Chiron Retrograde in Aries, healing time.

Chiron turns Retrograde at 12 degrees Aries from July 16 until December 19th. That’s a five month long period where we can heal our wounds if we surrender into them. That is the only way to get healed. We cannot defend ourselves against our own pain and vulnerability. The greatest strength is being vulnerable. There is no war except our internal split between matter and spirit.

Toxic masculinity started a long time ago. It was ratified in the Old Testament with splitting off from the Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine to conquer and control what was scary and more powerful than men’s physical strengths. The warrior and top down Hierarchies are woven into our culture so we think it is natural but it’s not.

A true warrior knows when to be vulnerable and intimate and honor his own nurturing Divine Feminine and to honor it in women and to create real intimacy and joy in relationships.

OLANI a British influencer had a question on Twitter July 14 which asked When did you first know he hated you? The tweets from mainly black women were heartbreaking. Many women tweeted that they were beaten when pregnant and their babies died. That is toxic masculinity, immature insecure, narcissistic, macho. These men are in deep need of healing and society needs to support that. Women need to stop relating to men who see women as sex objects for their narcistic immature control too.

CHIRON was a wise healer in Greek Mythology. Part centaur, part human, part immortal, in Greek mythology he was a revered figure and taught the human Asclepius the arts of healing. There were numerous healing temples in ancient Greece founded by Asclepius based on Chiron’s teachings. There temples healed using plant medicines and dreams.

Modern medicine honors Chiron and Asclepius by using the same symbol of healing, the Caduceus, a symbol with a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings while the Rod of Asclepius has a single snakeChiron is immortalized as the Constellation Centaurus. He was discovered November 1, 1977.

This time is also a Mini healing crisis and we may feel that salt is being rubbed into our wounds.

Chiron, Wounded Healer Centaur/Shaman turns Retrograde in ARIES

@ 12 degrees 55 minutes of the fiery warrior sign until December 19th @ 8 degrees 26 minutes Aries.

This 5 month period is a time to heal TOXIC MASCULINITY, and our anger in general which is intergenerational PTSD anger, our instinctive defences and any walls we have put up to being intimate within others and with ourselves. There is unconscious toxic anger and defence against being open and intimate. Men have been taught to be warriors strong silent loners independent and women have been taught to be vulnerable, dependent and weak. Venus was originally the Goddess of LOVE & WAR. Therefore MARS must also have a Strong warrior and A passionate lover and defender of Venus.


The SUN in LIBRA opposes CHIRON from September 26.

It’s exact OCTOBER at 3 degrees exact on October 3rd until October 12

MARS opposes CHIRON in LIBRA October 1st exactly at 10 degrees

but is in effect from September 19/20 and until October 14

This can indicate a painful and difficulty time in love relationships of all kinds, and relationships imbalances everywhere. Defenses and anger will be high. Its a great opportunity to get counselling for yourself or couples counselling. The “I” versus “WE ARE” is on. Justice is a LIBRA trait and issues of injustice will be revisited with angry mobs screaming for heads to roll.

Anger is energy, there is righteous anger and justifiable defences. Use your righteous anger,as it is just energy and transmute it into fighting for just causes and defending the defenseless. Children, vulnerable women and men, the poor and elderly, those who have disabilities and any downtrodden cause, that you feel passionately about.

Chiron is transiting ARIES from February 18, 2019 until April 14, 2027.

That is a 8 years, a large block of time to work on healing those old PATRIARCHAL, warrior, aggressive, competitive, defensive, instant fix energies. Aries is Fast Food, and cars, fast living, impulsive, macho, independent, dangerous, adventurous, competitive, overly aggressive, warpath, anger. It relates to modern capitalist consumer driven, massive consumption, corporation driven culture.

Remember that all Retrograde planetary times are Good Medicine, as the Rx symbol signifies. Especially Chiron Retrograde. Everything that starts with the prefix Re is what the retrograde period is all about. Rest, renew, reflect, regenerate, release, revolutionize, revisit,reneg,  etc.

Chiron in ARIES will help us to heal our old wounds, so be willing to lay down your arms WARRIORS OF TOXIC MASCULINITY. This is an opportune time to open up. It’s killing you to be so tough too. Gangsta. 

Chiron the Wounded Healer has a 50-51 year orbit. At 25/26 is your Chiron opposition, vulnerable year-long time in your life. Pay attention as Chiron turns Retro in Aries now. You would have Chiron in Libra and relationship hurts and wounds are where the healing is.

Take this time to look within. Do the healing work. Yes it will be painful, but ARIES can pull out all the stops and be courageous. If you go deeply into the wound

We can all feel wounded simply be being born into this human earthly realm. Aries is fired up and PISCES the sign of spiritual source is just behind it. Its in our unconscious. We can all access spirit when you stop playing tough.

LOOK AT WHERE 3- 18 degrees ARIES is in your chart. Those are the degrees Chiron is affecting directly but also any other Cardinal Signs form those degrees Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Take this time to look within. Do the healing work. Yes it will be painful, but ARIES can pull out all the stops and be courageous and has the energy to push on. If you go deeply into the wound surrendering into it- you may fear it will kill you, but it won’t, You are much stronger than your ego thinks you are. You will come out of a deep healing crisis, more whole after this journey. You then earn your stripes as a WOUNDED HEALER/SHAMAN, support working or counsellor with wounded Veterans much like Prince Harry and his Invictus Games.

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July Astrology and Tarot Guide Horoscope

July is going to be major intense month, it starts with a bang and so much is going on. Watch the video of the Live July Astrology and tarot card preview below-



July starts off very intensely, MARS/SATURN opposition which lasts till July 4.

JULY 11 MERCURY changes sign twice from CANCER  JULY 27 to LEO.


July 21 VENUS enters VIRGO.

JULY 30 MARS enters VIRGO.



July 28 JUPITER re-enters AQUARIUS

July 1 MARS in LEO / SATURN in AQUARIUS opposition at 12 degrees  a RED-LETTER DAY also T-square URANUS in TAURUS

This is a passionately hot intense month for Fixed signs.

July 1 MARS in LEO opposes SATURN in AQUARIUS T-square URANUS in TAURUS at 12 degrees which completes on July ¾.

 This is a very hard tough aspect a karmic boxing match, and what happens before this Bill Cosby gets out of jail free, and Britney Spears isn’t freed.

July 2 Mars in Leo trine Chiron in Aries

  We will be aching and proud and spilling our heart break stories and being vulnerable in our hurt.

July  3 MARS squares URANUS in TAURUS

      This adds more chaos and protests and explosive energy. This can be shootings, war etc.  Be careful handling explosives.

July 4 SUN in CANCER squares CHIRON in ARIES

  Family wounds may surface and defensive moves may be necessary. You may need to mother others.

July 6 Mercury in GEMINI squares Neptune in PISCES- 3rd time

Communicate with your intuition and your rational brain and you won’t go wrong.

July 6 VENUS opposes Saturn in AQUARIUS – repeat of Mars.

   Love tests, a good day to make a long-term commitment in business, or in love. Yes oppositions are tense but can balance each other out.

July 7 Venus trines Chiron in ARIES

   Love hurts is the mantra. But there is also a healing balm in this too.


  Inconjuncts are blind spots the elements do not mix or even see each other they are speaking two different languages. Mercury is strong in Gemini so don’t try to analyze it use your soul knowing.

July 8/9 VENUS square URANUS in TAURUS

  Love chaos, freedom in love, chaos ahead, have plan B and C for your revolution. Open relationships appeal, makeover you home or a beauty routine or you wardrobe. Venus rules Taurus  and values are being reinvented.

JULY 9  NEW MOON in CANCER 18+ degrees

July 11 MERCURY enters CANCER.

The Mind moves into the emotional body. We feel moody, our thoughts flow and ebb, We think about nurturing our family, mothers, children, nursing, and think about food endlessly.

July 12 MERCURY TRINE JUPITER  in PISCES -very fertile

 This is a very positive aspects for broadening our spiritual perspective. Studying spiritual things, exotic, spirituality traditions, and seeing how the mind can direct psychic energy. Its very fertile for inspiration, and flights of fantasy and tuning into your dreams.

July 13 VENUS conjunct MARS at 19 degrees LEO

  This is a major once in 2-year occurrence. The Sacred Marriage aspect of the divine opposites coming together in a very hot passionate union. This makes us proud of our love and who we love. This brings courage in love, to speak out against your family who may want you to do the old traditions. There will be love drama galore.


July 13 at 7:30 pm EDT

We will look at how the Venus/Mars conjunction affects you personally for the next 2 years.

July 15 SUN TRINE NEPTUNE-spiritual

 An upbeat emotional compassionate, psychic enhancing energy. Paint, sing, dance, make poetry, make love by the water and dream of feeling emotionally safe and with your family.

JULY 15 CHIRON TURNS RETROGRADE at 12 degrees ARIES until December 19 at 8 degrees.

We will turn back time and revisit old wounds and open up to our vulnerability in order to heal those wounds. Good time for therapy.

July 15/16 VENUS in LEO inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES -love entanglements

 Love and power do not speak the same language.  Carl Jung said that there are only 2 emotions Love or Fear.  Pride and compassion don’t mix. You may be challenged by an overbearing person to stay compassionate.

JULY 17/18  CANCER SUN opposes PLUTO.

 BIG power play off day.  This can be government challenges especially around people needing to stay in lockdown.

July 18 VENUS inconjuncts PLUTO

  Love problems. Not communicating may bring anger and unconscious shadow issues up.

July 18 MERCURY in CANCER inconjuncts SATURN in AQUARIUS

  Communicating with your feelings will not be heard by nerds, being sensitive to how you are feeling and communicate it on the net to find your tribe or others who share your revolutionary radical feelings.

July 18 MARS in LEO inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

Angry backlash about fake news. Neptune in Pisces is the source of fake news and so much projection these days.  Watch your anger about the deception in the Media, and keep your courage up.


   Communicate your vulnerability creates intimacy and safety. Comfort those who are hurting. Make chicken soup  of the soul.


 A nice positive sales pitch that is way out there may be very successful.

July 21/22 VENUS enters VIRGO.

 Love gets practical, OCD, health conscious, penny pinching, worries a lot, are you in love with your work? Plan for what your love and values will bring you at harvest time.

July 22 VENUS in VIRGO opposes JUPITER in PISCES.

  Create practical plans for your dreams. It is expansive, lucky, faithful, fantasy, creative, down to earth dreamy.

July22 SUN enters LEO.

OK LEO its your turn to shine. Leo is ruled by the SUN.  Wherever you have a planet in LEO the Sun will touch it over the next month.

July 22/23 Sun inconjuncts Jupiter in PISCES

   The will and the inspiration may not be seeing eye to eye.


    This Full Moon retriggers the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 21,2020. What were you doing then? It has come to completion. Time to make another plan.


 A  very emotional, sentimental,  dreamy, compassionate aspect. Open your feelings to spiritual  powers. Communicate with your higher self and Holy Guardian Angel.


This is a tense aspect.  Family feuds and digging into your feelings to get to the shadows.

July 27 MERCURY enters LEO.

Mercury is following the Sun as he always is. This is our minds time to shine.  Think big, Think positive, beam out your message. This is mental charisma and dramatic thoughts.


   Thinking may get scrambled. There’s a disconnect in the spiritual messages do be careful of anything you download from your spirit guides. Kind of like a Mercury Retrograde effect.

July 28 JUPITER re-enters AQUARIUS

We are back to  May 13 when JUPITER entered PISCES.  Think back of what you were doing. What plans and projects were you envisioning? Start the revolution again. Protests in the streets, revolutionary fervor.

July 29 MARS opposes JUPITER in AQUARIUS.

 Mars at the last degree of LEO is critical. Put your passion into changing the world. Keep your heart on your sleeve and see the revolution in action. Your passion fuels the new world where everyone is on the same playing field.

July 29/20 MARS enters VIRGO.

The action is in being grounded, practical, health conscious, nit picky, finding your service, saving, harvesting, worrying. Mars in Virgo is focussed on accountability. Mars in Virgo is also pets and community.

July 30 MARS in VIRGO inconjuncts SATURN in AQUARIUS

   There may be unexpected news about a change in work or difficulties in making changes at work. Innovation may take a long slow thinking out of the box strategy to get success.

July 31 CERES enters GEMINI.

Ceres the Great Mother leaves Taurus where Ceres is very at home. Ceres in Gemini nurtures and feeds our minds. It also gives us perspective to see both sides of the Mother archetype. The unconditional mother and the Death bringing mother. Both are necessary. Western culture and the Patriarchy have of course killed the Amazon warrioress, the Kail-esque and Medusa Lilith archetypes. Think about the complimentary opposites in everything.

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Have a great July.

Weekly Horoscope July 6-12

The MOON is the MOOD of the people. The Moon’s Day starts with Moon in Capricorn in PDT/EDT and GMT

MOON enters AQUARIUS to lighten the mood and give us some emotional space and makes relatively easy aspects today on the 6th and 7th. GEMINI and LIBRA are in their AIRY element.

July 8 MERCURY STILL RETROGRADE in CANCER squares MARS in ARIES @ 6 degrees +

ARIES CANCER LIBRA and CAPRICORN you will be feeling impatient with family and having to redo communications. 

JULY 8      VENUS is at her brightest in the sky in the early hours before the Sunrises. I will be up at the beautiful Grail Springs Wellness retreat giving workshops and will make sure I wake up in the wee hours to do a ceremony to Venus in GEMINI.

While Mercury is Retrograde in ANY sign, it governs any planets transiting or in GEMINI and VIRGO. That means Venus in GEMINI right now is having love, money and relationship texting, notification and communications held back. 

July 8 MOON enters PISCES @ 11:13 am PDT/ 2:13 pm EDT/7:13 pm GMT.

This is the most spiritual DREAM DREAM DREAMY time of the month. The best time for lucid dreaming is under a PISCES MOON. Learn to trust your intuition meditate, envision and work with your spirit guides. It’s a creative, romantic, escapist. You’re an emotional empathic awash in all the feels. The tendency is to want to hide out and have no boundaries. Be by the water, rest, stay hydrated and let the creative spirit move you. Beware of escapism, projections, martyrdom and debt.

JULY 9 Venus in GEMINI sextiles CHIRON in ARIES

 This aspect allows for easy conversation about our defences and walls and can help build bridges. 

JULY 10/11 MOON enters ARIES a new lunar month begins 

July 10 @ 10:06 pm PDT/ July 11 @ 1:06 am EDT/ 6:06 am GMT

July 11 CHIRON turns RETROGRADE at 9+ ARIES until December 15/16

Time to turn back time to do lay down our arms and do a rewind of our wound and a healing review. Redress the old hurts, resentments, anger, reactions and reveal the vulnerability at the core. That is where the healing is. By working through our wounds for the next 5 months we become healed and more whole. 

Chiron affects all signs but especially those born with planets/rising at 5-13 CANCER, LIBRA CAPRICORN and ARIES of course will feel the pressure by square.

JULY 12 MERCURY turns DIRECT in CANCER at 5+ CANCER @ 1:26 am PDT/4:26 am EDT/ 9:26 am GMT.

Ok communicating, buying, marketing, all kinds of computer snafus will start moving forwards linearly again. GEMINI and VIRGO will feel the gas to the pedal energy stronger because MERC is their ruling planet. . It takes a few days for things to start feeling different


a swimmingly beautiful idyllic dream. A most romantic soulmate picture. Light and love. Extremely creative for all signs. If you have planets at 15-25 GEMINI, VIRGO and SAGITTARIUS you will reap some nice dreams, possibly connect with a future vision of your soul mate or other spirit guides and angels. A great night for lucid dreaming. 

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Dream on, Grand Water Trine

Arent you finding the energy exhausting now? After the upsurge starting June 18  which continued until the Full Moon on the 27th in Capricorn Mars Retrograde has slowed everything down to a snail’s pace.

We are amping up to the very powerful July 12/13 New Moon Solar eclipse @ 20 degrees Capricorn opposite Pluto.

Grand Water Trine, tara Greene

Wash away your grief with a Grand Water Trine July 3rd. Pisces moon trines Cancer Sun trines Jupiter in Scorpio. This a great day to meditate. Tune into your dreams most especially and make sure you have good psychic boundaries UP.

The watery tone continues into tomorrow July 4th American’s Big Birthday 242 birthday.

July 4th

Moon sextiles PLUTO in Capricorn in the am in PDT and EDT and goes Void of course.

I know its officially America’s birthday July 4th but Astrology wise the Sun won’t be at its exact point as it was in 1776 until July 5th @ 5:28 A.M. in Philadelphia.  I’ll post about that a bit later.

Moon inconjuncts VENUS in LEO and are hearts are hurting tender and sore for the children and mothers. Stay strong be brave and courageous. 

CHIRON Turns RETROGRADE @ 2 degrees ARIES on the U.S. Birthday How symbolic is that? 

Chiron passed the World Point Zero Aries when it entered the first sign of the Zodiac. It will pass over it again Retrograde on September 25 and re-enter ARIES on February 18 2019.Chiron remains in Aries until 2026-2027. 

I;ll write in more depth about this. Moon enters Aries on the 4th @ 9:50 pm PDT

but not until July 5th @ 12:50 am. 

There’s a lovely positive aspect on the 5th but come back for more.

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Inconvenient love truths, no second chances

Yes its a great day with Jupiter trine Pluto June 26 but there is also a heck of alot going on. 

Pandora. Astrology Tara Greene


Some deep dark secrets as well as some hidden soul gems may be unceremoniously revealed as the planet of communication Mercury in two faced Gemini is inconjunct to MARS RETRO in SCORPIO in the morning. Be aware that the pot is feverishly boiling over right now, full of resentments, unforgiven memories, caustic chemicals, and past life vendettas, oozing veritable pus and vitriol, leading up to June 29th when Mars finally turning direct in Scorpio. Don’t take your mind of of that overheated pot  for a moment or- it’ll explode in your face and you may have a tone of damage control to cover.


Venus in Cancer wants to mother everyone and needs to be needed but Saturn in Sagittarius is up on his high horse leaving Venus knee-deep in the dust as he rides off for adventure, promising to return home after he captures those bandits and recoup’s the loot. 

These are the inconvenient truths you don’t want to hear. Saturn in SAGITTARIUS can’t help but speak the truth which often hurts and is thoughtless but not necessarily meant to be hurting. So true of BREXIT- we don’t need no EU education, we don’t need no thought control, as in PInk Floyd’s The Wall, We don’t wanna by mommed, we don’t like your Eu watered down chicken soup. We are independent and fancy free gypsies.  So stuff your stuffy club. We’d rather be free than tethered down to a false mom.

Sit with the emotional tides of all of this under a big GRAND water Trine with  the Cancer Sun trine Lilith in SCORPIO trine ATHENA the Warrior Goddess, conjunct EROS conjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES.  These are heavy waters, birth waters, battle waters, drown in your own shit waters. 

The MOON enters ARIES June 27 and CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER turns RETROGRADE @ 25+ degrees PISCES until DECEMBER 1st @ 20+ degrees PISCES.

That tiny 5 degrees of space can mean so much.  

Chiron is sextile to ALGOL, Medusa’s head and they are both in a YOD or Finger of GOD to JUNO the FEMININE form of GENIUS at 29 degrees of LIBRA.

This helps us to recognize the Feminine Genius in the wounds which have been created and inflicted by the Wounded Masculine onto the Feminine who has been made to be the martyr, the feared snake haired Amazon. Women have been blamed for all of human kind’s problems as the reason for the “fall from Grace.”  LOL. 

Yes, go back and pick up all the wounded pieces, where you hurt so bad, where you are so vulnerable you think you cannot survive if you let that out of the bag, it feels like opening Pandora’s box of secrets.

ASTEROID PANDORA @ 28 degrees LEO squared by MARS RETROGRADE at 23 degrees SCORPIO and ALGOL Fixed STAR of MEDUSA’s head at 28 degrees TAURUS always.

That is a FIXED T-square of epic porportions and the fear of opening the forbidden box is enormous but the hidden forbidden treasure is where the healing is. And allow yourself to cry and feel the remorse and the tears and the sadness and the anger. Cry as much as you need to. MARS is TRINING CHIRON so let it out and let new energy in. 

These are incredibly complex times folks, MARS is virtually stand still in the sky although slowly inching his way to Bethlehem turning DIRECT finally June 29 at 23+ degrees SCORPIO. You will want to mark that spot with an X and see how Mars’s change in direction affects your life.

Under a super powerful Mars Retrograde in SCORPIO, the sign of death, they hold a Brexit vote and expect anyone to keep things the same? LOL that’s why you government officials should always consult astrologers. The pollsters were wrong. Now
2.1 million Brits signed a petition for another EU referendum.
They want a 2nd chance?
Mars in Scorpio NEVER gives 2nd chances. Everyone knows that. 

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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