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sorry there was a mix up on the CIA page if you went there at the advertised time. I was live but the video ended up being on my own personal page. I have no idea how that happened. Enjoy it now. 

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Grand Water Trine let all the feelings out

The Moon is in Cancer on Monday which is the day dedicated to the Moon which governs the sign of Cancer. 

A beautiful emotionally flowing GRAND WATER TRINE is created over the course of the day culminating at night. 


Moon inconjuncts SUN and VENUS  in AQUARIUS 

Our feelings and our ideas are out of whack. If you can achieve some AQUARIAN detachment it may help.

Things are getting intense as we lead up to that big ULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSES being overhyped in true LEO fashion as A Super blue blood eclipse. The term Blue Moon has absolutely no astrology or astronomical meaning and in Australia, the eclipse occurs on Feb 1st so is not a Blue Moon at all.

Let your feelings flow. Nurture yourself today instead of everyone else. Cancer Scorpio Pisces you will be feeling the flow more than anyone. Remember to have some boundaries in place. As the Full Moon Lunar eclipse approaches our emotional bodies swell as well. 

Gotta run I’m very busy am writing about the big eclipse. May do a live FACEBOOK broadcast. Will keep you posted.


Card of the day 

Strength Tarot #11 Tara Greene


Live your passion be true to your heart have courage be daring. love the wild animal within be the star you are sovereign.  Don’t be afraid to show your true heart. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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