2015 We are Infinite, mystic meanings and keys

2015 ASTROLOGY  Numerology  and Tarot Key symbols

I believe that the universe is always sending us symbolic clues and messages as to the nature of what our present reality is. I am writing a book on how to read and understand these symbols and messages.

Studying the Numerology and Tarot symbols associated with each year gives us keys of knowledge to understand the essence of what the year holds. Lets discover those keys now.

2=0=1=5 reduces to the single number 8.  

If  you turn number eight it on its side becomes the symbol of INFINITY.

8 INfinity numerology Tarot Tara Greene

This is a very powerful symbol. Yes 8 is considered the number of very good luck in China as it symbolizes all the directions of Feng Shui. The Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, the Native American and pagan wheels all use the 8 stages of the year as the Wheel of Time and Karma. Number 8 years are also transitions years.

INFINITY is the symbol of KARMA. We are in the KARMIC BALANCE in 2015.

We will have to be very careful and conscious of all of our actions, thoughts and deeds. Much BALANCING will be needed. We will individually and collectively be paying Karmic debts off.

The INFINITY symbol has always been extremely powerful. It symbolizes that all time is NOW. Now is all there is, this moment, nano-second is  All there is, is INFINITE. All that has ever happened or will happen is happening in the Now, right NOW.

“Life exists only at this very moment,and in this moment it is infinite and eternal, for the present moment is infinitely small, before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever. – Allan Watts. 

How soon is NOW?  In reality there is no past or future time, as in Ekhart Tolle’s book The Power of  Now illustrates.

The karmic lesson will be to live in the now. Forget the past stories and future projections. Every thought and action must be viewed from this awareness and consciousness. To get there one must stop identifying with the ego which is concerned with separation, individuality, possessiveness, time. It is temporal. The ego is the left/ right, positive, negative, them/us polarities which are balanced equally. The pivotal point is the balance point of these opposing forces.

I had a metaphysical miraculous experience years ago. The symbol that I was shown was the INFINITY symbol. see THE RETURN of the STAR BIRD  http://www.taratarot.com/id153.html

The MYSTICAL meaning of the number 8

The Number 8 reminds us that We are INFINITE. You know that feeling? 

Yes “Some INFINITIES are bigger than others infinities.”-John Green

We are eternal spiritual beings, only temporarily in this physical body and world of impermanence and illusion,the world of MAYA.


The number 8 is a complex number. It is symbolized by a number of Trump cards in the Tarot. Discovering what each one of them means holds clues and keys to the archetypal energies we will need to be working with.

The number 8 is equivalent to the master number 11 in a number of traditions.

8 or 11 is  associated with the sign of LIBRA, which is JUSTICE, the karmic cosmic balance, higher law, sacred law, relationships, beauty, equality. This was originally the scales of Maat from ancient Egypt, karmic sacred law. For me 8 = infinity.  This was originally the scales of Maat from ancient Egypt, karmic sacred law. Rebalancing justice and fairness  will be major issues in 2015.

KEY: what do I need to balance in my life? what debts do I owe? 

justice tarot tara greene

THOTH tarot #8 JUSTICE/Adjustment 

8 or 11 is the card of STRENGTH and is attributed with the Astrology sign of LEO. Not the infinity symbol over the woman’s head.
The card of Strength’s attributes are courage, power, royalty, leadership, passion,the will to power, children, creativity and self- expression, the Heart, and giving love are all associated with Leo.

KEY: What are your strengths? Children’s rights, womens’s rights, Who has the power? And creativity will all be 2015 topics.

TArot cards Strength 8 Tara Greene

Rider Waite Tarot #8 Strength

8 is also associated with the “higher octave” card number 17, THE STAR.  

The Star #17 Tarot tara Greene

#17 THE STAR Spiral Tarot 

The STAR is Aquarius energy,higher consciousness, they say that every man and woman is a star. It is the tribal collective which also honors individual rights. Aquarius attributes are humanitarian, egalitarian, group mind, freedom revolution, higher technology, astrology, astronomy, collective organizations.

KEY: What is your starring role in this movie called your life? Find out your role as a conduit between the cosmos and the earth.  Learn to discover how astrology is a living Cosmic Positioning System.

MASTER Number 11 {or 8} is associated with REMEMBERING, as in remembrance day. It’s the memory of our divine origins as cosmic stardust, with all of our evolutions, which are in everyone’s cellular memories.

KEY: Remember your divine origins. Do you see 11:11 regularly? Its a wake up call.

justice #11 tarot tara greene

11 is associated with #2 its root number. The Number 2 in the Tarot is the High Priestess.

The High Priestess is the Moon; the intuitive function,meditation, the Unconscious memory, the womb experience, the 6th chakra, inner vision, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic powers, menstrual magic energy.

Awaken to your own inner vision, meditate, work with the Lunar cycles of energy. Women embracing their moon time.

2015 will be the key to all of these diverse Archetypal energies. I advise you meditate on each of them for yourself.

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How to be clairvoyant by Tara Greene psychic, Tarot, intuitive, dreamer

frescoes of Giotto

As I do know that the walls of reality are swiftly tumbling down this year as consciousness will be moving as fast as a heat-seeking missile. Hollywood is allways ahead of the curve so to speak. Inception the hit of 2010 is prepping us for who knows which way is up is.

Astrologically we just finished on Jan 4 on the Part Solar Eclipse, the last of 3 Jupiter Uranus conjunctions in Pisces. This major milestone shook our world, the oceans, Uranus is oneof the mythological God of the Oceans. Uranus rules technology inventions, revolutions. Jupiter, Zeus, Yahweh, Jehovah, Mr. BIG expands whatever he touches. Mr. Supersize me.
The last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Pisces was 1334.
An early Renaissance painter called Giotto invented a little thing called PERSPECTIVE. From a 2D flat world,s uddenly the third dimension could be realistically depicted in paint on frescoes. MAGIC! Yer world just went topsy-turvy.
I PREDICT the same MAGNITUDE of world changing perception directly from Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules HOLLYWOOD, the Oceans, Oil, delusions, illusions, glamour, credit cards, addictions, prisons, karma, institutions, smoke, mirrors, magic, meditation, dreams, karma, ashrams, endings, soul mates, ONENESS, compassion, forgiveness, viruses.
Oh and did I mention the Wounded Healer Chiron re-enters Pisces soon too? On the 1st day Chiron entered Pisces April 2010, the Deepwater Horizon BP Great Gulf Oil Spill happened.

lamentation by Giotto 1330's Italy

Giotto painter Italy 14th century

The next time J + U will be conjunct in Pisces will be in 2093. I predict we will be flying to Jupiter to dine on anchovies a la Andromeda.

Also Robbie Robertson one of my all time fave musicians. From my city Toronto Canada, of Indigenous heritage, of THE BAND fame, in his own right amazing musician is coming out with his new record featuring other greats ERIC CLAPTON, STEVIE WINWOOD!

clairvoyant Robbie Robertson knows,Tara Greene knows

Clairvoyant Tara Greene psychic intuitive fortune teller

THE BAND- THE WEIGHT { at Woodstock}


Did I ever tell you about the time in my forner life – whoopps that was a Freudian slip- I meant to write former, and i wrote forner, as in… but no.
when I was a groupie that Eric Clapton and I watched Bobby Kennedy’s funeral on TV together from his hotel room at what was then the Royal York Hotel? – see Rock Star memories on my website http://www.taratarot.com/id35.html



Meditate, watch things out of the corner of yer eyes, get quiet, walk in nature, ask for help before you got to sleep at night.
I can help.
and to mash it all up with a bit of old and new time is just an illusion say the Buddhists and they are right.
Colours are important too, rainbows, music, beauty, bless yourself.