Kim Kardashian Kanye West daughter Astrology

Kim Kardashian Kanye West baby 3 daughter astrology

Kim K. and Kanye West’s third child a girl was born January 15 2018 @ 12:47 am in Los Angeles at Cedar Sinai’s Hospital. Kim was there and was the first to touch her new daughter. 

With that infamous 6 planets + Lilith + Eros in Capricorn, this is one very grounded very karmic old soul who has returned to earth to embody the gene pool of Kimye. Capricorn’s are very mature when children. They are very stubborn generally unemotional and disciplined. All of the Capricornucopia falls in the little girl’s third house of communications. Well, she will be brought up in that world. 

With a SCORPIO ASCENDANT with Psyche conjunct it and JUPITER and MARS ruler of Scorpio in her first house this little girl will be incredibly sexy alluring and imbued with power. Born into wealthy-Jupiter in Scorpio she can manipulate anyone she wants. She will have very intense soulful eyes. She will be quite stubborn and a handful for her parents. You will not be able to tell her what to do. She will be attracted to danger dark and heavy things. She will be obsessive about getting what she wants when she wants and exactly how she wants it. There will be a string of lovers throughout her life. She will seek to be mysterious and private. 

Her North Node in LEO in her 10th house indicated she is destined to be a Queen and rule the public.With Ceres conjunct her North Node- her highest destiny- nothing to do with her older sister North -she will be very close to her mother and Grandmother Kris Jenner and women in general. She will seek publicity fame and worldly power yet try to remain a mystery. 

NEPTUNE in PISCES in her 5th house of artists love affairs and children is inconjunct her North Node in Leo and CERES. This can indicate problems with addictions due to the pressures of fame and being under the constant pressure of the public. She is a very sensitive psychic child and will read everyone’s mind. She may have difficulty balancing her need for being behind the scenes with being forced to be in public by her family. If she isnt allowed the space to be the spiritual being she is she will definitely have addiction problems. 

Mars in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces in her 5th house of creativity love affairs children and willpower. She is a powerful female but compassionate. She will want to use her wealth and enormous influence to help the less fortunate. She may want to create charities to help girls to empower themselves. 

Mars is inconjunct URANUS in ARIES. This is also a difficult aspect. This child will be very willful and highly sexual and temperamental-her energy may be off the wall. This can definitely be an A.D.D. A.D.H.D. indicator. She could be extremely restless and out of control emotionally. She will crave danger and could be accident prone. Her health may go through wild swings. She is overenergized like having 220 volts in a 110-volt body.This can also describe a tendency to lesbianism bi-sexuality or fluid gender. She will be very curious about sexuality and want to explore all kinds of taboos. 

Her South Node in Aquarius conjunct JUNO Square JUPITER in SCORPIO

SOUTH NODE IN AQUARIUS is a hi-tech – non-natural birth.

Being born via surrogate indicated this perfectly. 

In her past lives she was a women’s liberationist or a woman who was very ahead of her time and was tortured most likely by drowning or water. She may exhibit a fear of water. She was very intelligent and carries that innate scientific cool logic into this lifetime. She is a non-conformist and will rail against any restrictions. She could have been Harriet Tubman or Mary Wollstonecraft-one of the earliest Women’s liberationists in a past life. 

MOON LILITH EROS in CAPRICORN sextiles Neptune in PISCES  quincunx Leo North Node and Ceres

This little girl has erotic sexual attraction in her DNA she can shape shift into anything to get what she wants. She will be at odds with her mother grandmother and other females and the nurturing principle. This can indicate an unconscious feeling of loss of being separated from her uterine surrogate mother on some level even though she is genetically Kim and Kanye’s. It would be good if Kim and Kanye have the surrogate involved in their daughter’s life in some way.

Quite a complex little girl. All planets below the horizon indicate a child self-involved with understanding herself her own personality and family. But forced to be out in public very definitely against her will. 

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