EARTH TRINE abundance harvest the riches

Moon is in VIRGO as of this morning.

Moon is opposite Neptune planet of dreamers.

The reality vs the dream balance is needing our attention. Pay attention to your dreams tonight.

There is a bountiful beautiful EARTH TRINE later tonight/ tomorrow EST
The VIRGO Moon Trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN- which makes it good for Taurus too.

yoga body temple Tara Greene

VIRGO  is the sign of frugality, budgets, health, the harvest. VIRGO is the sign of the GODDESS.

PLUTO, ruler of Scorpio is the planet of soul riches, death and rebirth, research, the shadow.

Trines are easy blends of the planets energy.  You need to work it.

If you have planets/angles at 6-16 degrees EARTH SIGNS you are in the direct path of this energy. All signs can benefit from this practical sensual, blessing.

The main questions to MEDITATE on:

What needs to be harvested or culled to allow new growth and abundance?


Is my work fulfilling my deeper needs?

What is holding back on my flow of abundance with the Universe?

What is my body telling me? All earth signs are sensuous. We are all here in the physical. The body never lies. If you have been feeling physically resistance to something or impaired ask the body what it is that’s bothering you.


There is a technique called Focussing which was a main method of the psychological training I went through 20 years ago. The premise is that the body knows, you already have all the answers. You just simply need to tune in ask and wait.   So do a body scan to check out, like muscle testing- does this feel right or not? Ask for an image of what all that is. You may need to keep working with the images. Then you work with that image. The Tarot is be used in this way to facilitate a process of feedback and answers until you get to the core issue. You will know. It will feel right, energy will be released. It is a eureka moment.

At the very least honor you body. It is your temple. It is your souls’s temple

Get a message, walk in nature, GIVE THANKS FOR ABUNDANCE and RICHES in your life. Do Abundance prayers, praise your body as the Temple of the SOUL.

I just had a conversation with my spiritual friend in Sedona. She was doing abundance prayers.

VENUS enters Sagittarius tomorrow morning.

LOVE is shifting into more passionate, light-hearted, honesty. Will write more soon.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Physical -Olivia Newton-John  


Magic, Virgins, Tarot, Astrology, 88 Psychic energies

August 17 is a magical 88 NUMEROLOGY DAY. It’s very good luck  Feng Shui energy

+ great VENUS JUPITER conjunction energy. You can see them in the sky before dawn.

MERCURY the planet is personified as  THE MAGICIAN Tarot Trump # 1

Magician Thoth Tara Tarot  reader

THOTH TAROT # 1 the MAGUS Mercury 

The magical skill we all have is our minds. With our consciousness we can create whatever magic we wish to.

Yes you are a wizard or a witch. We all are. You are what you think.

The Magician usually has a lemniscate or INFINITY symbol above his head. As does the woman in the card of STRENGTH which is LEO energy.  He controls ALL TIME.  

The mind is INFINITE. Mercury is a hermaphrodite, both masculine and feminine. He symbolizes the two-lobed brain, the conscious and unconscious sides of ourselves.

The MAGICIAN is a trickster.

Mercury is now in VIRGO one of the two signs it rules.  

Keywords: grounded thinking, work, service to others, perfectionism, analysis, communications, health, discipline, order, humility.

The Sign of Virgo the Virgin earth is personified as THE HERMIT #9 Trump an initiation card

Hermit Virgo astrology Tara Greene

Guilded Tarot Hermit

THE HERMIT is not necessarily alone or to have totally abandoned all worldly possession. the Hermit is of the earth very much so.

He is usually pictured as a wise old man with a long beard in profile holding up a lamp, a light to guide the way.

He is very  much the Inner GUIDE, the one who is always there inside of you.

Just quiet that busy mind and you will find the Hermit, as your ancestors, an unbroken lineage working for and protecting you. 

You are what you eat in all ramifications. Consuming information, food, energy. Think about how you assimilate.

As Virgo rules the upper intestines, the Hermit could be thought of as your Gut Instincts, {intestines were used for divination}

Use this time with Mercury in VIRGO to tune into that ancient wisdom residing already there.

THE SUN will enter Virgo August 22/23

NEW MOON in Virgo Aug 25 

Venus enters VIRGO September 5 

earth energy is practical and healing. Walk barefoot on the earth while it s warm enough still before autumn comes. It is very healing.



How many balls, chickens, knives are you currently juggling? Metaphorically speaking

What is your relationship with your inner hermaphrodite?  

How IN TUNE are you? What kind of mind games do you play on yourself?

Dialogue with the HERMIT daily as a meditation.

Ask him questions, he is waiting to guide you. The Hermit can be a female guide as well, the Virgin Goddess, the keeper of the harvest.

Why am I so afraid of being alone? Very important for women to ask this question.

Talk to your body ask each part how it is feeling, You will be amazed at how correct this is.


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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enjoy this perfect Magician Hermit video- NATURE BOY -Ella Fitzgerald