Pisces dreamy day

May 10 Moon is in Pisces

PIsces Moon astrology Tara Greene

It’s Singer Bono of U2’s birthday and famous dancer Fred Astaire’s too and Sid Vicious and John Wilkes Booth who shot Abraham Lincoln. Happy Birthday to my old friend from Norway Sissel’s birthday too.

Moon’s in PISCES conjunct Neptune in the wee hours. Lots of juicy lucid HD dreams tonight. Record them when you wake.

Moon trines JUPITER in SCORPIO

This is an abundant flowing magical energy as Jupiter is the traditional Ruler of PISCES. This opens one up but also gives angelic protection. Expand your spirit and soul. Be charitable.Dive deep into life’s mysteries. Sex money power control secrets. It will be all out there.

Neptune squares VENUS in GEMINI

Talk about your dreams. Express your confusion and inability to commit.  Venus brings love to a Gemini’s angel/devil polarity and helps them to see that all is one. Yin/yang not black and white. Cant have one without the other. Beware two timing liars who you want to believe are committed. Sense what is mine and what is yours.

Moon sextiles TAURUS SUN

always a nice energy blending emotions moods sensitivity feelings feminine receptivity with masculine light and grounding in Taurus. You can feel stronger and more rooted.


Sextiles are nice n easy aspects. Envision what your deepest depths want to express. This is a very creative energy for deep introspection.Pluto always wants to be in control and obsesses about it. Pisces Moon can help you let go to surrender to forgive and have compassion. This is a good thing. Don’t forgive those who have transgressed against you. Pluto in Cap. helps Pisces develop healthy boundaries.

Have a dreamy day.

Heads up for May 11

Some very big aspects. Sun trine Pluto. Very empowering if you have planets at 20-22 degrees EARTH SIGNS.

VENUS inconjuncts PLUTO in PDT on the 11th/ on 12th in EDT and GMT

Big power banking financial military government issues. All is not what it seems. the whole picture is not being revealed. Players behind the scenes are moving chess pawns and war machines around. Big money is to be made in war.

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Super positive earthy day May 10 Tarot Astrology

May 10 CANCER MOON, Happy in her HOME sign floating along, nurturing, sensitive, needing emotional food, watch out for tummy upsets.

It’s a very very positive day today The MOON has trines Neptune early this a.m. bringing sweet dreams. I had one.

Moon sextiles Venus and Jupiter- who are SUPER LOVEY_DOVEY today

The only wrinkly in the fabric of time is a MOON SATURN in SAGITTARIUS off-kilter quincunx

Don’t fly off the handle, watch your words, 


excellent earthy trine again. Happy Birthday to BONO and my friend Sissel in Norway. Bringing all the beauty back home. Loving your body, women, beauty, art, flirting, Get onto the ground, get a massage, get real, love your work, your home, love your inner critic into shutting up.Bring it on home.

Moon opposed PLUTO- focus on what your desire is fully.

Moon sextles Mercury in Taurus and the Sun

fresh from their mating meeting transit/mini-eclipse yesterday

Just realised that the Dot crossing the sun of Mercury was just like a little sperm compared to the giant EGG that each life started with. It was an insemination of new solar insights, bright light new consciousness connecting with the earth. Mercury is in TAURUS right? That is brain food. 

ENJOY This day, 


10 of cups meaning Tara Greene Tarot psychic

The 10 of Cups Thoth Tarot

Well this is an affirmation. The 10 of cups is compete emotional fulfillment.

Fill you cups to overflowing. When your heart is open your joy is unlimited.

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