Mental burnout. Sun Mercury conjunction

MERCURY the planet of thinking and communications is now being burned out or “combusted” by the SUN which is the ancient astrology term for this phenomena. We’ve been feeling the effects all week as the sun burns out the mind. It’s exact on Oct 8. 

PLUTO in CAPRICORN is also squaring SOL MERCURY @ 16+ degrees CAPRICORN. the TRIPLE WHAMMY of  SUN/ MERCURY squared by PLUTO is exact OCT. 9th @ 5:12 pm PDT/ 8:12 pm PDT/ Oct 10 @ 1:12 am GMT.
Oct 10 @ 1:12 am GMT.
The TRIPLE WHAMMY of  SUN/ MERCURY squared by PLUTO will be exact OCTOBER 9th @ 5:12 pm PDT/ 8:12 pm PDT/ Oct 10 @ 1:12 am GMT.
Pluto squaring the Sun/Mercury combo dredges up deep secret shadows into the light. That is a good thing. Sex scandals and hidden agendas are in the news. Remember that JUPITER enters SCORPIO OCt 10th for 13 months of very sexy underworld obsessions secrets power struggles and hidden agendas.
Remember that JUPITER enters SCORPIO OCt 10th for 13 months of very sexy underworld obsessions secrets power struggles and hidden agendas. Did you read the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations article from New York Times?
astrology sun conjunct Mercury Tara Greene
“Patriarchy” or Mussolini’s Brain by Napoleon Brousseau 
at Ontario Gallery of Art 1988
Our minds are getting fried. At 15 Libra If you have planets from 10-20 degrees LIBRA CAPRICORN CANCER or ARIES you will feel this mind fry more than others. Of course, the Full Moon in ARIES was involved in this as well.
I was feeling it as my schedule was all mixed up all week from this aspect. Yes, it feels very much like a MERCURY RETROGRADE.
PLUTO in CAPRICORN isquaring SOL at 16+ degrees CAPRICORN OCTOBER 9th on Indigenous People’s Day or Columbus Day which is also Canadian Thanksgiving.  Those bad memories will be strong. 
 It’s good that this occurs on National Holidays but do be careful when traveling by any means.
Scrambled brains unconscious shadows coming up and fritzed out conversations will be the norm. 
It’s also the anniversary of John Lennon’s birth.
Mind Games anyone?
Oct 7
the TAURUS moon keeps us grounded but makes mainly inharmonious aspects to Mercury and the SUN in LIBRA.
A GRAND EARTH TRINE forms Sunday, Oct 8th in PDT EDT and GMT
Between TAURUS MOON PLUTO in CAPRICORN and MARS and VENUs in VIRGO in the early morning. 
This is a lovely earthy sensuous loving energy with depth and soul.
Enjoy the holiday weekend. Be safe
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more artworks from Napoleon Brousseau

October Tarot Astro Vlog Guide Tara Greene

In case you missed it on FACEBOOK LIVE. Here is your TAROT- ASTROLOGY overview for each sign from me Agent 129 of the Cosmic Intelligence agency with a few keywords to guide you. Take note of your SUN sign Ascendant and Moon sign if you know them for this months guidance. Cosmic Intelligence Agency Tara Greene Agent 129

4:26 Aries 0 Fool !-LOL at everything; beginning; starting over; in the now.

5:43 Taurus – 9 The Hermit-listening to your guts; health; work; solitary

7:40 GEMINI – 6 The Lovers-balance the opposites; love; self-love; marriage

9:40 CANCER – 4 Emperor- Power; foundation; balance; roots; action

11:32 LEO – 16 The Tower- shock; wake up; destruction of old ego identity

13:27 Virgo 1 – The Magician- Initiating; working magic; juggling ideas

16:10 LIBRA – 19 SUN-Self awareness; the Light; source; positive energy

17:38 SCORPIO – 15 The Devil-Temptation; shadows; projections

19:11 SAGITTARIUS – 20 Judgement-Rebirth; connecting with angels

21:12 CAPRICORN – 17 The Star-Higher consciousness; breakthroughs

 23:28 AQUARIUS – 5 Hierophant-body wisdom; higher self-connection

 24:52 PISCES – 12 Hanged Man- surrender; addictions;compassion

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