Baby dolphin dies after tourists yank it out of ocean for selfies

 baby dolphin dies after tourists kidnap it for selfies

Selfish SELFIE tourists kill baby dolphin and leave it die in the sand after hauling it out of the ocean from its mother and passing it around for their selfies. The dolphin was also endangered. The poor mother is also traumatized by having her baby kidnapped from her. This is appalling behaviour.

These people should be tracked down and arrested from their selfish photos and should be fined for the murder of this beautiful innocent creature. Animals must have rights guaranteed worldwide.

These people are so disgusting, there is no excuse for their behaviour. I know that Karma will send them the same treatment back at them for this horrible screwed up abomination. I fully expect that their loved ones and children will be kidnapped abused and left to die so they can learn from their mistake. I am sorry that sounds so horrible but they dont seem to give a fuck about anything else but their ignorant 200% egotistic self-indulgent 2 year old emotional selves. 

As the SUN enters PISCES the sign of the Oceans, where all LIFE On earth originated. We must feel and know our watery origins and respect the oceans as our womb. The world’s oceans are terribly polluted from Fukushima radiation, plastics, oil, and chemicals. This story of the ravaged endangered dolphin really pulled at my heart. Dolphins are higher level frequency life forms to humans. They one walked on land and returned to the oceans. They are spiritual healers.

To abuse a baby dolphin this way with total disregard for all life saddens me no end. The dolphins feel each others presence, they are all in mourning because of this stupid act. PISCES is karma and trust me all those tourists will get their in the end.

I challenge every one of these stupid people who partook in this devil sacrifice to publically admit their wrong doing and to pay and to do community service to repair the damage. They are all murderers. 

An endangered baby dolphin died because tourists pulled it out of the ocean for selfies. The young Franciscan dolphin was killed at the beach resort of Santa Teresita in Buenos Aires last week, after a throng of visitors roughly grabbed the animal and passed it around. After throwing the animal around like a trophy, the tourists then left it to die in the sand.

In pictures captured by witness Hernan Coria, some people can even be seen taking photos of the mammal’s lifeless body. According to the Fundacion Vida Silvestre, the Franciscan species is vulnerable to extinction. ‘The Franciscan, like other dolphins, cannot remain above water for long,’ they wrote on their website. ‘It has a very thick and greasy skin that provides warmth, so the weather quickly causes dehydration and death.’

A spokesperson for Peta added: ‘In their efforts to get a novelty “selfie”, these holidaymakers showed a naïve – and ultimately fatal – disregard for life by hauling this baby dolphin out of the sea, where he or she belonged. ‘One can only imagine the trauma suffered not only by this baby, who was passed around like a toy by marauding tourists, but also his or her grieving mother.’

The Franciscan dolphin, so-called because its brown skin looks like a Franciscan monk’s habit, is found exclusively in the waters of southeastern South America. There are only around 30,000 of the dolphins left in the world.

Source: Baby dolphin dies after tourists yank it out of ocean for selfies