Mercury in Libra calendar of events,Love and justice

Mercury, the communicator and trickster planet enters Libra, sign of Relationships  and Justice  October 7- 24th quite a quick spin.

Libra, the 7th sign is associated with marriage traditionally but includes all relationships with “others” as in  selfie and others, including all social and business relationship interactions. It is a masculine Air sign, ruled by Goddess of Love Venus. So the focus will be on lots of chatting about our partners, fashion, beauty, social networking, media, culture, the arts, fashion, music, theatre, poetry, literature. and gossip. 

Let the air signs’ natural curiosity take you to new dialogues and presentations. Go visit art galleries. My husband Napoleon Brousseau is having an open studio visit tomorrow October 8 in the Distillery District -see link below.

Great time to analyze our romantic patterns.  What is your pattern? Where do you need to balance your own inner masculine and feminine energies?

Think about your own sense of aesthetics.  Mercury in Venus’s sign  will certainly want everything to be NICE, friendly, diplomatic, concerned with social justice and connecting with others. 

We need DIPLOMACY now between Russia and the U.S. which seems to be heading for WW3

This is the time to seek BALANCE, LIBRA is not naturally peaceful but must find that still point. We may be cementing alliances, making social contacts and contracts and sparkling as the hostess or host with them mostest. Lots of wonderful soirees and parties coming up. 

Where is the sign of LIBRA in your natal chart? Check out where Mercury is transiting and how it will impact your relationships. I have 4 planets in Libra myself


Oct 12 Mercury inconjuncts NEPTUNE on the 12th which Yom Kippur

Oct 13 Mercury squares MARS much-needed diplomacy, romance abounds

Oct 14 Mercury sextiles SATURN – nice serious commitment day

Oct 15 Mercury squares PLUTO -more CARDINAL SQUARE ENERGY

Oct 19 Mercury Inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES – talk about vulnerability

Oct 20 Mercury opposes URANUS- “I never expected to hear that!” 

Libra’s downside is indecision, caught between two opposing forces and wanting to please, Libra tends to lean on what others think and can become superficial and losing the sense of their own power and choices.  

The SCALES Of JUSTICE are Modern Libra’s symbol. The Statue of Liberty is the modern version of Libra. Originally these were the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at’s scales. This is the time of the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the balance of day and night, of the masculine and Feminine. We need a new balance in love, sexual politics, culture, wealth and the world. 

 Major laws may be rewritten or repealed around immigration in many countries. 

Justice Napoleon Brousseau Angell Gallery Toronto

“Late Terminal Capitalism” 2015
Siberian charcoal and oil on paper    31″ x 21″   Angell Gallery Toronto Libra in the
Tarot is Trump # 8  Justice is KARMA 

FAMOUS Mercury in Libra peeps

Leonardo di Caprio, Beyonce, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Niall Horan {One Direction} Kendall Jenner, Bruno Mars, Sigourney Weaver, Gwen Steffani, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Zeta-Jones, 

Check out where LIBRA is in your astrology chart to find out which house and with which planets your social graces will be expanding, your friendships increasing, your social calendar filling and for some marriage commitments will be made. 

I have four planets in Libra myself in my 11th house. 

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