Cancer Lilith New Moon plus ERIS MARS self-nurture and Angry women

Cancer New Moon conjunct Lilith the 1st woman, connected with death rebirth, equality, independence, menstrual blood and abortions mirroring the US Roe versus Wade overturning in the US, and Neptune turns retrograde until December 3, its time to time to reframe, reimagine, and reflect deeply.

The New Moon is in effect for 2.5 days. stay inward and process the turmoil before acting and wait until Mars enters Taurus O July 4/5 before acting to make sure you dont do something impulsive which you will regret later.

Cancer is the sign of the mother, emotions, water, governed by the Moon is also the womb, the source of everyone’s life. Cancer rules the stomach, food, nurturing and emotional safety. This new moon marks a strong turning point in women owning their own power again and taking it back from Saturn and the patriarchy.

Eris, the Disturbia Goddess, Mars’ sister, are conjunct. Eris is hell-bent on destruction and mars only Aries is ready to fight and the brother-sister duo are formidable adversaries.

So much going on at this NEW MOON

SUN and MOON squares JUPITER in ARIES at 7 degrees

There is anger over injustice around women’s rights to abortion in the US being struck down as a guarantee that women have autonomy over their bodies.

Lots of sextiles easy aspects

Venus sextile Juipter and Mars sextile Saturn which is an interesting pattern, reflecting what is going on down below. The Divine Feminine getting an optimistic boost and the less than Divine Masculine setting boundaries limits and obstacles for the women.

MARS SQUARE PLUTO which is exact late JULY 1st Canada’s birthday which I will look at tomorrow. This aspect is still in effect on JULY 4 when MARS enters TAURUS 11:04 pm PDT- in fact MARS is angrier and stronger at the 29th degree of ARIES.

SUN and MOON squares CHIRON in ARIES

MERCURY sextiles CHIRON and Trines SATURN and squares NEPTUNE


This aspect was a COVID signature in 2020 repeating, not a good sign, Can be new viruses or fake news issues being stirred up which can lead to lockdowns again.


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Healing the shadows for the children Cancer New Moon July 9/10

July 9/10 CANCER NEW MOON at 18+ degrees is quite a complex New MOON. PLUTO opposes the Sun and MOON there are turbulent Power struggles and underworldly energies, its a good time to do shadow work.

With the recent discovery in Canada of thousands of Indigenous Children’s graves this NEW DARK MOON should be a time to remember their innocence and to pray for their souls to be at peace.

July the 9th at 6 16 p.m pacific daylight time, 9 16 p.m  eastern daylight time  and on  july the 10th at 1 16 a.m greenwich mean

so the cancer New Moon is of course governed by the moon

as SHE rules cancer and so the moon is in her home sign, very happy.

All new moons are new intentions, new beginnings. We’re in the dark at the moment the most mysterious internal reflective womb-like sign of the Moon.

Every year there’s only one cancer NEW MOON so this would be considered the darkest womb space to sit in all year, so do take advantage of that i know many of us are sick of being alone and isolated but this is a very appropriate time to really go into the Dark Womb and receive.  

If you  want to work with crystals that work with the moon like a blue any colored crystal, an aura crystal uh seashells Venus things because she’s related to the ocean.



KEYNOTE: The ritualization of productive interpersonal relationships.

This scene symbolizes the profound need for referring the interplay and the relatively permanent and productive union of all polarities to some third factor which either includes, or transcends and gives spiritual meaning to, the relationship. A conjugal union is essentially and traditionally the union of a man and a woman for the sake of producing progeny able to perpetuate the racial type, the family tradition and the way of life of a particular culture (or “subculture”), including a set of religious beliefs. The married couple is the basic productive unit in our society – as it has been for millennia in all patriarchal societies. The purpose of any established religion (including tribal cults) is to glorify, sanction and bless with a super-personal meaning all personal and interpersonal activities. This occurs through the “sacraments,” and indeed through most religious rites.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold sequence we are given the basic technique used in all processes of effectual social or group integration. It is the technique which takes the form of sociocultural, and thus business or religious, ritualization. Through this technique commonplace individual endeavors acquire SANCTION; that is, they are ritualized and indeed “sanctified.”

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO for a full explanation

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heres some other tips for using the Dark moon

Cancer New Moon, healing the wounded child.

I’m at the beautiful Grail Springs Spa. I got to spend a lovely evening sitting in on the evening’s talk by Evita Ochel, who I originally met here in 2011. She is a nutritionist, yoga, wellness, heart-centered teacher. She was talking about healing and entering on the heart. It was lovely. 

The New Moon in Cancer June 23@ 7:30 pm PDT/ 10:30 pm EDT/ June 24 @ 2:30 am GMT

Is a New Beginning in healing the primal wounds of separation from the Great Mother. The Moon rules Cancer, this is the most mothering, and emotionally needy, sensitive and sentimental of all New Moons. It’s all about homeland security and nourishment. Your home, nursing and taking care of others and feeling safe is all important.

CANCER is the sign of our earliest memories these we carry unconsciously, yet they are embedded in our cells. Cancer is the sign of the womb, our pre-birth existence, our earliest bonding or, lack of, with our mothers. We all have a primal wound of separation by being born into a physical body, although that is not true on a spiritual level, we feel it in our emotional and physical bodies. We all long to return home to Paradise which is the womb and Mother.

With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron all in water signs, and Venus and Pluto in Earth signs, all of these planets are in FEMININE mode. Only Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the North and South Nodes are in Masculine signs. There is a preponderance of FEMININE energies. As of Summer Solstice were in the 6 months of predominantly feminine energies.

CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER/SHAMAN is being squared by the New Moon

It’s out of sign but still potent. CHIRON is virtually Stationary turning RETROGRADE June 30-July 1.  This is not so good for Canada, whose birthday is July 1st and is celebrating its 150th birthday. Canada is having its 3rd Chiron return now. I;ll write more about this shortly. This station helps us to access the deepest wounds, shame, feelings of unworthiness, being rejected and also brings the healing balm of the Dark Moon’s Light as she is the GREAT MOTHER incarnate. Together we may be feeling very vulnerable and ultrasensitive with all the planets in watery emotional signs.

via / Karla Solorzano, Pinterest / Miko Stavrev, Wikimedia Commons / ChurchPOP

Cancer is where we yearn for and find that total security, safety, protection, and nurturing. If our human mothers have failed us, not of their own volition, but because they themselves are wounded children, then you must turn to the Great Mother, the Earth, SHEKINAH, Kwan Yin, Tara, Mary, or Black MADONNA.


Call upon Her, she will nurse you on demand in Her arms, holding you safe and healing you. Cry as much as you need to. Feel her rock you and hear her whisper of how she has always been with you. 

The healing you do for yourself now heals the mother lines of all the generations previously. It also helps to heal the future generations.

MARS is conjunct SIRIUS and the U.S. SUN

highlighting the U.S. asserting itself, even more, these days. Mars is squaring JUPITER at 13 degrees LIBRA and opposite to PLUTO Retrograde at 18 degrees of Capricorn. Mars is opposite JUNO the Feminine form of Genius aka Zeus’s long-suffering trophy wife who is also about partnerships. She sits near Pluto now. There is war and trouble brewing. Mars and Pluto oppose exactly on July 2nd. We will be feeling that push-pull and the last ditch attempt for diplomacy, negotiations, a fair deal. This energy will be building up to and after that time. 

Mars is in its fall in CANCER the most feminine sign. The heroic mode of the warrior is too afraid to be vulnerable, to know that he needs the Feminine to heal him and to make him whole. This is an ancient memory in his cellular body and bones. If a Man can let down his armor and be in his vulnerability to the woman and to the Divine Feminine/ Mother principle then some form of balance can be achieved on this earth. This points to a critical need for men to come forwards and put down their battle armor and refuse to fight. Refuse to take the orders of the overlords.

The fiery Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius, Eris, and Uranus and Athena will the North Node is still in effect. This can also inflame the entire world even more.

Helpless bird, Baby, Vulnerability, Tara Greene

On this New Moon be vulnerable like a baby. Feel helpless. I walked outside on the deck and synchronically there was a tiny baby female cardinal sitting helpless. She didn’t move. I went near her but that just made her tremble in fright. It made me cry because I identified with her. I felt my own helplessness as a baby, spending the first two months of my life alone in the incubator and never being touched or held. I sent her love but decided I shouldn’t touch her or intervene. I prayed that her mother would come to her rescue.

Do get into a bath for this New Moon or be near water. Say blessings for the waters of the earth. This is a powerful new Moon so close to the solstice very potent for fertility. Make potent wishes for healing for yourself, your family and loved ones.  Remember a Cancer New Moon only comes once a year.

The most potent time to do prayers and new intentions are right at the New Moon’s exact peak or within 8 hours AFTER. If you do ceremony, prayers or write down 8 wishes on a piece of paper within 48 hours while the Moon is still invisible that is best, up to 60 hours after the exact New Moon will still work but its effects are weaker.  

Try NOT to do prayers or wishes during a Void of course Moon on Sunday, June 25@ 11:44 am PDT/2:44 pm EDT 6:44 pm GMT.  The first crescent appears on June 27 @ 1:59 am PDT.

I will be leading a ritual for the New Moon on Saturday the 24th by Chalice Lake. I will be saying prayers for the waters and the wombs of all the women on this planet. Did you know that cell phones and microwave ovens/towers do permanent damage to unborn eggs in the female body affecting the next two generations? It may really be that A Handmaiden’s Tale is a prophetic truth. It also shows genetic screening and invitro fertilization as being the only way to ensure future generations aren’t being born genetically damaged. Only those who can pay for this will be guaranteed, healthy children. Microwaves have been in common use since the mid-70’s. Cell phone usage has made this much more dangerous and insidious. It is well researched and yet the general public is kept dumb. 

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July Astrology preview by Tara Greene

Highlights of July Never a dull moment

July Astrology aspects Tara Greene

Things are very emotional, we are feeling sensitive and family oriented, with home and lots of foodie things up until mid-month with Venus in Cancer, until the 11 and Mercury in Cancer until July 13 and of course Sun is in Cancer too until July 22. Cancer is governed by the Moon and we are all feeling the lunacy.

In the TAROT the symbol for CANCER is the card of the CHARIOT # 7 

The Chariot of Apollo, by Odilon Redon, Astrology Tara Greene

The Chariot of Apollo, by Odilon Redon 1908 

The traditional Chariot shows a Knight in a Chariot pulled by two horses one black and one white, or 2 sphynxes. The #7 on the card relates to cycles, the cycles of the Moon most notably, but of all the planets, the 7 days of the week etc.  It is a symbol of knowing the emotional body is the vehicle of the soul and learning to control the emotions by being centered in the body.

The planets are doing a lot of rubbing shoulders the wrong way with many inconjuncts or quincunx’s 150 degree angles between them all month. These aspect make people irritable, breaks down communications. We need to find ways to translate and to interpret what each planetary need is expressing as each is trying to say to get its own needs met as it interacts with another.

July 1 Venus in CANCER sextiles Jupiter in VIRGO- It’s Canada’s 149th Birthday!

July 2 CANCER SUN inconjuncts SATURN in SAG. – political issues- feeling the truth

July 3 SUN TRINES NEPTUNE in PISCES- great for spiritual work creativity and meditation, watch your alcohol intake.

JULY 4  CANCER NEW MOON –America’s 240th Birthday!

Mercury, Sun, Moon and Venus are conjunct in CANCER with Mars in SCORPIO, Neptune, Athena, South Node and CHIRON in PISCES = 9 WATER planets. We’re doing swimmingly. Lots of tears, flow and flooding. Cancer New Moon on July 4 promises a sentimental emotional new beginning in the U.S. favorable to WOMEN.

-Mercury  in CANCER inconjuncts SATURN in SAG- communications breakdown

July 5 Mercury in CANCER  trines Neptune – very fertile creative aspects, feeling the Love, looking for Mr or Mrs soulmate.

July 6 VENUS in Cancer trines MARS in Scorpio – Mars is still in Scorpio- make up after the Retrograde break ups



July 8 VENUS in Cancer trine Chiron- outpouring of empathy

July 9/10  Sun in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Virgo- nice easy 

July 10 Mercury in CANCER trines MARS direct- Deep family shadows and skeletons coming up.

July 11 Mercury square URANUS – innovations changes and higher consciousness + + VENUS enters LEO

Love gets passionate aggressive, we want to be treated like royalty women like queens

July 13 MERCURY enters LEO  =-POWER WORDS powerful ideas, speak as if you are king  

July 14 -MARS inconjunct URANUS-rude shocking awakenings, chaos, dangerous day.

July 15 SUN Squares ERIS- This is very difficult, break aways, trouble making,

July 16 /17 *****SUN Squares URANUS – get outside the box, see the bigger context, innovate, the BIG LIGHTBULB goes on!

MERCURY CONJUNCTS VENUS in LEO  = word of love, good day for weddings,lots of DRAMA!

 Grand Water trine SUN TRINES MARS AND CHIRON – make peace with family and forget past hurts

July 17 Sun sesqi-quads  SATURN- irritable, who will take responsibility?

July 18/19  Mercury in LEO trines SATURN – speak the truth and only the truth

Republican Convention is July 18-21st.


This is a very complex Full Moon with planets all over the place. The only signs with no planets are LIBRA and AQUARIUS. CERES is in TAURUS opposite JUNO in SCORPIO. Saturn Neptune North Node square is still on. URANUS Squares the 27 degrees Capricorn Moon.This may be a difficult, complicated, all over the place Full Moon. 

JULY 20 VENUS in LEO TRINES SATURN – This is xcellent for long term commitments,in education, travel, legal and political ventures. The Drama is Politics! It’s just like a reality show. 

July 21 VENUS in LEO Inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

After the Honeymoon the reality sets in. Lots of DRAMA! Prima Donna’s are everywhere. Too much partying can lead to a sad fate.

July 22 MERCURY in Leo inconjuncts PLUTO +  SUN enters LEO

Big blabbermouths may not get their moment in the SUN.Power plays come out of nowhere.

July 24 VENUS in LEO inconjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn-

Big guns come out swinging. There may be some secret kabals going on.

Democratic Convention is July 25-28

July 27 Mercury trines URANUS in ARIES and MERCURY inconjuncts CHIRON

Innovative thinking, rebellion and freedom rule the day. But there isn’t much compassion.

July 29 Mercury at 28 LEO squares MARS in Scorpio + URANUS turns RETROGRADE

The rebellion may be halted and the one who is the most dramatic gets the most power.

July 30 MERCURY enters VIRGO its home sign  + Athena trines JUNO

Thinking gets more accute, critical and crunches the numbers. 

July 31 VENUS in LEO trines URANUS in ARIES

The Queen gets some new energy and support by incorporating radical energies.

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Fly Me to the Moon-Sarah Vaughan -an amazing version of this song