Kim Kardashian Kanye West daughter Astrology

Kim Kardashian Kanye West baby 3 daughter astrology

Kim K. and Kanye West’s third child a girl was born January 15 2018 @ 12:47 am in Los Angeles at Cedar Sinai’s Hospital. Kim was there and was the first to touch her new daughter. 

With that infamous 6 planets + Lilith + Eros in Capricorn, this is one very grounded very karmic old soul who has returned to earth to embody the gene pool of Kimye. Capricorn’s are very mature when children. They are very stubborn generally unemotional and disciplined. All of the Capricornucopia falls in the little girl’s third house of communications. Well, she will be brought up in that world. 

With a SCORPIO ASCENDANT with Psyche conjunct it and JUPITER and MARS ruler of Scorpio in her first house this little girl will be incredibly sexy alluring and imbued with power. Born into wealthy-Jupiter in Scorpio she can manipulate anyone she wants. She will have very intense soulful eyes. She will be quite stubborn and a handful for her parents. You will not be able to tell her what to do. She will be attracted to danger dark and heavy things. She will be obsessive about getting what she wants when she wants and exactly how she wants it. There will be a string of lovers throughout her life. She will seek to be mysterious and private. 

Her North Node in LEO in her 10th house indicated she is destined to be a Queen and rule the public.With Ceres conjunct her North Node- her highest destiny- nothing to do with her older sister North -she will be very close to her mother and Grandmother Kris Jenner and women in general. She will seek publicity fame and worldly power yet try to remain a mystery. 

NEPTUNE in PISCES in her 5th house of artists love affairs and children is inconjunct her North Node in Leo and CERES. This can indicate problems with addictions due to the pressures of fame and being under the constant pressure of the public. She is a very sensitive psychic child and will read everyone’s mind. She may have difficulty balancing her need for being behind the scenes with being forced to be in public by her family. If she isnt allowed the space to be the spiritual being she is she will definitely have addiction problems. 

Mars in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces in her 5th house of creativity love affairs children and willpower. She is a powerful female but compassionate. She will want to use her wealth and enormous influence to help the less fortunate. She may want to create charities to help girls to empower themselves. 

Mars is inconjunct URANUS in ARIES. This is also a difficult aspect. This child will be very willful and highly sexual and temperamental-her energy may be off the wall. This can definitely be an A.D.D. A.D.H.D. indicator. She could be extremely restless and out of control emotionally. She will crave danger and could be accident prone. Her health may go through wild swings. She is overenergized like having 220 volts in a 110-volt body.This can also describe a tendency to lesbianism bi-sexuality or fluid gender. She will be very curious about sexuality and want to explore all kinds of taboos. 

Her South Node in Aquarius conjunct JUNO Square JUPITER in SCORPIO

SOUTH NODE IN AQUARIUS is a hi-tech – non-natural birth.

Being born via surrogate indicated this perfectly. 

In her past lives she was a women’s liberationist or a woman who was very ahead of her time and was tortured most likely by drowning or water. She may exhibit a fear of water. She was very intelligent and carries that innate scientific cool logic into this lifetime. She is a non-conformist and will rail against any restrictions. She could have been Harriet Tubman or Mary Wollstonecraft-one of the earliest Women’s liberationists in a past life. 

MOON LILITH EROS in CAPRICORN sextiles Neptune in PISCES  quincunx Leo North Node and Ceres

This little girl has erotic sexual attraction in her DNA she can shape shift into anything to get what she wants. She will be at odds with her mother grandmother and other females and the nurturing principle. This can indicate an unconscious feeling of loss of being separated from her uterine surrogate mother on some level even though she is genetically Kim and Kanye’s. It would be good if Kim and Kanye have the surrogate involved in their daughter’s life in some way.

Quite a complex little girl. All planets below the horizon indicate a child self-involved with understanding herself her own personality and family. But forced to be out in public very definitely against her will. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Capricorn Overload New Moon

This is real. A Capriciously serious NEW MOON January 16/17 @ 6:17 pm PST/ 9:17 pm EST/ Jan. 17 @ 2:17 am GMT.

A CAPRICORN CARDINAL STELLIUM of  SUN MOON MERCURY VENUS SATURN PLUTO Asteroid EROS and LILITH all in the 10th sign initiates the New Moon cycle of 2018.

As this is a HUGE amount of earthy serious CAPRICORN energy you really need to see where the EARTHY OVERLOAD is occurring in your natal chart.


Remember that VENUS is still in the Heart of the SUN. PLUTO and EROS/CUPID  the God of Sexual attraction is conjunct Pluto. That’s very deep earthy soulful long-term solid love. If you meet someone in the next while or have just met them this could be a karmic keeper. This someone may be much older than you. 

This Capricorn New Moon overload tells us to stay grounded in being on the earth present real and responsible. Venus in CAPRICORN tells us to make love real stable solid our backbone. We need to take karmic responsibility for ourselves first. Capricorn is a maturing sign.Venus and Eros’s presence add love flirtation and romance.  

If you are a CAPRICORN or another CARDINAL SIGN- ARIES CANCER and LIBRA you will feel the effects of this grounding serious heavy responsible making New Moon. 

If you were born in 1989 -1993 with many Capricorn planets Nataly you will be feeling this as a Rebirth.

Capricorn rules corporations. As Saturn limits these we can see the end of NAFTA and many leaders of businesses and in government will be stepping down. 

Donald Trump has Saturn and Venus at 23-25 degrees CANCER and his VERTEX a Karmic intake point is at 22 degrees Capricorn. This New Moon affects him personally very strongly as all the Cappy planets fall in his 5th house of love affairs children and creative willpower and self-expression.. 

CAPRICORN rules seniors and this New Moon calls out all the Boomer women the solver haired CRONES to rule the world. To bring their earned wisdom to building a new earth that respects the divine feminine.Time’s Up is right. Saturn the Ruler of Capricorn is FATHER TIME/ the Grim Reaper. Originally Saturn had to be the Great Mother and Mother Time and the Death Goddess- like Kali. 

In the TAROT CAPRICORN is associated with The DEVIL #15

Tarot card Trump THE DEVIL and Capricorn Tara Greene

The Tarot of Jean Dodal
originals (Paris c. 1701) preserved in the French National Library and restoration

As the ancient Pagan God was PAN who was a Satyr with Goat horns and cloven hoofs who played his pan pipes. He is considered to be a version of the Goddess Horned God her lover. The Devil was invented by the Catholic Church. 

The Devil has to do with issues of projection. We project our own shadow sides onto those we disprove of which are qualities within ourselves we haven’t accepted. Donald Trump projecting “shithole countries” is really his own shit hole side he hasn’t accepted about himself.  The DEVIL card symbolizes FEAR. 


Psychologist Carl Jung said there are only two emotions. Love or Fear. Which one will you feed? Dealing with our own shadows is a major issue during this New Moon. And a very important one. 

This New Moon CAPRICORN stellium is a dress rehearsal for the big 2020 Capricorn alignments such as January 12, 2020, when the SUN PLUTO SATURN and MERCURY are all at 21-23 degrees plus JUPITER in CAPRICORN at 9 degrees. 

Let’s check some Omega Chandra symbols for further clues

“(Degree Angel: HAZIEL (HA-zee-EL) Angelic Influences, Divine Mercy, and Forgiveness)

This degree has the ability to look beyond its own frame of reference into other realities and planes of existence. It has a patient, receptive quality, and senses that answers are all around it, waiting to be had if one can only be receptive and make within oneself an empty space in which to receive the knowledge. It manifests a quiet inspiration that can access universal wisdom in a pure form.

The Chandra Symbol

“A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.” The mirrors and candles allow us to see where we are going, and this degree has a gift for both pointing out the way and helping everyone to get their bearings more clearly. It knows that no one stays any place for long – unless they need to, and even though they may feel stuck somewhere, they’re actually subconsciously loitering and don’t know it. And even when we feel lonely in our journey, if we are observant we’ll always find mirrors and candles willing to befriend us.

Pleiadian Symbol: Visitors to the hut of a great seer who lives in the mountains.

Azoth Symbol: Knights journeying through a forest in search of a dragon.

Seed degree: Aquarius 22. A master healer is gradually restructuring someone’s body. (Omega Symbol). When we tune in to those living forces of wisdom within we find we are able to use that energy to effect profound changes in this world and to help others to open up to higher states of consciousness.

A woman making lace. (Chandra Symbol). Working delicately and lovingly with the intricacies of life we find our way forward become more and more clear as it is illuminated by our intuition.”

Just want to mention what CAPRICIOUS means for more clues leap or skip about in a sprightly manner; prance; frisk; gambol.noun
2. a playful leap or skip.
3.a prank or trick; harebrained escapade.
4.a frivolous, carefree episode or activity.
5.Slang. a criminal or illegal act, as a burglary or robbery.

This adds an element of frolicking like little kids. The illegal act inference indicates something of this nature being divulged within a month of the New moon. The prank- was it just played in Hawaii? Will there be more? 

Time to re-read Gilles goat-Boy?


Stock up on fetta and other goat milk products. Meditate on what your karmic lessons are and what you need to take complete responsibility for. Build your future goals. Discipline patience and getting the job done are Capricornian traits.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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