Happy Mother’s Day to all the Goddesses

I give thanks to all the mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers and all the mothers throughout time who gave birth to all the children of the earth. We are all children of the Great Mother. I give thanks to my mother Fay Yetta Cantor who birthed me and to my grandmother, her mother, Dina Geitel Sandpearl. My mom loved me unconditionally. She passed on September 18, 2009 on a Holy day. 

This is a day to honor the Divine Feminine, and all the Goddesses. Every religion has a Mother Goddess somewhere in the world. Isis, Astarte, Inanna, Nuit,  Pachamamma,  Mother MARY, The Black Madonna, Demeter, Ceres, Anu, Freya, Shekinah, Durga, Shakti, Sheela Na Gig, Gayatri, Spider Woman, Kunapipi, She has thousands of names. 

Mother day, The Virgin as Queen of Heaven by Hans Baldung Grien

The Virgin as Queen of Heaven by Jans Baldung Grien 1515-1528 

Each and every mother is a living Mother Goddess. She is the natural and primordial mother of all creation. We are all born of mothers, first and foremost she is the ground of our being. We in fact are our mothers and grandmothers, physically, we were eggs in our mothers’ fallopian tubes when she was born from her mother. We actually carry all the memories of our grandmothers and mothers all of their experience is written in our own cells. 

The earth is our collective Mother as well. On this day Bless the earth, Make offerings to her. Give her water, feed her, lay on her. thank her for so generously feeding her children and all the creatures on earth. 

On an Astrological level the Moon symbolizing the Divine Feminine is in airy Aquarius. In the Tarot trump of the STAR. The Goddess/Great Mother as Nut the Sky or the Universe itself. 

Venus made an akward INconjunct with Saturn earlier this morning,

We are needing to integrate the great Mother ans the power of the divine Feminine back into the world’s cultures. 

Moon opposes Jupiter in Leo  later today

so treat your Mom like a Queen, treat all women like Queen’s. 

I am attending a very special Priestess/Goddess ceremony today. 

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Mother of all things Lisa Thiel  

Dakini Song- Lisa Thiel