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Brainstorms and Lilith pain body speaks astrology

the big hits  just keep in coming.

An air and earth trine

Mars in Aquarius trine Gemini sun   bright ideas and sparkling conversations

this is the time for radical think tanks,  putting your heads together and brainstorm away. In tune conversations with your tribe about astroligy-ruled by Aquarius. I’m at s huge Astrology conference in Chicago with thousands of participants. It’s amazing in the Windy City soeaking of air signs.

Mercury in Taurus @ 22+ degrees trines Lilith and Pluto

her pain body is telling the truth of the thousands of years of tape abuse sexual and emotional abuse. Harvey Weinstrin being charged is the obvious manifestation  of this energy

Speak out of your own pain body. The body never lies. There are real pragmatism resources to work with.  Speak up against all abuses against the feminine it is rampant everywhere.

Lilith is also squaring Eris in Aries

there going to be more shit disturbed now from the thousands of years that women have had to suffer under the patriarchy.  Moon is in Libra. Try to stay Balanced.

Please share widely. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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10 tips to bring Heaven on Earth

May 6. The big aspect of the day. SUN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES definitely a Heaven on Earth energy day.

mother earth climate change Tara Greene

Mother Earth (credit: EarthFirstNewswire)

Bring those spiritual romantic idealistic creative visionary compassionate dreams down to earth. The Capricorn Moon helps us get grounded today. It’s a good day to take care of whatever needs to get done. Capricorns are the most practical hardworking signs. 

Moon conjuncts Mars in the wee hour in EDT and GMT

This may make you energized and focussed on whatever tasks have your attention.

Moon squares URANUS it’s those old Cardinal crosses we have to bear.

SUN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES definitely a Heaven on Earth energy day.

Bring those spiritual romantic idealistic creative visionary compassionate dreams down to earth.

The combo of the earthy sensuous practical Taurus Sun and the Capricorn Moon with Neptune means your dreams can be realized. Your night dreams may also be very strong. The day might seem like a daydream.

Here are 10 things to do to make Heaven come down to earth.

1. Write out your hopes wishes and dreams. This helps define them.

2. Make a Dream board. Gather pictures from magazines or print them off the net. Create a collage of all the aspects of your life you would want.

3. Speak your affirmations out loud. Taurus rules the throat chakra. It’s important to vibrate your desires out loud. The word is the vibration of God/Dess.

4. Do charity work tithe or give away something precious to a charity. This is important to create abundance for yourself. 

5. Get real about any addictions and get practical help. 

6. Be creative sing dance write a poem express your soul/sol.

7. Create strong boundaries for healthy relationships. Neptune in Pisces requires this.

8. Get some bodywork- a massage or give one to a lover or friend. Our bodies are the temples of the soul. 

9. If you have debt you need to take charge of it now. Neptune rules Debt you must start saving and waiting until you have enough money to buy with cash. 

10. If it feels right in your gut instincts to forgive someone who has hurt you and you feel strong enough to do so then forgiving them also gives you freedom. 

Moon enters AQUARIUS in the morning

We have an opportunity to share the dreams with like-minded visionaries in our tribe.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Mars conjunct Lilith April 18-May 13

An empowering MARS LILITH exact conjunction March 18-19 @ 17+ degrees CAPRICORN conjunct to PLUTO squaring ERIS in ARIES. That’s a very strong uncompromising Masculine Feminine balance of power. This could be what is creating the historic North Korea-South Korea Peace agreement.
Things are changing big time my friends. If you have planets from 15-25 degrees Cardinal signs- Aries Cancer Libra and Capricorn you are feeling this energy.
This aspect can empower any woman or man to embrace and bring into your body the powers that LILITH represents. LILITH really only wants to be treated as an equal which she already is. Capricorn is practical physical and represents the Patriarchy. It could symbolize women really becoming fierce Amazon Liliths and refusing to have sex with men and fiercely attacking any Patriarchal senators or old boys club trying to restrict women’s freedom of choice. It’s Not good for President Trump involved in a sex scandal with Stormy Daniels/ Lilith -who came to represent a prostitute or any woman considered sexually liberated. Perhaps we will see legislation coming out over this next while attesting to this.
Lilith is one half of the feminine aspect of God. She symbolizes the First Woman created equally from the red earth as Adam was. Lilith refused to let Adam dominate her sexually and because she had G*d’s powers She is the Goddess Herself she left Paradise and went to live by the Red Sea leaving Adam alone abandoned and rejected in the Garden of Eden. These are archetypal stories. This is the original backstory to the more common Genesis story that most people are familiar with.
Honor Lilith, she is the first woman preceeding Eve. She is Kali like and she kills the ego. She is not a vampire or evil that is all fear projections onto her. Every woman and Man has Lilith somewhere in their astrology chart.
Lilith is the death-bringing aspect of the Feminine. She is a necessary counterpart of the mothering birth giving aspect of Life. Life would not exist without Lilith. In this dualistic universe, everything necessitates its opposite. 
Lilith represents wild free female sexuality which is omnipotent compared to men. Lilith holds the key to SHAKTI Tantrix sexuality and kundalini healing energy. When they are bleeding women are at the height of their psychic powers and women were considered the most powerful to have sex with when “on their moontime.” Ther blood was considered holy and Tabu-which originally meant sacred. Menstrual blood was mixed with herbs probably psychotropic plants and used for all manner of healing trancework and magical spells. The Taboo bad rap Lilith got was simply to scare women and men away from using these potent powerful sexual lovemaking rituals. A woman menstruating is also the least likely to get pregnant and Lilith’s put down was also simply to keep people from having sex for pleasure only.
In Judaism, the Shekinah is 1/2 of G*d’s Feminine side Lilith being the other half. In Christianity Mary Jesus’s mother is the Shekinah the life-bringing nurturing unconditionally loving and suffering Mother. Christianity and Judaism basically wrote Lilith out of the Archetypal creation story. Eve is obviously a man-made creation from Adam’s rib. Lilith is the snake in the Tree of Knowledge. Mary Magdalene as the sacred Prostitute and now hailed as Jesus wife and High Priestess is an emanation of Lilith although she is human. Mary Jesus Mother was also a Tantric High Priestess as she birthed Jesus parthenogenically.
In Ancient times and I swear I remember this since I was a child- a man who had been to war was healed from PTSD and the sin of shedding blood in a profane way by Sacred Temple High Priestesses who had sex with them while menstruating. The High Priestesses channeled Lilith’s energy and literally transfused these men back to life and wholeness through their menstrual blood. The men could then return to normal society whole and rebalanced. 
LILITH in the Natal Chart 
LILITH strongly placed in a natal chart always shows this independent energy. Men are attracted to and terrified of strong Lilith women.The hallmark of a strong Lilith usually results in relationships ending very suddenly by the Lilith person or by the other one. There is no talking about it and no compromising. 
LILITH will be in aspect to sexy MARS for a month but then the plot thickens.
LILITH CONJUNCTS PLUTO May 17/18 @ 21+ degrees until July 28
Lilith will remain within 8 degrees of PLUTO and then Lilith enters the 29th and most critical degree of Capricorn. This deepens Lilliths power. 
Pluto is the collective unconscious and Lilith symbolically merging with Pluto brings her back to life in Persephone/ Inanna territory where she can be rebirthed  in the Collective.This deepens LILITHS power.  She is the death bringer aspect and her connection to PLUTO further emphasizes that treat me equally or I’m outta here. 
This feels very powerful to me as a signal that Lilith is ready to be fully honored and respected. Her original energy has been reviled disgraced and ignored for millenniums. If women’s menstrual blood powers are treated as sacred and Holy as they always have been great healing will ensue in the world. 
Women must stop every month when they get their periods and withdraw from work and the world to honor this sacred time Traditionally women would bleed on the New Moons the Dark Moon and retreat for three days to sit secluded with other women in Red Tents moon lodges menstrual huts caves or in modern times in their own homes to be present fully with the beauty and power of their blood and dream feed their bodies and allow themselves to rest. Releasing is a feminine time. 
I say Hail Lilith and call on all women to honor Her within themselves. She has been living in every woman’s body since the very beginning and She lives on as the Crone aspect too. Embodying Lilith helps rebalance the world. 
Check out where these degrees of Capricorn are in your own natal chart to see how Liliths energy will come through for you. Check the aspects Lilith Mars and Pluto will make. 
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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Lilith sextile Juno and Daily insights

April 3 Moon is in SCORPIO sextiling Pluto the co-ruler of the most soulful intense sign. This amps up the tensions and obsessions associated with this sign.

Moon conjuncts JUPITER Retrograde in the morning/afternoon reamplifying deep soulful feelings and the chance of even deeper transformations. This is a very sexual energy. 

Moon is VOID OF COURSE @ 9:06 am PDT/ 12:06 pm EDT/4:06 pm GMT


This is a powerful aspect for that shadow feminine to tune in to her own pure genius. Juno is the Feminine form of genius- not Zeus’s trophy wife. These two in cahoots make a very potent combo. Call on Lilith to hoot you some uncompromising steadfast energy and the sharp genius of Juno in Pisces who knows exactly how to be a chameleon and gain everyone’s compassion and understanding.

I’m definitely feeling this, aren’t you? With Chiron at the very last degree of PISCES, this is a fated 50-year end of a cycle. That is major cycle ending.  You will be feeling the deepest shadows coming up to be released now. Stay with it. The Dark Night of the Soul is one of the necessary pre-requisites to being reborn into the Light. Be vulnerable.

I’m feeling the MARS- SATURN conjunction to be very empowering and strengthening of resolve.  This is another major transit going on at the same time. Its sextile to Neptune is helping us to see reality very clearly.

Moo inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES later tonight which can make for impatience and spontaneous defenses and striking out angrily. Stay cool and breathe. 

Moon trines CHIRON in PDT/ April 4 in EDT and GMT in wee hours

Feel the pain and allow the vulnerabilities to spill over. Cry as much as you need. Old feelings of martyrdom defenses and denial cannot help but arise. This is a breaking of the damn of defenses. It’s good. The dam can’t hold it all back anymore.

Moon enters SAGITTARIUS just before midnight in PDT/ April 4th in EDT and GMT.

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March for Our lives astrology

IF YOU ARE SEEING CHINESE SPAM on this webpage I am sorry. I have complained to GOOGLE but can’t seem to get to WP.

but this site is getting very few views since the beginning of March and I am quite fed up. After almost 3 very hard years of dedicated writing almost daily and staying up all night to write I am exhausted burned out and fed up. I feel like all of my time and energy has gone nowhere. This site used to rank at around 1.5 million in the world. Then Google banned or de-indexed this site since October 2016 which I wasn’t aware of until a year later- they say this site is PURE SPAM because of the images and videos I used. As i have thousands of pages to remove videos and pictures from  I want to change this site to a real dot.com I own and want to have all my 12000+ beautiful subscribers follow me there. This site and all the thousands of articles need to be archived. But I don’t want this site itself moved forwards. 

If there is anyone who has web experience and WP experience I could use a little help and guidance. 

The brave teens who are marching on Washington D.C. and hundreds of other cities to demand gun law regulations today March 24 do so under skies that mirror the situation exactly.

A CANCER MOON is the sign of emotional safety of nurturing of a mother’s love for her child Cancer speaks of trust and innocence.

Cancer in the Tarot is the sign associated with #7 The Chariot- literally a vehicle the soul’s vehicle the emotional body which carries the soul and spirit on the road of life.

Yesterday’s heavy VENUS in ARIES- PLUTO in Capricorn square continues

and will remain in orb of each other and in effect until March 31.  

The exact VENUS PLUTO square an intense hard aspect between values money women independence relationships anger and the corporate Plutocracy- the NRA the Governments and more deeply the shadows and secrets- like FB mining everyone’s privacy- money and power cover-ups. All in the news. This aspect will be in effect revealing deeper layers and clashing of these two planetary meanings. it also affects the stock markets. There is always a positive and negative side -squares traditionally are called hard aspects- self- explanatory but that can be good.Yes, the hard aspects due drive the nails in the coffins and push for something to give and action to move and can be used to resolve issues. Use it or get hit by it.

Issues of secrecy lies spying sex money power and control issues all apply.

We will have numerous chances to confront our own and others shadow materials and values. It won’t be pretty but is necessary. 

The BIGT-SQUARE that we all feel boxed in by is looming over us in the skies

The SUN at 3-4 degrees Aries squares MARS at 3-4 degrees CAPRICORN

MOON at 3-4 degrees CANCER squares Both.

Moon opposes SATURN later in the day. 

These times are heavy and intense and solar flares have made everyone feel cranky tired and irritable.

LILITH in CAPRICORN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES and makes a “Finger of God” to the North Node in LEO.
Use your vision to imagine a world where women and all beings have equality.

THE FACEBOOK Data collecting fiasco is also part of these Venus-Pluto squares as well as JUPITER turning Retrograde in the sex secrets power control sign SCORPIO.

The secrets are coming out and that is a good thing.

Look at where these degrees 2-4 degrees of all Cardinal signs including LIBRA is in your natal chart to find where and how these heavy duties transits will sock it to you.

the beat goes on as China is set to launch its own Petro Yuan to trade its oil and NOT the U. S. dollar. on March 26 and then guess what?

VENUS planet of values money and luxury conjuncts URANUS the chaos-inducing wild planet of revolution on the 28th.

That also means revolution freedom and big unexpected changes in you feeling especially for women and in your love life tastes and values.

Use this time to see what is going on below the surface. Many people are choosing to leave FB and delete their accounts. I have heard of this revelation coming for awhile on alternative websites.  Its all good. The more shit keeps hitting the fan the better

I am standing with the teens who are marching for their lives.

Have a great safe weekend. Blessings to you



Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Stephen Hawking Life and death astrology

One of the greatest scientific minds a brilliant theorist on physics in our lifetime Stephen Hawking passed away March 14, 2018, at 76 years of age peacefully at his home in Cambridge England surrounded by his family. 

Stephen Hawking Life Astrology Tara Greene

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease in 1963 at the age of 21 and given two years to live. He got married and continued to work tirelessly fathering three children with his wife. 

A was a world famous brilliant theorist on black holes and the nature of the universe. In 1985 a life-saving tracheotomy saved his life but he lost his voice. He fought his disease bravely using a synthesizer to speak with one cheek muscle. I am grateful that I got to see the amazing Mr. Hawking in person in 1974 in Washington D.C. 

His book A Brief History of Time sold over 10 million copies and was  on the British Sunday Times best-seller list for a record-breaking 237 weeks.

Lets look at Mr. Hawking’s Astrology chart. I know he did not believe in Astrology or God.

Born January 8, 1942, in Oxford England- no birth time. Astrologer Noel Tyl has rectified Hawking’s birth time to 10:00 am BST. I am using that time but not talking about house placements.

Hawking was born on the 300th anniversary of the death of famous ASTRONOMER Galileo Galilei who Hawking said he felt close to. I believe there is a past life significance there-read on. January 8th is also the birthday of David Bowie and Elvis Presley in other years. Transits at the time of death are in green.

Stephen Hawking Astrology Tara Greene

Stephen Hawking was a very determined earthy CAPRICORN ruled by the planet SATURN which gives maturity and seniority.Stephen Lived to an old age with a disease which kills most of the afflicted off young. He became a hero to those with disabilities. Stephen had to deal with the hard reality of the ravages of the disease for most of his adult life had 8 planets in EARTH SIGNS and many RETROGRADE planets

His Sun at 17 Capricorn was conjunct Asteroid ATHENA the strategist alongside MERCURY the brilliant trickster communicator.

This describes Hawking’s charisma will and intellect. 

His MOON symbolizing his mother, instincts, modest temperament intuition and his health was @ 24 degrees VIRGO the sign of intellect, perfectionism, and organized workaholics.

Hawking’s MOON was conjunct NEPTUNE the planet of dreamers, idealists,  creative people and romantics. Hawking was a very practical down to earth dreamer.


His highest spiritual goal in life @14 degrees Virgo is conjunct the Asteroid PSYCHE indicating the depth of practical in-depth soulful insights he brought in through his work.

His SOUTH NODE in PISCES @14 degrees indicates his past life as a very spiritual or religious person someone who was cloistered. He brought that creative imagination and dreamy spirit who had much compassion into this world. He could have been a very highly realized yogi who was totally detached from the world. His karmic lesson was to be scientific, anti-religious and thoroughly embodied. He also believed in Aliens.

Hawking’s SOUTH NODE sextiles his SUN, inconjunct CHIRON in LEO

This is a past life affliction. Hawking needed to heal his karmic wound by being the World’s Wounded Healer.

JUPITER the planet of expansion, teaching, and international travel squares his Nodes in GEMINI Retrograde at 12 degrees. Hawking was famous for having a childlike curiosity. “I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions. Occasionally, I find an answer.”

JUPITER in GEMINI is the sign of great communicators. This aspects kept him young and could be part of the explanation for Hawking living so long. He could be very charming, had a dual nature, and the gift of communicating dualistic ideas. 

VENUS @ 20 degrees AQUARIUS

His love of ideas, of being scientific and detached. A love of the STARS-Aquarius is a human sign pouring cosmic consciousness- the vast Universe which Aquarius symbolizes onto the earth. Hawking was a complete AQUARIAN original. An outsider, an inventive pioneer who sought to go to places no scientist had been before. He was always going to break the rules and live his life his way. He did defyed the doctor’s diagnosis. 

VENUS squares his SATURN RETROGRADE @ 21 Taurus


ALGOL was traditionally the Star with the worst reputation in the skies and brings affliction. This SATURN-URANUS conjunction indicates a radical rule breaker and echoes the later Saturn Uranus oppositions in the mid-60’s when he was diagnosed with the disease. This aspect indicates body karma. Hawking lost the ability to speak in 1985 and Venus TAURUS and the throat. He used computer technology a Uranian item to speak with. 

VENUS opposite CHIRON, the Wounded Healer in LEO squaring SATURN in TAURUS

Hawking certainly embodied that for the world. He couldn’t heal himself but used his brilliant willpower to overcome his disease. Stephen was destined to be famous. He was a charismatic, childlike, brilliant, original and stubborn as an ox. 


This Grand Earth trine gave Stephen incredible strength, stability, patience, long life and earthly blessings of all kinds of rewards for his hard work. 


MARS @ 28 degrees ARIES indicated the incredible energy levels he had. He was brash, risk-taking, competitive, wanting to live life on the edge and to be number one.


He had a brilliant razor-sharp wit and fast mind. He could be selfish and totally absorbed in his is work. Hawking said he was glad he got to live in his mind.

MARS inconjunct the MOON NEPTUNE in VIRGO

This indicates Hawking’s driven focus for his work to overcome his health issues. He was a romantic deep down and stated that the universe has no meaning without loved ones in it. 


Hawking’s groundbreaking theories on Black Holes are clearly seen because he was totally intuitively tuned into them.


PLUTO is conjunct CHIRON opposite his MERCURY  opposite CERES in AQUARIUS squaring MARS in ARIES

This is a super-powered T-square. Hawking was fueled by his drive for success with a sometimes maniacal will power

Asteroid Gehrig #5891 @ 23 SCORPIO 

Asteroid #5891 is named after the famous baseball player Lou Gehrig who is associated with ALS the disease Hawking had. Gehrig died in 1941 the year before Hawking’s birth. I was curious to see how this asteroid played out in Hawking’s chart. 

Asteroid Gehrig is in SCORPIO opposite his Natal SATURN/URANUS in TAURUS and square to his Natal VENUS in AQUARIUS.  This explains his destiny to have this disease. 


At his DEATH March 14 2018 early in the A.M. GMT

Stephen was under numerous powerful transits.

URANUS in ARIES exactly transiting his Natal MARS in ARIES and Inconjunct his Natal MOON/NEPTUNE

This is unexpected energy which acted quickly.  Hawking may not have been conscious when he passed. 


Pluto the planet of death and rebirth had been applying to Hawking’s SUN for the last two years. Pluto was TRINING his Natal VIRGO MOON indicating health issues and the love of his family and children who he became close to again after his divorce from his second wife.  PLUTO trining his NATAL SATURN and URANUS in TAURUS. His GRAND TRINE was empowered.  He left the world satsified. 

Transiting SATURN planet of Death in CAPRICORN inconjunct his NATAL PLUTO in LEO.

Stephen always lived every day as if it was his last. 

JUPITER in SCORPIO @ 23 degrees 

Jupiter turned RETROGRADE on MARCH 8 exactly on Hawking’s Asteroid Gehrig indictaing his succumbing to the disease. 

Hawking was an atherist was ironically blessed by planet NEPTUNE at his death.

NEPTUNE rules PISCES it was conjunct to his SOUTH NODE @14 degrees PISCES opposite his NORTH NODE in VIRGO.

This indicates that Stephen Hawking has gone back to spirit the same way he came in. PISCES rules the unconscious, the spiritual creative wholeness which all life originated from. I am sure that he is happy knowing that his consciousness did not end at his death but will continue on. His work-his North Node in VIRGO will certainly live on. 

BTW GALILEO was born February 15, 1564, in the Julian Calendar at 3:31 P.M. in Pisa Italy. When looking for past life connections one would look for contacts to Hawkings’ South or North Node and PLUTO. 

Stephen Hawking’s SOUTH NODE was 14 degrees PISCES. GALILEO’s SUN was @ 6 degrees PISCES his MERCURY @12, and PLUTO @13 degrees PISCES. This is so obvious a synchronicity as to be almost unbelievable. Pluto symbolizes the soul.

Thank you, Stephen Hawking for bringing your incredible spirit into this world. 

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Your monthly March Horoscope tips

March 2018 OVERVIEW

It’s ANOTHER BLUE MOON Month {but not everywhere in the world}


Mercury and VENUS enter ARIES on the 5th/6th


JUPITER turns RETROGRADE in SCORPIO on the 8th/9th

CHIRON will be squaring the GALACTIC CENTER for most of March further indicating a cosmic healing of old karma.

March 1st/2  FULL MOON in VIRGO conjuncts NEPTUNE with 4 planets and 2 asteroids in PISCES + JUPITER in SCORPIO we are swimming in a cleansing tsunami

March 1 VENUS trines JUPITER a lovely combo

March 2 MERCURY trines JUPITER-good luck

March 4 SUN conjuncts NEPTUNE and MERCURY conjuncts VENUS and CHIRON and VENUS conjunct CHIRON in PISCES a very special dreamy spiritual day for meditation visualization and rest.

March 5/6 MERCURY enters ARIES in PDT.

MERCURY and VENUS enters ARIES on the 6th

Things get hotter as the month goes by. But the planet of communications and women and values money and relationships get a new blasting energy boost. That’s a good thing.


This is INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY  and Jupiter Retro in SCORPIO means more secrets about sexual abuses coming to light over the next few months.

March 10/11 MERCURY in ARIES squares SATURN in CAPRICORN


March 11 Sun in PISCES sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN

This is a power day. 


A major Cardinal square aways creates tension. This one affects the financial markets.


This is a beautiful positive aspect. Great for Scorpio and for transforming old dark secrets and control issues.  Sexually very intense.

March 13/14 MARS  in SAGITTARIUS squares CHIRON in PISCES

Mars is conjunct the GALACTIC CENTER and this can come down as major international war mongering or terrorist activities. 

MARCH 17 NEW MOON in PISCES @ 26 degrees

A very watery emotional spiritual letting go time. Very creative dreamy and good for meditating creating vision boards. Connecting with your soul mate dancing writing music singing and gathering with like-minded people to share higher spiritual energies. A new Moon is always a New intention setting time. This is the last New Moon of 2018 winter season in the Northern Hemisphere.


Mars in Capricorn brings our energy into practicality responsibility and focusing on career goals. We may feel restless in our bodies so make sure you go the gym and work out run walk or make sure you get your body moving 

March 18 SUN conjuncts CHIRON- annual event

The SUN and the Wounded Healer join up at 28+ degrees PISCES. This would be a good time to look back at where you were a year ago at this same conjunction. Let go of any lingering energies that may be holding you back now. EQUINOX is only a few days away. 

March 19/20 MERCURY Conjuncts VENUS in ARIES

THE TRICKSTER AND THE COQUETTE join up and this is a marriage of head and heart or mental sexual connection.  It may be easy to seduce anyone very quickly under this energy. Passion is fast but may not last. Be careful of being too hot-headed and spontaneous over a woman or a financial issue or about guns themselves which could lead to violence. 


This is officially SPRING and a new year in the natural order in the Northern Hemisphere. If you live by nature you can see that winter is ending and new life is ready to come back to life.  Sit in balance and make new intentions we are just on the edge of the New Moon energies. Plan the next quarter’s activities. 

March 22/23 MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE in ARIES until April 15

HEADS UP! MERCURY REtro in ARIES means you have to go back to what you just started. Back to the drawing board. Of course, Mercury in Aries only wants to move on so impatience will be an issue. Frustrations levels will be very high with road rage and spontaneous mental combustions. Forewarned is forearmed so to speak.

MARCH 23/24 VENUS in ARIES squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN – watch the financial markets.

PLUTO and VENUS in hard aspects always mean trouble shakedowns breakdown breakups and renewal. Breaking up is easy to do under this aspect. Pluto will resurrect what isn’t working if you are conscious of the deeper soul’s meanings.


This is totally in synch for the children’s MARCH 24 #March for our lives organized by the young students from the Stoneman Douglas High School and supported by thousands of others will be very confrontational. I admire the courage of these young people and they are right. 



MARCH 28/29 VENUS conjuncts URANUS in ARIES

BIg changes in values the money markets and love in general. 


A serious day for business-government new laws and initiatives. Aries SUN is trigger happy. 

MARCH 30/31 GOOD FRIDAY VENUS enters TAURUS but only in PDT

MARCH 31 FULL BLUE MOON AT 10 degrees LIBRA Passover

Its PASSOVER and GOOD FRIDAY just like it was according to the Biblical tale. FULL MOON in LIBRA asks us to balance out what is off kilter. Relationships our social lives our choices. 

VENUS enters TAURUS her HOME SIGN and its good to get earthy sensuous simplify pay attention to our bodies. Taurus rules real estate and resources. Prices of oil and minerals may go up. Women will be digging their heels and horns in more.  It’s good to get some earthiness. This is the Garden of Eden enjoy it. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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March Astrology and Tarot Preview

MARCH Tarot and Astrology PREVIEW for SUN Signs MOON signs and ASCENDANT

This was recorded LIVE on FB on Monday February 26 @ 6:30 pm EST



All that glitters Astrology by Tara Greene

Feb 27 VENUS in PISCES SEXTILES PLUTO in CAPRICORN  in the wee hours

The sexual tension is heavy. Venus’s 12th house placement brings up all kinds of unconscious subconscious underworld-Pluto’s heaven stuff. The dark shadows will emerge in our most intimate relationships.

The MOON in the SIGN of the Big PUSSY LEO now until March 1st

Leo Astrology Tara Greene

Adam Cuerden, restorationist

Passions run high and big ego’s do too. 











It will be a day of stress and confrontations as the Moon inconjuncts 3 planets!

INCONJUNCTS or QUINCUNX’s- { I love that word} are when two planets are 150 degrees apart. They are in totally different elements; Eg.

FIRE and EARTH- Aries to Virgo or Leo to Capricorn or  Sagittarius to Taurus

EARTH and AIR- Taurus to Libra or Virgo to Aquarius or Capricorn to Gemini 

AIR to WATER-Gemini to Scorpio or Libra to Pisces or Aquarius to Cancer

WATER to FIRE-Cancer to Sagittarius or Scorpio to Aries or Pisces to Leo

and ignore each other’s needs completely or don’t know how to communicate with each other’s needs.


confrontations with those in power and authority issues. 

LEO MOON inconjuncts the SUN in PISCES

The SUN rules LEO this indicates a spiritual schism within one’s own psyche. Delusions of grandeur and other projections which we don’t want to see may backfire.All that glitters is not gold. 

MOON in LEO inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is more of the same dreaded stuff we don’t want to talk about it. The addictions to glamour money beauty and ego which is in total contrast to our authentic spiritual natures. All that glitters is not real. 

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Weekend forecast astrology

Feb.24 Gemini Moon just wants to talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, talk about it. Remember that song? Do you know who did it?

Be on the lookout for hidden messages and subtle signs of intrigue subterfuge in the dating game.

Gemini Dual Nature Astrology Tara Greene

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As the two-faced Moon makes inconvenient inconjuncts with Big Power players PLUTO in CAPRICORN and JUPITER in SCORPIO -buyer beware.

Gemini Moon flirts along happily selling everything new, different out of the box, cryptocurrencies or the latest tribal thing. It’s a good moon for networking and cool hook-ups with easy detachment.

Feelings may be raw and sensitive in the evening as Moon squares the Wounded Healer CHIRON. Be careful who you rescue. Be mindful not to get pulled into a martyr drama.

MOON enters CANCER at night

Cancer Astrology Tara Greene

The Moon Downshifts to extremely emotional very nurturing sentimental caring mom Home and family stuff.

You will feel safer staying home which is all the Moon in Cancer desires. Cook a great homemade meal, or be with your family or those who are like family.

Saturday night stay in and find intimacy and trust cuddling and connecting.

The stomach always rules when the moon is in Cancer.

There are three big aspects on the 25th.


Soulmates aim for their exciting adventure together in some far-off exotic lovers paradise.


TELEPATHIC dreams- shamanizing- cleanse your dirty mind.Psychic hoodoo and all kinds of 6th sense communications. LUCID DREAMING time is now and HIGH.


A sensitive serious nice connection to fathers big daddy and tough love in the world.

I’ll write about these in depth tomorrow.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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