Out of Bounds planets, hipster Astrology knowledge.


As it sounds, if you were born with the Moon or other planets out-of-bounds; meaning they are 23 degrees 28 minutes North or South of the celestial equator,the Earths equator extended into space, then you are a loose cannon, unbounded, a free spirit, definitely different from most people, a genius or an outlaw. Astrologers have been researching this information and using it to help define personality characteristics more recently.  The Sun can never be out-of-bounds, explained below.


The pilot ANDREAS LUBITZ who apparently  crashed GERMANWINGS FLIGHT 9525

Has a number of OOB planets; his MERCURY -planet of communications -independent thinker, and his URANUS- individualistic, rebel, independent, chaotic, freedom. His SUN is very close the  most Southerly declination at 23 degrees 22 minutes 55 seconds. A mere 6 minutes away from the boundary-walks the line.  I’ll wrote a bit about that later.

O.O B. explained 

The Sun travels annually over a wide band of the celestial equator which ranges from  23 degrees 28 minutes north to 23 degrees 28 minutes south.  This is called declination which is a form of latitude rather than longitude. The Sun touches the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn- the Solstice points and the Sun crosses the celestial equator twice a year at the Equinox points. This is what creates the seasons. The Sun can never go past these degrees unless there was a pole shift, but the Moon and some of the planets can travel out of boundaries, hence the term. 

The Moon will go O.O.B. most frequently and reaches a maximum of nearly 29 degrees when the North Node is at 0 degrees Aries every 18.6 years related to eclipse cycles of course.  

The MOON has peak years when it is out-of-bounds in the past. 1913, 1931-32, 1950, 1969, 1987-88, 2006 and upcoming in 2024-25. A lot of social upheavals happened during these years. 

Saturn and Neptune never travel out-of-bounds and Jupiter only occasionally by a tiny amount.  

Generally speaking, and this applies to all planets, those in northern declinations are more outwards bound in effect while southern declinations are inwards and have a more personal effect. Two planets situated at the same degree of declination, both in the north or both in the south, are said to be in parallel, a parallel having a force like a conjunction. These two planets may be in different zodiac signs though.

I have just discovered that my Natal MOON, Mercury and Uranus are OUT OF BOUNDS which instantly clicked for me a whole bunch of information about the why and how I function. I think it is vitally important. 

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR O.O.B planets are? 

You can look this up using an astrology program such as Astro.com after you put up a chart- all this is free- where it says additional tables click that and the declinations for all the planets and asteroids or whatever you input are clearly shown.

MOON OOB peeps

Moon OOB peeps are likely to have very accurate intuitions, a deep-seated need for freedom, a strong level of self-understanding. It is easy for them to freely express their own individual feelings, they see and sense things deeply as if they had x-ray vision.


Born with Mercury OOB you will never stop talking. They do have very important ideas and things to say. Its seems double Uranian like to me. Thinking and communicating out of the box.


Born with VENUS OOB makes one an over the rainbow romantic- Judy Garland had it. Clang Clang Clang went the trolley.

This placement delivers a very originally creative artistic person, a genius. This aspect can also bring very strong likes and dislikes. Homosexuality can also be linked. Many people with OOB Venus’s have multiple marriages. Or they can be intentionally single. Huge age gaps between lovers is another signpost. 

OOB VENUS women artists. BJORK! Nico of Velvet Underground, sexy singer Josephine Baker, diva Maria Callas, Helen Reddy- I Am WOMAN singer.

Also composer Erik Satie, artist Robert Mapplethorpe, songwriter Noel Coward, Liberace, Jean Genet and poet Ezra Pound.


This indicates deviants, criminals, outlaws, reckless, danger seekers, rebels.


The next planet to travel O.O.B. is VENUS. Everything that is Venus related- RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, Balance, art will go wonky and unpredictable.

VENUS will begin travelling O.O.B on April 18th at 8:53:04 am (EDT) to June 1st at 6:30:59 pm

MERCURY will be O.O.B. from May 3rd at 8:16:30 pm (EDT) to May 19th at 12:45:25 am

Mercury will also be O.O.B.  from November 27th at 8:59:09 pm (EST) to December 24th at 11:14:55 pm (EST)

MARS will be O.O.B.  June 6th at 7:35:14 pm (EDT) to July 16th at 10:10:46 pm- circle with RED.



MOON is still in Cancer its home today. Moon squares Sun, trines Neptune-very idealistic, opposes Pluto, squares Uranus. 

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FLY ME TO THE MOON- Julie London 

Rare Friday the 13th, Full moon,Red Flag day Astrology

I AIN’T SUPERSTITIOUS because I know what I feel, sense and see. I have always been clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. I’ve always seen ghosts, and felt negative spirits, that is real to me. I can tell what’s going on inside of people behind their masks. 

I don’t like breaking mirrors, I love black cats and snakes, and don’t think its a good idea safety wise to walk under a ladder. I do spit three times when I see a funeral procession. That’s one my Mom taught me. I always say ” I take it out of the law” if I have to say something that may lead to a negative outcome.

Many people call me and ask if I can bring someone back, reunite lovers. I tell them that is a form of old superstition.  People aren’t manipulate puppets. This is coming from a totally unconscious place.  I always tell people to RUN AWAY FROM any fortune tellers who says they will make you lucky, remove a curse or cast negative spells or hex anyone ever. That is all superstitious nonsense to me and phony baloney snake oil salesmanship, the oldest trick in the book. Sorry to burst your bubble of false hope. You can attract someone back through sending love to them unconditionally.

Lots of sports players have these superstitious things. Like Robert DeNiro the father in Silver Linings Playbook. You might call it OCD. I get upset if things are moved in the house if Id set them up a certain way.  I feel the difference if it happens.  Everything is about energy.

rare full moon honey moon Tara Greene

Friday the 13th and a JUNE FULL MOON is called a STRAWBERRY MOON in native lunar cycles. But some are calling it a A honey moon as the Moon is at perigree -closest to the earth and appears more golden-colored.

The last time a full moon fell on a Friday the 13th in June was in 1919 and the next will be in 2098. The keyword is June.

There will be three Friday the 13th’s in 2015.

The aspects are  pretty heavy ones.

I’ve written before about the RED FLAG DAY on SaT June 14  a few days ago declaring that War may break out.

as MARS SQUARES PLUTO and the news of the IRAQ crisis as the Militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, takes over two key cities in Iraq.  I am praying that a new war doesn’t break out.

I would be afraid of people’s rage peaking, never mind superstitions.

CAPRICORN MOON opposes Jupiter late Sat PDT and early Sun FATHER”S DAY

We are in the Mercury Retrograde from Cancer- feelings into head in the clouds Gemini.

Mercury re-enters Gemini on June 17.


Jesus synchronicity for me the last few days. Many mentions of Catholic traditions.  My husband hung a copy of his Jesus painting up again in the house. I had a long talk with a colleague  who works with Archangel Michael today and has read all of Rudolph Steiner’s works.  I’ve done quite a bit of reading on him as well. Steiner was the one who Waldorf Education is based on founder of Anthroposophy moment, a totally brilliant spiritual man, very far advanced and not much understood.

Jesus painting Napoleone Brousseau tara Greene

Jesus oil painting by Napoleon Brousseau 2012

Inspirational Card of the DAY

The best anti-dote for superstition is prayer. So pray to whoever your God/dess image is. Pray from your heart, There is only ONE LIGHT. Listen to the Jesus prayer sung by Bjork one of the most beautiful pieces Ive ever heard written by John Taverner for her.


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JESUS PRAYER – Bjork /John Tavener