late on New Years Eve. These EMF changes can block out satellite and radio frequencies, and GPS, affecting airplanes.

You will feel dizzy, tired, headachy and over sensitive as a result of these fluctuations.

Do be careful if drinking alcohol which further impacts your perception. Our animals are more sensitive than we are to solar flares.

Stay hydrated, and breathe deep to stay grounded, rest as much as you need.

A fitting end to 2022. Also Venus conjuncts Pluto New Year’s Eve abs New Year’s Day in EST and GMT.

Have a happy healthy new year.

Don’t you feel like you can’t believe the year is over?
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Large CME September 24 will not hit earth

Yes there was a TikTok conspiracy about a solar flare hitting the earth and more Judgement Day doom and gloom. But I felt nothing dangerous would happen. Under a Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune which is la la land fantasy projections. Pisces can be paranoia too. These produce radio black outs. The sun spots are tied to earthquakes as they effect the magnetic fields of the earth. Thus was a huge sun prominence and maybe there will be more activity on the sun. Stay centered and grounded.

Sending you blessings.

I will put up a New Moon video later today. I’ve been going through so much. Saturn approaching my IC is heavy duty and very literal.

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Astrology and Solar Flare Geomagnetic Storm, Northern Lights

In alignment with the Sun-Mars and Sun-Mercury Cazimi in Astrology October 8-9 a huge solar flare October 9 which caused geomagnetic storm and amazing auroras on October 12. On Oct. 9, specialists at NASA detected a solar flare that could culminate in aurora borealis over the northern hemisphere Oct. 11-12. Were you lucky enough to see the beautiful show? I was certainly feeling the energies. Although I wasn’t consciously aware of it. My energy was all over the place i couldn’t sleep the night of the 9th and was exhausted all of the 10th. These CME’s are becoming more frequent lately as the sun was supposed to be in its solar minimum. Sun is still relatively quiet. The CME’s change out bodies electromagnetic frequency. Tesla said everything is about frequency. So on some level the sun and the Angels behind the SUN the Big watchers are upleveling or changing our Frequencies everytime these Northern Lights are on show. A beautiful way of knowing we are being mutated. Source: Solar Flare Causes Geomagnetic Storm, Aurora Expected In Northern Reaches and more here get a reading. SIGN UP NOW for October 19 ARIES FULL MOON Astrology Magic On fire LIVE workshop at 7:30 pm EDT. Cost is $28. U.S. or Canadian for Canadians.

Solar tsunami this weekend Astrology, Spiritual upgrades

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An unexpected CME or Coronal Mass Ejection erupted from the Sun August 26 and fired off a “solar tsunami” of hot plasma setting off a magnetic wave across the surface of the sun.

The CME is set to hit the earth August 28/29 and into the 30th a fine way to end August. there will likely be big Northern Lights and possibly satellite and radio black outs.

These CME’s affect the magnetic Torus fields of the earth and us as we are also Electic magnetic beings, vibrating with life. Some new age channellers see these Coronal mass ejections as light language upgrades. We are affected as the radiation and magnetism is altered. We are being mutated..

The fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field can make you feel extremely tired, headachy, and dizzy. I often feel this before I know the Solar storms are coming.

As the Virgo Sun squares the Nodes at 6 degrees Virgo/ Gemini the North Node is a pivotal karmic point and our highest aspiration.

The North Node represents the mirror of the collective unconscious. Is the world’s present state of insanity what you would choose consciously?

A solar tsunami requires we become solar surfers. What do you need to surf the Sun and be in perfect harmony and synch? There was a book called Surfers of the Zuvuya by Jose Arguelles who created the first Harmonic Convergence in 1987 talking about riding the perfect wave in synchronicity with the harmonies of endless time.

This would be a great time to Meditate and practice the Luminous Structure exercises which my colleague Maureen Walton has created based on ancient Quero indigenous teachings in Peru.

Http:// Http://

Do tune into the solar tsunami frequencies and see what you can download.

Sending you many blessings.

Watch the video on my YouTube channel.

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Bitcoin 1st future trade Dec. 10

The birth chart for Bitcoin’s first futures trading on a Stock exchange on December 10 2017 @ 5:00 pm CT. is a way of being able to see what its future will be.

This is the first big financial product linked to cryptocurrency. The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) will launch its Bitcoin futures contract, which allows investors to bet on whether its price will rise or fall.

It’s a key moment because it will allow a new wave of professional money to go into Bitcoin, and provide an easy way to short it. Many financial advisers see Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in recent weeks as a classic bubble, a few might be tempted to bet against it. Or the leaps in its price last week mean it might not be a risk worth taking.

On Sunday, Bitcoin was trading at $15,557U.S. compared to last week’s highs of just over $17,000. On Saturday it was down to $13,000.

Cryptocurrencies are ruled in Astrology by the planet URANUS. URANUS is the GOD of Chaos. Anything can happen. It is revolutionary freedom-oriented and tears down old Saturnian structures.  

Remember that one huge CME from the SUN would wipe out the Internet and all the cryptocurrencies would be defunct.

The Chart has the ‘ World Point” Zero degrees CAPRICORN on the Descendant indicating what this trade means to the world. It is big it is serious but it can be a karmic test as well. SATURN traditionally rules both CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS. Uranus is used in modern rulership.

Bitcoin CBOE trade astrology Tara Greene

                                                   CBOE BITCOIN First Futures trade

Launching under a MERCURY RETROGRADE is not a good idea for anything. MERCURY is the planet of Merchants and merchandise. Mercantile is defined as “relating to trade or commerce; commercial.” 

Mercury is also the God of THIEVES and tricksters. The key here is does anyone really know who started Bitcoin? Bitcoin was used for drug and underworld trading as the owners are always in secret even though every trade is accounted for. Bitcoin could be run by the CIA or the Mafia or the Federal Reserve or some other secret organization. Some big brains thought this up. It’s not necessarily a left-leaning revolutionary power to the people- break the federal bank’s anarchists as they promote. 

With Mercury Retro. in Sagittarius tightly up against SATURN the COSMIC TAX MAN on the descendant the planet of structure reality and history; restrictions and legislation, it makes sense that Bitcoin goes legit and is taken seriously as these trades will be taxed. But it can also be a test run. It can be a very hard reality crash for many people who have brought in high during the last couple of weeks F.O.B. L. O. Fear Of Being Left Out mania. 

Mercury will Retrograde back and conjunct the SUN on December 12th which gives it strength and power. This can also be seen as a transfer of power. But Mercury is also “CAZIMI” -meaning burned out from being too close to the SUN which is symbolized by gold. Is Bitcoin the new gold standard?  Remember it is backed up by nothing material or substantial.

It doesn’t matter if Bitcoin goes up or down on this market because Money will be made either way. The market can also be easily manipulated by big Financial traders to go the way they want. This is not a game for little investors although some will make money. It reminds me of the boom in the late 90’s to early 2000. Then you remember where that went.  

December 15 Retro. Mercury conjuncts Venus in SAGITTARIUS 

Venus rules Money and Values this can be a big re-evaluation or price correction day.  You want to watch Venus’ transits as well. Venus in SAGITTARIUS is foreign investments politics and the law. 

SATURN enters CAPRICORN on December 19th and hits the D.C.

This is the next big 2.5-year shift in the world to a more realistic hands-on traditional mode of working. Saturn always pulls back limits tests and is mature for staying the course.  Saturn crossing the Descendant indicates a merging or marrying with others. This is a karmic event. All planets crossing the 4 quadrant cusps carry big weight. Saturn literally carries the most.

In the most literal sense, Saturn is lead. It can give Bitcoin weight or it can sink it as being intangible. Traditional money may see Bitcoin as the long-distance future being born now.

Saturn and Pluto Lord of Plutocracy are headed for a huge merge on January 12, 2020, @ 22 degrees CAPRICORN.  This may be the birth of that. Note Jupiter catching up to conjoin Pluto in April 2020. That means super wealth. But Jupiter conjunct Pluto is also BIG DEATH and REBIRTH in the world, in business.

The BIG event for cryptocurrencies and the world:

JUPITER-SATURN conjunction DECEMBER 21 2020 at ZERO degrees AQUARIUS.

JUPITER expands and Saturn contracts. Here they balance each other out.

This is a once in 20-year conjunction. This is again the most important conjunction. As 20 years is an archetypal generation.  This is a HUGE event. I’ll write more about it separately. 

Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st 2017. This is the reality check. Venus enters Capricorn on Dec. 24. She joins SATURN on the 25th Christmas Day.

Venus is traditional in Capricorn she likes old-fashioned material reality, not Uranus ruled Cryptocurrencies. On the flip side. This can make bitcoin cryptocurrencies a legitimate value. 

We know the world is going cryptocurrency anyways as Uranus enters TAURUS on May 15th, 2018. 

TAKING THE BULL BY THE HORNS. Bull markets will be revolutionized.

URANUS rules the people’s freedom and independence from SATURNIAN structures. Salt was once a measure of wealth by the Romans. Tulips were for the Dutch. Columbus set out to find India for valuable spices. All that glitters may not be gold in the future. I have seen many young people who got into bitcoin early on thinking that they will all become super millionaires and create a new earth ship based on ecological concerns taking care of your tribe collaborations decentralized power and freedom. It is a UTOPIAN vision. 

 In Greek Mythology, Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, Uranus was conceived by Gaia alone, a parthenogenic VIRGIN BIRTH but other sources cite Aetheras his father. Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans, and the ancestors of most of the Greek gods, but no cult to Uranus survived into Classical times. CHRONOS or SATURN the youngest son of Uranus castrated him and threw his testicles into the sea on earth. From Uranus’s spilled blood Giants wer born and the Erinyes -The Furies-and other beings. From the sperm, or sea foam Aphrodite or Venus was born. Many myths and symbols to deal with here. 

KEYWORDS- revolution invention freedom chaos tricksters in the marketplace. Unreal. 

Let me know what you think? Have you bought Bitcoin or Ethereum or some of the others?

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Cosmic solar flares and earth trines

As above so below. That’s the famous Hermetic Maxim. 

Sun= Helios= Appolo = Sol 

Sol is on fire.  SOUL IS ON FIRE. The great Mystery always speaks in puns. Its GOD LANGUAGE.

You know dog spelled backwards. 


The physical SUN Erupted with two coronal mass ejections September 10, These CME’s alter the magnetic fields for millions of miles and the solar winds. This X Class 1.6 one is headed directly towards us on earth, speeding across space at 2.5 million miles per hour. 

We are set to get hit with geomagnetic storms Sept 12. They can knock out electric grids and satellites.  But Don’t panic, like chicken Little. I got an email from a client worried. Although the U.S. just realized how dangerous and easy it could be if we were hit hard- the entire grid could go down. Was that a bit of presqua vu, preparing everyone? Ya Think?

THERE will be amazing Aurora Borealis shows in Norway, Iceland and Northern Canada and U.S.

Northern Lights Tara Greene


so go out and look up Friday night.

I usually feel very dizzy during these fluctuations in electromagnetic energy that happens during these solar flares. I am not feeling that way yet but I am also in Sedona where the electro magnetic energy is very high naturally anyways. Are you feeling it? Are you panicking?


Taurus Moon Trines Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn 11 degrees 

This should help you stay grounded. 

Moon squares Jupiter in Leo in the eve. Stubborn ego battles.


Well this aspect alone would guarantee communications and tech breakdowns. So I predict there will be some grids down. Make sure you have water and candles or flashlights ready. I would be cautious about being airborne.

Tune into what you feel is happening.

Moon quincunx Mercury in Libra late at night

Earth breakdown with communications. Dont try to explain.

I had a vision today. It was as if 9th dimensional Lovers entered the space They were full of Light, kissing it was like Egyptian great goddess ISIS and Osiris. 


the Lovers Tarot Tara Greene

The Greenwood Tarot


I gotta go. Been in transit takes me a day or two to get grounded from jet lag.

So happy to be in Sedona again


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Good Day Sunshine The Beatles 

Satellite of Love – Lou Reed 


Mercury Retrograde, heat,Venus Recovers sweet spot,I feel so close to you Astrology from Tara Greene

yes it’s hot, climate change is upon us. Huge chunks of glaciers the size of Manhattan just fell off. Hey haul them over here. I’ll give you some keys to staying cool when its this hot if you aren’t ethnically connected to ancestors from hot climes. My husband’s ancestors are Irish,Swedish, French and Native Canadian so he doesn’t like the heat. In Toronto today it was 43 with the humidex.  I love the heat. It did feel hotter today than I have ever felt in here.

I have crossed the Sahara desert, many years ago travelling from Cote D’Ivoire Ivory Coast through Mali to Timbuktu and through the Sahara to Algiers in a 6 week trip. It was 55 degrees Celsius and this was in September-October.

Tuareg territory Algeria Mali

Ghardaia ALgeria

The key to staying cool in the heat is to raise your internal body heat by mentally visualizing it. Simply let your temperature rise.  What burns you up? Now is the time to dredge up all the things that make you HOPPING MAD!!!  Turn you on and make you feel hot.

Drink hot liquids. My Russian Grandfather swore by hot black tea with lemon and sugar to stay cool. Ice cream, gelato and such although super tasty, temporary cools you down but does the opposite of what you wantl. Eat spicy foods, chilies, garlic etc. make yu sweat and keeps yu cool.

MERCURY is retrograde and yes, since Saturday, I have had old and UNEXPECTED! – Uranus Retrograde news. The usual snafu’s clients can’t get PAYPAL to work, wrong messages, you say tomatoes and they hear pork bellies. ya know the usual. How’s it  going by you?


VENUS is Recovering her RETROGRADE tracks now. She will be at the SWEET SPOT of her Sundance from June 5/6  on Friday July 20th when she regains 15 degrees 44 minutes of GEMINI. Where she was at the center of the sun transit.

So celebrate! Throw a big backyard Venusian shindig. VENUS loves beauty, company, socializing, flirting, getting sexy. This degree marks the Goddess clothed with the Sun, the advance of love, the recovery of love, the what was lost then, may be recovered now.And a whole new cycle starts again

Moon will be in LEO July 20

so it will be super passionate as the magnetic sweet spot of VENUS/Sun’s tango which left a deep impression.

I just realised that all those sunspots and MCE’s that have cranked up since their Rendezvous are caused by the passion of their attraction..

venus Sun transit astrology

One of my teachers taught indigenous Twisted Hair society Sweet Medicine teachings. She spoke of the Sacred Marriage and that everything in the universe was a passionate eternal infinite lovemaking of the Goddess and the God joyous, united, inseparable, orgasmic, ecstatic, and their infinite love and union’s orgasmic energy is what was constantly creating everything! Hindu’s believe the same and Kabbalistic teachings also speak of the ultimate Ain Soph Aur, in a similar manner.


Feel the heat  of the weather as the Sacred Passion, SEXY HEAT, orgasmic, sweat your prayers, the passion felt as  Sacred Marriage Love feast is what it’s all about. “The as above so below” is a superb philosophy.

I have always felt that  mainstream music and films which are a product of the collective unconscious -PLUTO territory are spelling it out- so here is

 I FEEL SO CLOSE TO YOU RIGHT NOW- it’s a forcefield by Calvin Harris

Bring back your passion, let yourself get melted down, let your defenses down…. open your heart,dance, celebrate being ALIVE!!!!

The universe  is making love to you at every moment! Your nano molecules and the Heart of the universe is intimately connected according to Quantum physics. To feel cut off from that LOVE Light and Source of love is an illusion. It is our raison d’être for being in these human bodies. lot so people are talking about ASCENSION – that means raising your consciousness and vibration to 5th and higher level dimensions.feeling bathed in red hot swety love is what it feels like, immersed in a lava flow of joy. Just imagine that.

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how about this song? ALicia Keys – NO One

on of my faves is HOT CHOCOLATE -PUT YOUR LOVE IN ME with National Film Board of Canada’s Norman McLaren classic

what are your favourite Hotty LOVE SONGS?