Mercury in Leo Retrograde alert

MERCURY enters LEO June 28-29 until September 5/6  Mercury spends 10 weeks bringing out heads and our hearts together. 


If you are traveling this summer planning weddings and parties or anything be aware of this and plan accordingly.

Mercury Turns Retrograde July 25/26 @ 23+ degrees LEO 

stations DIRECT August 18/19 @ 11+ degrees LEO

This means that all communications get snafu’d and travel plans go awry. Anything to do with computers cell phone etc. tends to screw up. Mercury Retrogrades are not all bad they just require reflection or time out to reconsider reëxamine relax all the Re- prefix things.

Don’t panic during any Retrograde planet time. It’s simply a rest period. 

” We are the champions.”

While Mercury is in Leo SAY IT LOUD SAY IT PROUD. MERCURY, God of messages, Magic, merchandise, tricksters, and thieves encourages our passions for communicating from our hearts. The mind/ego always wants to be king or Queen but it is really the heart that rules. Did you know that the heart also has a brain? You’re so Vain by Carly Simon is the song of the times.

FREDDIE MERCURY the amazing singer from Queen was very Mercurial. I am sure an astrologer advised him on his stage name or he knew about it himself. A VIRGO SUN, on his Virgo Ascendant with MERCURY the sign’s ruler in VIRGO in the 12th house. 

You’re so Vain by Carly Simon is the song of the times.

This is HIGH DRAMA on a ROYAL LEVEL for All Royalty and all the rest of us mere mortals too. The 5th sign governs DRAMA QUEEN’s and Kings, big hearts, actors-proud, courageous, strong-willed, leadership and the childlike sign.

Yes there will be Royal drama as Mercury turns Retrograde the day before a Total Lunar eclipse July 27 in Aquarius @ 4 degrees.

That eclipse opposes Meghan Duchess of Sussex’s Natal Mercury in Leo.  Lunar eclipses are connected to conception as they are Full Moon’s.  There will be another Solar eclipse in Leo on August 11 at 18 degrees LEO while Mercury is still Retrograde and the Retrograde will change the way we understand and communicate with our hearts at these powerful eclipse points.

Mercury in Leo is fast, bright, passionate, into partying big time and showing off and having fun. 

Mercury in the Tarot is the MAGICIAN #1 and Leo in the Tarot is usually the Card of STRENTH showing a woman- the soul or anima- holding the jaws of a lion open or riding the lion. Strength can be #8 or #11. 

June 30 Mercury starts off with a Bang squaring Uranus in Taurus and trining Chiron in Aries 

Mercury square Uranus brings upsets in communications seeing things from alien perspectives and can benefit you with a higher perspective. Free your Mind says Mercury square Uranus. The Trine to Chiron is like Tiger Balm to a headache or a brain on fast think overdrive. 

Mercury will turn Retrograde Mercury July 25/26 @ 23+ degrees LEO  

Check where 23 degrees LEO to 11 degrees of Leo are in your astrology chart to see where and how Mercury Retrograde will affect you. 

Try to book travel plans before Mercury turns Retrograde. If you were born under a Mercury Retrograde then you are in your natural Retrozone so it should flow smoother for you and don’t worry about it as much as others.

I gotta go. The energies of the last 12 days have me feeling very exhausted too high then now too low. I just cracked a tooth again-that’s a Capricorn Full Moon thing.. I need to spend more time away from the computer. I also need to buy a new computer redesign my website and I can’t tell you half the things that are going on here.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Golden Yod a Rare Occult force

A very rare aspect called a GOLDEN YOD a very OCCULT aspect is above us in the skies formed between Mars in SAGITTARIUS Venus in AQUARIUS and Uranus in ARIES. 

Mars at 1 degree SAGITTARIUS is quintile- a 72 degrees 1/5th of a circle aspect to Venus @ 13 degrees AQUARIUS. This is a 5th harmonic aspect. Remember that Venus moves in these 1/5 of a circle to create a pentagram in her 8-year cycle.

Golden Yod astrology Tara Greene

Mars and Venus in this lovely harmonic is good energy for meeting people and enhances relationship communications. Both Mars and Venus are in Masculine detached freedom loving signs though. 

Venus is quintile to URANUS at 24 degrees ARIES. 

This aspect is all about the #MeToo #TimesUp energy of women speaking out for women’s liberation equality and freedom. The women are acting quite militaristic domineering and defensive under this aspect.

Mars and Uranus are in a bi-quintile a 144-degree aspect in sacred geometry with VENUS at their midpoint.  

This is a very rare aspect called a GOLDEN YOD. This very OCCULT aspect. It needs to be handled delicately and consciously or it can prove to be negative.

The word YOD in Hebrew means the Divine Hand of God working through humankind or the “finger of God” not as fated or as being accused by God. 

The path of  Yod is the Path of the HERMIT- which leads from Sephiroth #4 CHESED on the Piller of Mercy to TIPHERET the central sphere #6 BEAUTY. Tipheret is the way.In this it is like the NAVAHO prayer chant of the BEAUTY WAY.

YOD is the 10th letter in the HEBREW alphabet. It is the 1st and the last letter of God’s ineffable name.  ” I AM THE FIRST AND THE LAST.” 

Yod is also YODA. George Lucas knew what he was doing. 

10 represents the Unity of the Fool =0 with 1. the divine Spark from which all manifestation arose. Everything leads to 10. 

The HERMIT is earthy practical hard-working humble VIRGO energy. 

Everyone has to travel this path to come to know beauty and love radiance and joy. The Hermit is also associated with Saturn’s hard tests of loneliness abandoning the ego and worldly goods or possessions. Listening to one’s one internal wisdom and your ancestral guides. 

The Yod journey living by the divine hand of God or your Holy Guardian Angels urges is to be on a journey of service to humankind through purification. A very Virgo trait. Through diligence humility and attention to the details of nature and the world, one acquires wisdom from within and is then asked to share knowledge with others.

The word YOD is the 10th letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. 10 is a 1 on a higher level. There are 10 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life 10 fingers and toes.

THIS GOLDEN YOD brings all 3 planets into a sacred geometry which is 3/5ths of a sacred pentagram. The other two points needed would be 6 degrees CANCER + degree or so and 18-19 degrees VIRGO. 

Look at if you have these planets in your Natal chart to see how you are part of this golden opportunity. 

Meditate on this 3/5 of a perfect Pentagram. It is a Golden opportunity to connect with the Higher Forces. 

This aspect is exact for the planets within 2 degrees. It lasts Sunday.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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