These are mythic times Ceres, Mother Nature

Goddess Ceres, Great Mother Trines the North Node in Cancer, at 26 + degrees. We need the Great Mothers unconditional love and support now which is the most common description of an easy benefiting trine.

Turtle island painting by Napoleon Brousseau . But I also feel there’s a warning here. In the Myth Ceres/Demeter in her anger and grief for her lost daughter who was raped by Pluto into the Underworld, refused to allow anything to grow. The daughter is the symbol of the virgin innocent goddess, and a symbol of all children. With the current toxic masculinity #MeToo and sex and organ trade of children rampant in the world, we must be aware that if we don’t stop raping mother Earth’s body herself through mining, fracking , water distribution, deforestation and pollution that Mother Nature will indeed show us her anger and grief and no good will grow. It could happen very quickly. Read Dr. Guy Macpherson Nature Bats Last

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Love Power Magic and Dreams


This is a bright ideas day

Venus opposes Pluto @ 20+ degrees at 7:25 pm PDT/ 10:25 pm EDT

This is a continuation of the Cardinal Crosses from 2012-2015 

Venus in Cancer is the most feminine of nurturing energies. It makes us want to go back to the womb; back home to our childhood’s happiest memories of feeling totally safe secure and loved. It is the archetype of the birth-giving an unconditionally loving mother. 

This is VENUS as the EMPRESS in the TAROT Card #3

PLUTO is Hades Lord of the Underworld God of Death and rebirth sex money power struggles and secrets. Pluto is the Lord of shadows the psyche obsessions garbage refuse and recycling. 

Venus rules our values women and money. Venus in Cancer rules children. Pluto rules shady sex stealing sex and rape. 

Many of the issues we will hear more about is about feamle sex trafficking; children disapppearing; underground death cults abusing children. People in power who use children for sex and for black magic. Yes these secrets will be boiling out in the news.  Pizzagate or a variation of it is very real. Thousands of immigrant children have disappeared in Europe as is happneing now in America too. Many are used to harvest organs and for sex trafficking or satanic cult practices. 

This is all very horrific. It is the darkest dark of power. It is the Anish Kapoor of power. Then I stumbled upon this article from June 22 2017 which I’d neber seen before. This ART FIGHT! Th eponkest pink versus the blackest black is the perfect literal almost metaphor for Venus in Cancer -Pinest Pink versus Pluto in Capricorn Anish Kappor embodied as the Blackest black Vantablack.

What would happen if someone used Vantablack in Black Face? Just a thought?

Women and the old plutocracy face off. 

June 6 Moon is in dreamy Pisces. 

Dreams PIsces art spiritual psychic Tara Greene

Pierre-Cécile Puvis de Chavannes: The Dream, 1883

PISCES MOON time great for planting seeds bathing swimming envisioing releasing ceremony prayers tantric sex meditating loving seclusion gurus and lucid dreaming.

PISCES MOON trines JUPITER to help us sail away sail away. Pay attention to your dreams when you awake. You may be feeling quite giddy all day. This is a psychic enhancing and the ability to see with x-ray vision into other souls. 

PISCES Dreamtime. Use your subtle senses enhanced under the #Pisces moon to listen feel and trust your intuition more. Use your spiritual umbilical cord “orrende” to sense what is going on in the world around you.

Moon squares SUN-tense apect

Moon conjuncts Neptune- uber dreamy and rose colored glasses

Moon squares Mercury in GEMINI -you can easily se eboth sides of the issues

Moon sextiles PLuto and trines Venus at days end. 

The energies learn to co-operate after their stand off late Tueday night. This is a good thing.  Pluto Venus is good for capital ventures working with women food fousing and children’s issues.

Moon trine Venus is a watershed of emotions. Let tears of sorrow and joy flow. If you feel alone call upon the Great Mother to comfort and nurture your soul. She is Mary Isis Ceres Demeter.


This turns the Source into dual visions. The pun on dual and duel. We need to bring light into both sides of our spiritual and romantic beliefs and ideals. You have to examine everything you believe in from either side to be whole. A believer and and an atheist. A liar and honest. A creator and a destroyer. Life is this duality. It is the nature of the universe. OUr minds have dual lobes there is receptive and active. We are masculine or feminine. Polarity. 

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Five things to inspire courage on Leo New Moon

The LEO NEW MOON at zero degrees LEO indicates that we are embarking on an entirely new HERO’s JOURNEY. Every person needs to be the hero or heroine of their own heart’s quest. The SUN rules LEO and this New moon is one to shine the brightest, go for the gold, and be proud of who you are. The cosmic message from the Universe offers up new Sovereign powers of will, courage, heart, chutzpah, verve, passion, play, drama, and leadership.

Leo New Moon, astrology Tara Greene

Fire lion by k a y o

Fire=SPIRIT and action. This is a 5 alarm spiritual fire with SUN, MOON, MARS, NORTH NODE + MERCURY all in LEO.

  1. Put FUN at the top of the To-Do list

Leo is the 5th sign and governs the heart. As the symbol of the  LION, this sign is known for pride and courage. The word courage comes from the French word coeur which means heart. It’s also the sign of the child, who loves to dress up and have fun. Be sure to encourage your inner child to play at this time. 

MARS is conjunct the SUN and MOON  

Mars is beginning a new 2-year cycle as he conjuncts the SUN. This is a Fiery Masculine rebirth, like a Phoenix being reborn from the flames of its own ashes. This can bring positive energies, new vitality, passion aggression, and motivation. We are in the Year of the FIRE ROOSTER of PHOENIX in the Chinese Zodiac this year. 

Phoenix, Astrology, tara Greene

This is pretty incendiary energy. In these very intense, rather insane times where everyone is ready to mouth off and wants to be King or Queen of their own domain and opinion. This quintuple LEO energy can amp that up to Dangerous DRAMATIC Big ego levels and battles.  Be careful of not triggering some ego maniac to rage at you out of control.  Women must be on quick defense for men who may be unable to hold back their sexual energy and anger under this intense MARTIAL energy. We could see some of the worst tyrannical, domineering, macho ego overkill, warrior energy personally and in the world. Women must be on quick defense for men who may be unable to hold back their sexual energy and anger. We may see new investigations into child sexual predators, trafficking, and rape issues.

BE careful of using fire in BBQ’s or any dangerous flammable equipment at work or in the house as there is a higher possibility of explosions, including volcanic ones. Expect to hear more bad news about raging forest fires and record high temperatures in the world. 

ALL of this FIRE POWER can also be seen positively as the old worn masculine Patriarchal energies and expressions being burned to ashes, transmuted in the cleansing Golden fire of the Sun’s alchemical furnace.  

A planet very close to the Sun is considered to be burned out and weakened. On a personal level, we may be feeling heart fatigued, at his New Moon especially those with planets at the first 5 degrees of all FIXED SIGNS, TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO, and AQUARIUS.  Mars will get stronger as it pulls away from the SUN’S beams and becomes visible again in September. 

The New Moon forms an out of sign square to URANUS in ARIES the planet of freedom, higher consciousness, and revolution. Listen to your heart to find out where you have been disconnected from it. Uranus is nearing the end of its 7 years journey through the first sign. The planet of innovation urges us to have the courage to be true to our own individual wills and to work with the collective in unity. 

SUN MOON MARS trio also make an out of sign Trine to CHIRON the Wounded HEALER in PISCES. The image of fire and water creates lots of steam heat. Old repressed anger issues may rise up from the shadows around this DARK MOON. You may be feeling this up to the Aquarius LUNAR ECLIPSE on AUG. 7.


Anger is the defensive layer shielding the emotional pain and trauma. Be careful not to let the rage overtake you as it can quickly burn out of control. But do Roar out your rage at those that deserve it if you have been sexually abused. You will have greater courage to speak from your heart. Stand up for yourself, Be the Queen or King of the show. Star in your own movie, be proud of who you are.

MERCURY in LEO is conjunct the NORTH NODE


All fire rituals are recommended.

3. Burn away anything which no longer suits your energy, drives and heart’s desires. Light red candles or a real fire. Write down the things which you know need to go on a piece of paper and burn it in the fire. Make a statement of intent. As the fire consumes these things, you can name them, or situation which no longer serve me, may my heart, passion, spirit and courage be reborn on this New Moon.  

Practice PYROMANCY-Divination with Fire

4. Gaze into the fire, ask your question. Watch the flames for images or pictures. Allow the images to come to you. You may see fire spirits, your ancestors, and your true hearts’ strength speaking or signaling to you through the flames.


You can do this alone, as a New Moon is traditionally a solitary time for women only to gather together in their Red Tents or to be alone. This is a Tantric breathing technique to open your chakras. Starting with your root chakra, you can imagine breathing in the fire power of the SUN into your root. Breathe slowly and naturally deepening your breath. Take your time, you may feel a sexual energy, tingle or jolt in your body. This is a sign of the chakra opening. Women can very easily have full body orgasms from this technique. You need to control the breath and slowly breathe the fire up through the chakras, right to the crown chakra.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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