Rare Black Super Moon in Leo pounces

Black Moon Diamond Thumpy894 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D

A rare BLACK MOON occurs July 31 in PDT and EDT in North America, for the first time since 2016. The rest of the planet will see the Black Moon on Aug. 30th as August 1 is a New Moon in GMT.

A Black Moon is when 2 new moons occur in one month. This one in LEO is also a Supermoon. when the moon is closest to the earth. We don’t see Black moons of course. But we feel them. This is a supermassive great time to get in touch with your heart and your deepest darkest shadows and to create new intentions. 

This rare event is as rare as the Black Moon Diamond pictured here. More info on the Black Moon Diamond. http://www.embeediatech.ca/the-black-moon/

Other meanings of a Black Moon include a third new moon in a season of four new moons; which would mean no new moon in February; and no full moon in February.

In Leo this is a mysterious Black Jaguar or Black Panther moon. Creeping up ready to pounce on its prey.

The song for this Lunation is SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND by Pink Floyd 

THE U.S. Natal Sibley chart shows it’s NORTH NODE, its highest evolutionary point is 7 degrees LEO. The DARK MOON is conjunct to that and this means this super dark mon casts a shadow on the U.S. major growth point spiritually. This is HUGE. 

The dark, dark secret shadows of the U.S. government and any secrets related to racism, children, dare I say demonic things will be revealed around this Super Dark Moon. Didn’t Marianne Williamson talk about this in the Democratic Presidential debates? 

At 8 degrees LEO, it packs extra energy from Venus very close by. Gotta love the Lion Queen.

SHOCKING REVELATIONS will be triggered now

The DARK Moon and VENUS are squared by URANUS in TAURUS about to go Retrograde on August 11th bringing a surprise pounce from the Black  Jaguar moon.

Get our your most unusual sexy lingerie as  Venus is involved. Secret lovers? Weird pairings? Your heart may be palpitating wildly as Uranian energy does that, its electrifying. Your core values will surely have a shakedown.  This is veyr much like THE TOWER energy in the Tarot.

Chiron in Aries also Retrograde is trining Venus and the Black Moon and SUN

this is a good positive time to lick your wounds and let them heal.

The term BLACK MOON is also associated with LILITH. 

Lilith is in fact in PISCES at 9 degrees inconjunct to the SUN and MON and VENUS quite tightly.  The Dark Moon or Super New Moon is one we acknowledge. Dark Moon Lilith is the real shadow of the Dark moon. This new lunation will bring up more of Lilith’s shadow material. 

Guess who has LILITH at 7 degree LEO and their South node at 12? His initials are J.E. 

The ongoing Saturn South Node Pluto energies are still in effect. Saturn and Pluto are inconjunct to Mars in Leo and Juno. See other article- https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2019/07/31/18-degrees-mars-juno-square-vesta/

PLuto is squaring ERIS at 24 Aries she is the Dark Moon in a way as well. She is Persephone in the Myth, the Lady of the Underworld, Pluto’s consort and wife. This intensely transformative energy amps up women’s rights.

Mercury is turning DIRECT July 31 @ 8:57 pm PDT/11:57 pm EDT/ August 1 @ 3:57 am GMT @23 degrees CANCER indicating a major releasing of information pertaining to children, hidden things, and America in general. It conjoins The US Natal Mercury is at 24 degrees CANCER conjunct to the Vertex at 26+ CANCER and the U.S. Part of Fortune at 27+ CANCER. 

Fun times/

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Leo New Moon,may the force…Astrology

New Moon’s are always times of new beginnings in the monthly cycle. La Luna, call her Goddess Diana or Selene, has withdrawn into her own cosmic womb space for three days to rest and renew Herself. We are in the Dark or Black Moon times; very intuitive, magical, especially feminine and receptive. These three days are the most mystery filled time of the month. We are in the void, safe in the dark, receptive non-knowing space.

black panther astrology tara greene

This Leo New Moon carries the energies of a witch’s familiar, a black cat’s energy which deflects negative energy.  The New Moon is at 10+ degrees LEO involves our hearts and our wills. This is a very erotic dramatic joyful playful black panther energy. Call on the power of the panther into your life, a super powerful shamanic animal.

 The New Moon day begins with a very fiery positive BANG as MARS re-enters Sagittarius for the first time since May 27.  

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you survived Mars Retrograde in Scorpio.

 The energies stirred up by Mars in Scorpio have been very angry, deeply soul-stirring. Mars in one of his home signs has been a time of deeply intense, obsessive and often painful shadow work, whether we entered that realm by choice or not. Many relationships broke up during this period.  Secrets have come out into the light, hacking, deception, manipulation, power and control issues are plain to see. The obsessive, darkly sexual qualities will definitely lift with the warrior in Sagittarius again.  Wherever Mars is, is where the action is. Mars is  pure energy, fire, passion, sexuality, testosterone, drive, initiating, defensiveness. Women have their own inner Masculine side too. 

Mars first entered SAGITTARIUS on March 5th. Think back; what was happening almost 5 months ago? What types of emotional changes have you gone through? MARS in Sagittarius brings back our sense of humor, our optimism, justice, inspiration, adventurous thrill seeking, yearning to travel and explore. Sagittarius energy seeks wide open spaces, mystical metaphysical  information and connects us with spiritual faith. We want to learn, to teach and share philosophical beliefs.  Mars in Sagittarius makes everyone feel much at ease, open and accepting. We are out of the boiling cauldron and into the positive fire.  There a lot of  positive energy at this New Moon.

Mars in SAGITTARIUS lights the fires of truth-telling in politics. Many people will be digging up the dirt on both leaders. Especially angry as hell at the DNC are Bernie followers who justifiably won’t quit or back HILLARY. His young followers are still passionate idealists and he has started a revolutionary fervor which won’t die out. Don’t expect politics to settle down in the U.S. or in the rest of the World either as Turkey is now a very worrisome place as is Russia. Mars in Sagittarius is literally foreign religious warriors. Daesh is a religious based Terrorist organization and we will continue, unfortunately, to hear more in France, Germany and other places.  

MARS at zero degrees Sagittarius squares REGULUS the Star which marks “Heart of the Lion” now at zero degrees VIRGO. This helps us to activate our solar, higher heart chakras connecting us with the ArchAngel Raphael who symbolizes this degree.  Raphael’s energy is a beautiful emerald green ray of light. Meditate on this energy and send it out to the world with the courage and strength of the Force to help heal the earth. 

MARS is sexual energy and its being squared by the Asteroid EROS in Pisces @ 6 degrees and opposing Mercury in VIRGO at 4 degrees. This creates a new spark and awareness of the body as the nexus of spiritual and sexual erotic energy. Do what you love to do. Is it painting, yoga, photography, dancing, singing, helping others, ? 

 There a lot of UP positive energy at this New Moon. 

The Moon in Leo is STRENGTH, in French La Force, literally The Force, as in “May the force be with you.” in Star Wars.  Usually symbolized by card #8 or #11

Strength Tarot Card, Tara Greene

The Marseilles Pattern Tarot 18th C. 

Moon Trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS  which creates a positive sense of purpose and maturity especially in the political ring. 

Venus is also in LEO the sign of love affairs, creativity, children and will power.  It is women’s time to be in the starring role right now. The Symbol of STRENGTH is very much Venus in LEO. LEO is ruled by the SUN. Shine like gold.

Venus is Trine to the Galactic Center at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS, indicating a great time to tap into the highest consciousness available from that black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  

CHIRON at 24+ PISCES opposes JUPITER in VIRGO and they both square the Galactic Center. A great time to meditate on the miracle of being conscious in a human body and ask to receive Divine connection and healing. 

NEPTUNE and SATURN Retrograde are squaring off.

 Saturn stations DIRECT August 13th @ 10 degrees SAGE after being Retro since March 25 @ 16 degrees SAGE.   Neptune is also conjunct the SOUTH NODE of the Moon at 12 degrees PISCES. Indicating that old karmic connections are being washed away. Old belief systems illusions and projections is being dissolved. Old friends, ways of being and martyrdom is passing away. Let it go and Bless it. 

Saturn stations DIRECT August 13 at 10 degrees after being Retro since March 25 at 16 degrees SAGE.  These two planets are creating that fierce huge polarization we see in the world these days. Projections are being met with cold hard Saturn boundaries of reality, limits and karmic testing. Will you go all Neptunian playing Pokemon Go or will you stop and face the music?  Neptune is the place of no differentiation, non-duality, only compassionate love, “no religion too”as John Lennon wrote in the Most Neptunian, idealistic songs “Imagine. ” Saturn is in another Beatles song ‘Taxman.” I’ve gone all sentimental and find comfort listening to my teenage heroes the Beatles again as my form of a Neptunian coping mechanism. 

NOTE: Saturn and Neptune will be powerfully involved in September 1st New Moon Solar Eclipse and will have their final square on September 10th @ 10+ degrees 

NEPTUNE and PLUTO create a Finger of  GOD to the New Moon at 10+ degrees LEO 

Neptune in PISCES and PLUTO are in a Sextile aspect and they both form a 150-degree quincunx or inconjunct to the New Moon. This is the famous Yod aspect. We need to focus our hearts and wills through spiritual eyes and incorporate our soul’s physicality in Capricorn. Corporate simply means corporeal, the body, manifestation, 3 D. Ruled by Saturn.

Our dreams and our willpower are out of kilter. Neptune rules oil, the image that popped into my mind is that perhaps we have to oil up the “tin man” our defenses. In the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man desperately wants a heart as he symbolizes the cold, mechanical human as a machine or cog in the wheel. Tin is Jupiter’s metal, ruler of Sagittarius BTW. 

Use this New Moon to set powerful new intentions. We are coming up to Septembers very busy Eclipse season. This is the time to shine your light, roar with courage, let passion guide you and be the Light. 

I will have part 2 with John Sandbach’s symbols to follow.

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Embrace the soul, romance the body

This is a Friday the 13th to break the superstitious mold. It’s a very good positive non-spooky Friday the 13th for a number of reasons. No fearing black cats crossing your path.
It’s a LEO Moon which means passionate, fiery, heart-felt, proud and strong-willed, nobody’s gonna rain on my parade.. 
The LEO Moon is active squaring Mercury, inconjuncting Pluto, trining URANUS squaring the SUN and inconjuncting Chiron in Pisces. All of which means a headstrong miscommunications, divided loyalties, secret cabals, escaping to a higher consciousness for some breathing space, battling with superiors and non wanting to admit how much it hurts.  
The BIG GEM that revitalizes this day is the  Venus in #Taurus TRINES PLUTO in CAPRICORN @ 17+ degrees.
It’s all about sensual beauty, roses, the most feminine of all symbols enhances the Soul’s depths of desire in the world.
Give yourself permission to be very sensuous, smell the roses, eat the roses, make love with roses, that will satisfy the Goddess of Love.
Roses, Venus, Tara Greene psychic
And as for Pluto, Lord of the soul and the Unconscious, allow your body and soul to be one. Embracing your shadow is a safe way, in a way of relationship with the anima, Venus and feed your soul beauty and love as those as the greatest riches.
Let’s examine the symbols for 18 degrees Taurus for VENUS by John Sandbach  I will adapt them. 

Taurus 18. Gently, a man caresses a thorn tree. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

You have a delicacy of approach to life that helps you to deal with difficult and/or sensitive situations. This is a real gift. You are a peacemaker who understands instinctively the innate needs of people and situations. Your energy can encourage people to let down their defenses so that they are able to share more fully.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman with hundreds of breasts.”

Diana/Artemis of Ephesus, Tara Greene
This is the symbol of Diana of Ephesus.

It would seem that there is an extreme divergence between this Chandra symbol and its accompanying Omega Symbol, but the fact is that breasts are for nurturing, and thorns are for defense, and the sign Cancer is about both nurturing and defense.

This degree has faith in the abundance of the universe, and knows that all needs can and will be met as soon as the belief in the illusion of poverty and lack are let go of. And even when the self chooses to experience lack, it is to induce itself to find what is needed within, and hence a means of coming to a realization of personal power and completeness.

Azoth Symbol: Space aliens inviting some humans to come and see their world. Real Venusians.


It might be that none of the thorns on this tree will ever hurt anything. Molecules of air and photons of light enjoy playing around the sharp tips, and the points seem to create a coolness and alertness in the air, and at dusk a faint glow.

A man has stopped to feel with his thumb and forefinger the shaft of a thorn. It’s smooth, and faintly red, but in the dusk mostly black. As he slides his fingers down the shaft of the thorn he feels, all over his body the tree caressing him back, with the same gentle smoothness.

The SYMBOL for PLUTO at 18 degrees Capricorn
Capricorn 18. A forgotten painting stored in a vault. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Receptive

What is the Vault? Where is it?

( Spiritual Cleansing, Endings and Rebirth)

This degree is inherently patient and knows that it may take a long time before its gifts are appreciated. Its also aware that when people are exposed to something again and again over a long period they can begin to take that thing for granted, and so sometimes its best to hold back what one has to offer until the time is right to bring it forth.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black leopard with green eyes.”

black panther/leopard Tara Greene, animal spirit
I have been seeing black leopards lately. They are one of my power animals. 

The painting is stored in the dark, the leopard is a creature of the dark. Green is the color of emeralds, the gem of Mercury, the planet of communication. The artist’s painting was painted to communicate something, but now it is not doing that – it dwells in the dark, the Underworld, Hades. Until it can communicate once again – open its eyes to the light, and reaffirm its power, which is like that of the leopard’s.

Sometimes when something is hidden it is a good thing – later, when it is re-revealed we may see it with fresh eyes. This degree knows the power of waiting for the right time to act, the right time to bring forth its ideas. It uses the power of darkness and silence to enhance what is eventually and finally communicated.

Pleiadian Symbol: A glorious dragon of many colors embroidered onto a flag.

Seed degree: 4 Scorpio 4. An albino woman unaffected by the rays of the sun. (Omega Symbol). When we cease to allow the obvious to overpower our consciousness we become aware of hidden treasures everywhere.

A loud roar as a tornado approaches. (Chandra Symbol). The intensity and power of overpowering thought forms give rise to potent desires and a deep, burning desire to communicate and connect.

Fulfillment degree: Pisces 24.An empty perfume bottle, the scent completely gone. (Omega Symbol). What has been lost is come to be seen as something that may be translated into the present via the imagination, or completely let go of to make way for whatever new is to come.

Venus will Trine the North Node exactly on May 15 @ 19+ degrees of TAURUS/VIRGO creating a GRAND EARTH TRINE with PLUTO all weekend.
This is very very rich, soulful, powerful aspect. If you do  have planets closely conjunct to these degrees  {15-21} this is like the pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow. Realise you already have the gold.
MANTRA You are the manifestation of the soul, and of love. REPEAT
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