Kate Spade. Life death. Suicide astrology

Purse designer Kate Spade was found hung by a scarf on Tuesday, June 5 at 10:10 am in New York City the first reports said. This is so sad this hugely popular designer left her 13-year-old daughter and business partner husband who she was living apart from for the last 10 months. 

Her husband released a statement that Kate had been fighting depression and anxiety for years and was under Doctor’s treatment. I find these prescribed anti-depressants to be extremely dangerous as they merely mask the wounds and issues which are festering there and are never truly healed or attended to as they are crying out to be. If ignored the symptoms can become demonic and take over the psyche in an attempt to become whole and healed. This is the most dangeorus point as it is very easy for the depression to take over the psyche and flood it. 

She could also have been drinking or mixed up her meds.  Let’s look at Kate’s birth chart and what it may have been which drove her to suicide right now. 

Kate was born December 24 1962 Kansas City Missouri with no birth time so noon is used for a public figure.

Kate Spade astrology suicide Tara Greene

Kate was born a Capricorn with not much fire in her chart except for her Sagittarius Moon which counts for a lot. She was a free spirit and seemed very happy. The planet Mercury Out of bounds. This tells us right away that her thinking and analysis the voice she heard in her own head was different. At 18 degrees Capricorn this is a business-minded practical hard-working serious mind which does not like to be emotional or reveal emotions. Mercury squares LILITH in Libra indicating that Kate may have always felt alone thrown out of Paradise the rejected dark feminine energy. 

Her South Node at 29 Capricorn is her Karma her past lives Any planet or node at the 29th degree is the most critical. She knew all about business and being successful in the world. Her North Node is 29 Cancer- she needs to have a family and be a mother. She needed to nurture and care for women. 

Venus planet of love money values beauty and fashion is in Scorpio conjunct to its Higher octave planet Neptune. This is a very deeply soulful and obsessively dark depressing indicator. It is extremely creative. People with this placement keep their deepest emotions hidden. They have secrets. Venus is squared by Mars in LEO. There is always an inner tension.

Her Saturn in Aquarius indicates she had fresh new inventive ideas and that her work appealed to younger more open independent women. Saturn squares Neptune She was a naturally creative independent businesswoman. 

Kate had Jupiter in Pisces conjunct CHIRON the wounded healer opposite Pluto square her Moon in Sagittarius. This is a heavy tense aspect. The Sagittarius Moon needs freedom and space adventure and higher learning. Jupiter in Pisces with Chiron is a beautiful creative free flowing spiritual intuitive sensitive compassionate sign but can also have strong elements of emotional abuse secrets martyrdom and addictions. She could have been a workaholic. Kate most likely projected all the positive energies outside to others. People found her easy -going casual funny and optimistic. That is not who she really was or felt herself to be. Moon-Pluto aspects are always obsessive and controlling there are issues with her mom or her own childhood and about being a mother. 

Kate had a Uranus Pluto Ceres conjunction in Virgo opposite her natal Jupiter. 

This bespeaks an ecology of the soul which may have been perfectionist very self-critical deeply depressed and alone. She may have had postpartum depression. There may have been anorexia issues as well. As Ceres in Virgo is eating and nourishment issues. 

Mars in Leo at 24 degrees was affected by the August 2017 great American Eclipse. it was mentioned that her husband and her had been separated for the last 10 months. That would be timing correctly. Mars squares her natal Venus in Scorpio. The solar eclipse lit a new fire or passion or drive or released buried anger in her heart. 

What could have caused her suicide?

Kate had transiting Chiron in Aries squaring her Sun

This is a very deep heavy wound. The old wounds which haven’t healed at her Chiron Return at 50 are fired up again. Capricorn’s tend to depression in general anyways. 

Transiting Uranus in Taurus is squaring her North and south Nodes

This aspect has been going on all 2017. Uranus is in an earth sign now which brings a heavier more stubborn energy. Uranian energy is chaotic unexpected like a bolt of lightning. It can catch one unawares and strike.  Uranus square the Nodes is a very karmic energy.

Saturn at 7 degrees Capricorn had crossed her Sun late in 2017. Saturn brings depression a feeling of being old lonely cold and feeling exhausted.

Pluto and Lilith are conjunct to her natal Mercury in Capricorn 

These are very heavy transits. Pluto alone by conjunction is a once in a lifetime transit. Lilith is squaring her natal Lilith and close to a conjunction with her South Node. 

Neptune opposite Ceres in Virgo

Indicates addictions to anorexia and workaholism.There may have been a lack of love and nurturing in Kates own childhood by her mother.  Neptune trining natal Neptune Venus makes once overly sensitive to psychic energies. It makes one immune system overly sensitive. One can feel psychically exhausted overwhelmed and smothered by the subtle energies all around all the time. It brings on heavy denial energy. Neptune just wants to escape back to source. The addictions are like wraiths which can overtake a person. 

Transiting Mars in its shadow retrograde is sitting right on her natal Saturn in Aquarius This is another depressing aspect. Mars-Saturn is karmic anger issues and sudden disruptive energy and ideas to bolt or escape. 

If people knew the stresses that these heavy planets cause we would be much more mindful to not leave those who have a history of mental or emotional problems alone. If you know of someone who is depressed please speak to a suicide prevention counselor or help line. There are millions who are feeling the loss of this designer. I’m sending blessings to her family. 

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Andreas Lubitz Germanwings pilot, psychological Astrology profile

I waited a few days for the dust to settle a bit over the tragic Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed March 24 at 10:41 am CET. killing all 150 people on board over the French Alps. I have sent blessings to the multinational passengers and their families.

The media is claiming that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had psychiatric ad emotional issues and crashed the plane on purpose as a suicide mission. Captain Patrick Sondenheimer was locked out of the cockpit after going to the bathroom and the black box recording reveals he tried to smash the door open with an axe. German flights don’t require two pilots in the cockpit at all times.

In another strange twist to this crash there may be a co-incidence between the  crash and an Argentinian black comedy co-produced by Pedro Almodóvar’s “Wild Tales” which was nominated for the Foreign Language Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards. In it a pilot crashes a plane on purpose.  

It would take a “pathological degree of anger” or depression to deliberately crash a plane with 150 people aboard, says a Hamilton psychiatrist.

An ex-girlfriend of Lubitz, identified only as Mary W, said he had told her last year: “One day I will do something that will change the whole system, and then all will know my name and remember it.” In hindsight it was clearly this horrific event that he will be remembered for.

Let’s look at Andreas astrology chart to investigate who he was and if he had that pathological degree of anger residing within him from birth. Mental illness would show up in his natal chart. Companies really should have astrologers check over their employees thoroughly before hiring and keeping tabs on them through knowing their stressful astrology transits. The planets don’t lie- you can quote me on that.

There are two birthdates published for him. One is December 18, 1987, the other  December 28 1987, both with no exact birth time, noon is used along with the time of the crash. I will use the December 18 chart.

Andreas Lubitz Germanwings Astrology Tara Greene

Andreas had a “stellium” pf four planets  grouped together, the  SUN, MERCURY, SATURN and URANUS in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is prominent in the sign of pilots, risk takers and travel. He may have appeared as an easy-going Sagittarian type who laughed easily and liked sports. Saturn Uranus Mercury and the Sun together in Fire sign of Sagittarius reveal a strong individual, who goes against the status quo,  a person who never felt he fit in. Lubitz marched to his own drummer. His mind was always overheated, he talked a lot, he had high energy. These planets together symbolize unexpected actions, chaos, shock, explosions, freedom, liberation, quick changes, impulsiveness, mental chatter, radical actions. If this is taken as an accurate birth time it fits well as the Sagittarius planets are in the high noon position of worldly fame. He also had Jupiter, planetary ruler of Sagittarius in Aries another fire sign. Jupiter in Aries is literally a “high-flying” energy, reckless, immature, spontaneous, trusting, and naive. Jupiter is conjunct to recently discovered dwarf planet ERIS. Eris is known as the shit-disturbing planet, she is the energy of revenge, the trouble making planet.

Lubitz  had a very difficult PLUTO, MARS, MOON conjunction in SCORPIO- his natal Moon is opposite the demon star ALGOL- see below. His Moon is also conjunct to another dangerous Fixed Star Alpha Serpentis at 22 degrees Scorpio known for suicide, accidents, a fall after success and forgeries.

This aspect alone would be a huge RED FLAG for any employer. Mars rules Scorpio and the planet is at its most powerful here. Mars in Scorpio symbolizes anger, revenge, a sado-masochistic personality, power-hungry, repressed emotions, secrets and control issues. Pluto brings in deeper, darker, psychological territory. The Moon Pluto conjunction brings in suicidal tendencies. Pluto rules death and destruction,  moodiness, depression, brooding, obsessiveness from never letting go of an issue. His psyche was a place of terror, which could stem from past life issues along with present life re-occurences of his patterns with this placement.

Lubitz was apparently going blind from a deteriorating eyesight condition which would have ended his childhood dream of being a pilot.  A variety of sources — official and unofficial — state that Lubitz suffered from depression, had had some kind of “burn-out,” and was being treated for an unspecified illness that should have prevented him from flying on that fateful day. He had torn up sick-notes in his apartment. There was no suicide note found. The taking anti-depressants also makes one suicidal. The black box recording  reveal that Lubitz sat calmly after locking the Captain out of the cockpit and setting the plane onto its collision course. 

His Venus was in earthy Capricorn. He was a responsible orderly conservative person. He could work hard and seemed practical. Close to his family, especially his mother as CERES the Mother planet is conjunct to Venus. This points to mothering issues. Perhaps an overly strict mother, or smothering one.

CHIRON the wounded healer is involved in a Mutable Grand cross as it is squaring his North and South Nodes at 28 degrees Pisces/Virgo respectively and opposite to the stellium in Sagittarius  which are also conjunct to the Galactic Center the black hole at the centre of our Galaxy. This split wound was something he could never get away from. It plagued him. This is another of the main indicators of mental illness in his natal chart. Lubitz was a deeply wounded man. CHIRON at 26 degrees Gemini is conjunct to the North Star. His wound is what the world will know  him for.  Chiron is the focal point of a “finger of God” or yod aspect between his Moon in Scorpio and Venus and Ceres in Capricorn. This points literally to a person with a  “splinter in his mind”  a detached split personality. He had that Jekyll and Hyde thing going for him big time especially in his relationships with women.

Lubitz had LILITH and Vesta the Goddess of focus, in LEO natally squaring that difficult Pluto Mars conjunction in Scorpio.This is interesting, describing a man’s inner LILITH. The rejected Feminine archetype works in either sex. Lubitz’s psyche identified with the rejected, scorned feminine, the dark feminine,  the death-bringing Goddess. Lilith refuses to be in relationship to anyone who does not respect her needs, the soul’s needs first. This does not mean she is evil or bad as she has been portrayed. For a man it means his inner feminine is very strong, proud, courageous, daring, independent, needing to be in control. If Lubitz as a child was taught to behave, to comply,was  spanked, beaten or punished and was forced to be in servitude to the father,or other controlling image, then this Lilith of his would stay obsessively plotting revenge. This is a very deep psychological wound. Not what it appears to be at all on the surface. Natal Lilith is also inconjunct { 150 degree aspect } to Lubitz Neptune in Capricorn, indicating that the outlet of his revenge would be through his career.

Lubitz was mean to aspire to embody his North Node at 28 degrees of Pisces, which symbolizes forgiveness, compassion, being a charitable spiritual person. The negative side of Pisces, is mental illness, self- sabotage, delusions, illusions, fantasies, paranoia, addictions. Pisces at the 2nd last degree in the Zodiac symbolizes that Lubitz was almost completed an entire karmic cycle. BUT… Lubitz  North Node was also conjunct to a bitch of an unfortunate Fixed Star called SHEAT at 29 degrees Pisces considered traditionally to be a true-black malefic. People with planets or important points at this degree are prone to murder, suicide and extreme misfortune through hubris and pride.

Lubitz South Node at 28 degrees VIRGO indicates a perfectionist, hypochondriac, a workaholic, an uptight, very self-critical person. This energy can express as very uptight, OCD, appears humble.


The TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on March 20 was at 29 degrees of PISCES within a degree of his North Node which is connected to a very powerful and unfortunate Fixed Star SHEAT as described above was already involved in Lubitz’ karmic choices.  I believe the eclipse pushed him emotionally and unconsciously over the edge. His suicide mission followed his denial of his higher spiritual goal/as a delusion of “One day I will do something that will change the whole system, and then all will know my name and remember it.” unfortunately.

His Jupiter in Aries was directly in the line of Fire of the Cardinal Cross energy, of Uranus and Pluto in Capriorn, their last and seventh square was March 16. His Jupiter ruled all of his Sagittarius planets and his North Node.  The unexpected chaotic, freedom loving, thrill seeking, revolutionary energy of Uranus in Aries explodes through his Sun- his identity, Mercury- his mind,  Saturn- his work, karma and his natal Uranus in Sagittarius. Pluto in Capricorn affecting his Jupiter meant he had the time and patience to plan, to wait, to set it up and then go for the “glory.”

Jupiter Retrograde was sitting on his Natal Lilith and Vesta making them extra dramatic in their expression. Lubitz needed to be seen, center- stage known at any cost.

Mars had just touched off his natal Jupiter on March 18 igniting his headstrong, reckless, angry, childlike, spontaneous, energies.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius is squaring his natal Juno, Goddess symbol of the perfect ‘wife” or partner. She symbolizes feminine genius. Apparently his girlfriend is pregnant about two months with his child. They were going to get married. Perhaps his inner insecurities about becoming a Father, Saturn’s realm conflicted with his inner sense of inadequacy, Juno in Pisces.


On the day of this terrible event the MOON is at 27 degrees of TAURUS conjunct the terrible demon star ALGOL, always at 26 degrees Taurus or the Medusa’s head. This Star is considered to be the worst and most evil star of them all, and has a connection with death and pain. Lubitz’a Natal Moon was directly opposite this degree. This was like an intense Full Moon for him and as with all Full Moon’s it affected his unconscious memories and his emotions bringing them to a frenzied peak of uncontrollable power.

The MOON was Void-of course from Taurus to Gemini.


Such a tragedy. In all humility I do feel that Astrology can be a great revealer of character as it has been used to delineate personality traits and potentially strong times of difficulty and “fate” for any person for over ten thousand years. Employers should wish to try and use every means at their disposal to help discover the hidden aspects of a person’s psyche to try to prevent any future accidents of this type. Astrology can be one superb method. 

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