Mercury Retrograde Born this way.

Are you a natural born Mercury Retrograder? 

Mercury travels Retrograde annually three times a year from 3- 6 weeks at a time. That is equal to around 1/3 of the year which is equal to the amount of sleep we need every night.

How do you know if you were born during a Mercury Retrograde?

 Go to and put in your birth info. its free. Even if you don’t know your birth time exactly you can still find out if Mercury {or the other planets} were travelling Retrograde. There will be a small R or Rx symbol beside the planet.

Statistically 18%-30%  of the population are born under this aspect.  You are not alone, you are in a very special group. You are a very creative thinkers. Your consciousness is finally tuned. It is a naturally more intuitive and receptive way to cogitate.  

Natural born  Mercury Retrogrades always think outside the box. Yes there is something naturally Uranian about them you could say. They don’t think like “normal” people. They don’t feel understood most of the time.  They stand out as creative thinkers, innovators, designers, artists, and invaluable resources as writers, philosophers and imaginations. Dostoevsky and Buckmister Fuller are in this group.

People with Mercury Retrograde take in information differently. Usually they are insecure, unsure or ignorant about how smart they are. Most Mercury Retrograde people are often labelled as A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.   Some people with this position struggle with doubts about their own perceptions. Mercury Retrograde peeps do a lot of double-checking and revising information and ideas before communicating. They would make great editors naturally. 

Of course how you express yourself, your concepts and ideas depends on which Sign Mercury was Retrograding in at birth. Check this out.

Mercury Retro in fiery Aries – A cool Hot head

is beneficial as it slows down the brash, too impulsive and reckless “off with their heads” of this placement. This allows you to not cut off the other person’s words mid-sentence. Instead of arguing you can simmer in the fire of hot ideas before boiling over. 

Merc Retro in earthy Taurus – sensuous no-bull

slows the mind down to extreme practicality. You speak very slowly, with a purposeful sensuous tongue. They can be very poetic creative and romantic. You like classical works  in literature, music and art. You are a great appraiser and appreciate fine art, wine, food and beauty. You make love with your mind.

Merc Retro in Gemini

Slows down the monkey-mind. Makes you an excellent debater, analyzer and go-between. It is easier for you to consider two possibilities and actually make up your mind about what you want. You are less of a gad-about and express yourself clearly when you want to.

Merc Retro in Cancer 

This brings the ability to be objective about your emotions, turning down the torrent to drips. You are very sentimental and always thinking of your childhood.  It is difficult for you to receive and ask for what you need. Expressing your vulnerability is important but not easy. 

Merc Retro in Leo

Beneficial as it harnesses the lower vanity and ego extravagances of Leo into a more humble modest speech maker. You may need to work on your courage. You have a big, shy heart which you may find difficult to express. You are one of those who always thinks young.

Merc Retro in Virgo

You endless go-over every detail with a very fine tooth comb. Which is a great asset for specific careers. A workaholic, you tend to be nervous and worried. You can let go of your need for perfection and let things go, this is healthier for you. You  could be extremely miserly with money.

Merc Retro in LIBRA

You would make a great event planner, lawyer, broker, matchmaker, bargainer and connection maker. You have a fondness for nostalgia. You like old-fashioned quality style in your home. You are elegant and seem timeless. You have vast friendships which lasts for many years. You can learn to trust your own decisions.

Merc Retro in Scorpio

You are cynical and suspicious and find it very difficult to trust. You manipulate everything around you. You need to learn to drop your defenses. You are a phenomenal researcher and a great detective. You see things to the absolute core in ways which no one else can. You truly have x-ray vision and no one can fool you.

Merc Retro in Sagittarius

Is beneficial as it enables you to think before you spill those all too truthful beans. Your wild side is held in check. You are extremely casual, carefree, accepting and easy-going. You can be largely self-taught. You yearn to have your own philosophy, book, outlook and to be on the absolute cutting edge of what’s new. You are always retelling travel stories. 

Merc Retro in Capricorn

You are very traditional and conservative in your thinking. You respect authority but also like to think about breaking the rules sometimes. You need to figure out how to carry out your own unique views. You are dry in your speech. You are always dreaming about being on top of the mountain. 

Merc Retro in Aquarius

Your mind has a very unique way of perceiving. You make an excellent innovator, inventor and pioneer who never misses a detail and can explain anything in myriad ways. Your concepts are extremely vast, you understand things from a large cosmic perspective. Space, power, energy, new technologies are your games. Your ideas are always ahead of their times. 

Merc Retro in Pisces- Deja vu Deja vu 

You are extremely intuitive and can combine logic and intuition easily. You can explain mystical things in practical ways. You  know how to turn your mind off and go into deep relaxed Theta states and trance out. You absorb new information like a sponge. You are dreamy creative and can tap into channeling anything.

During every Mercury Retrograde it’s your time to bask in the Retro rays.

it’s your time to be in your Mind groove. You are in perfect synch. The universe communicates the same way you do all the time now. You are in your flow review and go.

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Super consciousness Mercury Retrograde, Re-imagine

A Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius starts today Jan 21- Feb 11..

Re-imagine everything!

This is a super consciousness re-wiring of our minds to imagine a new collective Higher Hive Mind . re-imagining a future with equality, freedom and co-operation. With many wishes hopes and dreams for all. That is the old 11th sign/house meaning. Rx is a good thing.

It will be exceptionally strong. Be forewarned. Especially for all you AIR SIGNS- GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS. Aquarius rules the Net so especially major hacking time!!!

LEO’s at the opposition also get particularly nailed. As do the other Fixed signs- Taurus and Scorpio.

 Everyone feels the Mercury Retrograde of course. Capricorn and Pisces being the next signs to Aquarius, may tend to feel it in subtler ways. It would be good to keep track of that. Of course Capricorn’s, like my husband says.”now don’t go making a crutch of this.”  He was born on a Mercury Retrograde so for him and all of you Mercury Retrograders, these times are most beneficial for you.


If you are born during a Mercury Retrograde and 33% of the population is. You are in your Zone during Mercury Retrrogrades. So make the most of it. Don’t know if you were born that way?  Get your astrology read:


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Leonora Cannington La Maja del Tarot

 Pisces peeps are under Saturn and Neptune’s beams anyways now.

Caught between a dream and a hard place. Hey I like the sound of that.

With the Sun in Aquarius, on an Aquarius SUPER MOON, a New moon with Venus there too, and the next New Moon at the last degree of Aquarius on Feb, 18 this super charges everything!

In the Air sign of Aquarius, Mercury is swifter, faster, in his home element. So the damage, the winds, the tornadoes and lightning bolts are much stronger.

Yes Aquarius’s symbol is water/ like electrical energy, lightning bolts. So imagine that we are having lightning  being hurled by Thor or Zeus or the Higher Beings to us mere mortals down here on earth. Yes I know Zeus/Thor is Jupiter. 

I can already feel Mercury Retro. Can you? shall we start a tales of Mercury Retrograde thing?

I sent an e-transfer to someone – she says it totally disappeared!

Trying to connect with someone on Skype-we both can’t find the add contact button which also seems to have disappeared! 

A client was here, and left his beautiful Borsellino hat. He had to come back for it.

Do all the Re- things. Like Relationships… Re Re re resepct!

Review, recalculate, rest, return, relegate, renovate, reality, restless, reputation, reckless, recycle, rehab, regulate, resist, relish, rectify, rebellion, reduce, refute, remember, renege, reopen, repeal, require, resuscitate, retaliate, rewind, retribution, revolution,rework,  resist, repeat, peat, peat. 

This will be a very heady mercury Retrograde as it is all about communications, the mind, analysis.

Rethink… old revolutions, changes and big shifts in perspective will come up.

Mercury sextiles Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet on Jan 27/28 to give you some super brilliant resolutions.

Mercury sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius Feb. 5 

this brings reviews of all things related to education, justice, who told the truth?

foreign relations, travel, history, philosophy, freedom, airlines, animal rights, and more.

MEDITATE on the powers of the Collective consciousness

We are all one big collective MIND HIVE.

Feel your interconnection with all others. 

This Retrograde allows us to reintegrate all the changes that have gone on during the last Uranus-Pluto squares, and the eclipses. We must revision where the collective is going.

Please share widely.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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