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Introduced by a Serious SUN SATURN opposition- a once a year event on May 10. Saturn is RETROGRADE 20 degrees Taurus/Scorpio.

If your birthday is today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONO of U2, my friend Sissel in Norway another friend Steve in Toronto etc. or NOVEMBER 13 SCORPIO’s

You will have on helluva serious karmic turning point this year. Whatever you started 7, 14, 21, 28 years ago has run its course.


LIBRA mOOn trines Mercury in GEMINI in the wee hours EDT for some nice info filled dreams.

Weird dreams, you know those naked dreams where you are embarrassed literally, bare assed- as Moon quincunx’s Neptune in PISCES also middle of the night.

VENUS opposes MARS at 5:27  am at 9 degrees+ ARIES/ LIBRA

card of the day



VENUS is in MARS bunker and MARS is in VENUS beautiful luxury digs, they are house swapping in mutual reception.

This is great- wearing each other’s shoes= stiletto’s vs combat boots.

If I were a boy- you know that BEYONCE song? Men in high heels.

What with the outrage of the BOKO HARUM stealing young girls and threatening to sell them as sex slaves,

we can clearly see how broken and out of balance the masculine/feminine relationship, the SACRED MARRIAGE BASKET really is.

this is a NATIVE American concept- symbolizing the wholeness of a sacred relationship between woman and man.

VENUS is CANOODLING with/conjunct the FIXED STAR ALGENIB at 9 degrees ARIES in the constellation of PEGASUS. 

Indicates a generous, proud, quick tempered, bad morals, evil habit woman an AMAZON WARRIORESS.

WOMEN must put on their warrioress armour and fight for their rights, to defend the MOTHER our earth and their children and all the mainly lost feminine values NOW..IT IS TIME. THE GODDESS IS ALIVE, the women remember.

MARS is conjunct the very INfamous STAR VINDEMIATRX- “she of the grape harvest” in the Sidereal constellation of VIRGO. 9 degrees LIBRA tropical. KNOWN AS THE WIDOW MAKER-

it is considered one of the darkest most evil stars. But it also has a more positive nature known as “THE ONE SENT FORTH” as in a apostle. The star in a natal chart frequently marks the death of one’s partner.

It figures strongly and regularly in deaths which are in some way dramatic, newsworthy or are resented in much more than the usual degree by those left behind (assassinations, common criminal murders, executions, airline disasters etc.).

It is very literal. Women are not afraid of being widows anymore. Each woman must be her own Champion.

With VENUS MARS poised in the KARMIC balance we must truly be able to recognize that we must have equality between the sexes to survive. In the old days from the beginning of time, up until only 5,000 years ago, the GODDESS was considered the basis of everything that existed. PAGAN’s still value the Goddess’s energy of love, nurturing, compassion, creation as central. She has a consort who devotes himself to protecting her and her values. He is her lover and is temporary. That is his place, he relates from his heart and reveres nature. He has his own strengths sexual, power, building, protecting which is honoured as well. They mutually respect each others roles.  We need to bring back this natural balance. MOTHER MARY is the Christian version of the Goddess, Kwan Yin in China, Durga, Shakti, or Tara, the goddess has thousands of names. EARTHING, natural birthing, women’s rights we need to embrace the Goddess within every one.

MOON conjuncts MARS and kicks off the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS on MOTHER’S DAY

 further energizing the karma for the MALE MISTREATMENT of women, the earth and Moon opposes VENUS in ARIES.

KARMIC JUSTICE is at hand.

Time to bow down and ask for forgiveness from the Great GODDESS MAAT who weights the hearts of the deceased against her white feather. Many modern men are getting it. Canadian former lawyer, and writer Jeff Brown has written an apology to the DIVINE feminine which garnered him instant fame. I have clients who want to give their wives freedom in their relationships to be who they are and who do not see their wives as their property, chattel or own them. This is good. Some might think this is Crazy but the natural ways are only crazy from our totally insane modern societies of destruction, corruption, consumption, lies, ignorance,death and greed worship.


Farley Mowat just passed away. The Candian naturalist, had always written about respecting the wild. MOTHER NATURE is more powerful than any man made machine HAARP, chemtrails etc. WOE to those men who indulge in soul gutting pornography, denigrate women, sexually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually and those who rape and pillage mother earth’s resoures for oil, gas, gold, etc. without respect for her or for her creatures, the whales, wolves, bees and the sacred earth like Monsanto, BIG PHARMA etc. and all those men and women who support those causes, finance them in the stock markets etc.

It is already happening. Call it global warming, mother earth is a living spirit and she is mad as hell, as the Goddess mother has a right to be at her recalcitrant children. It’s tough  love time kiddoes. We will be shaken and stirred like a martini.


Trying to decide where to go with MOM? Things may be confusing, with much arguing back and forth. Write Mom a beautiful spiritual poem from your heart. She’ll love it. Get outa your head and into your heart and soul and worship the ground your mother walks on.


Moon squares PLUTO, opposes URANUS squares JUPITER – you know this dance routine already don’t you?


Who has the power? the old order is being overturned, justice must prevail, truth and balance for all.


and for some people this will be entirely over their heads. MOON in Libra keeps everything diplomatic and  appearing NICE. What will the neighbours think? Relies on appearances with no weight. All fluff, style and insecurity. Many moms, relationships, will be hurt by not being heard, felt, held at the deepest core of their souls.

REALLY folks – the messages I am getting loud and clear is there is no more time left.

if you can be in the moment fully then forget it. Be, live from you soul’s truth, from your depths, be real, honest. There is nothing to fear, honor the feminine, within yourself, your deepest feelings. Yes there is much hurt and wounding. see  past it.

VENUS/MARS opposition is getting to our ONENESS.

LIBRA energy is about lauding beauty and LOVE as the greatest causes.

What do you think?


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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BONO of U2 and Pavarotti- ONE and Ave Maria






Ploughman dig my earth, Mercury enters Taurus, more Astrology goodies from Tara Greene

Moon has shifted from the SCORPIO, it was a super wonderful big monster ball of wax on 5 5 5 

it was intense and gorgeous and now, we can R- E-L-A-X  

or at least fire down…

MOON enters SAGITTARIUS  May 6 Sunday evening

and squares NEPTUNE, planet of DREAMS- which should produce inspirational adventures in far-reaching, intergalactic Star Trek  dreams roaming Across the Universe… words are flowing …

Early Monday, a Sag-y fast start as Moon squares Mars, fidgeting with the forgotten keys, etc,

woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, found my way downstairs an ddrank a cup, and loooking up I noticed i was late,…

that Jupiter ruled Moon inspires brilliant new ideas as she TRINES  URANUS, sounds a bit painful or kinky, as you like

the TRIDENT is Neptune’s tool   trident

also used by other Hindu Gods and Goddesses, it’s a TRINITY thing

Uranus is the planet of Revolution, technology, invention so also expect to see REVOLUTIONS ABOUNDING today and until Uranus is aspected by another planet…

Moon squares Chiron around noon- feeling a bit tender? emotionally vulnerable?

Don’t schedule any visits to dentists or having to be under the haughty gaze of higher authorities,make sure you’re not on the carpet if you cant hack it then…

Moon quincunx’s  SUN- fire and earth – don’t know each other’s tongue

MARS in VIRGO QUINCUNX URANUS just before midnight PDT –


watch out for corrosive, explosive, guns, fire hazards, explosions, working around natural gas, this can also signal EARTHQUAKES or flooding

especially from the super moon being at perihelion so close to the earth.

may 8

the MArs Uranus aspect is early am EDT


Moon quincunx to JUPITER its ruler!!!

Sagittarius Moon and BULL FIGHTING!  Sagittarians love animals. Campaign to stop that ancient bullying violence to Ferdinand’s and their ilk.

sign the petition:


at around 22 degrees of GEMINI. push me pull you. Like trying to pin down a flying horse.

Lots of fast talk and engaging conversations about a multitude of topics. Go horseback riding…

Moon Trines Mercury- lots more gabbing in evening


wow that was fast!

moon is all business now! Capricorn don’t like emotions, it is the sign opposite the one the mOon rules CANCER, points off in Astrology ruling

THINGS get even EARTHIER as MERCURY enters TAURUS @ 10:13 pm PDT/ May 9 EDT

Mercury in Taurus

click on image to see larger

Ploughman dig my earth indeed!

Mercury Sun Jupiter are all in Taurus Mars is in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn are all in earth signs. The moon in Capricorn now and Asteroids Vesta Ceres and the Black Moon Lilith are all in Taurus as well.

That’s 5 planets Plus the MOON, plus 3 Asteroid Goddesses! that’s 9 space objects nearby in earth signs.!!!!!!!!

That’s heavy….

Holy COW! that’s very earthy.  The rest of the elements will be feeling overlorded, not needed

Fire and Air sign, Saturn Retrograde in Libra, Venus in Gemini, North Node in Sagittarius and Asteroid Juno, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces water and last but not least all alone little old URANUS, the occupy planet.

The chart shows an off-kilter six pointed star formation.


is sensual talk, slow as molasses before the words flow out all melodic and can be simple, wise and practical, all about functionality

stubborn words and horns will be crossed, <Mercury i Taurus loves money luxury art, tools, the body, massaging the language,

how-to manuals, cook books, planting seeds, making things, music, art,chillaxing about, couch potato stuff… coziness, real estate, Buurlesque..

Moon squares Uranus

then trines Mars sextiles Chiron and then..

CONJUNCTIO’  with  PLUTO at 10:33 am PDT/ 1:34 pm EDT – we havent even hit HIGH NOON yet in L.A. this day…

Moon conjunct PLUTO is always very intense, sexy it is the sacred marriage, produces quakes from Hades on the psyche level, potential disasters, real earthquakes, prohjection loosening, confoundedness…


 and my old friend Sissel in Norway!!!

MORE of those grand old Trines.  

 Capricorn moon trines  Sun then Jupiter  before noon

Moon quincunx’s Venus-

can’t make up her mind what she wants in Gemini and Capricorn’s usual infinite patience …runs out.. Got a business meeting to get to..later.

Serious Capricorn moon Squares Saturn @ 12:11 pm PDT/ 3:11 pm EDT

make your serious decisions now…mature like

then Moon goes void-of-course  then and  its’ spiritual time….

MERCURY SEXTILES NEPTUNE @ 2:59 pm  PDT/ 2:59 pm @ Taurus-Pisces

Interesting at the same time and degree!!! kind of a parallel universe, slip up, don’t ya think?

This is great for manifesting creativity get those song notes down to paper, making something practical and beautiful out of clay, creating a lovely fish dinner, seeing a great film, going to a sleep lab if you have trouble sleeping, getting a foot massage, or joining a photography group meetup, art gallery etc. or fix a beautiful car you absolutely adore…

just zoning out

put on those binaural beats, and meditate, go to a yoga class or DIY at home.. get into a bath with lavender oil and cleanse your pores.. enjoy your body..it’s earthy time! 2012 is all about realising the body is the temple ofthe soul, and at  this time the body is the Taurus of the Bull

There’s a pun on TORUS  torroidal fields

2012 is all about being EMBODIED not ascending off the planet

and I’ll leave you with Jimi Hendrix’s version of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower”

“There must be some way out of here” said the joker to the thief
“There’s too much confusion”, I can’t get no relief
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.”No reason to get excited”, the thief he kindly spoke
“There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”.All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl. Watch  Mr. Jimi singing it   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEKeekluMoI

HEy and let me know about your Scorpio super mOON triple strength # 5  experiences

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