How to Surf the Uranian wave of change

JUPITER in LIBRA opposes URANUS in ARIES @ 27+ degrees 9/27/28

Windsurfing through relationships in times of revolutionary chaos

wind surfing Jupiter opposite Uranus

Wind Surfing Sports Recreation Waves Hawaii Wave Creative Commons Zero – CC0.

Jupiter the largest planet who gives the most optimistic and best benefits has been in Libra since 2016.  Jupiter expands and exaggerates whatever sign it is in. We can see how the sign of the balance has been tipped severely out of balance making things more destabilized and oppositional than ever. 

We have all been feeling the difficulty of maintaining a balance in our lives. LIBRA is an air sign which is all about relationships counseling catering to others grace the arts justice and communications. 

URANUS the planet of WEIRD revolves at a 90-degree angle on its axis. The revolutionary freedom loving inventing higher consciousness and tech planet is at opposition Sept 27-28 @ 27+degrees.

Makes me think of the Famous W.B. Yeat’s poem “The Second Coming.”

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? “-

Continuing on from the Cardinal SQUARES between URANUS and PLUTO in 2012-2015 the full effects of those major transpersonal culture shifting planets is really being felt now. This opposition is another major counter-culture BOOSTER.

This aspect amps up problems in diplomacy and strangeness everywhere. 

We can see the effects of this in the news right now. Football players “taking a knee” while the National Anthem is being played as a sign of protest in support of Black’s being unfairly treated by police. Trump has ranted and tweeted NFL Team owners to fire players who he feels are not being patriotic by displaying their democratic right to protest freely.

NORTH KOREA is throwing nuclear missiles a URANUS ruled item.

Technology is becoming more polarizing and it’s taking us away from real relationships.

Changes in Laws have been enacted since Trump took over in health care Birth control abortion limitations; immigration laws are also part of this although not revolutionary at all.

Jupiter opposite URANUS is a strong indication of more open marriages and untraditional ways of co-habitating. Literally innovation in the arts.

URANUS rules AQUARIUS which is a co-operative innovating human sign. Everyone has the same power in Aquarius Land.  URANUS is the chaotic AWAKENER planet.  We are surfing a Uranian wave and it’s hard to know how to balance on it. 

You will see the effects in your own relationships romantic and businesswise.

It is a time for innovation and seeing things from other peoples perspectives. 

The old ways cannot sustain. New ways of thinking and higher consciousness can boost up everyone’s loves.

Many relationships will be falling apart if the relationship cannot be between equals. 

Remember that JUPITER is winding down his long tour of NICE NICE LIBRA.

Look at where 27 degrees ARIES and LIBRA polarity is in your natal chart to find where these two major players are amplifying where you need to make radical changes in your life.

Get in all the peace if you can now. The waters are shifting into SCORPIO emotional turbulence October 11 for 13 months.

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Love is evolving. Venus conjunct North Node

9/14/17 This is an important day. VENUS is conjunct to the NORTH NODE. The North Node is our true north and highest spiritual goal @ 23+ degree of LEO. 

VENUS rules Love Values Relationships Money And Creativity. In LEO She is expressing herself at her strongest most creative and dramatic.

Love is evolving to its highest creativity and purpose. Women especially are being called upon to show up and roar from the Divine Feminine.

We must ask ourselves if our present lives and loves and other aspects of our lives and  values- job lifestyle are fulfilling our greatest passions and allowing us to express our creativity and our WILL’S  to the max?

REMEMBER YOU ARE THE QUEEN or KING and your will guides your life.

Venus in Leo is fiery passionate dramatic powerful fearless and needs to be the Boss and treated like a Queen. Venus in LEO is the LIONESS defending her cubs and fiercely independent.  She has a huge heart and will always show it. 

Let’s see what the Chandra symbols and oracles are for this degree”

“Leo 24. A drowning man turns into a fish. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Mumiah (MOO-mee-YAH) Spiritual Cleansing, Endings, and Rebirth)

The most difficult of situations can elicit from you a surprising resourcefulness. You have a tremendous ability to mutate. If you give in to this it can be very exhilarating and ultimately be fulfilling. If you struggle against it and rigidly try to hold on to what is no longer needed, suffering will inevitably be the result.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Sunrise over Stonehenge.” The man of the Omega symbol, overcome by water, becomes what will thrive in water, just as the denizens of England, reacting to the cycles of time build Stonehenge, which is in harmony with those cycles. You project an aura of importance that is quiet and certain, a deep self-assurance that comes from being in tune with the whole of life. You are what you are in a simple way, though many, varied and complex and the roads you may travel. You are attuned to what endures, and as you become increasingly at one with this you contact your true self at deeper and deeper levels.

Pleiadian Symbol: An artist with wild hair in clothing covered with paint. 

Azoth Symbol: A nurse carefully notes the exact birth time of a baby.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 12. A fantastic archaeological find is being kept secret. (Omega symbol). When we give ourselves over to mutating as needed, we may need to conceal this from the world as a means of avoiding reactions which would only create misunderstanding.

A woman asleep in a ring of flames. (Chandra Symbol). Maintaining an identification with the highest and most exalted realities, we are accepting of our current imperfect state, resting assured in the knowledge that our complete fulfillment is inevitable.


It was a matter of needing to adapt quickly to a new home. He was surprised to learn that evolution could happen so fast but then realized that actually he was not taking on a new form, but rather recapturing an old one so deeply buried in the remote past that it had been completely forgotten by his conscious mind. And the new old form seemed just as intent on recapturing him as he it.

The sea felt welcoming, and his new life, so much more horizontal than the vertical one he had left, was quite cozy, for the soft blue waters and the voices of whales gently echoing through him made him feel as if he were swimming through a vague, spacious dream nestled in the midst of an endless nap.” – John Sandbach 

Interesting.  The sea imagery is mirrored by the Moon in CANCER

V0024939 Astrology: signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Coloured engraving b
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Astrology: signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Coloured engraving by S. Hall.
after: Sidney HallPublished: –
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only license CC BY 4.0











The Moon is in its home sign of CANCER today and it’s a nice easy mellow emotionally moody day.

It’s ALWAYS comfort food time when the Moon’s in Cancer.

Moon sextiles MERCURY in VIRGO in the wee hours and Mars in Virgo.

This makes for excellent communications for feelings. Mars in Virgo may be making you feel extra focussed but also nitpicky and worried. 

Moon TINES NEPTUNE in the afternoon

If you are very dreamy and spaced out it’s because of this aspect. Be careful of taking any medication drugs prescriptions or alcohol. It’s a very creative aspect so tune in and pay attention to your dreams tonight.

Moon opposes PLUTO at days end

An intense night. Obsessive tendencies are highly likely. Be careful of old family skeletons and shadows coming up unconsciously. Tummy upsets are likely. Nurture those you love.

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Venus Trine Saturn. Real love royal inspiration

This is a major aspect @ 21 degrees LEO/SAGITTARIUS tonight and it lasts until the 15th when Venus makes her next aspect – a sextile to Jupiter in LIBRA which further adds to the Sagittarius optimism expansion and balancing energies over the next few days.

Her Queenly trine is auspicious and brings elove beauty money strength and courage easily. As with all blessings from VENUS as the QUEEN of Hearts in LEO you want to use this one for big benefits.

VENUS in LEO is very high spirited. Are you feeling more open energized ready to be in the spotlight; showing off your leadership talents and strengths?

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is the Cosmic Cop of truth justice and optimism. SATURN is the real deal the bottom line. No fairy tale romances here this aspect brings long term commitment such as a marriage proposal. Saturn is a tester he throws obstacles up at you and makes you work really hard. Venus softens the hard edges on all financial romantic and foreign dealings- business relationships long distance once especially. 

If you are an ARIES you also benefit from this energy. 

Trines gotta be worked. They can be too easily taken for granted and then you may be disappointed as to why the magic didn’t happen.

Plan your dream adventure travel tour teachings publishing prince of your dreams now. 

Venus’s metal is copper. Leo’s is gold. Sagittarius is tin and Saturn is Lead.

You don’t want to handle much lead so a lead pencil will do. use copper pennies a golden piece of jewelry. There’s a lot of tin items that come from Mexico. They don’t make tin cans out of tin anymore. 

Create a ritual to honor VENUS. She loves fresh flowers beautiful jewelry and glam. Get yourself all decked out and Be VENUS in LEO. Aim those arrows of love towards a higher calling. Get happy be optimistic. Crack a few jokes. Act out your big performance.

“I’m ready for my close up now.”- Famous words. What does your close- up starring role in the world look like? You need to define it.

The energy will be optimistic over the next few days. Then love department gets chaotic as Venus trines URANUS on the 17/18th. 

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Horoscope Sept 11-17. Venus kinky sex and more

Highlights of this week:

The MOON is Void of Course Sept 11 until 12:29 pm PDT/3:29 pm EDT/8:29 pm GMT

Don’t initiate anything until the Moon enters the next sign. A void of course Moon is good for routine tasks.

The Moon enters GEMINI on the 11th @ 12:29 pm PDT/ 3:29 pm EDT/8:29 pm GMT

MOON is VOID the 13th from 11:35 am PDT/2:35 pm EDT/ 7:35 pm GMT

Cancer Moon in her home sign Sept 13 @ 3:12 pm PDT/ 6:12 pm EDT/ 11:12 pm GMT 

Sept 15 Moon is VOID from 2:23 pm PDT/ 5:23 pm EDT/ 9:23 pm GMT

Moon enters LEO on the15th @ 6:09 pm PDT/9:09 pm EDT/16th @ 2:09 am GMT

Moon is Void of course on the 17th @ 5:55 pm PDT/ 8:55 pm EDT/Sept 18 @ 1:55 am GMT

Moon enters VIRGO on the 17th @ 9:52 pm PDT/ 18th @ 12:52 am EDT/5:52 am GMT.


Sex Love adventure freedom and optimism abounds.


tara Greene as the Queen of Wands from an unpublished Tarot deck 1979.

 This is a positive aspect for all Fire signs in the 20-degree  range. VENUS in LEO is Red hot and sexy. Make long term  educational and travel plans now. It will be a fun dramatic   higher spirited day.Gotta love those SAGGITARIUS peeps  unfailingly honest easy going gypsy mystics teachers  philosophers and always asking bigger questions. Gotta love those animals too. It would be good to visit a zoo go horseback riding or advocate for animal rights. Adopt a cat or dog. 




Sept 13. VIRGO Sun squares SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

  Get down to work and put some meat on those ephemeral ideals of yours. Virgo Sun is practical and gets budgets spread sheets and deadlines done. Writing editing analyzing the big picture is a great use for this energy.  All squares create pressure. You may get some criticism or simply hit a wall which slows you down. Watch your diet. Be careful flying on this day. 

Sept 15 VENUS in LEO sextiles JUPITER in LIBRA

A very romantic day. Great date night. Good for socializing partying big time and feeling the love. Venus in Leo’s tendency to over dramatize is toned done by Jupiter in Libra’s finesse in social situations.

Sept 16 MERCURY conjuncts MARS at 7 degrees VIRGO

The things that you were all emotional about when Mercury and Mars conjunct on Sept. 3rd at the Total Eclipse degree 28 Leo with Mercury Retrograde can now be re-examined taken apart organized and sorted through. This is a great decluttering energy. Your mind may be very busy working overtime as well. Be aware of negative self-talk and criticism. It’s good energy for job hunting organizing and doing budgets.  I’ll write more in-depth as we get closer. 

Sept 17 VENUS in LEO inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES @ 27 degrees LEO

You know what they say about pride coming before a fall? This is a heart-broken wounded painful energy yet it is also where the greatest healing is.  “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? is playing in my head right now. Those at the top or those who operate by selfish ego will be drowned by their own unconscious self-sabotage. This may be painful but also has great spiritual and healing potential. Sexual healing with water would be very helpful. Women’s spiritual strength is in their womb chakras in their yonis. There are teachings i have about healing from sexual abuse and past relationships. 

VENUS in LEO trines URANUS in ARIES @ 27 degrees

Again this is very close to the Total solar eclipse degree. LOVE is CHAOTIC Wild crazy unexpected electric. Freedom liberation revolution abounds. Women especially will be feeling in their lioness power independent refusing to be ordered around. Say it I am the Queen I am sovereign in my own life. You don’t own me. I  have the courage to follow my own heart into the unknown. ” 

Especially for all Fire signs, this energy will make you restless. For everyone else as well be aware of  brilliant insights radical heart opening events and new inventions. Love affairs may fall apart very quickly. 

This is passionate electric sex. Yes outside the norm. Do something dramatically different.

Gotta go. The article i had written yesterday about Mercury re-entering Virgo never got uploaded from my I-phone. We’re still in the Retrograde shadow. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Grand Fire and Love is a battlefield

One week of September is over. Things are very intense out there. The Hurricanes and the most powerful CME in 11 years which triggered an  8.4 earthquake in Mexico this morning. I am sending prayers and blessings to all of those in the storms and earth shaking events. The Total Solar eclipse effects will be felt for the next 9 months remember.

Call upon Archangel Raphael which was the traditional degree of the Eclipse if things seem too crazy.

I will start writing weekly overviews and short dailies. I am feeling 2018 looming at me already. We are also finishing up JUPITER’s time in LIBRA. 

NUMERLOGY OF TODAY  9/8/17 addition  is9+ 8= 17 indicates that things will add up.


Grand Fire Trine Astrology Tara Greene

Aries MOON trines VENUS in LEO and later SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

An annoying inconjunct between the two Luminaries Moon and SUN in Virgo may make for short tempers impatience with imperfection and fussing over details. 

Moon squares PLUTO as it slows down to turn direct September 28 

As Planets slow to direct motion they are virtually motionless and even stronger in their effects. Expect emotional blow ups shadow leaping out from the unconscious and spontaneous combustion. 

the Moon ends the day opposing JUPITER in LIBRA in PDT/Sept. 9  EDT/GMT 

this is a good socializing aspect speed dating meeting many new people. Jupiter in Libra favors the arts go to a play watch music have a soiree or an artists salon. It will be fun. 



Sat Sept. 9                       VENUS in LEO inconjunct PLUTO in CAPRICORN

An inconvenient truth around LOVE ego’s power players control.

Who is the QUEEN in this scenario?  The Queen of hearts yells “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” perhaps an Alice in Wonderland experience. 

Obsession jealousy revenge seeking damages ruination death of love affairs. 

As this aspect occurs in the wee hour’s dreams may feature shadows nightmares bondage and the like. 

The high side of this one is to build an altar to Venus and pledge your soul to serve LOVE and only love.  Put Venusian things copper blue and green flowers incense images of Venus. A pentagram the number 5 is her sacred number. 

Political power struggles too. Earth changes. Women need to bring down the Divine Feminine GODDESS courage heart energy to stop the global massive power control mechanism.  CAll upon DURGA LION GOddesses and roar. 

Can be very sexy and rough if you like it that way. 

PLease share widely. all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Pisces Full Moon Bliss dreams and endings

Sorrow painting by Napoleon Brousseau

The Full Moon in Pisces Sept. 6 marks the completion of the Moon’s journey through all 12 of the Zodiac signs. A full Moon is a fullfilment of the Moon’s cycle The Pisces Full Moon marks the time for spiritual completions forgiveness and compassion @ 12:02 am PDT/3:02 am EDT/8:02 am GMT.

After the Intense Fiery energy of the Total Solar Eclipse two weeks ago we are now cooling down the passions in a watery blissed out state. 

There is still the Grand Fire Trine of North Node in Leo with Mercury on the eclipse degree trining Uranus + Eris in ARIES and SATURN + LILITH in SAGITTARIUS which may also super heat the emotional spiritual soupy nature of this lunation to a boil.

NEPTUNE the planetary ruler of PISCES is conjunct the MOON @ 13 degrees. There is a super powerful T-square from the Moon and NEPTUNE and the Virgo SUN to The GREAT ATTRACTOR @ 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS.  Known as Abell 3627 we don’t know exactly what it is but it sucks in so many galaxies that it actually bends light around it. Not quite a black hole more like a Quazar it has a strong ultra-violet shift. 

Intuitively this powerful very spiritual FULL MOON feels like a Violet Flame in the darkness to help lost souls find their way.  This is a time of spiritual and karmic completions on all levels emotionally spiritually and physically as the Sun is in Virgo and Saturn in SAGITTARIUS the planet of karma and endings squares the Full moon and the sun. 

Pisces is the sign of releasing flowing letting go compassion and forgiveness. The hard karmic lessons that Saturn in Sagittarius has been delivering to all of us may be fully felt from the depths of our beings. You will be feeling very emotional super sensitive and wanting to be quiet in retreat and turned inwards in meditation at this time. 


Your psychic energies and telepathy will be extra strong as will your dreams. Saturn’s lesson is to make sure you face reality and have strong boundaries. This is one of  PISCES biggest hardest lesson on the earth plane. For many, this will be difficult. Pisces tendency to avoidance through denial fantasy delusion; guru and glamour worship and all addictions are a major issue that must be faced head on now. The opioids disaster in the U.S. is out of control. Millions of people are on anti-depressants kids are full of drugs for ADD ADHD and autism. The real wounds that are souls are suffering must be recognized and the avoidance of the real pain and suffering must be fully felt in order to heal.

SATURN is the karmic cosmic cop and he ensures that you will hit the wall for however out of balance you are with your true self your HIGHER Self denying your soul’s pain. The cost may be terrifically high. Sometimes that’s what it takes.  Remember that the LEO Eclipses shadow is pride arrogance ego and that will take a beating now. 

A.A. works because when we take Saturn responsibility for creating suffering in our lives then  we ask forgiveness we find peace when we “give it up to spirit.” Alcohol means spirit. Spirit always works through puns.

PISCES and VIRGO teach humility being of service to our communities and to Spirit. Face the music be mature enough to name your demons and to be compassionate with your human self and to connect with spirit authentically with the Source from which you were birthed and to which you will return.

Spend time near water around the Full Moon. Have a ritual bath with rose-water or lavender oil candles incense and soft music. Immerse yourself and drift back to being in the womb of your mother and connect to the Holy Womb of the Divine Mother who births all. The unconditional love of the Great mother will soothe and heal you and help you to know you have never left Her.

Pisces is the sign of the dream and the dreamers. Life is a dream. It is the dream our souls are having which we think is “real life.” When we are “awake” we are still dreaming. The key is to wake up in this dream called life and realize you as the dreamer create it all. 

Pisces is the sign of artists creativity music dance film and photography. Spend some time while the moon is still full painting with water colors allowing your soul to express whatever it feels. Keep track of your dreams. Sounding authentic movement past life regression and energy healing fit perfectly.



What do you need to let go of? Who do you need to forgive? You need to let go of needing someone else to be wrong or to lay blame on a situation. Be compassionate with yourself first and foremost. If it doesn’t feel right to forgive someone don’t force it ever. Be authentic with what you feel. Trust that karma will balance it all out. 

There is a Rare 6 pointed STAR at this Full Moon. North Node and Mercury in LEO sextile Jupiter in LIBRA sextile Saturn in SAGITTARIUS sextile the SOUTH NODE in AQUARIUS sextile URANUS and ERIS in ARIES sextile to the North STAR in Gemini sextile back to the North Node.    This is a very powerful image of balancing the masculine and feminine and creating the Merkaba light body vehicle to connect with our higher Holy selves.

Use this Full Moon to vision quest to meditate to dream with to clear a path for new soul growth and expansion. Put your crystal out under the Full Moons light to receive the energy.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Blessings TARA


Invoking Scorpio moon dream rituals

VENUS Goddess of Love beauty sex and relationships is in GEMINI. Gemini is the sign of Duality and the LOVERS #6 of the Tarot Major Arcana or Trump Cards.  The lovers years to be one whole being united and inseparable but distinct and that is what this planetary aspect is all about today. 

This makes Venus two times as sexy two times as seductive and doubles up the Love.


Its mysterious mystical and magical 

Scorpio Moons arouse deep passions. The Scorpio Moon trine to Neptune invokes magical dreamy narcotic escapist magic carpet flights of fantasy galore. 

July 30 at 11:29 pm EDT a magical number I would get your alters and your cast iron cauldrons out ladies and gents to work some major mojo magic love spells. 

The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse 1886

Get your rose petals and blue-green aquamarine jewels cloth candles and some copper pennies fresh flowers scented water for Lady love VENUS. 


You could use tin as a metal with Neptune as the sign of Pisces is traditionally governed by expansive planet JUPITER. 

Incense or Aromatherapy oils:

Musk, Benzoin, Sandalwood and Rose.


Lobelia morning glory night blooming jasmine pine cone water lily beladonna and sea weeds. 

As the higher octave of Venus Neptune dissolves all boundaries between souls and spirits and unites them back to their original oneness. Neptune is the source of emotions and divine love and soul mates. Also use this combo for forgiveness and to let go of a past love.

SCORPIO attributes

Rules the parathyroid  the pineal and toxins reproductive organs. 

black tourmaline topaz malachite jasper bloodstone serpentine brass

camphor and date palms are associated with the 8th sign


 basil heather horehound bramble bean leek blackthorn  wormwood/absinthe

Pick and choose what you have and what you can work with. You can also draw images of these plants and label them. Intention is everything. You are the sourceress or magician.

Meditate on the deepest sexual meaning of the soul and its connection to the higher self and the souls journey.

This is a wonderful time to practice tantric sexuality. Meditating and holding the position without moving going beyond the body and ego boundaries and experiencing sexual mental emotional  spiritual BLISS.  Send that energy out hold that orgasmic energy and ride it. This is how universes are created. 

“Isis “by Yaroslav-Gerzhedovich

Dream deeply this night on this magical energy. LUCID DREAMS guaranteed. INvite owl into your dream scape.

Please let me know what your dreams bring you. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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