Mars Retrograde in America’s progressed chart

June 7th is a big day for the Democrats as California votes for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I feel Bernie will win California. This will be a big upset for Hillary. The crooked media cronies have already declared her the winner, it’s just not true. No one will know who the Democratic contender will be until July 2016.

We are now all working through Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, the Grand Cardinal Cross and Venus conjunct the SUN. 

June 7 shows very difficult aspects, under a Cancer Moon which is feminine and emotional and symbolizes America’s SUN in Cancer. The Moon is always the mood of the people. The people want whats good for the children, they want to feel safe and nurtured.  Moon is in a Cardinal T-square with Pluto, and Uranus conjucts Eris in Aries-exact June 8th, there is some wild provocative radical energies being played out. The Gods are playing with matches. 

VENUS and the GEMINI Sun are inconjunct to PLUTO at 16+ degrees and they are both square to the North and South Nodes of the MOON. This is a very karmic day.  Any aspects to PLUTO are always difficult as we are dealing with BIG CORPORATE SECRETS and POWER and CONTROL issues. Nudge nudge….

JUNO the feminine form of Genius; in Roman she is Hera, the ever faithful wife to the philandering King, is entering Scorpio and conjunct to LILITH 1 degree away. This is an interesting combo in regards to perhaps having the first female ever to run for President. Hillary certainly plays out Juno’s energies, she is focused and smart. LILITH is the dark rejected feminine who accommodates no one.  Because she symbolizes the Death Mother, there may still be a great fear in the Patriarchy of a woman running the country. Hillary Clinton is a quadruple Scorpio with her Sun at 2 degrees of the sign of power. The asteroids conjunct her Sun can work either ways. 

I just want to note that in Astrology there is a common technique called Secondary Progressed charts. This technique is based on the system of a day for a year where the Sun moves ahead one day from your birth chart the exact number of years old you progress it into the future. Using an Ephemeris you can scan ahead to see where the Sun and all the planets progress to on any given date. These charts show an internal growth and are used with Natal and transit charts and lend an extra depth and dimension to forecasting.

Since JULY 19, 2006 the Progressed chart for America based on the most commonly accepted “Sibley” chart from July 4,1776 @ 5;13 p.m. in Philadelphia, with a 12 degree SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT, the planet MARS- the testosterone planet and God of War, defenses, aggression turned RETROGRADE at 18+ degrees LIBRA. Progressed Mars is in the 10th house of Worldly fame and position in its natal chart. 

Natal Mars is at 21+ degrees GEMINI in the 7th house. America’s progressed Mars will remain Retrograde until March 27, 2086. This has never happened before to America, that is 70 years from now. 

The 18 degree LIBRA MARS RETROGRADE is currently being squared by PLUTO in Capricorn indicating some secret cover ups and power and control issues going on underneath the guise of liberty and justice for all. Prog. Mars Retro. has been opposed by URANUS in Aries since the fall of 2015 when Bernie Sanders entered his bid for President.

ERIS and the Golden Apple of Discord

Golden Apple of Discord by Jacob Jordaens, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Golden Apple of Discord by Jacob Jordaens, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

ERIS the newly minted dwarf planet of disruption, who symbolizes and anti-Venus counter-balance. She is a shit disturber like Lilith. Eris is in an exact conjunction with URANUS.  Every 500 years or so, the planet Uranus and the dwarf planet Eris come together in the sign of Aries, which is where Eris has been since 1927. Mars rules Aries, and with Mars Retrograde right now in Scorpio and in the U.S. Progressed chart we can expect a regression, repression, a reset, revolution. Everything that beings with Re- applies. rednecks, remission, retribution, renegades, republicans, etc.

The last time Uranus and ERis met in Aries happened between 1426 and 1516. These were the flowering of the arts in the Renaissance in Italy, Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were living masters. Peoples consciousness shifted as they were able to paint and draw in 3 Dimensions learning to harness perspective. The Hundred years wars raged in Europe and the War of the Roses fractured Britain. Columbus discovered America. Martin Luther lists his thesis. Spanish conquered the New world wiping out indigenous populations in their lust for Gold. The terrible Spanish Inquisition started, Joan of Arc went to war as a woman, following her  spiritual insights. 

Now 500 years later we will go through an even Higher consciousness shift in the arts, technology, religion compared to that dramatic conjunction.

Aries is the “All about the selfie” and as America silently chokes on its own repressed ego driven energy now after the first ten years of this, we may see a resurgence in the viagra driven overly macho type of sloppy capers that Donald the Trumpster panders too. Attempting to regurgitate that old war mongering attitude. Mars Retrograde does indicate an energetic withdrawal, a turning inwards and a defensive stance, such as Trump’s build the walls, throw out the foreigners actually makes sense under this aspect why it would be popular to some.

ERIS And URANUS in ARIES are throwing the apple of discord into American and the world’s way of living very heavily this year. Brexit is another association with this Eris/Uranus energy.

Over the weekend some Americans said to me that they thought that if Trump does NOT win there will be a revolution in America because Republicans will be so pissed off. I thought that was very interesting as most Astrologers have been predicting revolution but were hoping that it would not be a fascist Pluto in Capricorn energy and were thinking more of a real democratic socialist kind.

I have also just checked the Democratic Party’s birth chart. It is the oldest political party in America. 

democratic party astrology Tara Greene

This Natal chart with transits for June 7, 2016 the grand Mutable cross is very powerful with SUN VENUS close to its Part of Fortune and Jupiter in Virgo and the North Node conjunct to its natal MARS in JUPITER in the 1st house.  Neptune in Pisces is in its 7th indicating a delusion and illusion to the public. Saturn in Sagittarius is transiting in the 4th house, the roots, and squaring Mars in Virgo in the 1st house in the DEM chart.  This indicates a new vision, philosophy and direction for the party from an older man who strengthens the foundations.

URANUS and ERIS are heavily influencing the DEM’s chart too. The terrible two’s are conjunct to Saturn in Aries in the 8th house of taxes, inheritance, big money, transformation and they are both exactly opposite Jupiter at 23 degrees LIBRA in the founding party’s chart indicating unexpected shocking chaos and change. There may be some surprising upsets around someone’s taxes. 

Mercury in Taurus is conjunct to natal Retrograde Mercury in the Dem’s chart. They should be holding to their values of helping the people. 

JUNO and LILITH in early Scorpio are directly opposing Venus in TAURUS in the Dem’s natal chart. Venus in Taurus is in her ruling sign. This does put a very strong female focus onto the party’s natural energy and values. Except that Lilith is the REJECTED Feminine. 

Either way, not many will be happy with the way this election goes. Note that Donald Trump’s Sun is at 22 degrees GEMINI and his Jupter is at 17 degrees LIBRA exactly where MARS turned Progressed Retrograde and conjunct U.S. Natal Mars too.

If Trump could be elected, well it just goes to show you what a Retrograde Mars can do for a country. Mars Retrograde is a quick ride down a slippery slope.

What do you think? I am fascinated with this election. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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Freaky Friday, perfection is coming

The intensity of the energies is weighing on me even though on another level it seems light-ish. Feeling rather tired. It was a beautiful sunny hot day here with lots of ocean breezes.  I am grateful to be in Venice California which really is paradise and pretty mellow.

I’m in a different type of space, you know how it is when you are staying in a friend’s home… Miss my dog Jasper, miss my garden growing so abundantly. Starting to feel like I am actually in California. Shifting realities always awes me. Do you feel that way? So many people move around so much these days.

California is a dream, and all about money, materialism and shopping which I am not into. Especially here in Venice. And it’s a carnival. 

Moon is in Leo friday BUT it will feel rather convoluted and perhaps FREAKY. 

Moon trines Uranus.

Be open for unexpected rushed to the gates of freedom.

Aspects are generally good saturday.

Energy shifting is in the works what with Venus entering VIRGO and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo and then Venus .

Things will be even more Virgo til TUESDAY as Moon enters VIRGO July 18.

VIRGO astrology Tara Greene

a mix of  emotional Cancer, loud overblown Leo and humbly on budget emotionally..

Fire and earth -two very distinct elements. 

I’ll shoot a short card of the day video tomorrow and upload. 

Let me know how you are feeling. 

blessings TARA

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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GEMINI NEW MOON talk about it Astrology by Tara Greene

I’ve been at the beautiful GRAIL SPRINGS SPA in Bancroft,Ontario, the only Healing Hotel in Canada one of only a  handful in the world,  teaching workshops all weekend.  I was so busy doing readings that I didn’t have a moment to stop and write .

Ah such is GEMINI times, or is that are Gemini times? 

It’s MEMORIAL DAY in the U.S. May 26. A sad one,I send blessings to those killed and injured by Elliot Rodger in California over the weekend, to his parents  and family. I was looking for his birth chart and fellow astrologer Matthew Currie has written an excellent article about it.

All NEW MOON’s are the beginning of new monthly cycles.-see video below women.

This month’s NEW MOON is May 28 at 11:40 am PDT/ 2:40 pm EDT/ 6:40 pm GMT at 7 + degrees Gemini.

GEMINI, Mutable Air, 3rd sign ,the first human sign, the TWINS, which have been portrayed from the Bible as Cain and Abel through most mythologies and cultures as the primal pair.

Gemini, ruled by planet MERCURY, is consciousness itself, the brain which has two halves. Gemini represents the nature of DUALITY itself in the Universe. Up, down, black , white, positive, negative, as above, so below, masculine/feminine, day/night. etc.

Mercury is at that 29th “critical degree” of GEMINI. Indicating that there is an inherent need to GET THE COMMUNICATION RIGHT now. 



With about 70,000 thoughts coursing through the average brain every day, we process huge amount of information. In this super fast INFORMATION age we are bombarded with more information than ever before in human history.

According to Buddhist thought,the key to enlightenment which we can be accessed through meditation, yoga, martial arts, or by being totally absorbed in a positive activity where the ego chatter stops, is the main goal. 

“STOPPING THE WORLD” was what Don Juan, Carlos Castenada’s Mexican nagual {shamanic} teacher called it.

VENUS is the esoteric ruler of GEMINI and she is also at a critical degree -the 29th of ARIES. 

The 29th degree of ANY SIGN means we need to integrate the final lesson, mode  or experience before we can move on.

VENUS is the planet of the FEMININE, Goddess of love, beauty, harmony, the arts, and she is also symbolically telling us to ACT from a place of LOVE. Aries is the war-god, MARS’s home territory. Venus in ARIES is defending love, defending the Feminine, protecting the Feminine as was the traditional CHIVALRY way, which was in balance with the old natural order system.

VENUS in ARIES is negatively also ANGER At women- which was partly the cause of the timing of the unfortunate tragedy by that mentally disturbed autistic young man in California. 

SO the CRITICAL RED ALERT MESSAGE at this NEW MOON in GEMINI is that we must INTEGRATE the opposites.

The modern Western world,  reveres the most important organ and the main center of the body as the Brain.

In the Ancient World, and in indigenous societies today, as in Tibetan Buddhism, the HEART is the most important organ of knowledge.

Gemini’s main message is the UNION of the two organs- the heart and the mind.

In the TAROT the sign of GEMINI is associated with 

THE LOVERS Tarot Psychic Tara Greene


Recent research done by the HEART MATH Institute in California and shows that the heart is the very first organ that a human foetus creates before the brain. Therefore the heart is primary. The heart itself has its’ own brain. The heart’s electromagnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain and can be measured several feet outside of the body. here I recently attended and introductory workshop from the Heart Math Institute and found its research fascinating. The heart has 40,000 neurons relaying information to the brain and these neurons enable the heart to remember, learn and make decision independently of the brain.  You know the saying my heart wasn’t into  it, well that is true.  Physical and emotional pain are interpreted by the same part of the brain. WE also have empathic “mirror neurons” in the brain which feels the pain of others in our own bodies.  see links below to discover more about heart math

We need to bring our HEARTS-the feminine & OUR MINDS the MASCULINE together. 

We cannot survive in the world with our brians/ego’s controlling everything, it is disastrous. 

In Buddhist teachings prayers are for blessings in BODY SPEECH and MIND. 

the BODY being the Brain, the organ which like a computer, organizes and runs the body. Speech being the throat and MIND or consciousness is  the HEART. This is totally reversed from the way we see our conscious orientation in the West.

The SOUTH NODE of the Moon which symbolizes the past, the Unconscious memories is conjunct to VENUS. We need to reconnect to our ancient ancestral roots wherein we firstly listened to our hearts. We need to be warriors of the Heart in this case not at war from our minds.

CHECK out where the new heart/mind marriage occurs in your chart. Which house contains 7 degrees of GEMINI? What aspects, if any does the Sun and MOON make. These are your indicators of a new beginning in Love, connection, in communicating both your feelings and your thoughts in harmony and balance..

We are moving out of the Grand Cardinal Cross as Mars moves out of square to Jupiter, Mars is still opposed to Uranus and Square to Pluto though. The beat goes on. 

NEPTUNE, planet of spiritual osmosis, dreaming, communion, creativity, is exactly in sextile to the SUN and MOON at 7 degrees Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign, water, oceanic consciousness and Bliss. Let Bliss be your guiding light.True Bliss is engendered by spiritual Oneness, feeling the Onessess beyond duality.


all writing is copyright of TARA Greene

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NEW MOON MEANING- RED TENT women’s sacred Menstrual cycles





Death Valley Scorpio place, star scapes landscapes painting and film

Badwater, Death Valley by Napoleon Brousseau 1998

Death Valley sounds like a Scorpio Goth place. It  is a beautiful awe inspiring place. My husband Napoleon Brousseau turned me onto it. He used to go quite often and camp before it was a National Park. The landscape is varied, with names like “Devil‘s Cornfield.” There are mesmerizing salt flats, feels like you are walking on the Moon. Surprisingly there is also water and a species of tiny fish that thrive in the super salinated waters.

Death Valley is a misnomer- it was intended to keep prospectors away as it was believed there was gold there. There is a lot of silver and abandoned silver mines litter the valley. Borax- you know 20 mule train borax– was mined from Death Valley. It is a flame retardant and cleanser. Nowadays there are modern hotels, date palms and lotsof tourists. The night skies are amazing as no inerfering city lights.
For an artists view of Death Valley- see Napoleon’s contemporary landscapes at
Zabriski Point- Painting by Napoleon Brousseau

and also this wonderful film.

Behind the lens: Star trail time-lapse over Death Valley