Fated shift, into Motherlode in Cancer 2018-2020.

The True North Node of the Moon, a Fated highest collective directive, our “True North” leaves the fiery, dramatic, leadership sign of Leo and enters the emotional, nurturing, watery, feminine sign of Cancer, the Mother, November 6th for the next 18 months until June 4, 2020.  The Nodes always move Retrograde, backward in the Zodiac as do the Procession of the Equinoxes. The shifts repeat every 18.6 years.

North Node in cancer 2018-2020 Astrology Tara Greene

Artemis with a thousand breasts, Ephesus Turkey By Pvasiliadis [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons 1st Century AD

By Pvasiliadis [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

We will want Cancerian motherly support and feelings, a mother-centric not patriarchal corporate everything for profit values.

Some astrologers use the ‘Mean Nodes” this doesn’t mean these Nodes are bitchy or nasty. In that case, the Mean Nodes change on November 15th. There are 9 days of a discrepancy.

The North Node is a symbol of emotional growth and of evolving Dharma. The South Node symbolizes unresolved karma, our past lives, or actions that we individually and collectively accrue through our DNA. Karma is merely cause and effect. The symbol of Karma is JUSTICE in the Tarot, the scales of which lawyers still use today. The Universe seeks balance.

When we are living from our South Node we are largely unconscious of our actions, past lives and deeds and blindly tend to repeat the same negative behaviors over and over again recreating the same old, same old effects leaving us wondering why this is happening to us. Has someone cursed me? Is it just our own dumb bad luck?

When we become aware and conscious and investigate our behaviors by asking ourselves how we really feel, and why is this same thing {effect} happening to us over and over, we begin to take responsibility for ourselves and stop blaming outside influences. This karma then becomes our dharma, our living from a freely created destiny-the unfamiliar new territory of the North Node.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been seeing the South Node effects of Aquarius, a detached collective sign of rebellious individuals seeking freedom from those in power, the Leo North Node-the sign of Kings, leaders, the superwealthy. 

What will the immediate effects of leaving the Aquarius South Node behind look like? People will want emotional contact and will not be content with virtual, detached Aquarius hi-tech social media we’ve been living through.  

The South Node in Capricorn helps all of us remember a long montage of all the long cold hard winters our ancestors spent just trying to survive, or the difficulties thousands of soldiers faced in the endless trenches and wars for the machine of Government or duty; or the endless hours of work billions of people have endured as slaves. The South Node in Capricorn brings strength, practicality, and endurance.  It symbolizes work, hierarchies, careers, corporate structure, history, time, traditions, and the lure of the physical world which we need to reaccess now.

And most importantly Capricorn symbolizes the Patriarchy, the forefathers. The PATRIARCHY and all of its religious dogma of control by the fathers must be reassessed now. We are leaving behind Capricorn old Patriarchal Corporate power and world domination themes. We will be letting go of being ruled by the tyranny of linear time, the focus on the material world, capitalist accrual, leaving behind the iron rule of the Patriarchal God- the punishing, controlling, jealous, angry, manipulative Father figure, separated from the Matrix and the earth whose sole purpose has been to dominate Her and all women.

We must evolve towards the loving nurturing of the Cancerian Great Mother now. We are all tired lonely and worn out from so much hard work and being enslaved to the Patriarchy- women and men too.

The last times the North Node was in Cancer

October 27, 1925- April 16, 1927

May 12, 1944- December 3, 1945 

December 24, 1962- August 25, 1964

September 25, 1981, to March 16, 1983

April 10, 2000, to October 13, 2001

If you were born with your North Node in Cancer this will be a much more powerful personal experience for you.

If you were born with North Node in Capricorn this transit allows you to change direction.

May 31, 1916- Feb, 13, 1918

March 9, 1935- Sept. 13, 1936

October 10, 1953 – April 2, 1955

April 28, 1972 – October 27 1973

Nov. 19 1990- August 1, 1992

August 21, 200 – March 2, 2011

March 27, 2028- September 23, 2029.

Let the Children Play

We all need to allow our inner children out to nurture and to play and to simply be and not do. We must simply allow absolute unconditional love for who we are and to be nurtured by the Living Goddess which is the Milky Way Galaxy we are always in her. We must bring children back to a state of innocence and trust. Too much child-trafficking and mind control has been allowed.

We need to fill ourselves up with and become the Mothers of Compassion, like Kwan Yin, Green or White Tara or Mother Mary to Christians, the Shekinah to the Jews, to all the children of the earth- that is our prime survival directive now. 

Cancer is associated with food, and with water. Issues around having enough food and pure Non-GMO foods will become primal. Preserving and having good clean nonlead, non-fluoridated, uncontaminated clean water will also be absolutely essential. The Oceans will also take a central role for the world’s attention as the oceans will soon have 1 ton of plastic to every 3 tons of fish in them. Our oceans are dying and their importance on the climate in the world is huge. 

Restoration of the Innocence of the child

Cancer is all about family. A return to old-fashioned home-cooked meals and the traditional Sunday night dinners as our parents and grandparents used to have will be revived but also with friends.  

Many women will choose to leave corporate careers to establish more feminine valued centered ways to work. Job sharing, community daycare, food dispersion, workstations, and nursing each other’s babies. Having children will become very popular as life will be valued in itself. women rush to get pregnant and have larger families. Water births and old-fashioned home births with midwives will be hip. Nursing babies in public will be the norm. As will all functions of women’s bodies- menstrual health, sexuality and aging. The Crone is also a Cancerian aspect of the Mother, the wise elder or Grandmother.

We will choose to feel our feeling with the North Node in Cancer. We will cry whenever we feel like it, whether it’s our party or not. 

Our homes, our roots, and ancestors become very important. We will want to know where we come from and what our foremothers felt and did. Many millions of women’s lives have been overlooked overshadowed and ignored by history. Their lives will not be in vain and this will be restored.

We will recognize the wisdom of the child who naturally dances, makes art, sings, and plays. We will enjoy living in the Moment, of being continuously awed by the universe and its miraculous nature. We will be innocent and naive and believe in fairies, unicorns, magic and unseen friends. We are open to feeling all that is around us in every dimension. We learn to trust our intuition and our feelings fully. We will learn to live and love as fountains of wisdom. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Where Do the Children Play by Cat Stevens 1970

Holy Womb Cancer Solar Eclipse. Mother and Child reunion

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12 @ 7:47 pm PDT/ 10:47 pm EDT

July 13 @ 2:47 am GMT 

Is a super powerful one. With PLUTO Lord of the Underworld death and rebirth exactly in Capricorn {Retrograde} and opposite the Sun and Moon @ 20 + degrees Cancer. All Eclipses move in cycles of 18 Years + and the last solar eclipse in this Saros Cycle 117 was July 1, 2000. This is Canada’s birthday and close to the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees Cancer too. You may want to think back to what was going on in your life then for clues as to what is being completed now. All New moons are times spent in the void the Holy Womb time for creating new energy and intentions and releasing the old. 

This is a partial solar eclipse occurring over Antarctica and visible from southeastern Australia and Antarctic Ocean. Most of us will not see it but will most definitely feeling it rocking the boat.

Capitoline Museums [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

This eclipse marks a showdown of the Plutocracy the patriarchy with the Great Mother. There is a rebirth of the Divine Feminine and the Mother-Child healing through the wounds of families being separated in the U.S. We can see the shadow of the anti-life anti-feminine misogyny in the world at large. Fear of women breastfeeding in public nurturing their children naturally and supporting them; fear of women’s bodies and not holding children as sacred with sex trafficking and abuse of minors is disgusting. The alt-right bible thumpers are so misogynist almost as bad as Muslim sharia laws. 


This degree is very powerful as it is close to the major Conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter and Pluto in 2020 which will see a major turning point in the world’s power. 



Its’ a New Beginning in healing the primal wounds of separation from the Great Mother. The Moon rules Cancer and is emotionally needy, sensitive and sentimental. It’s all about homeland security food and nourishment. Your home, need to be nurtured and to nurture those you love and feeling safe is all important now.

The Paul Simon Song “Mother and Child Reunion” is the perfect song to sing for this eclipse. https://youtu.be/VJmiIekAZXQ The lyrics  start with 

“No, I would not give no false hope
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away.” -1972

CANCER is the sign of our earliest memories which we carry unconsciously,  they are embedded in our cells. Cancer is our pre-birth existence, our earliest bonding or, lack of, with our mothers. We all have a primal wound of separation by being born into a physical body, although that is not true on a spiritual level, we feel it in our emotional and physical bodies. We all long to return home to Paradise which is the womb and Mother. Do that now in your emotional body.

In the Tarot The CHARIOT #7  is the sign of Cancer

There is a beautiful Supportive GRAND WATER TRINE between JUPITER in Scorpio Neptune in PISCES and the Sun and Moon.

You will feel this. Cancer’s shadow is not needing to be needed and not being able to receive.

The Earthy Grand Trine of Saturn Rx. in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Virgo grounds this powerful tsunami of an eclipse. Thanks be to these 3D planets. We are building the foundation and the bones just as the fetus does in its mother’s womb. The water and earth grand trines would normally form a rare 6 pointed star formation of Grand Sextiles but it doesn’t. This is a pre-forming energy.

This is a NORTH NODAL ECLIPSE marking where our cosmic GPS is our emotional body.

  If our human mothers have failed us, not of their own volition, but because they themselves are wounded children, then you must turn to the Great Mother. 

Pluto and the Sun and Moon are T-squares by Eris Goddess of Discordia

The mothers must raise hell they must collectively refuse to participate in the Patriarchy they must actively fight and disrupt the status quo. 

A lot of emotion will be displaced from this eclipse this can result in literal tsunami’s flooding and hurricanes. The eclipse can trigger lots of tears so do cry yourself a river.  Expect to find lots of skeletons floating up from childhood wounding that’s been kept in the closet by the Pluto opposition. Lots more rape stories and #MeToo energy will resurface. Sex crimes politicians and dirty laundered money will be in the news.

Mars is squaring JUPITER

@ 13 degrees Scorpio recently Direct a mere two days ago. Mars is sextiling Chiron the wounded healer shaman in Aries. The old boys wounds are showing they are hurting and very defensive don’t you notice?. Jupiter in Scorpio is notorious for obsessive power plays control issues big swagger using whatever means it has to get the power it so obsessively craves

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius conjunct the South Node indicating that the past warrior energy is ending. The heroic mode of the warrior is too afraid to be vulnerable, to know that he needs the Feminine to heal him and to make him whole. This is an ancient memory in his cellular body and bones. If a Man can let down his armor and be in his vulnerability to the woman and to the Divine Feminine/ Mother principle then some form of balance can be achieved on this earth. This points to a critical need for men to come forwards and put down their battle armor and refuse to fight. Refuse to take the orders of the overlords.

Be near water and pray for the waters

Do get into a bath for this Solar Eclipse New Moon or be near water. Say blessings for the waters of the earth and for your o=loved ones and family and for your Holy Womb.This is a powerful time for Making potent wishes for healing for yourself, your family and loved ones. A Cancer New Moon only comes once a year. Do be mindfull of what you eat as tummies will be tender. 


The most potent time to do prayers and new intentions are right at the New Moon’s exact peak or within 8 hours AFTER. If you do a ceremony, or prayers or write down 8 wishes on a piece of paper within 48 hours while the Moon is still invisible that is best, up to 60 hours after the exact New Moon will still work but its effects are weaker.  

I will be doing a ritual for the New Moon on Friday July 13  day sacred to The Goddess by Chalice Lake at the Grail springs wellness retreat in Bancroft. I will be saying prayers for the waters and the wombs of all the women on this planet. If you want me to add your name or someone else you care about please email me taragreenetarot@gmail.com

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Breastfeeding from the Divine Mother

Musing on Mars conjunct the SUN in Cancer opposed to PLUTO and MOON in Capricorn. The Moon rules CANCER and we have a reversal of energies here. The Moon in Capricorn is in detriment, opposite the Sign, it rules.

SATURN is the planetary ruler of this CAPRICORN Full MOON, Saturn, the Father, who once was the Great Mother, is in SAGITTARIUS @ 22+ degrees inconjunct to MARS exactly at 22 degrees CANCER as well as the SUN at 17 degrees CANCER. Inconjuncts are an impasse between elements. Don’t expect easy solutions under these aspects especially when they apply to the World, which Capricorn always does.

Breastfeeding Mother painting, Tara Greene, Astrology

Painting by Mary Cassatt, Motherhood, ca. 1890.

Cancer is the sign of the Mother and child, nurturing, home and emotional safety and security. Mars is also debilitated in Cancer in a traditional sense. Mars could be seen as being “inovulated” by the Feminine. As I tuned into this energy I felt this. 

The unloved, unmothered and split off masculine energies, the wounded child who acts out by dominating women and the world could be undergoing a huge immersion of unconditional mother love very, very, deep in the collective unconscious at this Capricorn Full Moon. 

I can smell the mother’s milk of Divine kindness now. 

Open your mouths starving children and all of those who have PTSDS. ‘Suckle as much as you need, to your hearts content. Then lay your blissed out body, spirit, and soul onto the Great Mother’s thousands of breasts and sleep and heal.

Tune into this energy during the three days of and after the Full Moon until the first crescent appears. All you have to do is call upon the Great Mother of All That Is to nurture you, love you, hold you, nurse you, heal all the wounds. This is the highest aspect to work with what is lacking in the shadow of the collective unconscious right now.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Cancer New Moon, healing the wounded child.

I’m at the beautiful Grail Springs Spa. I got to spend a lovely evening sitting in on the evening’s talk by Evita Ochel, who I originally met here in 2011. She is a nutritionist, yoga, wellness, heart-centered teacher. She was talking about healing and entering on the heart. It was lovely. 

The New Moon in Cancer June 23@ 7:30 pm PDT/ 10:30 pm EDT/ June 24 @ 2:30 am GMT

Is a New Beginning in healing the primal wounds of separation from the Great Mother. The Moon rules Cancer, this is the most mothering, and emotionally needy, sensitive and sentimental of all New Moons. It’s all about homeland security and nourishment. Your home, nursing and taking care of others and feeling safe is all important.

CANCER is the sign of our earliest memories these we carry unconsciously, yet they are embedded in our cells. Cancer is the sign of the womb, our pre-birth existence, our earliest bonding or, lack of, with our mothers. We all have a primal wound of separation by being born into a physical body, although that is not true on a spiritual level, we feel it in our emotional and physical bodies. We all long to return home to Paradise which is the womb and Mother.

With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron all in water signs, and Venus and Pluto in Earth signs, all of these planets are in FEMININE mode. Only Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the North and South Nodes are in Masculine signs. There is a preponderance of FEMININE energies. As of Summer Solstice were in the 6 months of predominantly feminine energies.

CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER/SHAMAN is being squared by the New Moon

It’s out of sign but still potent. CHIRON is virtually Stationary turning RETROGRADE June 30-July 1.  This is not so good for Canada, whose birthday is July 1st and is celebrating its 150th birthday. Canada is having its 3rd Chiron return now. I;ll write more about this shortly. This station helps us to access the deepest wounds, shame, feelings of unworthiness, being rejected and also brings the healing balm of the Dark Moon’s Light as she is the GREAT MOTHER incarnate. Together we may be feeling very vulnerable and ultrasensitive with all the planets in watery emotional signs.

via pccholyland.wordpress.com / Karla Solorzano, Pinterest / Miko Stavrev, Wikimedia Commons / ChurchPOP

Cancer is where we yearn for and find that total security, safety, protection, and nurturing. If our human mothers have failed us, not of their own volition, but because they themselves are wounded children, then you must turn to the Great Mother, the Earth, SHEKINAH, Kwan Yin, Tara, Mary, or Black MADONNA.


Call upon Her, she will nurse you on demand in Her arms, holding you safe and healing you. Cry as much as you need to. Feel her rock you and hear her whisper of how she has always been with you. 

The healing you do for yourself now heals the mother lines of all the generations previously. It also helps to heal the future generations.

MARS is conjunct SIRIUS and the U.S. SUN

highlighting the U.S. asserting itself, even more, these days. Mars is squaring JUPITER at 13 degrees LIBRA and opposite to PLUTO Retrograde at 18 degrees of Capricorn. Mars is opposite JUNO the Feminine form of Genius aka Zeus’s long-suffering trophy wife who is also about partnerships. She sits near Pluto now. There is war and trouble brewing. Mars and Pluto oppose exactly on July 2nd. We will be feeling that push-pull and the last ditch attempt for diplomacy, negotiations, a fair deal. This energy will be building up to and after that time. 

Mars is in its fall in CANCER the most feminine sign. The heroic mode of the warrior is too afraid to be vulnerable, to know that he needs the Feminine to heal him and to make him whole. This is an ancient memory in his cellular body and bones. If a Man can let down his armor and be in his vulnerability to the woman and to the Divine Feminine/ Mother principle then some form of balance can be achieved on this earth. This points to a critical need for men to come forwards and put down their battle armor and refuse to fight. Refuse to take the orders of the overlords.

The fiery Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius, Eris, and Uranus and Athena will the North Node is still in effect. This can also inflame the entire world even more.

Helpless bird, Baby, Vulnerability, Tara Greene

On this New Moon be vulnerable like a baby. Feel helpless. I walked outside on the deck and synchronically there was a tiny baby female cardinal sitting helpless. She didn’t move. I went near her but that just made her tremble in fright. It made me cry because I identified with her. I felt my own helplessness as a baby, spending the first two months of my life alone in the incubator and never being touched or held. I sent her love but decided I shouldn’t touch her or intervene. I prayed that her mother would come to her rescue.

Do get into a bath for this New Moon or be near water. Say blessings for the waters of the earth. This is a powerful new Moon so close to the solstice very potent for fertility. Make potent wishes for healing for yourself, your family and loved ones.  Remember a Cancer New Moon only comes once a year.

The most potent time to do prayers and new intentions are right at the New Moon’s exact peak or within 8 hours AFTER. If you do ceremony, prayers or write down 8 wishes on a piece of paper within 48 hours while the Moon is still invisible that is best, up to 60 hours after the exact New Moon will still work but its effects are weaker.  

Try NOT to do prayers or wishes during a Void of course Moon on Sunday, June 25@ 11:44 am PDT/2:44 pm EDT 6:44 pm GMT.  The first crescent appears on June 27 @ 1:59 am PDT.

I will be leading a ritual for the New Moon on Saturday the 24th by Chalice Lake. I will be saying prayers for the waters and the wombs of all the women on this planet. Did you know that cell phones and microwave ovens/towers do permanent damage to unborn eggs in the female body affecting the next two generations? It may really be that A Handmaiden’s Tale is a prophetic truth. It also shows genetic screening and invitro fertilization as being the only way to ensure future generations aren’t being born genetically damaged. Only those who can pay for this will be guaranteed, healthy children. Microwaves have been in common use since the mid-70’s. Cell phone usage has made this much more dangerous and insidious. It is well researched and yet the general public is kept dumb. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Final Uranus Pluto Square 7th chakra awakening

The Climax – The 7th exact final Uranus Pluto Cardinal Square

Crown Chakra Initiation, Awakening to Enlightenment and Oneness


The 7th final square is exact on March 16 at 7:53 p.m. PDT/ 10:53 p.m. EDT / March 17 at 12:53 p.m. UT.   @ 15 degrees 18 minutes Aries/Capricorn

The climax of Uranus and Pluto’s Cardinal intense square dance cycle is something we have anticipated and been working towards since June 2012. It is the final activation of the Uranus Pluto cycles whose conjunctions in the 60’s seeded the Woodstock, whole earth, cultural, sex, drugs and rock and roll revolution. These two major transpersonal planets always bring huge changes, conflicts, destruction, awareness, creation and revolutions to the collective and to each of us as individuals. We’ve all felt these planets rock our worlds for the last three years.

The 6th exact square opened our 6th chakras only three months ago. With your third eye now wide open are you ready for the final climactic awakening?

The 7th square facilitates the opening of the 7th or Crown chakra located at the top of the head. This point connects us to receive the One mind, Godhead or Infinite intelligence, known as the state of Enlightenment. The wearing of crowns by Royalty was a symbol that they had attained this state of awareness; Kings and Queens were originally shamans. Mediaeval paintings showing Christ with a golden halo represents this crown chakra activation. Western Mystics also called this state of awareness the 7th Heaven. We are co-creating Heaven on earth.

The word Chakra means a Vortex. A chakra is literally a spinning wheel of energy, much like the shape of our Galaxy. In Sanskrit it is called Sahasrara which means “the great sound” which is OM, the vibration of All That Is.

7th chakra Tara Greene


According to ancient Hindu teachings the Crown chakra connects us to Ultimate SOURCE, to Divine Consciousness and realizing our true spiritual nature. This is the goal of Kundalini awakening. The chakra is traditionally related to Divine Fire {spiritual} and masculine energy.

The 7th chakra is depicted as a thousand petalled lotus, like a sunflower. It is white with violet, tinged with gold, and many layered. When it is open to source, white drops of pure consciousness, which is love, drips down to the lower chakras.

When we are born, the crown chakra, called the fontanel is open. Dolphins and whales have blowholes which are their 7th chakras. They are considered to be joyful spiritual teachers because this chakra is always open.

When the 7th chakra opening we may experience a state of pure consciousness, within which there is no subject or object, no I or ego. We remember and know that we and everything else are a single field of unified consciousness. We connect with God or the Goddess, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Kwan Yin, Brahma, the ineffable name, the Great Mystery directly. It is multi-dimensional consciousness which is ever expanding, becoming more aware. Sacred plant medicines like ayahuasca which contain DMT open your crown chakra directly. This is where psychic visions, connecting with angels, having out of time experiences occurs.

The 7th chakra governs the physical brain, endocrine system and the non-physical. It’s the point of divine union in the body, spirit and mind which is the ultimate goal of yoga.

At this 7th square, Uranus in Aquarius is initiating fiery Higher Consciousness, and Pluto, Lord of the soul, death and rebirth and the collective Unconscious, guides us to transcending the split in duality. We integrate as a whole Self, knowing our Soul’s plan. By gaining knowledge of the divine, we can manifest anything instantly, and live fully in the Now. We are Divine co-creators waking up from the dream.

Practical tools:

The Solfeggio tone is 963 Hz. And the Key of B

Gemstones to aid in opening the 7th chakra.

Moldavite, sugalite, amethyst, clear quartz crystals and diamonds.

Its’ symbol is the thousand eyed peacock.

Essential oils: Lotus, jasmine, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, neroli, angelica, lavender,

CLEANSE using sage, Palo Santo, myrrh, copal, juniper and frankincense

Fasting is also recommended leading up to the dates.

This is the most powerful of all the chakras. We must be very, very grounded to connect to this highest chakra. Be careful, your ego must surrender fully to allow only divine will to guide you. 

7th square, crown chakra awakening Meditation

You need to take time out to prepare and to do this meditation at least an hour.

Link to music below

First prepare a sacred alter and space. Wear white. Use any of the above tools. Have white flowers, candles, milk and dry white rice as food offerings.

Breathe, and send your breath down into your root chakra and into the earth first. You need to be grounded. After you have connected to the earth’s core you bring the earth energy up through the bottom chakra up your spine, slowly, chakra by chakra right up into your crown chakra. Continuously chant the sacred sound OHM to begin.

MEDITATE on accessing pure love and the White LIGHT of Source.

Your intention to open your crown chakra will begin the process. There are different ways to visualize this. Bring your attention to the top of your head and visualize it opening like an observatory and see, sense and feel your head open to receiving Divine Light.

In meditation on this article I received this image.

All babies are instinctively motivated to drink their mother’s milk for sustenance and survival. Picture the crown chakra opening as a newborn baby’s mouth. All the stars in the Galaxy were considered by the Ancient Egyptians to be drops of the Great Mother’s breast milk spilled across the sky. That is why it is called the Milky Way galaxy.

Imagine that you are suckling on the sweet milk from the galaxy itself as the unconditional milk of loving kindness. This will put you in a state of Bliss and oneness. If you’ve ever nursed a baby or seen one nursing you will know what this bliss is like.

Open yourself from deep surrender in trust to Love, to the One, to becoming whole again. Stay in this meditation for a half hour. It should become a daily practice.

Then we must embody and live in an enlightened state of unity consciousness.

 This last square will be even more mind-blowing than the 3rd eye opening. The pure source energy will transmute ego and karma with pure love.

Opening the 7th chakra enables us to Ascend beyond the 3rd dimension into the realms of the 5th Dimension and beyond into vast new awareness.

The sudden awakening will also make thousands of people feel panicked and fearful if they’ve been living only from ego. They will think that they have gone insane and there will be much chaos and anger unleashed. Strong psychic boundaries will be needed at all times. Meditating every day will be essential. Do send love to those in fear and separation.


At the previous six cardinal square either Uranus or Pluto was in Retrograde motion. Even though we have seen huge shifts in the world from the Egypt Spring to protests worldwide, to the Occupy Movement, ISIL, all of this is part of the same Transpersonal energies manifesting. Some of the initiation energy was held back. Not now. Uranus and Pluto are geared up to move us forwards at warp speed.

The cosmic cop, Saturn stations turning Retrograde two days before the square. Planets at their stationary points are extra powerful. Saturn tethers down Pluto’s energy. This can indicate a stall, gap or a huge resistance from the corporate world powers to this massive energetic conscious awakening. Just as in the 60’s it took a few years for the conjunctions to manifest in the physical plane.

The first of those three Uranus/Pluto conjunctions in the 60’s was on October 9, 1965 which was John Lennon’s 25thbirthday. We all know how that conjunction impacted his life and the rest of the world.

This last square DOES NOT  mean it’s all over. I believe that this final square is the real kick starter to massive change. 

On a Global Level:

Potentially we can collectively awaken to Oneness and begin to live wide awakened and super-consciousness. Our entire ways of life, our cultural values, governments, careers, families, education, spirituality, can and will change radically. At this current state of earth’s environmental crisis it is vital that we experience this through direct experience.

We can no longer operate from a place of ignorance and denial. Sex, money, power, all of those Plutonic areas must die and be reborn. Fear must be replaced with love. Unconsciousness with Consciousness. Separation with Unity. Greed with generosity. Disease with Health. Abuse with kindness. We are at the breakthrough point of Divine Union. If any one of us is hurt, abused or hungry we are all in the same state.

“It ain’t over till it’s over”- Yogi Berra’s famous quote.

As Infinite beings, the game will never end.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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1 hour Crown chakra opening Music https://youtu.be/oTbLiIYUdAc

My fave- Corona by Tao Atmosphere  https://youtu.be/or9QPH3wMJs

Happy Birthday, Solar return astrology

Today is my birthday. I was born November 29.


Yes that makes me an 11:11 by birth.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my fellow Sagittarian’s also 11/29’ers like one of my hero’s,visionary painter Alex Grey.

Sophia Alex Grey Art Tara Greene

CARD OF THE DAY SOPHIA Goddess of Wisdom by Alex Grey

On the calendar, my birthday is today. But the astronomical year is not always the same length, sometimes there are leap years.  According to Astrology, my SOLAR RETURN, which is when the Sun reaches the exact same degree and minute as when I was born, 6 degrees 25 minutes of Sagittarius, was yesterday. Your solar return can change each year too.

Solar Returns are quite common tools in the astrologer’s tool kit. That specific degree of the sun and where all the planets are at that moment is a yearly birth chart called a solar return,which is used to diagnose the next year. It is calculated for your current location on your solar return. Some people travel on their birth dates to get more auspicious angles in their solar Return charts. Really.

Here’s mine with my Natal chart.

solar return astrology Tara Greene

The Moon is at 27 degrees Aquarius on the IC or the most private, root charkra, my home, childhood, showing a need for emotional privacy, safety, security. The Moon is also connected to the “crown chakra” of the chart, the M.C. my highest career point and visibility in the world. Emotionally I am feeling detached, tuned into the moods of  the tribe, the group soul, and I am serving as a vessel for bringing down the higher consciousness frequencies of freedom, innovation, and working with new technology. The moon is squaring Saturn by transit so this is a  karmic serious duty.

Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury in Sagittarius are in my first house of SELF. I am newly “reborn” and taking on new responabilities and new ways of communicating. Teaching, writing and publishing are a big part of my upcoming year.

CERES the dwarf planet, Mother Goddess in the Greek myths, who governs fertility, children and the earth is conjunct my Natal Moon in my 1st house. Working with women, teaching women’s connection to their moon cycles and the connection to the earth, ecology, natural birthing, mothering and healing are also very important  tasks.  I am blessed to have two beautiful children born in two different generations, both were born at home 100% organically all natural with many midwives. I nursed both of my kids for a total of 7 and 1/2 years and loved every minute of it. 

VENUS in Sagittarius is also conjunct my Moon in the house of self. Venus means money, values, art, beauty, creativity is something I will be teaching, travelling, lecturing and presenting workshops with women this upcoming year. Yes I love all of that, bring it on..

Vesta, Goddess of the hearth, focus, devotion and the Sacred tantric sexual fires is on my Mercury. I am writing an e-book about how to use sacred sexuality to nurture and heal your body and how to reach higher states of ecstatic bliss. You can do this alone as well, you don’t need to be in a relationship to do this. Interested?

Pluto is in my 2nd house of resources is opposite my natal Uranus in my 8th house of transformation and square Saturn in Libra in my 11th house still. That is where the Cardinal Cross is hitting me in the fixed house. My soul is transforming how I use it as  a resource for helping others to transform their lives.

MARS at 25 degrees Caprciorn is in my 3rd house and squaring my Natal Neptune Venus conjunction in the 11th. I am driven by a wordly desire to communicate about and manifest dreams, higher soul connections, creativity, dance, art, and visions in community.

NEPTUNE, at 4 degrees Pisces is on my Natal North Node. I am definitely feeling Neptune’s spiritual, visionary, psychic, mystic, foggy, creative, dreamy, idealistic, meditative, exhaustive, energies. It has been hard for me to focus. It frustrates my Virgo South node no end. As a person with almost no earth in my chart. I rely heavily on that Virgo South Node.  I will be a spiritual creative dreamer this year and bring in the highest energies and channel more of these energies for my clients. 

Chiron at 13 Pisces is still squaring my Natal Moon. Yes I have been feeling very sensitive to the world soul’s wounds. I am finding that very exhausting. I pray regularly and send healing to the world all the time.

Uranus at 12 degrees Aries in my natal 5th house is opposite my Saturn and exactly square to my Uranus in the 8th. Kind of like a mid life crisis, its should I stay or should I go? I am reinventing myself, revolutionizing and freeing myself up. 

North Node in LIBRA is in my 11th house and is on my Natal Neptune Venus. I have to serve my highest, most spiritual, idealistic, creative visions and have total faith. I need to organize and help others to do this as well, through coaching. This is what others are draw to me for.

Juno Goddess of feminine genius is squaring my Ascendant from Leo with Athena right on my Ascendant! I will be flying high and having awesome night vision. 

Lilith is at zero degrees of VIRGO having just entered on November 28. She is right on my Mid Heaven, screeching away. I love Lilith and love teaching about her. She will be guiding my position in the world. Very interesting.

JUPITER in Leo is exactly on my Pluto in the 9th house of teaching, publishing, travelling. Everything that I adore to do, that I have always seen myself doing for the last 20 years. This is called the millionaire’s transit. I will be working on finishing my book, teaching workshops in exotic locations. I need to be teaching on the many subjects that interest me.  Astrology, Tarot, women’s spirituality, menstruation, natural childbirth, art, dance, moon cycles, being a high priestess, meditations.. If you’d like me to come teach for you- send me an email- taragreenetarot@gmail.com

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BIRTHDAY by the Beatles  

The calm BEFORE THE STORM, to do list Astrology from Tara Greene

August 13- One  touch of Venus  early afternoon

Touch of Venus astrology

Moon entered CANCER Aug 13

Her home sign where the Mother Goddess nourishes all her children, with her sweet breast milk, sings them soft lullabies, holds them close to her always, comforts cares for and nurtures them. Safety, security, emotional safety.

Ahh, be with this image,  feel it enter your memory banks and become an oasis in your heart and tummy.

Moon conjuncts VENUS  Aug 13 @ 4 degrees+ Cancer

Nurturing safety sex and Love come together @ 3;45 pm EDT

WOW a great threesome! Have a late brunch of your own sweet comfort food and make love with whatever turns you on sensually  Enjoy the way the universe sends this energy to you..


MOON opposite PLuto @ 6:41 pm @ 7 degrees CAPRICORN

The Moon Cancer /Capricorn  opposition = Good Mom vs. Shadow MOM,

Power struggles, fears projections from the Unconscious of the VAGINA dentata, the woman who eats men, LILLITH type of energy. Old unconscious memories may arise.  A positive response to this would be emotional food and nurturing for your soul.

Post coital depression is possible/ celebrating the dark and light sides of reality.

This is a prequel to Wed. when VENUS opposes PLUTO

Moon square URANUS @ 8:26 pm

something completely different MOnty Python

And now for something completely different, emotionally. Culturally, intellectually, spiritually, shift is happening!

Earthquakes and emotional upheavals highly likely.

 Uranus and the Moon square off @ 8:26 pm . You may find yourself ending up sleeping on a  park bench or your mother turning into a banshee or…

It’s a wham bang thank you Ma’Am kind a day.

SUFFRAGETTE CITY Indeed. video link at end

and RIP Helen Gurley Brown of COSMOPOLITAN passed away age 90 on August 13

She had her PLUTO at 8 degrees RETRO of Cancer and her North Node- her highest potential exactly on her MC her highest career point at 9 degrees Libra which is exactly where the Moon Pluto conjunction was square to today. I will go over her chart later.

so sit in shock and awe with all this Mothering emotional needyness, power love sex whoopee cushion all day MOnday and Tuesday because there are NO MAJOR ASPECTS Tuesday. quite rare.

REST, don’t get outta bed, or stay in bed with your lover,, soak up the lOVE

Aug 15 MOON will square Mars then Saturn. the 2 malefics! after midnight

VENUS  will oppose PLUTO @ 5:11 am EDT


it’s in the news!

Free Pussy Riot Venus vs PLUTO ASTROLOGY


Psychologist Carl Jung said there are only 2 emotions,

Love or FEAR, choose!

MARS & SATURN conjunct in Libra @ 6:35 am @ 24 degrees LIBRA

the masculine is jumping karmic hurdles, the Olympics will never end.

Moon enters Fiery LEO @ 2:05 pm

to add more fuel to the fire.

VENUS SQUARES URANUS @ 11:48 pm PDT – Aug 16 @ 2:48 am EDT

women overturn the usual flow and  take back the night,run wild and free!

carnival of love

suffragette city indeed! free PUSSY RIOT!!!



I’m Free 90’s cutesy pop dance by The Soup Dragons is perf


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