Leo Strength and Drama time


Leo Season

Sidney Hall_ Urania’s Mirror-_Leo Major and_Leo Minor Sidney Hall [Public domain]

The SUN KING, Apollo, rides his golden chariot into his HOME sign, LEO July 22 @ 1:37 am PDT/ 4:37 am EDT/ 9:37 am GMT under a LEO moon. A doubly dramatic entance. The LION KING, Ra, The Sun King or Queen. In Japan the Sun is Goddess Ameratsu.

This is a double double LEO DRAMA time. It’s HOT. Full of desire, pride, energy, firepower, courage, charisma, strength, creativity, leadership and also the child and children.

LEO, the 5th sign, is symbolized by the Constellation of the Lion, considered to be the KING and Queen of BEASTS. Female Lions rule their prides.  LEO rules the HEART, love affairs, giving love, children, creative self- expression, will power, pride, courage, EGO, DRAMA, actors, leaders, the ROYALS, luxury, gold and red, orange, yellow, excess, strength,  Bohemians, Damascus Syria, the stage, heart attacks, brokers, movie theatres, government, the spine, bright yellow stones citrine, yellow diamonds, sapphires.

The 5th sign is akin to the ancient 5th element, which is SPIRIT, symbolized always by the SUN and GOLD. Gold prices always rise when major planets are in LEO.  The Sun is the SOURCE of all Light, Life, STARS, consciousness, God, awareness. The heart and God are one. 

The Ancient Egyptians and the Incans and many many indigenous cultures worshiped the Sun God. Native American men do the Sundance and pierce themselves as they dance towards a central pole to imitate the sacrifice that women go through in giving birth and in bleeding monthly.

In 2020 The COMET NEOWISE makes its closest approach to the Earth in conjunction.

The Feast of Mary Magdalene is JULY 22, a very dramatic event with a strong passionate woman who was never a prostitute but a Sacred High Priestess who taught and supported Jesus. 

The helical rising of Sirius, the Star which the U.S. sun is tied to, is on the 23rd followed by the Mayan New Year, the Day Out Of Time July 25th which coincides with the opening of the Lion’s Gate through till August 8. 8/8


July 31 SUN trines CHIRON in ARIES

August 1 SUN squares URANUS in TAURUS

MERCURY enters LEO August 4/5 to amp up the hotness.

August 10/11 SUN inconjunct JUPITER in CAPRICORN


August 15 SUN inconjunct PLUTO in CAPRICORN

August 16 SUN trines MARS in ARIES

August 17 SUN conjunct MERCURY

August 18 NEW MOON SUN inconjuncts SATURN in CAPRICORN.

LEO  rules actors and DRAMA, so expect more hot drama tea.

While the SUN is in LEO  Don’t hide your LIGHT, let is shine for all to see.

You are the main player, the director and the STAR of your own lifedrama. “All the world’s a stage” said Shakespeare. Be aware of all the dramas you create or allow into your life. 

Muster your courage and really GO FOR IT. 

Treat yourself well, healthy pride based on positive self- esteem is good.  But also watch your EGO demanding too much attention.

PLAY with your inner child.

Do something nice for an underprivileged child, so many are denied the most basic of life’s necessities while we mainly live like King’s and Queen’s here in the West. This leo energy also ties in with the current sexual abuse child trafficking of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and other abducted slave traded children.

DANCE, be happy, get creative, Enjoy the SUN.  

We were all originally made from LIGHT, we are the LIGHT, 

BE CONSCIOUS of everything you do. STAY IN Your heart.

LEO is the Card of STRENGTH in the TAROT #11  or #8

The card of STRENGTH traditionally has a woman opening the jaws of a lion. She has a LEMNISCATE or INFINITY symbol hovering over her head. There are thousands of variations on this symbol now. Sometimes it is #8 or #11. Too complicated to get into now.

The Card symbolizes the will over the bestial, lower animal nature, greed, survival, vanity, jealousy, and everything which LOWERS one’s consciousness.

That ability of the Feminine- the Soul, LOVE to control the lower animal nature is a mind/heart/spirit focus which is called KUNDALINI energy.  

The highest SOLAR consciousness is available to us at this time. The  SOLAR LOGOS as Theosophist Alice Bailey referred to it, is the highest Light Master teachings available the same as Buddha, Christ etc.  


President Obama, Daniel Radcliff, Chris Hemsworth, President Bill Clinton, Director James Cameron, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shawn Mendes, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Lawrence Fishburne, Terry Crews, Tony Bennett, Dustin Hoffman, Steve Martin, Joe Jonas, Ben Affleck, Steve Carrell, Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, 


Meghan Markle, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, J.K. Rowling, Viola Davis, Jennifer Larence, Lucille Ball, Coco Chanel, Madonna, Kristin Chenoweth, Elizabeth Moss, Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Maya Rudolph, Kate Bush, Lisa Kudrow, Vivica A. Fox, Greta Gerwig, Charlize Theron, Whitney Houston, Anna Kendrick, Mila Kunis, Cara Delevigne, Halle Berry, Amy Adams, 


Amelia Earhart, Aldous Huxley, Stanley Kubrick, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Ford, Emily Bronte, Percy Shelley, Herman Melville, Andy Warhol, Alfred Hitchcock, Napoleon, Cecil B. Demille, Sri Aurobindo, Robert Graves, Madame Blavatsky,


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Venus in Cancer, Gourmet Astrology

May 7- June 5

VENUS enters Cancer:  Home is where the heart is and the heart IS  home. 

This energy turns our hearts and our stomachs homeward bound. 

This is very feminine energy, highly sensitive, emotional, mothering- great for Mother’s Day. 

Do beautify your nest, put in a water feature, renovate a kitchen or bathroom or find a place you will love to call home.

This is the nurturing, plentiful, bountiful, beautiful Mother Goddess. The way to anyone’s heart with Venus in Cancer is literally through their stomachs.  Eat, eat like a stereotypical  Jewish Mother. Children will express more emotions and will need to be especially nurtured and cared for during this time.  

Venus, was born from the ocean,  the source of all Life,  as in the famous Botticelli painting. CANCER, is the ocean, the protective womb, the ocean. 

Venus in Cancer symbolizes strong FERTILITY. Cancer is the womb, the unconscious, the dream world, sensation, receptivity. She is a mermaid. 


Cancer is nourishment, Venus is quality. Venus in Cancer loves to eat, loves gorgeous presented food that is highly comforting and nutritious.  There will be lots of cooking going on. Do take a cooking class to learn how to prepare and cook food and as a social means too. Cancer can be crabby and defensive and this also point out to eating disorders, eating for your emotions. 

Venus in Cancer will highlight our need to protect our food from destructive GMO’s and MONSANTO’s hell-bent on destroying the food supply. Venus on the half-shell. The value of all creatures in the ocean is important, Whales, dolphins, sharks, narwhals, seals, fish,  crustaceans, these all need to be protected. 


Spend time near water, swim if you can, meditate and reflect on water. Do stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Do a water puja everyday. A water puja is a ritual where you offer water to a Goddess as a thank you. Water symbolizes consciousness as well as emotions. It can be done every time you wash your hands.  

WATER is also our most precious commodity. Water shortages in California, in Brazil and in many parts of the world highlights our need to save, protect and value Water. Nestle’s CEO says humans DO NOT Have the right to water!!!! Such arrogance, such demonic energy. If we don’t have water there is no food, and no nothing else. The fashion excesses of our modern cultural show how values {Venus} are totally askew. There is technology that can make water out of thin air literally. These technologies need to be funded and brought into public usage.


It will be easier to express and be receptive to emotions during this month. Water dissolves all hardness so both men and women will benefit from this. Tears will flow way more easily, so use these cleansing tears as a release. It will build upon that powerful Scorpio Full Moon of May 3  see my article  http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/2015/05/scorpio-full-moon-meditation/


Do beautify your nest, put in a water feature, renovate a kitchen or bathroom or find a place you will love to call home. Go visit your Mom, sisters. Appreciate your “sisterhood.”  Volunteer to help a women’s shelter, raise money for homeless people, volunteer at a food bank, or become a big sister. 

Venus rules the Arts

A good time for artists to work with water themes, watercolors, a fluid evocative subtle beauty, maybe even do still life paintings. Also makes me think of Turner’s magnificent paintings. Impressionists.

This planet and sign are evoked in two Tarot Trumps the EMPRESS #3 with the Chariot # 7 the sign of Cancer

Cancer is the natural 4th house of roots, childhood, privacy, the womb, the unconscious, endings. Check where the planet of beauty, grace, love and sexuality are transiting through your Natal Chart to find out how this will affect you.. 

President Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Keanu Reeves, Natalie Portman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Ben Affleck, Clint Eastwood, Carl Jung, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Donald Trump, Russell Brand, Nikola Tesla, Robert Plant, Khloe Kardashian, Iman, Lenny Kravitz.
All writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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listen to Waterfall May this be love Jimi Hendrix 

Inspirational Card of the Day for New Moon,a little air is good

July 8 Inspirational Card of the Day

The Knave/Page/Youth/of Swords

knave of swrods tarot Tara Greene

Hexen.2 Tarot

The Knave of swords is traditionally a very young teenager shown wielding a sword. He is just learning, open, gullible. He has lots of energy, is naive,idealistic, unformed, he is perceptive, curious, constantly seeking answers.  He is always questioning, and has a tumultuous energy, he is a bit like a small whirlwind. He loves information. Swords are the element of Air and the mind, which are meant to discern meaning. He may think he knows everything before he knows anything. He is quick to fight, defend his ideas which are still very new.

Another Tarot deck shows the Knave as a FEMALE Goddess DIANA/Artemis

Artemis Goddess Tarot

From the Universal Goddess Tarot

DIANA/Artemis is the MOON Goddess Herself.

She is a young ever youthful virgin Goddess who belonged to no man.  She was a huntress, always carrying a bow and arrows and running in the woods  at night to hunt with her dogs. She is Mistress of wild animals, as she derives from a very ancient cult of the BEAR, or the Big Dipper constellation. She is patroness of wild animals. She protects women in childbirth, and protects women and young girls from disease. The dear and the cypress tree are two of her symbols.   She symbolizes virgin ONENESS, as she is whole unto herself. Other attributes of the Goddess are trust and innocence. She is associated with water, the heart, feelings, emotions. She ritually renewed herself in a sacred spring . One of her main temples was in Ephesus Turkey, where the Goddess is shown with hundreds of breasts down the front of her body, symbolizing unconditional nurturing.


When I first chose the card, the first image that popped into my head was Edward Snowden, now safe in Venezuela. Like the knave of swords, he is a brash brave, curios, information gatherer, and a 29th degree Gemini to boot, who used the pen as a weapon,which is way mightier than any sword.

The 2nd version of the Card, the Goddess version seems to seamless blend with the NEW MOON in Cancer symbolism which I wrote about in my previous article. The Goddess Artemis, is a young wild, exuberant Goddess. She is associated with women, water, nourishment, protection.

Emotions will be high on this New Moon. Mars is the ONLY planet in an AIR sign, and sometimes our emotions can overwhelm us. The element of air as detachment is necessary so that we can witness our emotions and not be engulfed by their immense power.

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CASE OF YOU by Joni Mitchel

Home is where the heart is.Venus in CANCER, Love Astrology forecast

Venus enters Cancer June 2 – June 27

The Goddess of LOVE comes Home to the water source of  CANCER, the ocean, the origins of life, the protective womb, from whence Venus and we all are born. The way to anyone’s heart with Venus in Cancer is literally through their stomach’s, feed ’em fabulous nourishing food. Eat, eat like a stereotypical  Jewish Mother.   Cancer is FOOD and Venus will highlight our need to protect our food from destructive GMO’s and MONSANTO destroying the food supply.

With all the horrendous damage from tornadoes, HOME’s needs to be more secure.

Love needs emotional security now like never before. Cuddly,  meet the family, taking care of each other, these are all Cancerian themes. Let your family and especially your mom know how much you love them.

Venus in CANCER wants to take care of you but also needs to learn to be taken care of. Cancer’s homes are their castles, like the Crab symbol. They need safe harbour.  How at home do you feel in your own skin?  Your home/ CANCER  is you. How safe, beautiful, artful is your home? How peaceful is it? Decorate your home, buy art and beautiful objects which Venus loves. 

Cancer’s show their feelings, they can’t help it. Vulnerability is a great strength. Mercury is in Cancer as well so talk about and share them. Watch old movies, tearjerkers and get out the hankies. Have a large family reunion. Cook a ton of food and reminisce.   Family is not just blood. It is your friends who can be more like a family to you. Let them know how much they mean to you.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant Venus in Cancer is favourable but especially when Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25-27 while Venus is still there.

 Cancer is the 4th Sign and house naturally. Where is the sign of Cancer in your chart? Check for which house Venus is transiting. That’s where to receive the love and give it. The 4th house/Cancer is your Mother, your childhood,your unconscious memories. Revisit your childhood. Love that Inner Child. Play with her/him.

ALL WATER and Earth signs benefit the most. Challenges to Cardinal signs

Yes, all the planets moving into CANCER  means a high risk of flooding.


ARIES– VENUS is in your Solar 4th House. This is the natural home of Cancer. The warrior returns home. Bring your lover home to meet the family. You may find love in your own backyard. Venus may rekindle an old flame or contact with someone from your youth. Go home if you haven’t been in a while. See you mom, make peace with her and your family, take off your armour.

TAURUS- Venus in your Solar 3rd House.

Venus is your ruling planet, in the house of communications, Venus opens your heart, stomach and your words. Taurus rules the throat so do declare your love. Put your heart into your words and express how you feel. Do go see art to feed Venus. Sing, enjoy music, make your garden beautiful. Do something nice for your neighbours.

GEMINI– Venus in your Solar 2nd House.

The house of resources, money. Your heart is the biggest resource there is. So explore it and open it wide and give everyone you care about something nice. Cook them dinner. Venus loves luxury, so dish out for some expensive or rich looking beautiful things to adorn your sacred space. Put your money where your heart is. Your capacity to communicate is a rich resource for you. Venus gets you out of your head. Interested in adopting a child? Also being a big brother or sister would be beneficial.

CANCER– VENUS in your solar 1st house

Well, Cancer’s it is YOUR TIME to swim. Positive, loving happy times. Family, helping, nurturing, protecting the children that’s what it’s all about. FOOD, get involved in the anti-MONSANTO rallies. Food is your holy Grail and it needs to be protected. Beautify your home. Have the big family gathering of course. Celebrate yourself and your origins. Feed others,but learn to receive nurturing.  

LEO- Venus in your Natal 12th house

This is SECRET LOVERS. Unconscious love, illusory love. Is it real or a dream lover? What does your heart secretly yearn for? Put your heart and will into discovering and uncovering that now. You need to beautify your den, young lions. Could be a narcissistic or fearful family skeleton from your childhood.  Your dreams may be particularly sexual and lustful during this time. Volunteer to help the homeless, or other charity work. Give from your heart as if everyone was your family.

VIRGO- Venus in your Natal 11th House

Love with people who are very different from you. Open your mind to accepting other people’s points of view. Stop being so critical and denying love and allow yourself to be imperfectly loved.  You need to take your pragmatic skill set to the street in protest to protect women from rape, children from exploitation. Organize and help out the homeless. Be open to receiving help and love from others. Love may blossom with a colleague. Allow your service to be in reception to being nurtured, loved and appreciated.

LIBRA– VENUS in your natal 10th HOUSE

Family, relationships and friends is your career and highest goal in life. This is the PUBLIC honoring your creative social gifts. A new love with a prominent powerful person. You may be chosen as an example of fair play and humanitarian idealism. Have wonderful dinner parties. Celebrate your family. Do you love your work? Are you surrounded with people who support you or not? Beautify your work space. Create a social event to enable co-workers to feel safer with each other.

SCORPIO– Venus in your Natal 9th HOUSE

Venus in Cancer TRINES your Sun and with Saturn there, This can mean some serious marriage proposals. June is the month of marriage. Great  month for Scorpio’s to wed this year. You can learn to trust, you can feel familiar with your lover. You can tell them your deepest darkest shadows and kinky secrets. This transit brings out your softer side.  Let yourself be vulnerable. You may want to learn to cook and decorate.

SAGITTARIUS- Venus in your Natal 8th house

You can’t always be a gypsy traveller Sagg’s. A place to call home to rest and renew is calling. You need to be in nature by a lake or ocean and reflect. Home can be mysterious and intriguing too. Allow yourself to be taught to be taken care of. Go to ancestry.com and check out who your ancestors were if you haven’t. Swim with dolphins. Get a new pet. Start teaching what you  love as a way of nurturing others.

CAPRICORN- Venus in your Natal 7th House

Venus is opposite you Sun sign. Marriage and commitments are the order. Work or family- you MUST give to your family now. Make it your religion for this three-week period. Take a family trip together or visit family. Capricorn’s don’t like emotions, but you are meant to open to learning to feel. You will feel healed, refreshed.The deepest motivation for work is to protect your family but not just through making money. You need to commit your feelings and be present for them emotionally. 

AQUARIUS– Venus in your Natal 6th house

Get outa your head for a bit about changing the world and allow yourself to feel your feelings and body. I know you usually feel like a space cadet. But pretend you are an ordinary human for a short while. What have you done for your self lately?  Get a massage, treat yourself to a great meal not just fast food. You can’t be of service to others if you can’t  receive. Love may spark at work or with someone in your nearby community. Do something to beautiful your area.

PISCES – Venus in your Natal 5th House

Oh this is sweet. Neptune is in early Pisces, Mercury will trine this June 3rd and VENUS on the 7th. Neptune turns RETROGRADE on the 7th so old flames may return. the 5th house is the house of LOVE AFFAIRS, giving love, children and creativity. You are a dream lover right now.  Allow yourself to be courted or do the courting, it’s romantic, old-fashioned. You may be swept off your feet dramatically and meet that soul mate now.

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The song with perfect lyrics to Venus in CANCER a man singing about feeling close- LOVE IT


Inspirational Card of the Day, The Moon, 2 planets switch up


  TRUMP CARD # 18 the MOON

Divine Moon Tarot Pisces
We leave May on a dreamy note.
THE MOON CARD is also the sign of PISCES and the Moon has entered PISCES 
the influence of the Moon card and the sign of Pisces are the same.
Moon CARD in the TAROT is the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON- the hidden secrets of the unconscious, fear of the unknown, the dark, mystery, losing one’s ego,  it is irrational,illusory.
THE MOON CARD initiation is one of the last tests in the Tarot Progression. It is the final gateway. In Buddhist tradition it would be like sitting on the charnal grounds contemplating death, the corporeal dissolution of the body and the ego.
It is above all a TEST OF FAITH. 
YOU MUST HAVE FAITH.  You may be feeling lost and disoriented. dissolve your fears into Spirit’s hands. Like a baby being born out of the security of the womb, you must now make your way from darkness into the light.  Trust in Spirit.  THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL
Moon’s in PISCES @ 8:30 pm May 30- June 1 11:33 pm PDT/ June 2 @ 2:33 am EDT water, spiritual, dreamy…
EVERY MONTH when the moon reflects PISCES energy we are pulled into the Oceans of the Unconscious.
We enter a potential OCEAN OF BLISS with no boundaries or separation a place of magic and miracles.
Psychic energy goes UP! Dreams become lucid, Soul is closer and clearer. Just close your eyes and drop in. Always very creative, for all artists, musicians, actresses, actors, poets writers, dreamers, romantics.
Boundaries blur, the fog descends. People tend to be more addictive if they aren’t in touch with their spiritual side with the moon in PISCES.  Also watch your alcohol intake or drugs on a PISCES moon as you judgement is not so clear. BEing by water or taking long soothing cleansing baths with lavender oil is excellent. Meditate in the tub.


Mercury leaves it’s home sign of the TWIN MIND SIGN of GEMINI MAY 31. I was going to say mental but that’s sounds crude and enters Cancer the sign of the MOTHER WOMB HOME FOOD the OCEANIC source as well. It will be a soggy weekend. WATER SIGNS are starting to fill up the Astrology calendar now.

Mercury in Cancer blends our thinking with our hearts, homes and tummies. Nurturing, food, families, children, emotional insecurity is FOOD FORF THOUGHT is a literal translation. Cuddly, sentimental, hugging is good.

Mars enters GEMINI soon after, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER with words and more words! We are acting from airy Gemini energy. It is young,immature, curious.  PEP talks, racing minds, tongue tripping. Energy will whip up conversations and ideas faster than a tornado. Flirty and curious. YAK IT UP. SEEKING your TWIN FLAME is very much symbolic of this hi speed energy. GEMINI’s time to shine in the SUN.

Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune in between the 2 planetary change ups in early am. Dreamy spiritual creative day. Moon squares Gemini Sun in aft. Dream your talk, baby. Pisces Moon connects with Chiron as it does every month, addictions and denial needs to be acknowledged in order for healing to occur. Pain is the soul waving a big red flag. Attention is needed to those wounds because that’s where the healing is. Mood will be foggy, with blurry boundaries on June 1.
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THE KILLING MOON Echo and the Bunnymen 

Summer of Love sneak peek,water + more water, VERY RARE Grand Sextile Astrology

Everyone’s gonna LOOOOVE this!
ALL YOU WATER SIGNS, CANCER especially + Scorpio + PISCES your time is very near.
Also all EARTH SIGNS – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn you get BIG benefits too.
I want  to keep all my fine readers INFORMED ahead of time. The energy shift from AIR to WATER happens when JUPITER King of the Gods enters Cancer on June 25 till and stays till July 16 2014. Jupiter is EXALTED in CANCER.
It’s all about LOVE, nurturing, receiving and giving, caring, children, the Oceans, our water supply , Food- Monsanato- GMO’s, education that nourishes, expressing our hearts, intuition, emotional security.
It’ll be like  a giant float tank-
THE WATER IMMERSION, cleansing or BAPTISM RITUAL begins this Friday May 31
Mercury enters Cancer May 31, goes Retrograde on June 26 and stays in Cancer till August 8th.
VENUS enters Cancer on June 2  – June 27
SUN enters CANCER June 21,that’s summer Solstice see link below for ceremony
JUPITER enters CANCER June 25 
MARS enters CANCER July 13 – August 27th.
Ww will be awash, floating, immersed, tsunammi’d and YES that will be literal. There will be a lot of rain, flooding,mudslides, tsunammi’s hurricane’s. People will NOT be able to hold down their emotions anymore. Big EGO’s will be splashed all over the place.
All things related to Cancer will expand, flourish, educate, inform, lead the way- WOMEN, FOOD, WATER, families, children higher education, home, mother’s, nurturing, senior’s, feelings, intuition, roots, security, tradition, sensitivity, water, birthing, receptivity, unconditional love, the ocean’s, insurance, what feed your soul.
Grand Sextile Astrology
click on chart to view larger
We are moving from a heady AIRY Masculine energy to a very deep, heart felt  Feminine feeling focus. Ah the tides of the cosmos drawing us in and changing our elemental focus. 
MAKE THESE DATES July 17 and July 30! They are Va va voom!
Pearl Sun Cancer astrology Tara Greene

GRAND WATER TRINE JULY 17 planets @ 120 degrees= HARMONY

PLANETS in the SWIM at HIGH TIDES – are JUPITER  @ 7+ degrees Cancer, conjunct MARS  @ 11 +
Trine to SATURN @  5 degrees SCORPIO  in Trine to NEPTUNE @  4 degrees Retrograde.
IF YOU HAVE planets  @  3-9 degrees of a water sign you will definitely benefit for July 17  and should do water rituals. Also if you have any angles in your natal chart at these degrees- that works too.
BIG ACTION with Jupiter and Mars, great time to move, travel, especially by water, start a new job or go back to school, build new dreams- SATURN and NEPTUNE.  WOMEN will be the movers and shakers. Intuition will get very strong and your dreams too.


a six pointed star  with MERKABA  formation

A GRAND SEXTILE may sound like a fancy orgy of sorts 

and in a way it is. SEXTILES are easy, nice, tickles under the chin.  Maybe we should call them sextickles?

It’s an  8 planets  cocktail of water and earth= MUD in your eye, clay- a creative substance. Aren’t we all made out of clay?

the MOON  in Taurus- at the 14 degree  conjunct the SOUTH NODE -{not pictured} at 12 degrees TAURUS ,  sextile to JUPITER  at 7+ degrees Cancer,conjunct MARS at 11 +of CANCER,sextile to

VENUS  at 9 degrees of VIRGO, sextile

SATURN at 5 degrees + SCORPIO conjunct the NORTH NODE  at 12 degrees SCORPIO, in sextile to

PLUTO  in CAPRICORN at 9 degrees Retrograde  in  sextile to  

NEPTUNE @ 4 degrees Retrograde Pisces conjunct to CHIRON in PISCES at 12 Retrograde.

That’s a whole  lotta sextiles. 

Moon Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn are personal planets. Neptune and Pluto are transpersonal.

IF YOU HAVE PLANETS at 7-14 degrees of EARTH SIGNS- but especially 9 degrees YOU get the BIG BUCKS!
THE GOOD, THE GOOD & the challenges-
Its very impactful for countries  too CANADA who’s Natal Sun on July 1st is 9 degree Cancer is exactly hit and the U.S. Sun too
ALTHOUGH it has benefits we can’t forget that this is also an incendiary time with URANUS exactly square to the U.S. Sun and PLUTO still duking it out with MARS in Cancer also involved in a T-Square.. There will be a lot of CIVIL unrest  as the Moon symbolizes women- in earthy Taurus from Women,with VENUS in Virgo, the economy and corporate structures , Pluto in Capricorn, ongoing.
PIRATES  may be a necessity. As the people wont want to get stuck for it anymore.
I will design rituals for these. If you would like to take part in an online ceremony and buy my MP3’s coming soon
please email me taragreene@sacredartscentre.com
at a lovely cottage on a lake near BANCROFT ONTARIO, not far  from the GRAIL SPRINGS SPA. 
All inclusive Friday evening- Sunday afternoon. Relax, learn, join in ceremony, set new intentions
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LEO NEW MOON ,heart healing prayers, Tara Greene at your psychic service

OMG  yes OMG

The MARS SATURN smash up in late Libra felt like OMG!!!

I know that in my life everything that goes on in the outer world planetary wise affects me in 3D big time,

YOU CAN”T MISS IT!  Are you like that too?

Saturn is the father, endings,cold  hard reality check.

I just took action { Mars} on finalized the wording on my father’s {Saturn} headstone { Saturn ruled} which will be unveiled soon..

You can’t get much more literal than that!

Saturn in Libra- SAturn is the LAW The karmic balance, Mars- aggression.

Karma Aggression- as in

Those horrible shootings of the protesters in South Africa in cold blood,

Putin giving PUSSY RIOT – 2 years in a detention camp! for singing dancing and praying for Putin to be ousted.

Have you ever been involved with someone who is trying to scam you so obviously? Threatening you? It feels like that to me.

SATURN the Cosmic Cop

And if you havent watched your taxes and such then the cosmic cop is probably giving you Mars heat.

and VENUS/ PLUTO opposition, the SOUL MATE tug of war. 

My husband and I were arguing as we are feeling incredibly pressured with all this. Although we aren’t exactly affected by the conjunction, it is a bit past my VENUS /NEPTUNE and past squaring his VENUS.


Aug 16-17 The 25th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence.


I was late posting this because it was my 16th Wedding Anniversary.

So LEO NEW MOON energy holds till the next FULL MOON

Did you complete the 10 day cleanse?

On the New Moon and the effects last for three days after if you are doing ritual intention magic. NEW MOON energy holds until the first sliver of the moon appears.


which was a song from the musical Damn Yankees and song link below


New Moon at 25 degrees Leo is close to the position of fixed star


{newly moved from LEO into VIRGO BTW- another article coming on that one}

Archangel RAPHAEL’s ray is emerald green, the HEART CHAKRA COLOR

MEDITATION for healing the heart with Archangel Raphael

World's largest emerald

Imagine the archangel Raphael 

All you gotta do is call and by sacred law the angels must answer all calls for help.. and you are protected. TRUST

Breathe and Ground first

Take some deep slow breaths in through your nose, hold for a second, and out your mouth. Do this for a few minutes until you start to let go.

We want to empty the body of resistance, pain, negative energy,so begin to imagine that your body is emptying out. Like water being emptied from a bottle.. you need to be receptive, you need to have your heart open.

See Archangel Raphael above your head, feel his DIVINE energy enter your heart.

Sense  the deep rich green heart color of  DIVINE LOVE filling you up filling your heart radiating from your heart, healing your heart.

Allow the emerald green divine love ray fill you and heal you completely.

If you or someone you know is ill, send this healing heart ray to them and see them healed whole shining with vitality and health. As a divine observer your consciousness is like an emerald-green laser ray. This is proven to work. Stay in the receiving  healing ray for as long as you wish and send it simultaneously to the entire earth!

NEPTUNE is close to CHIRON the wounded healer and they are tied into the Leo New Moon energy in opposition.

Courage is what LEo is about, ask for the courage to live from your Heart.

Courage to be YOU, That’s LEO Energy

Courage to protect the inner child

Willpower, leadership, strength all LEO energies.

In the Tarot the sign of LEO is called STRENGTH

11 Strength LEO THOTH TAROT Tara Greene

YOU can see the image of the LEO lion in the Thoth Tarot Trump #11

This is the main deck that I have been using for 20 years now.

I know it says LUST at the bottom of the card. The Thoth Tarot changed the usual imagery and number order.

The woman is riding the lion, usually she is shown dominating the lion by holding it’s jaws open. STRENGTH turned in to Lust is about LEO Passion,

Lust for Life- see song link below

So what is your passion? Where is your passion for life?

What does your heart say? What turns you on?

Whenever this card appears in a reading I do  for a client or myself

the bottom line is If it feels good do it, if not Don’t!

Are you feeling directionless, lost, that your heart is closed down, that  have lost your passion for life? 

You need a Tarot Psychic  reading http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

 You gotta have heart  by Peggy Lee


Lust for lIfe – Iggy POP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQvUBf5l7Vw

Where the Wild Things Are,Maurice Sendak R.I.P. Astrology of artist/writer’s life by Tara greene

I felt sad to hear that famed children’s author and illustrator Maurice Sendak passed away May 8 at the not too shabby age of 83.

Most famous for writing and illustrating Where the Wild Things Are in 1963, the book was a modern classic turning the tables from “nice, safe, Disney-fied, squeaky clean, pabulum type of sugar-coated kids Lit. A movie based on W.T. W. T. A. was released in 2009.

He authored 22 books, and illustrated almost a hundred books.

His other most infamous book is In the Night Kitchen first published in 1970. It was heavily censored for the drawings of a young naked boy running through the pages of the book.

 Sendak  was born of Polish Jewish immigrants and he described his childhood as “terrible” because all of his extended family had been killed in The Holocaust. He loved to read as a child then became inspired to draw after seeing Walt Disney’s Fantasia as a child. He was one of the early National Board of  Advisers for Sesame Street. He produced animated TV productions, and collaborated with other playwrights  and had recent successes in the past 10 years.

His personal Gods are Herman Melville creator of Moby Dick, Emily Dickinson and Mozart. Sendak was quoted as saying ” If there’s a purpose for life, it was for me to hear Mozart.”

Where the Wild Things Are sold over twenty million copies.

I remember reading it over and over to my son Elijah when he was a little boy,I loved reading to him, and it was one of his favourite stories. The story is about a young boy who proudly goes off to have adventures in his room because he is being punished and given a time out,with no dinner, by his mother for acting out.

The boy becomes King of the Wild Things, monsters on an island, but then gets lonely and tired of being King and comes back after “a year and a day” to his room, where he finds his mother has left him his dinner, “and it was still warm.” 

So lets find out who Maurice Sendak was. A Gemini, born June 10 1928  in Brooklyn New York.I have no exact birth time so have set up his chart on a “natural house” system with Zero degrees Aries as the Ascendant.

A Gemini born with Venus conjunct the Sun. Venus is the Goddess of Art, and the North Node is also conjunct to Venus at 9 degrees of Gemini. Maurice’s highest spiritual goal was to communicate, that’s GEMINI. Gemini is the ever youthful, Peter Pan, puer archetype who never wants to grow up, who lives in Never Never land or any imaginative fantasy.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury the Messenger of the Gods, the sign rules all forms of communications and writing. Mercury also rules Virgo, and Sendak had his natal JUNO- symbol looks like a magic wand, some say a toilet brush, tsk tsk.  JUNO is an Asteroid Goddess, and her name symbolizes a specific FEMININE form of genius, which connotes the masculine form of said genius.

Mercury the ruler of Gemini is in Cancer,conjunct to Pluto Lord of the Underworld.

Another famed children’s book illustrator Art Spiegelman, interviewed and illustrated Sendak for a New Yorker article from 1993. In this article Sendak stated that

“CHILDHOOD is CANNIBALS and PSYCHOTICS vomiting in your mouth.” 

Art Speigelman Sendak

 A pretty heavy but totally bang on illustration of someone born with Mercury in Cancer, the sign of the mother, nurturing, food, receptivity, and Pluto the shadows, the death eaters, the power and control secret freaks. Dead on. Mortifying.

Sendak’s Moon was in very dreamy,imaginative Pisces, planet of all creators, chameleons,boundless. If this chart is correct then the Moon is in the 12th house, where Pisces naturally is, and shows how much of the family secrets, the Holocaust. Sendak was writing about and through in his works.

He was born with Neptune in a wide opposition to the Moon in Leo, sign of fame, leadership. Moon in Pisces is soft, feminine, vulnerable, compassionate, spirital, can be addictive type of personality. The Moon is also opposite JUNO, the genius in hard-working exacting, perfectionist, down to earth, analytical, world- server sign of Virgo. An exacting artist writer and illustrator, Sendak produced a huge body of work over his lifetime.

Leo is the sign of the child, role-playing, acting. Sendak was the King, staunch defender and champion of Youth,  especially strong-willed children, who would not bow down to authoritarian parents’ wills, for which he was both { GEMINI} applauded and maligned for.

Born with Uranus in early Aries in square to Mercury, giving him a revolutionary fighting energy in communications.

He has Mars, Aries ruler at 18 degrees in square to Pluto, Sendak must have been a very energetic person. Very powerful, a naturally aggressive person.Who would speak his mind.

in Jan of 2012 Sendak was interviewd on The Colbert report calling Colbert and idiot and tearing into Newt Gingrich saying: ” But Newt Gingrich is an idiot. … There is something so hopelessly gross and vile about him that it’s hard to take him seriously. So let’s not take him seriously.”

Here’s that interview:


Born with Jupiter and Chiron in Taurus this made him sensual, direct, probably a simple man in some ways, never far from his roots, strong, stubborn, a good earner, appreciates Art, Jupiter expands whatever sign its’ in. Venus rules Taurus so again we’re back to Venus patroness of the arts in child-like Gemini, the sign of the twin soul.

Last but not least SATURN, representing the father, is opposite Venus, Sendak’s Sun and his north node, at 15 degrees of  Sagittarius Retrograde.

Sendak said his dad was one of his early inspirations for writing children’s books. Saturn Retrograde is a karmic signature. Not shown on the chart is Sendak’s South Node, his past at 9 degrees of Sagittarius conjunct Saturn. 9 degrees of Sagittarius in Tropical Western Astrology is exactly on the Fixed Star Antares, in the Sidereal constellation of Scorpio, whose name means rival of Mars because of its huge size and red color,and also denotes the Angel Uriel.

I’d say that Sendak was a great military warrior in a past life, who may have misused power { SCORPIO} who came into this life to repay a debt to the world by following his North Node conjunct to Venus,by being an artist warrior and communicator brandishing his pen and ink in defense of the innocent child, who couldn’t speak up and defend himself as much before Sendak came along to initiate and liberate the rights of the child to express his or her power, will and that which grown ups have banished to their own unconscious state, the freedom of self-expression so that the child can express all their feelings fully, safely.

The planet Uranus is exactly where it was when Sendak was born. He was experiencing his Uranus return and he left this world quickly, a Uranus energy from a heart attack. Chiron, the Wounded healer is exactly at 9 degrees of Pisces in exact square to Sendak’s North and South nodes.  Mars is also directly opposite Sendak’s Moon and in square aspect to his Nodes. Pluto Lord of death is also opposite to Sendak’s Mercury in Cancer. All of these planets show fateful indications.

Sendak left a great legacy. Children will continue to read identify with and appreciate Sendak’s Where the Wild Things are and many of his other books for always.

read the Art Spiegelman illustration and interview in the New York Times ttp://www.newyorker.com/archive/1993/09/27/1993_09_27_080_TNY_CARDS_000364070

P.S. Sendak was gay, and lived with his partner, psychoanalysts Dr. Eugene Glynn for over 50 years till his death in 2007.  He never told his parents. Sendak said “All I wanted was to be straight so my parents could be happy. They never, never, never knew.”He didn’t want to upset them. There is certainly many what I would call hermaphroditic influences in his natal chart, Gemini, Venus, Saturn opposition, lots of Cancer Mother,  moon in Pisces feminine energy.Pluto in Cancer, family skeletons, secrets. Can you tell if someone is gay from their astrology chart?  There would be indicators to be sure.

another review of Sendak’s work here: http://www.wired.com/underwire/2012/…

It’s very intersting here that I get to “know” people through their astrolology charts. I reallly enjoy doing these memorializing astrology write-ups.

Your feedback is immensely important to me. So do let me know. COMMENT.  Share the article.

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Aquarius Full Moon Grand Ole Oprah/Opry, “Let the sun shine by Tara Greene

Aqua Rius Full Moon- July 25-26  copyright by  Tara Greene  2010 -infinity

Just like that big old June 26 GRAND Cardinal Cross Lunar Eclipse, turning our lives into some kind of Grand Ole Opry of a movie/life, was that but just a short month ago? How’s your movie going these days? Mine’s positively Uranian,everything is always moving changing, not solid, nothing to bank on,the bank failures, and economies going South are a mere metaphor people, wake up!  “Nothing is real” sang John Lennon-

We are now furthering ahead,preparing for warp speed.  There are a number of potent factors in and around this Full Moon, which Highlight soul growth & provocative enhancement.

July 21 Saturn re-entered Libra which intensifies the ongoing T- Square with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. The Big 4, showdown.

July 26 Saturn makes his 5th and FINAL opposition to Uranus, the 1st one of which occured on election day in the U.S.  in 2008. This face-off culminates the seeding cycle  which occured between these 2 in 1965-67. That was the cultural revolution hosted by The Beatles, the hippies, the anti-war protesters, alternative culture, whole earth catalogue, Timothy Leary, Maharishi Yogi,tune in,turn on, drop out,  etc.

Everyone born in the mid- to late ’60’s are now having a 2nd mid life crisis in synch with a world wide Patriarchal, Autocratic, Reality Check Ego/Eco break down.

The 1st four oppositions on our more current era, Nov, 4, 2008  @19 degrees Virgo-Pisces

Feb 5, 2009 { 21 degrees same signs} Sept 15, 2009 { 25 degress same signs} April 26, 2010 { 29 degrees}  Gulf Oil rig Gulf of Mexico blew on April 20

This last final oppositon occurs in the initiatory degrees  – ZERO- of Aries {1st sign} and ZERO Libra { 7th sign}  signalling a new balance.

July 29 Mars enters Libra, adding more fight, fuel, chutzpah to the already potent T-square as it opposes Uranus July 30-potentially Xplosive,war like. conjuncts Saturn July 31 -aggressively conservative and harsh, militaristic and Squares Pluto August 3rd- like playing cards with Mr. D., Russian roulette,a big wake up kick in the ass, Xtremely warlike!  Highly likely new war starts. Mars can go both ways arousing courage or fear and defenses, can be hung up and indecisive as Mars in Libra is wont to do.

Mercury opposes Neptune 28 degrees Leo- Aquarius on July 26th -wonderful inspirational consiousness expanding dimensions wiping out old ego trips.

Sun Trines Uranus- golden blessings for your butt and many other parts as well. July 26 is a good day! You should be able to get a magnificently golden hued tan wherever you are!

JUPITER stationed Retrograde July 23 at 3 degrees of Aries, which amplifies optimistic freedoms, audascious energies and underlines the Square to Pluto, this is the 2nd one Jupiter will make to Pluto, Lord of the Soul, the Dead, Rebirth, Recycling, Transformation.


A very symbolic Biblical number from July 5 to Aug 23. Ultimately Jupiter and Pluto’s close conjunction amplifies both their powers. RICHES,spiritual expansion, indepth philisophical breakthroughs in religion, metaphysics,science, from the macro to the micro. It can also be seen as much death, foreign involvement, nuclear waste, big meltdown!

Jupiter & Pluto – is this a good name for a singing duo? Singing what kinds of songs exactly?

STONED SOUL PICNIC by LAURA NYRO?  I Could have danced all night  from My FAir Lady?

Helter Skelter- the Beatles?  – you let me know what your thoughts are on this? I’m just doing this outta the top of my head as I’m writing.

Jupiter and Pluto will remain in SQUARE within 10 degrees of each other from May 8, 2010 to April 10, 2011 forming 3 exact squares 1.  July 24,2010  2. Aug 3, 2010 at 3 degrees Aries- Capricorn and 3. Feb 25, 2011 at 7 degrees Aries/Capricorn. 


Having a baby anytime during these dates? That’s one helluva very powerfull kid your co-creating with right now, momma. Astrology will explain your child’s personality, soul purpose, temperament, talents, ways to communicate with her/him, relating to, siblings, angelic factors, health.  This is very important usefull practical info to have. E-mail me  for more info and to have a perfect insight into your little one’s Soul.

Their last conjunction was Dec 11, 2007 at 28 degrees of Sagittarius which is pretty right on the galactic Center. This is the follow up from the conjunction at Grand central Station. Squares produce the friction necessary to heat up the incandescent filaments, the multi-dimensional frequencies to get excited, to move, to act, to produce.

When Jupiter and Pluto link up new frontiers and resources are birthed, emerge, unearth themselves, secrets are uncovered, outmoded beliefs transformed. Jupiter rules religion, laws, on the mundane level- man made laws, and ont he spiritual level, SACRED LAW.

Physicists and metaphysicians both report that there is no separation bewteen the observer and the observed.  Life is holographic each part contains the whole. Be prepared to step boldly into nothingness, through the floor, off kilter viewing yourself, the world from an entirely new angle.


And what about the Full Moon? Aquarius is the most inventive, individualistic, revolutionary of all the signs, egloless leadership, group think, inventive, highly technical and skilled.

Neptune is still very close to Chiron, Retrograde since July 2nd, making us feel utterly vulnerable and ultrasensitive to all the “noise” going on in the stratosphere around us now during the big changes. You need to get down and fell the pain, the cure is in feeling th epain totally, crying as much as one needs to, let it out and let it in, the cure is spirit, consciousness, clarity, aliveness.

 The whole world is experiencing this now, this is the entire crossing of the Galactic Center that the Mayan calendar refers to in my book. It has been happening since 1998- we are approaching the speeding up of time,the breaking down of the old orders, the tuning and attuning to new frequenices. The revolution is starting now. So “Shine on you crazy diamond.”  like this full Moon in Aquarius. We are diamonds in the rough, literally, carbon based life forms.

These are intense times, stay grounded, drink lots of water, literally sit on the ground, excercise, eat simply, sound, listen to your inner soul speaking. New worlds are available within and all round us. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is air, wind.

How may I help you navigate the unchartered waters?  I use the ancient oracular tools of Astrology, tarot, Intuitive Divination, Numerology, and work with  the auspicies of the Higher Masters, Angels, Bodhisatvas, Power animals and dreams. Please email me- taragreene@sacredartscentre.com