Mercury Retrograde during Eclipse season


Mercury Retrogrades are all different and it largely depends on the sign or signs Mercury is Retrograding through. From firey active outgoing passionate Fixed Leo into soft gentle nurturing Watery Cancer. We go from Life of the Party to hunkered down at home. 

Mercury governs Gemini an Air sign and Virgo an earth sign. Mercury is in its fall in Pisces a water sign. Fire and Air are not “natural signs” for Mercury to express in it seems?

This Mercury Retrograde holds greater strength situated between two eclipses the first a Total Solar one July 2 in Cancer and the upcoming Lunar one July 16 @ 24 Capricorn with extra toppings. There will be a turning within before effects are seen. 

We will seriously need to reflect on our ego’s, our pride, our heart’s true desire, our will power and our playful inner child as Merc Retro’s from Leo re-entering Cancer July 19.

 We will be swimming through muddy waters which need clearing. Or crying with regret or sorrow over a break-up or lost opportunity. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is all about family repairs.  So use this time well to go back to sentimental times or hard times and do the repair work needed to bring your family back to wholeness. Have a family reunion, Call your mom or dad or other family members. Cook old fashioned meals. Be sentimental AF. 

I hope that you have bought everything you needed already especially computers, cell phones, hardware,e and software before Mercury puts it into reverse. Mercury in Leo may have you eating your words or regurgitating them especially true for a very significant someone with strong Leo energy who is also a Gemini. 

These times are recommending that we slow down and turn within. Retrogradation is inherently a feminine internalizing energy.  Slow down.

Nothing to be afraid of. Know the expected info snafus, rethink projects, try not to buy new things but you can buy used things. recycled things.  Catch up with old friends, rest.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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